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January 16, 2010



McGriff bio:



Hurtt bio:



angry always has that anybody touches me I'm gonna kill some shyt look in his eyes, LMAO!!!

Teflon cane



something tells me Hurtt didn't "leave"...


woobird...welcome to The Space. Post here, post often!


yea we didn't look like we were going to beating anyone else by 20 points a game the way we were shooting that's for sure.


UK BB coach a class act

im out


Anyone think this has anything to do with the fact the two areas of the D that were epic fails this year (and last) see their positions coaches out??


OF course there is a flag against the Ravens....isn't there always a flag against the Ravens? Roger you should just be ashamed


"The Canes basketball team is going to make some noise in the ACC this year"

Like the noise a toilet flushing makes for instance.

Posted by: solarcane | January 16, 2010 at 10:05 PM



What, Solar? You have a problem with 31% shooting, with 21% from 3 point land? If you can't stop the other team from hitting over 50% you'd better have lights-out shooting yourself.

Posted by: JCane | January 16, 2010 at 10:08 PM




With or without Haith, canes basketball will always be middle of the road or best. After watching outside the lines a couple weeks back....Miami will NEVER be able to recruit like the top schools.....NEVER....will get the talent we need to compete.....NEVER!


Posted by: canechic | January 16, 2010 at 10:20 PM

I truly believe my son has absolutely lost his mind...his team can never cut a break.

Oh and by the by....Roger Godell's wife works for Fox News...hmmmmmmm

Posted by: canechic | January 16, 2010 at 10:22 PM


Ed Reed:

Microcosm of the Canes season this year... so much promise and looking so good (his int) just to squander it all away with stupid mistakes (his fumble).


SOUP - has it been confirmed that they are gone???

This is a bit premature for my taste.

You are better than that!!!



Check out my post from the last blog. My faith in Haith has turned to chafe...


My family is finally started to believe me that these games are just rigged....Roger calls from the basement in Toronto to say nooooo way.....The colts will not lose this game


Haith & his staff suck so hard at developing talent. Fundamentally they always look high school...


McGriff is staying.....check navarro's blog....What do you all think about Willie Martinez coming in?


Miami could compete in BBall if they had a coach. You bring Roy Williams, Calapari (Wall would be here), or Self down to the Gables, we would be winning. Fact is that Haith cannot coach. He is a good recruiter and all, and well liked by the players, but the team year in and year out never puts together anything that remotely resembles an offense (it is down right offensive) and the D is lazy. People always go off for career highs against Miami. Too much guard play without the guards. Villanova wannabes.


Posted by: canechic | January 16, 2010 at 10:26 PM

CC....THANK YOU FOR SAYING THAT!! (and the others)

It's beyond ridiculous


Thanks -

I have a hard time coming to grips with the fact that some sites actually charge (steal) money from fans for "valueless" information on our beloved Canes. I'd understand if it was a website devoted to revealing privy financial management tips, or instant stock advice, but this is college football. There is no profit to be made from a damn recruit announcing his wavering feelings about a prospective school (no, not even on a futures bet in Vegas).

Not everything has to be turned into a business.

Thank you and Canespace.


Here's some information I haven't told anyone about the GHS kids: (listen up CSM)

UF got in the game late for both players. UM showed lots of love early in the process, so both gave their word to UM. UF didn't even go to the school to hello during the season.

Nelson: Has had some tough luck in Gainesville. He's not a character issue, just some bad luck in life. He was looking to leave, to get out of town.

Kevin also had some bad experiences while at a UF home game while on an unofficial visit. He tried to get in the locker room post-game and UF staff wouldn't let him. Those incidents sealed the deal for UM.

Davis: Wanted to stay home and play for UF. UF didn't recruit him until after the season. UM is the next best choice, so he wanted to secure his place in this class.

Especially for Davis, it's more about UF NOT recruiting them than Hurtt making inroads. He did his job recognizing Nelson's talent, but other coaches scouted Davis and sealed the deal (with both prospects) during in-home, unofficial visits, and phone calls.

Coach Smith told me that coaches don't have time to scout every potential player. He told me that Davis was "discovered" when UM coaches scouted Nelson. UM started to recruit Davis, UF did not.

I know for a fact that when Strong left for UL, UF turned up the heat on Nelson and Davis. The rumor is true that Meyer told prospects that, "Coach Strong didn't want you, but I do".

There's more behind these two kids coming to UM than Hurtt. So he get's 50% credit for watching Kevin on film and starting the process with him. The actual "in-the-field" recruiters saw Davis and began the process with him.

Posted by: miamimike01 | January 16, 2010 at 10:34 PM



FWIW, there is no longer a Landshark Stadium. It is once again called Dolphin Stadium...

Is anyone here going to the PB or SB at DOLPHIN STADIUM?


Nick and I taking bets on how many penalties will be called tomorrow against DeMarcus Ware so Brett Favre can make it to the big game....you know the #4 jerseys really sell.


ya dont say - I don't know what changes more, the name of that stadium or our coaching staff


Maybe Miami went after Kevin Patrick and know hes coming..so Hurtt is "leaving"


Nice Woo. love the new name.

who knows, I'm sure you could rename it to Woobird Stadium for the right price. Hell, I'd even throw in $20 to get it done...


what a f'ing joke. build us a home donna.

"Here's the stadium's naming chronology:

Aug. 16, 1987-Aug. 25, 1996: Joe Robbie Stadium

Aug. 26-Sept. 9, 1996: Pro Player Park

Sept. 10, 1996-Jan. 9, 2005: Pro Player Stadium

Jan. 10, 2005-April 7, 2006: Dolphins Stadium

April 8, 2006-May 7, 2009: Dolphin Stadium

May 8, 2009-Jan. 5, 2010: Land Shark Stadium"


SOUP - has it been confirmed that they are gone??? This is a bit premature for my taste. You are better than that!!!

Posted by: CaneSawMassacre | January 16, 2010 at 10:30 PM

U are becoming MORE of an idiot every day.


Jan 17m 2010- TBD : Woobird Stadium

How long do you want the naming rights there woo?


Down by three scores with 8 mins left in the fourth and you punt on 4th down????????

Am I missing something???

They even make dumbazz coaching mistakes in the NFL???

Say it ain't so.

I thought that only happened at the U by RS......





I think this is a very negative Saturday Night.....I think we need some cocktails....I am going to grab a lemondrop martini....Can I get something for someone while I am up?


Here here...


I thought that only happened at the U by RS......GO CANEZ!!!!!

Posted by: Canez1 | January 16, 2010 at 10:52 PM

It is some strange strateragermy.


It was said that "Landshark" was only going to be for a year. Naming rights are a big business(like everything else in pro sports) and if you can get a deal like Cuban with the Mavs or Snyder with the Skins you can bring in 6+ million a year and be in contract for 15-20years. Thats a nice chunk of change for putting a sign on a stadium.


Can I get something for someone while I am up?

Posted by: canechic | January 16, 2010 at 10:56 PM

I'd like another Grey Goose and tonic with lime please?


Oh to H3ll with it I am just going to get a shot of Vodka!


Interesting got this off the cbs sports website:

"I would rather have a guy that is a mediocre recruiter that can bring in raw/average talent and turn them into studs by teaching than bring in a guy that is as awesome recruiter and can't teach. Getting top guys is all fine and dandy but if he can't teach it's no good. Hurtt is this guy. He can recruit, just can't teach".


Shots for everyone!


Here here...

Posted by: darCANEgel | January 16, 2010 at 10:56 PM

All we need is the 5 Million $$$ and we are good to go!


CC gettin CRAZY!!!

I love it!!



You couldn't pay ME to put that name on our POS stadium.


The "Woo Bird" (Wooius cucullatus) was a flightless bird endemic to South Florida, specifically the city of Coral Gables and the University of Miami campus. The Woo only emerges when the Canes are at peak performance, and releases an alarming scream when Canes are playing up to their potential (hence the name). It stood about 2 meters tall, weighed about 70 kilograms, lived on championship football, and frequently nested on the top of the CF world.

The Woo Bird has been extinct since 2001.

Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer

I think this is a very negative Saturday Night.....I think we need some cocktails....I am going to grab a lemondrop martini....Can I get something for someone while I am up?

Posted by: canechic | January 16, 2010 at 10:56 PM


CC, that Lemondrop sounds good. I'll take one.

However, I think this is all part of a larger plan.


I did have a great lemon drop martini at the Omni resort ChampionsGate last Saturday night....so good I turned my ankle on the dance floor.


Think I am going to hit the hay...Angry is very sick....Nick thinks God is out to get him and I say....Thank goodness I am not in Haiti tonight...I am very lucky and blessed and I will not take that lightly!


Losing Hurtt as a coach is no big deal to me but it may inpact recruiting.


The Woo Bird has been extinct since 2001.

Posted by: woobirdsatlandsharkRIP | January 16, 2010 at 11:00 PM

I like U! Email me your mailing addy and I will send U a Canespace shirt just for fun.


Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer

so good I turned my ankle on the dance floor.

Posted by: canechic | January 16, 2010 at 11:07 PM


Now that's a dam good drink!

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