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January 02, 2010



1 time for ya mind.....








Just got back from C. Fla. Spent a few days after Da Bowl to visit friends and family.
Still pissed about our preformance in the game, but oh well, the healing process has begun.
On to Hoops and Diamonds. (Sports, not jewelry)
As for football..You're right ... next year, or I mean this year (2010!) Go 'Canes!


Last nites game just goes to show you how flawed the BSS is in rankings.

Even with the FSU and WVU game being a miss match.


Hurriphin...nice work once again. U know what to do, right?

SwagGirl...good to see U around the blog. We missed U at the bowl game.

Leaving at 10 AM for The UA game in St. Pete. Stay warm!


I woke up to Snow this morning..the first time in my life I have seen snow falling....nice!!!!


as i continue to watch other teams play games this bowl season it is clearer to me that we have talent, but that our talent isn't being developed and our team finds itself unprepared at critical moments.

i hate to say it-- because i am a big supporter of the current coaching regime. the problem is COACHING.

i'm getting shaky. . .

caniak aka  True Cane

Any recruiting news folks?


SwagGirl...good to see U around the blog. We missed U at the bowl game.

86CANE - I really missed not being able to go but recently had a death in the family and was not able to miss anymore work. Looking forward to a better 2010. I will take what Randy is doing over what Meyer is doing any day. I am so sick of hearing from the Gator fans up here about Thug U I think they need to look in the mirror. Have a great time at the UA game!!!!


Raize the Videos are great, thanks for that!

Enjoy the game...thought I would never ever say this but I think I am a bit over football this year...going to check out the sale at Victoria's Secret today instead of watching football all day...it is downright cold in Orlando.


Cincy's DT's weigh about 260lbs.

Thank god they didn't play for the title..


Have a great time at the UA game!!!!

Posted by: SwagGirl | January 02, 2010 at 09:24 AM

I may not go now. I woke with what feels like strep throat. OUCH! Not feeling so good. Debating going to the UA game or not. It's on ESPN LIVE so it's not like U can't see what's happening and OUR MAN Six will be there filming and interviewing so we have it covered.

I may need a day off?


Aqua...that was some ish wasn't it? I am so sick of the BCS. Time to blow that silly thing up and start over?


Raize the Videos are great, thanks for that!

Posted by: canechic | January 02, 2010 at 09:34 AM

You are very welcome.......

Here are the links for those who missed it last night -

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gyUjWbZyNfk&feature=channel Part 1

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1icukuTypBs&feature=channel Part 2


86 I think it is all the rain and cold...I say take a day off...Lay in bed and watch some chick flicks with Mrs. 86 or may I recommend Fever Pitch it is a great movie!


Mrs. Jamericane it was great meeting you, you need to come with your hubby to more events...GO CANES!


86, I think you should take a day off too but skip the chic flicks. Lay in bed with Mrs. 86 and watch classic GUY flicks while she feeds you soup and grilled cheese.


86 take care of yourself - strep can be serious

I turned off the Cincy game last night around 10 - couldn't take the Cryer Tebow lovefest


Im so jealous I wasnt at that bowl game...but you can bet I will at LEAST be at the GT game in Atlanta next year with the fam....cgnc...I woke up to snow this morning..first time in my life i ever saw snow fall lol


Addiction, CC and CGNC...good advice from all. SOUP and grilled cheese sounds pretty damn good about now!


LOL or skip the movies and soup and grilled cheese...purrrrrrrrrrrrr

aight - off to the gym to fight my way through the New year's resolution crowd

:-D Go Canes - block somebody!


UMike - I love snowfall - it is so quiet and the air is so clean afterwards. BUT I am still headed back to Palm Beach County in a dew LOL...


I really enjoyed see the gang in action thanks

that pick was gangsta!

hope you are home resting, ask mm01 if health should come before everything else. Get better.
Last season was about as hard on my wife and I financially as I can remember, hopefully their will be enough budget to get to party at a home game or two this season.
I want to thank you again for offering your home, tickets, and transportation several times last year

Out to the sporting good store instead of the builders supply, thats a good sign!!


Umike get CGNC to come up and build you a snow woman... it's something that kinda stays in your mind a long time


The Wizard

Are any potential Cane commits going to make the announcement during the UA game ? If so who ?

Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer

Caneinatl, were you shaky after the USF game??

Y'all are just comical. We have little talent in the senior class and even less depth. The juniors are a little better with talent and slightly better with depth. All our ballers are frosh and soph none of whom had the luxuryof redshirting.

These facts peaked out here and there throughout the season but became painfully clear against Wizzy. We're not big and strong enough and our upperclassmen aren't ballers or aren't deep.

If anything, these physical hard facts should leave no question about our staffs ability to make the most out of what they have.

Questions about Hurtt and Mcgriff are pretty legit but the rest is youth.

The physical difference was clear after the first few series. Mentally Wizzy was definitely more focused as well but as others have said Wizzy had been here last year and the players were very determined not to lose because of themselves.

All that aside, we're just not big, strong and deep enough yet. And Wizzy exploited all our weaknesses on both sides of the ball.

How long did it take Butch and those players??? Yeah.


Raize thanks for putting up the vedio's. You were one grillin mofo on that day. I had no idea I was that lit until I saw it on tape.


The Wizard

Watching UA game, Easley looks real good. Considering Canes. What are our chances ? BG ? Anybody ?


Boy, I know if worked in Philly for the phils and my wife and kids were living back in long island where they are diehard mets fans to add that the rigors of my job has me traveling constantly, would put a tremedous strain on my marriage.

I'm just sayin.....



moneycane not moneysgirl


Soup, not every college football player is broke. Plus there are plenty of struggling tattoo artists that work for cheap. Also it's free advertising for the artist.

Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer

Solar, what's been up dawg? I see things haven't changed. One loss and a bad game and the sky is falling. Lol

Happy Holidays to everyone.


Storm Johnson( a Cane commit) just got tackled by a linebacker committed to Wizzy.........go figure.


Pretty sloppy game!


solar...what would stay in my mind..the snowman or finally seeing my future wife CGNC in person lol


Oh my gosh Raize! What did you do?! lol Those vid's were so funny! Of course Moneycane had spelling errors posted under my name. I can spell video I promise. 86 you should be on camera all the time, you're a natural! You might need a wider lens though, so all of your head can fit on the screen. (moneycane told me to say that)


hi CaptO

yea it's never gonna change,we are either 13-0 world beaters or a 9-4 POS

Reality just visits Canespace, he isn't a local.

Health and prosperity to you my friend



CG is about a cute and sweet as a girl could get, but when she's shoveling snow in her bra your mind just shorts out.


Under Armour designs better uniform combos than Nike has ever come up with.
Sad when high school uniforms look three or four times better than ours do.


Umike she will probably miss the wedding being fashionably late.....

U are better off to just move on my man!! LOL

Love U CG!!



Moneycane / Moneysgirl - Glad u enjoyed the videos. You were not the only one lit that day (ex - me taping a few seconds with lens cap on, lol).

I don't know if I mentioned it but for me.....the best part of the day was meeting all the great folks from Canespace and their families.


Storm Johnson( a Cane commit) just got tackled by a linebacker committed to Wizzy.........go figure.

Posted by: DATcane | January 02, 2010 at 11:20 AM


The Wizard

I hate the Gators !


i actually thought he was going to pick um there for a second. i share your hatred.


Are any of these kids even really considering Miami? I know we have a few commits playing, but are there any others we have a shot at?


i just don't get it. does no one want to come or r we just not recruiting these guys? it seems like none of the undecideds have um in their top 5. what wrong?


We weren't recruiting Easley at all don't be fooled that's one of the players who Randy wastalking about!! Using our cap as a decoy.

8th Man in the Box

Jamal Reid making the UA flashback hightlights

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