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February 15, 2010


orange 'n green in the vein





dang it lol

orange 'n green in the vein

UMike, it was a nice interview, Cornelius has the size to be what AB #11 was supposed to be coming out of Kansas IMHO. Plus Georgia HS talent much > Kansas HS talent.


Great job UMike... the more I find out about these kids the more I like!

I don't expect any of them to be starters this year and thats a great thing. A few will get looks at OL and Nelson/Cornelius might get some snaps on defense but might help out on special teams (although getting to a point where we could redshirt these guys would be great).

Thanks again UMike and good luck on your program/diet.


6'2" 200 pounds and runs a 4.4. He's going to pack on 20 pounds of muscle before he ever sees the field and not lose a tenth on his time.

Speed, speed, speed, speed.

Maybe, just maybe, Randy has a plan.


thank DZ8...for me its just cool to be chatting with a Cane...im like a little kid in that respect....I used to be neighbors with D. Berry's uncle (his dads brother)..and one year at Canesfest I was trying to tell D. Berry that I knew hs uncle and hes like "which one" and I started stumbling my words and couldnt get the right words out...Berry looked at my like i was some retarted stalker lol......I get all excited like a little kid when it comes to the players.


pb..seems to be a plan...big athletic guys that can run.


Safety or oLB?

i Hope Safety!!


UMike - nice interview!!!

orange 'n green in the vein

Jeez UMike, at least Berry hadn't actually done anything at that point, just imagine if he had put up even a quarter of the yards he did this year at that Canesfest, you might still be reaching for which uncle of his you know to this day! LOL. ;)


Nice interview!
Don't know if this link has been posted yet, as I just got home but here it is:


The article hints on how the SEC would probably pick up The U if the ripple effect of conference expanions happened from the Pac 10, Big Ten, Big East...etc.

What do you guys think about joining the SEC?!!

I for one LOVE IT..Gators can't run from us anymore as they will have to play us and we would probablyl keep FSU on the schedule. I think it's a great idea. Don't know if it's viable. Would the ACC really allow Miami to leave or find some way to keep us put?

Good read though. Interesting.


Cane 4 Life

Sarasota 'cane

Nice interview!

Go 'canes!


UMike - thanks for the interview and article. This is the kind of thing that seperates the Space from all the rest. I also agree with others; I like this kid, sounds like he has a ton of upside. Maybe we'll see a little of what he's got during the spring game.


Don't know if this link has been posted yet, as I just got home but here it is:


The article hints on how the SEC would probably pick up The U

Posted by: KnoxCane | February 15, 2010 at 04:38 PM

The U philosophy has been stated as "anybody, anywhere, anytime" so I'm sure Miami would listen, but this is all just speculation so I'm just not sure if this is even on the SEC's radar, short or long term.

As far as this article, some of it is a real head scratcher, for example: "would surely think about Florida State, which would bring the No. 14 TV market in Tampa-St. Petersburg". WOW. This is a newspaper reporter? How about a little basic research or just looking at a map. I guess this is what passes as good journalism for this South Carolina paper.


umike, nice !


i wouldn't mind us being in the SEC.


oh and yeah nice write up UMike. i'd like the idea of him being a safety, but we need bodies at LB. Plus, like pb mentioned...speeed, speed, speed.



You get any NFL draft magazines yet? I have a disorder where I need to drive by the book store every few days and check to see if they have the NFL Draft preview mags in yet. It's an issue that affects me every year about this time.

NE with 4 of the first 53 picks (their 1st pick isn't till 22 then their last pick at 53, one every 8 picks roughly)... amazing. They are the model of how to aquire good value draft picks. Hopefully my Dolphins will get there in a few years.


dz8, i always end up grabbing one too. i used to get the ones u had to order - kipers, and i forget the other one i ordered back in the day, was fat. shoot back then i used to make full mock drafts too though. i read them all at the book store though. just limit myself when buying. i'm not going to get any until after the combine though. i don't like reading the magazine say a dude runs a 4.35 and he ran a 4.55 at the combine. i'm probably going to do a mock again this year. no more than 3 rounds though. likely just the first two. but yeah big draftnik since like jr high.


this is Mike Mayock's current list of the top 5 at each position.


Charlie Brown

UMike...U da MAN! I fixed a few typos I missed first time through. I like the content and the way it reads.

U may have worked through the Sophomore slump? U done good young man!


I always SAY I'm not getting any mags until after the combine, for the same reason u said, but then I can't help myself when I see the first one. First thing I check is the mock draft section and even when the mag has Jake Long at #10 overall or something silly like that I still can't help myself if it's the first one. I think I only ended up buying two last year, I'm getting better.

They used to have a thick college book that would go thru each college team and give you info on each "draftable" player while the college season was still going on. It was perfect for when your watching South Carolina State vs. Akron for example, you could focus on "draftable players". I haven't seen that one in a couple of years though.

I've done the mock 1st round on the NFL website the last couple of years. No where near to finishing at the top but I always impress some people at work with about ten correct picks and then some near misses. I had Hakeem Nicks to the Giants at the end of the first round last year that wowed a few.

Ya, I'm a bit of a freak about the draft. Love the 3 day format this year.

Charlie Brown

Ya, I'm a bit of a freak about the draft. Love the 3 day format this year.

Posted by: DZ8 | February 15, 2010 at 06:17 PM

Sounds like a Canespace article for April?


bg. check your email now.

86, Este, did U receive an email from me?


Sorry, from me?


I'm good with that 86. I don't really want to do anything too close to the draft(this isn't going to be a stellar year for The U) but I was going to offer an updated, "Where Will They Go?" Just waiting for the combine and the Miami Pro Day and then I'll re-hash the August article with updated info. It'll be fun to see how close or off we were.


dz, we might have to do a mcshay vs kiper type thing. listening to them argue over jimmy clausen had me laughing. kiper is so dramatic its funny.

Charlie Brown

86, Este, did U receive an email from me?

Posted by: RandyCane | February 15, 2010 at 06:36 PM

NO? Use [email protected] or [email protected].


i never received the e-mail either.


ok Charlie, Este. It should be there now

Charlie Brown

MM01...got it, replied. #86 huh? Legend of the Fall??? LOL



all practices except two closed to public - March 11, time and place TBA, and March 27 spring game time and place TBA. The team opens spring practice Feb. 23 and will practice on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays with the exception of spring break (and not March 12 or 13)



Well, UMike,

I was wrong!

Nice work, dude!


Posted by: Esteban | February 15, 2010 at 06:42 PM

That would be cool. Just an idea but we could wait until after the combine and pro days and do a more accurate (hopefully) prediction of where the Canes will go. I'm open to ideas so let me know. Let me know off blog if you want.

[email protected]


JSQ or Jamericane if you are around can I address a client opinion letter to a 17 year victim or does it have to be addressed to his parents?





Just reread the article, Mike. I love this part:
"However, Florida did come in late in December and tried to make me drop my commitment, but being true to my word I kept my commitment to Miami."

Yeah, I guess Randy sucks so bad as a recruiter you have the 5* Gators trying to steal our guys. This guy and Nelson. Watch 'em in a couple of years.


That's some quality interviewing right there, my G!!

Shouts to Thompson, GA. I love you mom!!


CCC..not only that..but his kid had plenty of offers from big time schools to..including the home team GT


UMike - no kidding. He's a quality find. Do you see him ultimately as an LB or safety?


nice read......and the pic of Stone Mountain brings back alot of memories. I was born in the ATL and visited Stone Mountain all the time. Heck even did the easter egg hunts as a child there. My mom told me she once walked up that mountain while 8 months pregnant with me......that had to be rough.


Anybody see Ray Ray moving to LB? It makes sense on a lot of levels.

CB- Brandon Harris
CB- DVD/B. McGee
SS- Vaughn Telemaque
FS- Jamal Reid (or VT and have Jared Campbell or JoJo Nicolas at strong)

MLB- McCarthy
SLB- Futch/Cookie/RayRay
WLB- Spence and/or one of the above


I'd have no interest in seeing the U with the SEC. We can't write the paychecks to folks these schools can, and other than Vandy, most folks at these schools would have trouble spelling "SEC." I don't see it being the type of atmosphere the U itself would want to be part of, regardless of how the SEC teams do at football.


dz, i'd probably want to move Marcus Robinson to LB before Ray Ray.

Sebastian(2001U G.O.A.T.)

Ray Ray will stay as a safety


Truth, commented that Robinson was having a hard time gaining weight and seemed stuck at 240 and change. 6'1/6'2 and 240 works for LB. Can focus on keeping speed up and studying film.


U might get Truth back on the blog if U keep up this Marcus Robinson to LB talk, lol.


I haven't seen enough of RayRay to know where he belongs, only made the comment because of his size. The kid definitely has options as far as positions.

I don't think they'll move Marcus. Injuries hampered his year and hopefully a full, healthy off season will allow his potential to shine thru at a DE spot.

Starting to get depth thru out the D again. Not quite there, still young at some spots, but its coming.


Canechic, from my experience at the Children & Youth Law Clinic, if the child is the client the letter should be addressed to the client regardless of age or it is a breach of the attorney client privilege unless a waiver has been signed.

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