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March 01, 2010










Cat 5 Cane

Well shiit... here I'am hang'n on the other post... reading the paper and Nash... gets the prize!

Cat 5 Cane


Posted by: Cat5Cane | March 01, 2010 at 05:59 AM

Awe.... wazz-up gang?

Someone shut the blinds.
Man, it's wayyy too bright in here!!!

Came in for a cup of java and a smoke...

I see nobody got hurt last night, that's kool! So I'll be kick'n it here for a while... reading the paper and hang'n back.


Posted by: Cat5Cane | March 01, 2010 at 06:09 AM

Cat 5 Cane

Mike...Good stuff!... I rate it 5 U's

Was thinking that maybe we should do a mini write up of each newb after spring practice and then of all newb's after summer camp to see how they fill the need or should redshirt!


Cat u know the early bird gets the first worm..lol

Cat 5 Cane

As for the corners, Miami hauled in three more big, fast and athletic guys. With DVD, Brandon Harris and Brandon McGee at corner, this should add the needed depth...

Talk about needed position... Love DVD and McGee but at 185lbs the guys are too small and is like a nat on a elephants azz, in try to tackle a big WR. Not saying the guys don't have heart but give me a Peterson.

Yes I said it... Peterson is a quality Corner... Yes, he makes mistakes but he also make great plays.

Corner's are to me , have the toughest position to play on defense... your on a island and if the QB and receiver are on the same page... It's impossible to stop. The good ones get a keeper every now and again and maintain the damn from breaking!... That's about all you can ask.

2010 Defensive back (five recruits)
Devont'a Davis 6-1, 170 (Gainesville),
Keion Payne 6-0, 170 (St. Thomas Aquinas),
Raheam Buxton 6-0, 175 (Pahokee),
Jeremy Davis 5-11,162 (Fort Myers),
Kacy Rodgers 6-2, 185 (Southlake, Texas).

Payne is very good, but Devont'a Davis can be the best of that group (Per recruiting analyst Charles Fishbein) but I also like Kacy for his height and future growth ( Me)...

But They all need serious weight gain... and this is where I would have liked to see bigger studs.


Great article, this is exactly how I saw this year's class. We are solid at the offensive skill level position for at least another 2 years (which are the positions that always garner 5 stars). I think we needed to build depth in the trenches and we did that with group.

I look forward to seeing these guys contribute in 2012 rather than this year. I think a lot of people have forgotten that the strength of your starters should be based on upper classmen and not Freshman and Sophomores. We are finally over the hump.


just came back from deployment trying to catch up who did get for the dline coach? thnaks in advance


just came back from deployment trying to catch up who did get for the dline coach? thnaks in advance

Posted by: SinisterCane | March 01, 2010 at 08:41 AM

Rick Petri


I'm with you
Shrink wrap makes for uncomfortably gay practice shorts.

They would be just as fast and a lot more comfortable in board shorts.
How many athletes, in how many other sports practice just fine in non bondage costumes?


Umike nice article
I'm getting a subscription to
UMike’s Recruiting & High School Football Service.

Only time will tell

Rank School Total Five-starCommits Four-starCommits Three-starCommits Avg Stars Points

#1 USC 20 5 14 1 4.20 3,003
#2 Florida 28 4 18 5 3.89 2,938
#3 Texas 25 2 19 4 3.92 2,728
#4 Auburn 32 3 13 13 3.50 2,485
#5 Alabama 26 1 15 9 3.62 2,308
#6 LSU 29 1 15 13 3.59 2,255
#7 Oklahoma 29 0 16 13 3.55 2,213
#8 UCLA 23 1 12 10 3.61 2,105
#9 Tennessee 25 1 12 9 3.44 2,048
#10 Florida State 24 2 8 14 3.50 1,953
#11 California 19 2 7 10 3.58 1,875
#12 Penn State 20 0 12 7 3.55 1,852
#13 Oregon 23 1 10 9 3.39 1,851
#14 Notre Dame 23 0 10 12 3.39 1,618
#15 Georgia 19 0 9 9 3.42 1,581
#16 Texas A&M 24 0 9 13 3.29 1,572
#17 Mississippi 25 0 8 16 3.28 1,554
#18 Clemson 23 0 9 13 3.35 1,551
#19 West Virginia 21 1 5 13 3.24 1,533
#20 Michigan 27 0 6 20 3.19 1,479
#21 Missouri 23 0 7 16 3.30 1,446
#22 Nebraska 21 0 8 10 3.24 1,407
#23 Virginia Tech 20 0 5 15 3.25 1,350
#24 Miami (FL) 28 0 6 18 3.07 1,347
#25 South Carolina 23 1 5 11 3.04 1,342

Or with my ranking system, U can just turn Ur monitor Upsidedown and I have Us not quite # 1 but at # 2 in the top 25 in 2010 recruiting .

How 'bout the Spurrier huh? GameCocks are # 1 but We're right there.

South Carolina -vs- The U in the 2013 BCS Championship game !


Hey 86, I never received my t-shirt for being first on recruiting day. Did I email my info to the wrong email?


Wow; enjoyed reading UMike. Also, neat prior article on '87canes. Good job fellows! Go Canes!

'87 Canes

Really good write up Umike, Your recruiting service rocks!

Da U N Houston

Nice write up!......Tidbits from Houston:

- Man how nice would it have been to have B. Harris and P. Peterson as our starting corners...(I know its in the past, but just had to mention it)

- Do you gys recall Darrell Scott ('08)..he was Mr. World at RB out of Cali, pick Colorado: Transfering, Lamar Thomas, picked OSU: Transfering........so every program goes through this.....http://www.athlonsports.com/college-football/18643/cfb-transfers-to-watch-in-2010 (link of transfers)

- I know there are closet Tebow fans out here, and I have no beef with him, but I am getting a litte (being nice) tired of the WHOLE NFL COMBINE being about Tebow. Dude, all they talked about was Tebow. I'm no hater, and wish him well, but you got 200+ dudes out here tryin to get dat paper and all the announcers are just talking about him......come on......

- I do like how everyone is now just realizing how Urban Lier did not prepare Tebow for the league.....we have been saying that for years now, but no one cared b/c they were winning, now its time for Tebow to get paid and everyone is criticizing.....lol....gotta love it!!!!!

Thank you for coming, God Bless, and good night!


As for Canadian bands I get a kick out of Barenaked Ladies just cause their lyrics go everywhere.

There are luxuries we can't afford
But in our house we never get bored
We can dance to the radio station
That plays in our teeth

Teflon cane


Sorry bud but Raheem Buxton opted for Western Michigan

Cat 5 Cane

Teflon... good catch!... Missed that, when I copied Fishbien's statement!

getting back to my rant on corners... Need bigger guys to raise their hands and take on the position. Tired of seeing DVD and smaller backs getting flicked away. The current recruiting crew might be fast but whats wrong with a lighter RayRay... 6-4, 6-3,... 210, maneating corner

Rock On

As for Canadian bands ...

Can never go wrong with Exit Stage Left by RUSH . Arguably two of the best Guitarists and Drummers of our time (meaning us old 40+ farts). And for just a 3 man Band, they could make some noise in concert as well as in the studio.



and talk about Ur Drum Solos



Canadian Pop music rules. Avril and Justin Bieber.

Seriously tho every time I've seen Rush live, it's like I'm listening to their CD. They sound that good live.

Doc Ibis

Teflon... good catch!... Missed that, when I copied Fishbien's statement!

getting back to my rant on corners... Need bigger guys to raise their hands and take on the position. Tired of seeing DVD and smaller backs getting flicked away. The current recruiting crew might be fast but whats wrong with a lighter RayRay... 6-4, 6-3,... 210, maneating corner

Posted by: Cat5Cane | March 01, 2010 at 10:44 AM

We do have big corners, guys like Darel Reeves are 6'0 and others like Asante Samuel aren't quite... Corners need to have good footwork, good hips, and man to man coverage skills... Safeties rely more on footwork, zone coverage skills, and read and react like LBs... Sean Taylor was rare because that dude could do it all...

If we bring in three 6'0 or even 5'11 corners, we are bringing in big corners... Brandon Harris is 5'10 and probably 180 at most... He was third on the team in tackles with 51 or something like that so tackling is a mentality, not a size issue... Deion was like 6'1 two hundred pounds and wasn't tackling anything...


Also, nice articles and interviews going back to Bourne, Bradley, '87 Canes, and UMike.

Gin & Tonic

Love YYZ.....Geddy Lee's singing never sounded better.


Rock on,

I think it depends on what you mean by our time. If you are talking about our time as in when the music came out -- then yes, I will have to give you Neil Pert. However, If you are just talking about 40+ y/o drummers (who's music semi recently came out) I would have to take Carter Beauford as not only the greatest drummer of a generation, but possibly all time. He is technically superior, can ghost-note like none other and mixes in some ridiculously crazy bass-snare-hat rhythms that are nearly impossible to duplicate even for seasoned professional drummers. Either way, you can't go wrong with Pert. He is the man and will always will belong in the greatest ever discussion.


UMike - LOL how do we subscribe to this service?


...and never met a Canadian that I didn't like

Sarasota 'cane

Nice article UMike! I could care less where we "rank", I just want to know we are filling our needs.

If you factor in all of the studs that had to sit out last year due to injury, UM has one of the best teams in the country! Every team has weaknesses, but how many teams can claim strengths like UM's this season?

Running back, receiver, defensive line, fullback, are tops in the country. The rest will fall into place this spring and summer.

Go 'canes!


So the PS3 DOES have issues too! HAHAHA!


O-L Cane

I have a question. Which DT for the U is going to step up and be a man. 4real

This will determine how successful we are for the season. I think Randy's job rest in the performance of his Dline.

I say Regis or Porter


Hey 86, I never received my t-shirt for being first on recruiting day. Did I email my info to the wrong email?

Posted by: LyquidEnigma | March 01, 2010 at 09:28 AM

Lyquid...please re-send shirt size and mailing addy to:


New batch of Canespace shirts just arrived today!


I will have shirts with me at:

1. The Titanic from 5:30-6:30 PM before the baseball game Friday night.

2. The UM baseball game on Friday night against the Gators.

3. The final home UM basketball game of the season on Saturday at noon.

If U are the FIRST person to show up at any of these events and find me U get a FREE T-shirt. U have to show up in person and introduce yourself, no hand written notes please! LOL


Nashville...I believe U have some Canespace gear correct? Email me at anyway:


We will talk...


skinny Jacory



New Raycom blog is up:



P90X Day 1 starts now.....


Lots of bytchin' and moanin' on the message boards about Barry Jackson's saying that UM has told Teddy Bridgewater that if he commits, he'll be the only QB we'll take.

Here are my thoughts....

Everyone needs too understand the dynamics of recruiting QBs in this day and age. QBs normally commit early and most classes ONLY feature 1 QB recruit. If UM goes after more than 1 and they still might, sometimes that is a turnoff and you end up with none. And IF you do land 2 TOP QBs, SOMEONE is going to leave. Its the nature of the beast.

However, don't always believe what you read. Miami still may take 2 QBs or they very well may not. If they do take 2, a likely scenario is maybe trying to get a top guy, and a project guy that the top guy doesn't see as much of a threat. BUT if the report is accurate, I think what UM is telling Bridgewater is that you are a top recruit and you are here in a our backyard. We want you and you are a PRIORITY to us. I think what you'll see in the future is that we'll try and nab 1 solid recruit at QB EVERY year. Its the nature of recruiting QBs.

For those that disagree, look no further than the year when RS first took over. We land Marve in 2007. Then in 2008 we get Jacory, Cannon Smith, and Taylor Cook and now we only have Jacory to show for that. There can really only be 1 QB on the field and these guys want to play. The better the QB you have, and the more time he has left, the HARDER it is to get another TOP QB because honestly, they don't want to sit around waiting.

Prime example, look at USC, Aaron Corp transfers to Richmond, Mustain won't play and he's a senior now and has already transferred from Arkansas. All they have is really is Matt Barkley and he's entrenched at least for this year and next year. For comparison sake, USC ONLY took 1 this year as well because obviously the kid they signed doesn't mind waiting his turn. Same scenario as Mark Sanchez who didn't mind waiting for Leinart to leave, but then only played 1 year before going to NFL. Also Leinart didn't mind waiting for Palmer to leave, etc, etc. Reality is though, that at QB that isn't the case too often ANYWHERE. USC was WINNING a great deal so it was MAYBE a bit easier for them to hack, but don't get it twisted, USC for ALL their success has seen a TON of transfers, Vidal Hazelton anyone??? At any rate, QB is without question the absolute 100% hardest position to recruit and many times, this is why, they just don't want to sit and not have a chance. 2011 its easier because Jacory is a Jr and they know he'll only be here at MOST 1 more year. Hard to pull 2 quality QBs in any given year, and if you do, you can mostly likely be assured that one of them WILL transfer.


I got no problem with taking only 1 QB each year as long as you actually get that 1 QB to sign on the dotted line. No one is going to think "hey i'll love playing only my SR year". They will be competing to play right away. So will have multiple options each year competing. Now if you got a 1 QB each year philosophy and don't sign any QBs a couple years in a row you are screwed. We add Bridgewater and you got SR Jacory, JR Highsmith, RS Morris, Whatever Whipple is Whipple, and a True Freshman Bridgewater. 4 scholarship QBs on the roster that aren't all freshmen - that's works with me.


Quick note about Jacory's toughness. Our SKINNY QB played with a thumb injury and tuffed it out. It was BAD enough that it required surgery. BIG Shaq hurt his thumb and had surgery too, he's out 6 to 8 weeks.

Our QB put it all on the line for his team. He deserves to be commended, not torn down.

Gin & Tonic

Jacory is weak ass bean pole. I mean, "nobody touches the shaqtus".


UMike, you gonna do anything that tracks the results from p90x? youtube diary or something?


Agreed about Jacory. It is a pity it is so much harder to get QBs in these days then years ago, as everyone wants PT and now. There likely won't be a way to have guys like Kosar and Testaverde on the roster simultaneously in the future unless they're at least 2 years apart, or that nobody knows yet the guy is that good.


Make that agreed with BG about Jacory... :)


Our QB put it all on the line for his team. He deserves to be commended, not torn down.

Posted by: bg1906 | March 01, 2010 at 01:47 PM

I agree with this 100%.

What is discouraging to me is that there was no viable replacement for an injured QB who was hurting his team by being forced to play with the injury.

That is unacceptable.


Agreed, Soup and bg. I thought landing three QB in 2008 was a mistake and we paid for it in 2009 (and maybe again in 2010). Get one good QB per year and stay away from the projects, unless you can find a Cannon Smith who understands and accepts that he is going to be a career backup


bg - who is tearing Jacory down? He has gained some but is still thin. Just a fact :-D


86, you know the circumstances though. There were viable replacements just a month before the season started. last minute transfers screwed us. and people will say well they knew they'd never get a chance to play. but that's thrown out the window cause we know they would have been able to play last year if they showed anything in practice cause Jacory was in bad shape with the thumb injury. that's how it always is for a back up - one play away from action.

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