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February 13, 2010





One who are U? A newby?

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Long time reader since the Omar days followed u guys to the Space and really do appreciate the info I get here


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I check in just to see a new blog up. Cool. I see UTexas is doing their usual and loading up on verbals for the following season already, having gotten six on junior day. Nobody does it like they do unfortunately.

I think Faith in Haith is officially done.


love the pics.....


OK, enough about rap music.





Look at the speed! ACC is FAST! 3 Canes!



Jimmy Johnson going long as Extenz spokesperson

The man always had ballz




orange 'n green in the vein

Easily my favorite blog ever here.

Cat 5 Cane

The bakers dozen


Posted by: bg1906 | February 14, 2010 at 01:50 AM

I HEART Molly Jones! Good stuff bg1906.

And that shows me, again, what a great human being Tim Tebow is, right solar?

usagainsttheworld -- formerly known as 1caneinatl

that smile on molly's face looks like-- ha, ha-- i gotcha!!!

Cat 5 Cane

Oh Hell...
It's Valentine's Day... Alright, I love everyone!

Smosh smosh, kiss kiss, huggie huggie.

Back to football

Cat 5 Cane

UM BASEBALL... yesterday
Optimism reigns at Canes' annual fan event
UM coach Jim Morris is seeking redemption after last season's disappointing finish, and he is confident he will get it with the players he has.

Miami Herald Writer

It was meet-and-greet day for the University of Miami baseball team Saturday as the Hurricanes held their annual FanFest at Alex Rodriguez Park at Mark Light Field.

The more than 3,000 attending seemed optimistic about the upcoming season as they met players, coaches and mascot Sebastian the Ibis. Also included in the activities were fans taking to the batting cage and getting an attempt to hit. And for the kids, there were pony rides and a bounce house.

UM coach Jim Morris seemed relaxed and jokingly explained: ``Right now, we haven't lost a game.''

Nevertheless, Morris and Miami are coming off what the coach called ``one of the toughest years since I've been in Miami.'' The Canes finished 38-22 in 2009.

``I don't think anybody in the Miami program considers that acceptable,'' he said. ``It wasn't a good year for us. It was not up to par. It wasn't a fun year. We didn't end up being ranked in the top 10, we didn't go to Omaha, [Neb.,] we didn't do the things we expected to. We didn't go to a Super Regional.''

Nevertheless, Morris hopes 2010 will be a bounce-back season, starting with their season opener Friday at home against Rutgers.

``The talent is there,'' he said.

He has plenty of confidence in his top starting pitchers, Eric Erickson and Chris Hernandez.

``We've got two No. 1s with those two guys,'' Morris said. ``Normally, we play four games a week, and when you start out with those two, that's a pretty good thing.''

Morris also called junior Yasmani Grandal ``arguably the best catcher in the country.''



Easily my favorite blog ever here.

Posted by: orange 'n green in the vein | February 14, 2010 at 04:12 AM

Must have been the Keats poem quote? LOL


Happy Valentine's Day!

Have a great day everyone! :)

Cat 5 Cane

Wonder how Jello is holding up... From the Pics I've seen... Man it looks cold! Nothing like walking the streets at 1am, drunk, with a head cold and snot running down your face...LOL... Yelling, WooHoo Shockey, where are you?...

Ohhhh I'm sorry... Jello, I couldn't resist!



I'm prettier than all those girls in those pictures......


Good Morning everyone and Happy Valentines Day to all the Cane lovers out there. I loved the pictures. I was at that game with 86 and Mrs. 86 when the picture of Zack with the cheerleaders was taken. He was so excited and it was cute to watch him. We all had such a good time. A special treat for me, being from Michigan.


Happy Valentines Day everyone........good day to kick back and watch the Daytona 500 :-)


Raize sorry but I would rather mow 30 lawns....I am a NASCAR hater...kinda right up there with the gators to me...just my opinion!

Cat 5 Cane

Alright crew, I'm out.

A Valentine's wish for everyone... May the Bird of Happiness fly over your heads for a day... Just carry a towel!


CC - It's not for everyone. But I can assure you this, if you ever attend a Daytona 500 in person, spend a few days in the infield, etc.....you are hooked.


Not sure of that raize maybe if I am driving yes...not a real fan of NASCAR fans so I think being cooped up in the infield with a bunch of them would not be safe, I may go all Angrycane on them, lol!


Update: I'm alive and I have an entire bag of beads to take home earned with only a smile emerging from my many bundles of clothing. It is SO COLD!

By the way, I like this Molly Jones girl!


The mrs. surprised me last night and took me to a comedy club up here in Toledo- Finesse Mitchell was the headliner. He was on SNL for 3 years, but, more importantly, played corner for the Canes from 90-92. Got pics and autographs with him- he said he came in with Warren Sapp, etc. Cool night all around (and he was funny as sh%t too).


Ohhhh CC and I was looking forward to taking U and Angry to the Hall of Fame here before I go ;-D


Toledo - if you ever get the change to see Frank Caliendo live - DO IT. He will not disappoint


Where the heck is CGNC in her green drees in the above pictures??????????

Tim Tebow is a class guy, people in denial of that are just jealous, it's that simple.

Happy Valentines Day to all the ladies!!

francis w

Well talking about it is ok lets see the pics. Always interested in what people see away from Miami.
Better yet do an article on Finesse Mitchell for canespace. Just asking not demanding LOL


I'll see what I can do pic wise (don't think I'm quite up there blog wise with all these heavy hitters!). Oh yeah, Finesse also said he and the Rock were tight. Must be nice!


CGNC- Caliendo always cracks me up on Mike & Mike (esp. the Barkley bits)


CGNC - my 13 year old is going to see Jeff Dunham in a few weeks and I am still debating about letting her go because I heard he is pretty raunchy LIVE. Do you know if that is true or not?


Sorry Raize I am not familiar with him. Check out youtube there is probably some stuff of him live on there.

Toledo - in person he is off the chain - it is like watching 8 people at once.

Solar, LOL - somehow that pic always gets lost.


Kudos to Molly Jones for having the stones to do that.

Kudos as well to Tim Tebow for being a good sport. Yes I "hate" Tebow as a Gator, but that's "hate" in a football, I-hate-the-gators kind of way. Personally, I think he's a really good guy, whether you agree with his politics/principles or not.

The only personal thing I would say about him is that he seems to be really naive to me. I think Urban ran a four year con job on him, did nothing to help him get to the next level (which I'm sure he told Tim he was). I realize that's not UL's job, but I sincerely think TB thought Urban and him had s special relationship when in reality Urban was only trying to add to his own personal legend. His recent behavior indicates to me that he thinks it's all about him. JMO.

On another topic: Happy Valentines Day, ladies. Hope cupid was good to you.


Solar, LOL - somehow that pic always gets lost.

That pic is a keeper fo sho!!! lol


OK. I'm an idiot. How do I post a pic here?


I use photobucket its simple



Happy V day to all the beautiful Chi Chi's that inhabit this board.

Love yall.

JSQ got off easy earning those beads!!! LOL ;)

Starving myself today waiting for my gangsta filet tonight at Morton's Steakhouse.

Great food, Great wine and a great honey.

What more can you ask for????

I'm with CC on the Nascar thing. Just not my thing.

Raize I heard the same thing that once you go see as race live you are hooked.

Soilar continues to swing from Tebag's sack I see LOL ;)!!!!

Cmon son come over to the darkside. Don't let your admiration cloud your hate. You have a lot to learn young one..



Morton's steak with an nice cab. Sounds like a plan.


a nice cab.


We used to go to Daytona and surf and go to the Fire Cracker 400 which was like sitting in a Burger King broiler four five hours.

We used to go to Sebring every year back in the wide open filth and decadent infield days.

Anybody that ever witnessed Sebring before the Pure Prairie Act squashed it will tell you Mardi Gras is a parade down Sesame Street.




I see Jimmy Johnson who invented the Legion of Doom has a new light sabre.
It's a struggle not to wander back into the darkness lol!!!



Never been to the Sebring but I have heard, in detail, about the infield "activities" back in the day from people that were there.

I always would listen to their stories, mouth hanging wide open, laughing, and saying things like "you've got to be ******* kidding me", "no way", etc. I guess at least some of it was true, heh?


Canez 1 have a great time be sure to have your Mariah CD ready for later tonight ;), lol

Solar has a man crush, Solar has a man crush...Solar loves Timmy...Solar loves Timmy...the annoying brat Canechic sings while swinging at recess!



It was insane.
Everything you heard about the infield "shows" is true.
I won't go into any of it here.

Add being drunk, yet dehydrated, asphyxiated from 600 campfires, dodging Cobras, Porches, and drunks crashing into your campsite all night and you have a hell of a weekend. lol!


canechic lol!!!
So you're the big mouth girl with the long hair I used to walk up behind and yank off the swings by her hair!

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