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February 27, 2010







From www.hurricanesports.com:

Tracy Smith and Javier Gonzalez scored 19 points to lead North Carolina State to a 71-66 victory over Miami on Saturday.

The Wolfpack (16-13, 4-10 Atlantic Coast Conference) took the lead for good on Dennis Horner's two free throws with 1:10 left for a 64-63 lead. Gonzalez converted six free throws in the next 35 seconds to secure the North Carolina State victory.

Down by nine early in the second half, North Carolina State took a 57-54 lead on Gonzalez's 3-pointer with 5:06 remaining but James Dews' 3-pointer with 3:32 left tied it 59-59.

Dwayne Collins led Miami (18-10, 4-10) with 15 points.

Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer

How can anyone defend Swasey, this is just embarrassing. Mike James on what Swasey tells them to follow

"On team nutrition

Swasey gives us pointers every now and then but most of all its by ourselves we take care of our bodies ourselves. "

That is just not acceptable.

Posted by: SuperCooper | February 27, 2010 at 05:55 PM


Super, I remember reading just the opposite about Swasey a few years ago.


ProFootballWeekly Draft mag! Found it at my local grocery store.

I feel like Mel Gibson in Conspiracy Theory with The Catcher in the Rye... just holding it... my precious.

Old Skool

Good blog. I'd give it four stars.

DZ8 . Funny stuff about Easter Island. Soup's ancestral homeland. Look closely at the carvings and there's no doubt. The lips are a dead giveaway.


saw eduardo clements today in the mcdonalds across the street from mark light....he is small.....i also saw ray ray ride by me in a black suv....cant tell you who else was in the vehicle with him...


jimmy graham is the second fastest TE at the combine running a 4.57 in the 40....


Funny stuff about Easter Island. Soup's ancestral homeland.

Posted by: Old Skool | February 27, 2010 at 07:39 PM

DZ8 hits low. Skool piles on top.

Still LMAO!


Sling...Friday, between 5:30-6:30 PM at The Titanic. UM vs UF baseball.

Maybe you'll get a beer and a note, who knows? At least you'll get two tickets to the game.

Try to be there by 6 PM, gonna be a sellout and the tickets are GA.


Try to be there by 6 PM, gonna be a sellout and the tickets are GA.

Posted by: 86Cane | February 27, 2010 at 08:01 PM

i will try to be there as soon as i can...hopefully i get off work on time...


I can always leave them with the Manager at The Titanic for you if you need me to. Let me know.

Canes are 4-0 in baseball so far. The real test will be against the Gators and then against the ACC. The ACC has 6 teams ranked in the top twenty.


"Brutal. I am taking a break from football so I played some NASCAR tonight along with some Call of Duty. Nuttin like taking out your enemy with a sniper rifle."

Posted by: raizecane | February 26, 2010 at 11:56 PM


"AngryCane" of course!


Angry...good to see you aroung the blob.

WhatchU got about the Canes Spring ball or 2010 season?



To tell you the truth brother I have not reviewed much info on either; I know shocker!

I would just like us to make it through Spring w/o serious injuries and see our soon to be Juniors--crazy to believe--get ready to take the ACC, beat the LuckEyes, and get a chance to the big dance in AZ.

I say "crazy to believe" above, because I remember it was not too long ago that we were in The Swamp watch Sleepy Spence putting hits on the Turd WR in the flat, and taking down Timmy!

I really want to see our DB's terrorizing the opposition's passing game via some turnovers. Those kids (and the team in general) deserve it--and of course I'd like to see my fellow bro from SoCal VT#7 leading the way.

I saw the pics posted the other day & it looks like the lads are putting on the muscle! Again, hard to believe that our "young" team is growing.


are recruiting services wrong, or did we just screw it up in the past?

im just curious because we seem to be the only ones saying this.

if they don't know their stuff, why are the same schools in BCS games every year?


I got my first NFL Draft magazine today and they had a ten pick preview for the 2011 Draft. Patrick Peterson was around the 4th out of 10. Seems like just yesterday I saw him on the Tom Lemming show talking to that linebacker going to FSU... " join The U, or get run over by The U."

Wonder what job his dad has...

Watching the NFL Combine tonight and on commercial breaks VH1 was playing... wait for it... The Wall.


Daytoncane we were top notch in the past. Consistent top 20/15 teams. We never got the numbers at the individual positions and so there was no competition.

U are right that we are getting the unheralded players right now. You might be the new generation Carlos vs. Nix? But remember when the wave does break... good or bad... we're all on the beach, together.

It's a Canes thing...


its anotherzzzzz brillzzzzziant night YAAAAA!

Sasha Padulove... MEOW!!!!!


Saturday practice notes anybody??



"AngryCane" of course!

Posted by: AngryCane | February 27, 2010 at 09:26 PM

Still learning the system and the game itself. Stuck on the Wolverine mission, LOL. But I will figure out how to add you.


Glad someone wrote this article. I couldn't agree more. This is how the Canes of old were built, although I am sure Shannon would have liked a few more Fla. and S. Fla. players.

I have to admit, though, that Patrick Peterson is one of the best CBs I have seen. Peterson is big, strong and he covers and tackles better than anyone I have seen in college. Peterson is a legit top 10 pick at the CB position.

Wayne Ritchie

86 cane...Thanks finally someone that blogs about our beloved team has it right. May I ask if you are an ex player or just a real decent U of Miami fan. Sounds like you really know football. A plesant surprise to read Thank You very much.


Wayne...I am just a fan. The articles here are written by REAL Cane fans. We all share a passion for the Canes.




'87 Canes

Thank You Wayne. I am a fan of the program. I love the program and have been a fan since 1980 when I was a eight year old kid. I am happy when OUR team does great and extra upset when the team doesn't perform like I think they should. I AM HAPPY WITH THE DIRECTION OF THE CURRENT TEAM. These days are the best to be a CANES fan because the media is not eating us up, it gives the players a chance to depend on each other and not the hype put on them by the media.


'87...nice job! Hope you like the editing and the photos?

The player pics are of Andrew Tallman, a multi-talented athlete. He did hurdles, shot-put and discuss in track.


CSM...pick your topic, or player, do your research, write it up, and let 'er rip!




Jimmy Graham video interview:



CSM...do any of the new recruits? Contact their coaches? Or break down the MLB, CB or RB position?



'87 Canes

That was a REAL good touch you showed 86 thanks


Aside from the players, when's somebody gonna land an Uncle Luke or Trick Daddy interview. No entertainer reps the 305, or the University of Miami more than those two...

'87 Canes

are recruiting services wrong, or did we just screw it up in the past?
im just curious because we seem to be the only ones saying this.
if they don't know their stuff, why are the same schools in BCS games every year?

Posted by: Daytoncane

Could it be a little of both Dayton...Did we drop the ball by getting players that were five stars only to become flops?? Or did we go after guys who were good individual players that have no concept of what team ball is??

If you talking about the USC, Florida (YUK), Texas, and Ohio State (i'm really sick now!!)constant run at the NC then it's not very hard when you start the season at or near the top annually. We all know that kids wanna take the least path of resistance meaning they wanna play at schools that give them the best chance of exposure. How hard is it for a recruiting service to annoint a 6'5'' 270 defensive end with NFL pedigree as the best thing since sliced bread?

You pose excellent questions Dayton, but I would rather have a guy that is 6'5'' 270 and shows excellent promise without the fanfare over a so-called can't miss prodigy anyday. Football players are not meant to be divas.


FIRST............in the last 5hrs.

Cat 5 Cane

87... good stuff!

Well, I got my computer up and running again.... missed not hitting the keys.

Read all of the blogs and noticed a huge drop in the totals and number of posters posting. Most everyone knows about the 3, but why is everyone else not posting? Is it a protest or is it the down time and nothing to say? Could it be the subject matter? ... I don't think so!

So what is it?... People,... We can't control what others do but you can control what you do. Truth and Jello left for reasons unknown to us but that is between Tom and them to work out... Calvin doesn't like controls but life is full of them.... so what's up with the rest of you?

I know you're out there. I know you're reading the posts, but why aren't you posting?... don't want to get involved or caught posting when your friends are protesting? Do the three have that much influence on your life? I don't know, but I do know, that the Space is the best place on the net to discuss the Canes. Sure there are other sites, but get real!... "There's no place like home!"

If you have enjoyed the Space in the past, then show your support now. For all of the old time readers... Just hit the send button to let us know you are out there!

Yeah, I said it!... get off your azz and do something!


I will be snowboarding for a few days so you will not see me around as much.

I will be back.


Miami Football in 2010 = Syracuse Bball '09-10

Cat 5 Cane

Graham... looked great out there yesterday for a newbie. Showed he has potential and is placing himself high enough on the list to a serious draft contender...

Yesterday, I think he had 2 dropped balls (both behind him) but the rest where clean catches while running strong on the routes, compared to several that were dogging the routes. His running surprised the hell out of me, coming in second, but it's his size that is going to be his biggest advantage as a TE.

Is he draftable... Oh yeah!... maybe forth or third round and maybe a 2nd rounder with a team that sees his untapped ability, as a sleeper to be a superstar.

Cat 5 Cane

Z... Never tried the board but looks like fun, especially on powder. I'm too old now, but a few years ago, say like 3 decades ago, it would have been something I would have tried... just to say, I've done it.

Bonzi MFer!... Is the only way to go!
LOL ,... but remember speed killz... Bail before hitting rocks!

Cat 5 Cane

Old news but something to get JACKED about!

University of Miami's Storm Johnson gaining steam.

Freshman running back Westleigh Storm Johnson, who everyone calls by his middle name, has Randy Shannon and veterans raving so far during spring practice.


There's little confusion as to what type of weather disturbance University of Miami running back Storm Johnson would say he resembles.

A hurricane, no doubt.

Johnson, 6-0, 218 pounds and only 17 years old, resembled a Category 5 (My Kinda Guy!)when he knocked a defender on his back Saturday during the first day in full pads at Greentree Field.

``He's really showing his stuff,'' said freshman center Sean McDermott, Johnson's suitemate. ``He laid someone out. He was running the ball and hit someone while he was running. Pretty much just jacked him up -- boom -- right in the chest.

``The other guy fell down and we all got pumped up by that because he's just a freshman.

``The coaches loved it.''

UM coach Randy Shannon said it is still too early to determine just how good his deep stable of running backs can be. But he is looking forward to finding out during upcoming scrimmages.

``Next week, Saturday, when we scrimmage a little, then ask,'' Shannon said. ``They may get bumped, but it's not tackling. [Defenders will] tag off somebody and butt him up and let 'em run so it's not full-speed tackling. But for the most part, are they running the right routes and doing the right things? Yes. The protection stuff? Yes. We haven't put a lot in on defense.''

That's fine with Johnson, one of six early enrollees getting a jump on learning the playbook, thereby giving himself a better opportunity to earn playing time.

Ranked by ESPN.com as the nation's 22nd-best recruit and by Rivals.com as the No. 7 running back, Johnson rushed for a Loganville (Ga.) High, record of 1,937 yards and 31 touchdowns in 2009. He caught 11 passes for 150 yards and returned two kickoffs for touchdowns.

And this Hurricane is fast.... Johnson said, "he was timed at 4.38 seconds by UM in the 40-yard dash."... ``Electrifying,'' Shannon said of Johnson last week. Johnson said his full name is Westleigh Storm Johnson, but everyone calls him by his middle name. ``I guess my mom wanted to name me something special so she picked something unusual.''

Did his name draw him to the Hurricanes? ``Yeah, in some unique way. It fit perfect. A lot of people blew it up.''

Johnson said he chose Miami over Kentucky, Penn State, Oregon and Michigan State because of UM's ``family atmosphere, the coaches and the education part.

``The classes are small and we work hard on the football field. Those are good things for success.''

He described himself as a ``big back -- but I can do little-back things.''

He said he knows 85 to 90 percent of the playbook, but is constantly challenged trying to thoroughly grasp it. ``We've only been through three days of installment and our playbook is huge,'' he said Friday, adding that the playbook and the speed of play are the biggest adjustments from high school. The older Canes are impressed.

``Very explosive kid,'' receiver Leonard Hankerson said.

``Awesome,'' receiver Aldarius Johnson said. ``He brings a lot of energy. He's real fast. Nice kid. When his name gets called he's so excited about his turn and his time to run and block. He makes us feel like we should be on the same page.''

Cat 5 Cane

Miami Hurricanes baseball team routs Manhattan
UM jumped out to a 5-0 lead in the first inning and cruised to a lopsided win against Manhattan for its fifth consecutive victory.
Miami Herald Writer
When it rains, it pours. Once the tarp was removed from the field, the University of Miami began its scoring barrage, scoring five runs in the first inning en route to a decisive 18-1 victory against Manhattan.

The Hurricanes, behind strong pitching by starter Chris Hernandez and an embarrassing six-error performance by Manhattan, cruised to their fifth consecutive win Saturday at Alex Rodriguez Park.

The 10th-ranked Canes (5-0) have scored 56 runs in five games to start the season, the most for Miami since 1992.


Cat 5 Cane

56 runs... Now that's impressive! Even if it is against high schoolers. Yeah still got to be able to hit the ball to score 56...

Don't want ot get too hyped but it's hard not to!... This is looking good, guys and it's something that we need to fill the void... Come on Canes, jack that sumbitch!!!



Miami Northwestern quarterback Teddy Bridgewater said he has changed his mind and decided he will play quarterback, not receiver, in college and will strongly consider UM, UF, Alabama, Southern California and others. He said UM's Randy Shannon and Mark Whipple called him last week and Shannon ``told me three weeks ago that I'm their guy. If I commit, they won't sign another quarterback.'' He said he will decide in November.

• Former UM linebacker Willie Williams on Friday pleaded guilty to burglary in Georgia and was sentenced to one year in jail and six years probation. He has been at the Gwinett County jail since August, when he was arrested for stealing TVs, digital cameras, jewelry and more from a family he had befriended.


"Still learning the system and the game itself. Stuck on the Wolverine mission, LOL. But I will figure out how to add you."

Posted by: raizecane | February 27, 2010 at 10:56 PM


Yeah I'm still new to the game myself as well as the whole PS3 thing; we finally went out & purchased the system. And I as well am still working through the single player campaign, while playing Free For All online.

To add a friend just go through the messaging feature of the PS3 Main Menu and send me a message; pick "Online ID" & input "AngryCane"--similar to sending an email.

Sorry guys & gals I know this is not a COD Blog, but that's what makes The Space, The Space; knowing that we can chat about other stuff as the time passes.

Cat 5 Cane

Scouting Combins live!!!


Also see past performances from yesterday.

Don't know what you're running, but I'm running Adobe Flash 10 and it is working fine... watching live!


Here's a pretty good article on the recruiting process from a coach's, and a player's perspective:


Cat 5 Cane

Combines... Just showed Tebow, #19 on the list and can only assume he is in the second QB grouping...(#5)


wow! u r right CAT5. the posts are far and few in between. i dont think anything is wrong, its just the off season blues.

there is one thing i remember that brings everything into focus: someone actually rented a 'fire butch davis' sign to be flown by a plane. i remember it. i was on the beach that day when the small plane flew over the water.
think about it, shanon will never go through anything like that because the shout of racism will fly quickly. so i guess whatever shanon is going through from haters pales in comparison to that indignity suffered by butch. poor guy! no wonder he left town.

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