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February 12, 2010



there's really no such thing as football fast because football is about quickness.

having great speed is something that comes into play when you're running the 200m. there's a difference between speed and quickness.

in football you don't have to be fast as in olympic speed, you just have to be quick. football is played in short burst so there's no need to have olympic speed.

a WR who has olympic speed but is not overly quick is at a disadvantage because of how fast the game moves. you don't have a lot of time to get in and out of your breaks so quickness is ultimately more important. except if you're Randy Moss of course.


Spilleresque? Not a threat to run between the tackles?

Posted by: Esteban | February 13, 2010 at 07:24 PM

No, what I mean is a threat to return kickoffs for TDs right before halftime and then beat Sean Spence for another TD in the same game. Two TDs a game. That kind of "Spilleresque".

Why run betwen the tackles when U can get a quick six outside. isn't scoring the name of the game? We got Berry and Mike James to run between the tackles.


"I think we may have a Spiller on our hands, only bigger."

Posted by: miamimike01 | February 13, 2010 at 07:26 PM

U got that right!


I could have said McGahee-esque but that is so dated.


McGahee-esque would be ideal.

Old Skool

And now for something completely different...

Here's high speed video footage of a flying mosquito being shot down by a laser.



I think we should let the can't miss guys play at least four games before we squirt in our shorts about them.

J James
A Brown

Had the same guys gushing about how phenomenal they were gonna be.


Spence was trying to cover Spiller with a bum left leg - not saying that he's as fast as Spiller, but if he didn't have a busted wheel then he would've made Parker think twice before throwing to him

If anyone remembers that route that Spiller ran, you'll remember Spence basically hopping after him - his left leg (knee specifically) - caused him to miss the next game against Wake

And no, Spence's injury had nothing to do with Swasey's workouts for all of you Swasey haters


Speaking of 90s Hip Hop, this the funk right here:



Wall Street Journal said that Billy Donovan was the 3rd worst value of a college basketball coach in the nation

$3.3 Million a year

They got their ass kicked tonight - AT HOME - by Xavier. I think the loss tonight basically solidifies them to go to a 3rd straight NIT

I'd be willing to put money down that if the A-10 and the SEC played a tourney against each other, the A-10 would win

With the exception of UK (basically 2 players make that team) and Rocky Top - who is really that good in that big name conference? Vandy? Who the hell has Vandy beaten to even give them the #22 ranking? They beat #12 Rocky Top twice - wow. What's that say about Rocky Top?

SEC basketball reminds me of Pac-10 football. You take one program out of either - and it's a mediocre conference. Take Kentucky basketball out of the SEC and take USC football out of the Pac-10 ....

10 National Championships won in basketball by the SEC - 7 by Kentucky

17 National Championships won in football by the Pac-10 - 10 by USC


Dayton that is good....I am a big fan of Nas and really like DMX..I know that is not chic music and I know he is very troubled person(But so was Edgar Allen Poe) but I like music that says something and has some emotion behind it.






Women in sports are good!



yeah, Danica is a babe


Oh good lord soup......don't be sending me that link on the eve of valentines day. Pic 7 of 34 is just.....well let me just day, NICE!!!!


yeah, #4 & #7 get my thumbs up.

raize, talking my language! LOL!


I can gaurantee you every nascar driver has seen those pics and said "man, would I love to put her in the wall", LOL

Sebastian(2001U G.O.A.T.)

So we beat Duke by double figures on Wed. to begin the 5 game win streak to finish the reg. season.

So simple



• Ex-UM quarterback Ken Dorsey, 28, said he will pursue a coaching career -- ``I feel I can be a great coach'' -- and would love to return to UM. ``I've never talked to Randy Shannon [about a job], unfortunately,'' Dorsey said, though he has sought career advice from UM athletic director Kirby Hocutt.

Dorsey, who was a volunteer coach at Lakewood Ranch High in Bradenton last season, has spoken to a few non-BCS schools about an assistant job. He said he intended to take an administrative job working at FIU for athletic director Pete Garcia -- ``Pete and I are close'' -- but changed career goals and plans to call FIU's Mario Cristobal.

Dorsey said he ``texted Jacory Harris every week this past season. He's one of the smartest quarterbacks there in a long time. I see leadership qualities that I had.''

• Arthur Brown Sr. said it was his decision, not his son's, for Arthur Jr. to leave UM and enroll at Butler Community College in Kansas, two miles from the parents' home, where Arthur Jr. is now living. ``I thought it was time for him to come home. He needed the support,'' Arthur Sr. said. ``He has spent a tremendous amount of time away from people who love him.''







francis w

BTW another of the top 10 TV kisses in that article was from Star Trek, Capt. Kirk and Lt.Ohura (african american officer) kissed. The segment was banned for 25 Years by Great Britton.

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