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February 12, 2010





Wow I really am #1! Now off to bed been a bad week!




inquiring minds want to know, JSQ...


It was a cold and cloudy night as the North wind howled across the flat landscape of Central Florida...


Canechic drops a #1 just for FUN?

U gotta love that girl!!!

Sebastian(2001U G.O.A.T.)

A very good read

After taking 1 look at the pic of the Manimal, everyone I see after, im thinking hes just to small right now and needs to hit the weights. I have to remind myself that the Manimal is just some freak of nature LOL


That sideline jump with the belly hanging out was funny ish, but he made the catch so good for him!


In the "what is this world coming to on college campuses NOT in the 305" category:

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (Feb. 12) -- A woman opened fire during a biology faculty meeting at the University of Alabama's Huntsville campus Friday, killing three biology professors and injuring three other employees at the school, officials said.

The shooter was caught outside the Shelby Center, a science building, without incident, and no students were harmed, according to university spokesman Ray Garner. Local media reported the shooter was a faculty member, though Garner said he could not identify her. Officials said a man was also being detained.

University spokesman Ray Garner said the three killed were Gopi K. Podila, the chairman of the Department of Biological Sciences, and two other faculty members, Maria Ragland Davis and Adriel Johnson.

Two others are in critical condition, and a third who was wounded was upgraded to fair condition. The injured were identified as department members Luis Cruz-Vera and Joseph Leahy and staffer Stephanie Monticello. Their specific conditions were not released.



I was just funnin'...about Calvin...as they say about managing blogs..."like herding cats"

I've seen the job and I don't want it...who would want to manage a blog that would let people like me on it?

'87 Canes

LMAO @ Bosher the linebacker


What's next for JoePa...Botox?



DZ8 - Nice article....


I've seen the job and I don't want it...who would want to manage a blog that would let people like me on it?

Posted by: Texascane | February 12, 2010 at 11:28 PM

If U only knew! If I told U that I get 25 emails a week about somebody complaining about something or somebody else would U believe me? U should! LOL

Sebastian(2001U G.O.A.T.)

Those magnifying glasses were his look. I cant imagine him without those thick rims. JoPa is going to be around forever


If U only knew! If I told U that I get 25 emails a week about somebody complaining about something or somebody else would U believe me? U should! LOL

Posted by: 86Cane | February 12, 2010 at 11:38 PM

I wasn't aware you were the "complaint" department. But now that I know, I would like to report everyone....LOL.

Sebastian(2001U G.O.A.T.)

If you would of told me that a few days ago, I honestly wouldnt of believed you. After reading what its like ive changed my mind. As long as I didnt get stabbed on an e-mail LOL


Winter Olympics off to a SAD start:



I wasn't aware you were the "complaint" department. But now that I know, I would like to report everyone....LOL.

Posted by: raizecane | February 12, 2010 at 11:41 PM

Funny, most people here reported YOU. LOL

GOAT...U are clear and clean not a single complaint, YET!



86 does a fantastic job, everyone. He plays peace keeper, blog moderator, blog writer (x2).

Somehow, he found a wonderful wife (you're guess is as good as mine), and she's been VERY UNDERSTANDING. (but how could she miss that Charlie Brown Head?)

Shout out to U, SOUP, thanks for putting up with me and all my friends! Our friends!



MM01...it's all good! I wouldn't have it any other way.

Now speaking of that LOVELY wife of mine, time to go to bed. SOUP's OUT!

Sebastian(2001U G.O.A.T.)

Isnt that sweet that they banned me from e-mailing them and now they say my 120 days are up and they look forward to moving on with me as a blogger. I sent 1 damn e-mail(it was pretty much to the point) and I had no idea my address was banned from e-mailing for 120 days. LOL
Needless to say that e-mail has been blocked off my computer


Mary, JSQ...

Having a blast! Throwing up the U to the floats! Have so many beads on me my neck is sore!
2 minutes ago

Mary is having fun. Hmmm, Imagine that!

Sarasota 'cane

That was a great article! UM's defense is as stacked as any defense in the country if we can keep them healthy.

As was mentioned, continuity with Bailey and the entire team as a whole will factor into UM's success next season as much as getting the injured players back.

This team is a lot closer to turning the corner than many people are giving UM credit for. It's funny how Bennie Blades and I can see two totally different teams when we evaluate the 'canes.

South Florida recruiting guru Larry Bluestein gave UM high marks for the way the team filled their needs this year, while a couple of the rating services did not. Maybe I'm wrong, but I'm going with "Blue" on this one. Bluestein ATTENDED almost every important high school game in South Florida last year, and he more closely follows the Florida high schools outside of South Florida than any of the services do. Bluestein also has great relationships with many of the top high school coaches in the state. For all of these reasons, I think Bluestein is better able to evaluate the local talent than many of the national services are.

The only thing standing in the way of greatness next season for UM are injuries, and there is no way UM will endure the "injury bug" the way they did in 2009.

Go 'canes!

Cat 5 Cane

DZ... Interesting read... and I'm not sure if the light doesn't creat deeper shadows and deeper the problems, at the U.

Cat 5 Cane

Today's my 4th day of using my old (back-up) PC, while waiting for repair of the other.

Any suggestion for "Free Spell Check" besides Google Chrome... Can't get it to run on this relic.


What happened with Calvin? Someone give me the basics...


streeter! streeter! streaker! streeter!


I had a dream last night...no lie....J12 was scambling and tossed a bomb to the end zone where Streeter made an amazing catch..idk who we were playing, but I think its a sign lol

Cat 5 Cane

As of 10-18-09... Injury list, just 6 weeks into the season...

Defensive lineman Josh Holmes (10/18, undisclosed) is questionable for Saturday's game against Clemson.

Offensive lineman Joel Figueroa (10/18, undisclosed) is questionable for Saturday's game against Clemson.

Defensive end Eric Moncur (10/18, right leg) is questionable for Saturday's game against Clemson.

Wide receiver Aldarius Johnson (10/18, right arm) is questionable for Saturday's game against Clemson.

Safety Randy Phillips (10/18, right forearm/illness) is questionable for Saturday's game against Clemson.

Cornerback Ryan Hill (9/27, shoulder)

Defensive end Steven Wesley (9/7, undisclosed)

Defensive tackle Marcus Forston (9/7, undisclosed)

Defensive end Olivier Vernon (9/7, leg)

Safety JoJo Nicolas (9/7, undisclosed)

Fullback Patrick Hill (9/7, undisclosed) .

Defensive end Dyron Dye (9/7, knee)

Tight end Richard Gordon (9/7, shoulder surgery)

Linebacker Shayon Green (9/2, knee)

Defensive end Gavin Hardin (9/1, neck).

Defensive end Adewale Ojomo (9/2, broken jaw)

Linebacker Jordan Futch (10/12, knee surgery)

17 KEY players hurt for Clemson game and we still only lost by how many points?

Putting aside the injuries, it was the int's that killed us!


Morning legionÓźé
partaining to the banning of calvin, I'm on soup's side on this one.
Many of you on this blog have been on canespace years before me. So you are much more familiar with calvin. If his anti-Jason Fox rant of the other day was all he's ever done wrong, it was definitely, in my opinion, enough to suspend him for. Sometimes, one blemish on one's record, person, or character is enough to destroy everything. Case in point: one's character could be as prestine as Ghandi's, if one commits murder, that immaculate history will not save one from the death sentence. SOUP's rational for banning him was based on Calvin jeopadizing the blog by bad mouthing a guest, which could have the result of scaring future guests away. This will endanger the reputation of the blog as a legitimate media outlet which is the recognition that soup is trying to get for the blog to make it competitive.
My rational for supporting calvin's ban is solely on the content of his rant from that day and the lack of common sense in his reasoning. He blames Fox for exagerating even though fox wasn't too way off in his hyperbole. If bolt claims to be the fastest man alive, does him loosing a couple of races put his comment way out of bounds? Fox was our best offensive lineman. Moreover for calvin not to have understood that fox was a senior who was never coming back to college and was mouthing off simply with the aim of selling himself to a pro team was idiotic. Calvin's tone was very aggressive and contradictory to the mature but bs free tone the space is known for.
His suspension from the legion will provide time to re access his state of mind and blogging etiquett and i'm sure will make him a better blogger when he comes back to the fold.

francis w

"His suspension from the legion will provide time to re access his state of mind and blogging etiquett and i'm sure will make him a better blogger when he comes back to the fold."

Thanks for U'r thoughts. As a reader seldom poster I have ALWAYS found Calvin's posts too rambling but he also makes some valid points. Rarely do I completely finish them but do appreciate the effort.


Calvin has been banned? Oh Lordy! He and I have not always agreed but Calvin has a great football sense and I ALWAYS READ HIS POSTS. I am sad :(


I love you Soup and I appreciate ALL you do for the blog! I know it is really a tough job but I am not a fan of this banning thing.

Some players are not all get out...I do not want to insult anyone but sometimes we have to call a spade a spade. You should see how difficult it is with dancers.....Some girls get out there to compete....with some of them Calvin's brutal honesty may go along way.


He has NOT been banned he just needs to email 86. Think its called double "secret" probation.

Hoping the best for you and yours canechic:)


Posted by: usagainsttheworld formerly 1caneinatl | February 12, 2010 at 07:51 PM

Not a problem. Manny things in the world to worry about but Shannon getting a contract extension is WAY down low on the list.


...and for the record, when I sent this article I said something like, "don't blame the depth at WR if your favorite player didn't show statistical improvement". Somehow when I sent it it became AJ being the best WR.

It was intended to include solar and his love of Pimp Collier:)

All good.

The main point of the article was how few players we have that could be clearly said did improve.


Thank you DZ8!


umike-- it's a sign! streaker! streaker! streeter!

Cat 5 Cane


Damn Son, You can write for me any day. I Like your flowing style... Something, I have a hard time doing.

Whats the deal with your avatar... why no pictures, need help?



Was it you that was having car problems? Is it resolved? if not then need car info, make, model, engine, etc, etc. and parts recently replaced, total history and what's wrong?

Sometimes it's the stupid stuff that makes all the difference in the world... did you know that if the gas cap is not on tight, it caused sensors to read improper gas ratio's and sends these reading to the computer and the computer reacts, in changing the air to gas mixture, which screws up the car... then when you run diagnostics... it gives you false readings and makes the car run rough!

Someone mentioned Seafoam... excellent stuff for all cars even if running good.
Do research and See Utube video's... about 10 bucks but worth it.


SOUP, I'm tellin' you, if you don't reinstate Calvin, I'm calling Thee N.A.A.C.P...Thee National Association for the Advancement of Cane People

Cat 5 Cane

Last I remember, Calvin is not Banned... but must contact Soup to resolve issues and agree to new forum policy concerning respecting players and guests speakers on articles, when the featured articles are written about them or by them, as in a interview.

It comes down to levels of respect and what to say without trashing the guest...


Anyone going to the Light today?

If you see some unathletic, long-hair, hippie-looking kid, that's me.

I'll make sure to say what's up to ARoid if I bump into him

Sebastian(2001U G.O.A.T.)

It was a great interview by mm01 and I look forward to having more such interviews with current or ex-players. A 1 on 1 interview is pretty much a thing of the past so it was refreshing to have Jason and mm01 take the time out for that


I appreciate U guys on the suspension...I been here since the beginning when U guys moved away frm Omar n Manny and banded together as the U shud...I find U to be more than a site more like an extension of the U with jus as much press right as anyone else...

CANE 2 CANE tho U sir Were WRONG .... I side with whteva the Legion does U just dont ride the kids like that and U say U are a Fan
He Rode tht kid(nohomo) like we rag on those other no name programs who get no glory in my typing...

More Importantly Who's 12%ing this Year.... Put Me Down I don't have to see Spring Ball... 2010 Class are gems and jewels WATCH

my Pick 2 Click (sorry its the ChiTown in me) lol

Offensive: Aldarius Johnson(watch wht I say always bet on the #4)
Defensive: Brandon Harris(sorry know its safe but come on nah Im no dummy the kid is gon BALL n if not its bcuz his respect is already earned and they wont try him by GloryPreciding Alone)
Rookie: Kevin Nelson Don't Know Why but Im Sold That Kid is A GREAT salesman...Whteva his aura is selln Im buyn ...He talks like a CANE..
SpecialTeam: Cory Nelms NOBODY hits like tht kid REALLY ..



"Now he needs to work on his vertical jump on sideline routes."

That made me laugh. Nicely written, liked the humor, and also liked that for some of the positions you went for some of the names that weren't as big. Some of those guys might break out.

I've got to find a video of Pat Hill making that catch and his three inch vertical leap.


and this is my song for 2010 CANES "SHOWTIME" BOIZ....

anybdy be kind enuff to think about doing the U Crew 2010 highlights to this song is Great and If its not Long enuff I got some other songs that are great...



Listen To What Jeezy say like fa real...Then Think Bout the CANES...
Jeezy = CANEmusic


CanesX3 Thank you.

The thing was I went thru ALL players that were on the team the last two years and would be coming back this year. It wasn't easy to find players that clearly improved. Hopefully the coaching staff is going to make this list MUCH longer next year.


As a reader seldom poster I have ALWAYS found Calvin's posts too rambling but he also makes some valid points.

Posted by: francis w | February 13, 2010 at 08:35 AM

Rambling? Based on his posts, I would almost think Calvin in real life gets paid by the word ...

Anyway, I agree that we need to be respectful to our guests, I read this blog because "Management" can get very unique quotes not typically obtained by other sources.

"I scared my dog by yelling, "It's Streeter!" when he made that long catch against Wisconsin." - Great line... I remember that catch and yelled the same thing, but I don't have a dog to scare.

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