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February 12, 2010



I told U yesterday that the the word on the skreet is that the sticking point is the buyout clause. As usual the coach wants it high, the University wants it low.

Truth, J, care to weigh in????

Posted by: 86Cane | February 13, 2010 at 12:29 PM

thanks 86 i missed this (i don't know how because i read every line of this blog-- lol!). the buyout clause being the issue shouldn't matter. was it an issue (for this long) with previous hurricane coaches? competitor coaches? i just don't get it. i don't want to make too big of a deal about this but. . . well i guess we'll see.

boss shannon is a good soldier in my mind. he hasn't made an issue of it. keeps grinding it out and upgrading the program.

i guess he'll have to win the nc before this thing gets done. hmmmmm. . .


Kevin Nelson FB- going running for terrel pryor

LOL funny sh@it


Tigers 33, Canes 28 at the half.


I was out at The Tom Shaw Speed Camp yesterday at West Orange High School

Some of the guys there: Patrick Robinson-Dekoda Watson-Myron Rolle (Noles), Thad Lewis (Dookie), Morgan Burnett (GTech Bumblebee), Kyle Wilson (Boise State), Jamar Wall (Texas Tech), Perry Riley (LSU), Armanti Edwards (Appy State) .... and some jabroni named Matt Grothe (USF)

Dekoda Watson is jacked and so is Myron Rolle

They don't cast a Godzilla like shadow like Orlando Franklin-stein (thanks DZ8 for the reference in your article) ... but ya, they're very well put together and athletic as hell

Myron is one of the most eloquent speaking individuals I've been around - he free style raps as well, Will Smith style (no cursing at all)

Thad Lewis reminds me of Byron Leftwich pooh-bear looking in the face

If you want some training techniques, this speed camp was the place to be. Got to watch them in the weight room and then out on the field

Got about 3 hours of footage that I'll try and cook down to about 3 minutes for a video

My man Calvin is just out there lurking, he's here, just not letting his presence be known - like a ninja


telling stat of the game so far....dwayne collins' only recordable stats are 1to and 2 fouls...


Six...looking forward to the video as always.

Windy and cold at Daytona Speedway.


86 - I was about to go to Daytona, but, I didn't feel like freezing. In fact, no one from our sports dept. is heading over there to cover it ... so we gave all of our garage & press box passes to one of the computer guys at work, so he and his kids can go

Ya, like I said, 3 hours of footage - try to put it into 3 minutes of video, maybe a couple of videos. The weight room stuff isn't that exciting .. the field work is interesting .. the interviews are good, esp. the Myron Rolle one where he raps


so we gave all of our garage & press box passes to one of the computer guys at work, so he and his kids can go

Posted by: Six | February 13, 2010 at 01:07 PM

Hey, what about me? Dude? DUDE!!!

Next year I guess...


Coach K took over the head coaching job at Duke when he was 33


I haven't even coached a Little League team yet at that age


Listen To What Jeezy say like fa real...Then Think Bout the CANES...
Jeezy = CANEmusic

No Jadakiss =Cane Music

No offense but the rap game sucks and so does jeezy, dude couldn't rap a christmas present...Look for rap to continue going downhill and eventually die out because it sucks like a vacuum. Not trying to be mean or rude it is just that no one in the rap game right now is even anywhere near decent except of course the usual Jadakiss, Styles P, NaS "partially retired", Az"retired", and everyone is long and gone
Mobb Deep
Kool G Rap
Pete Rock and CL Smooth
Talib Khali
Foxy Brown
and there are a few others but rap now "sucks"

Why do U think I listen to Old Rap? Because that is when it was at its purest form..Late 90's was when rap was the real deal...Now it just sucks...


86 - If we could've gotten you hired through our General Manager or new News Director (who is a Canes alum and so is his wife), then I could've probably gotten you the Daytona 500 passes, ha

Other than that, you'd have to convince the peeps at Daytona that you are a brother from another mother with the computer guy, or that you're adopted b/c you have a little bit lighter skin and he has a little bit darker skin

Put it this way, you're Peyton Manning and he's Reggie Wayne


dz good article brudda !


canechic - hope everything works out well for your pops. Mine had a mini-stroke a couple of years ago .. I don't want to go into how many times over the years I've told him and my mom to eat better. They're both skinny, eat like birds, but it's what they eat simply b/c of being on the run and convenience - fast food. Always drinking Diet Coke as well

I got onto his ass more than the physical therapists did when I was there to go to a few sessions with him. They're both old school though, get all their physical work done outside with the horses, taking care of the horses, feed/hay/fence building/barn building, etc. I try to get them to stretch more - it's like trying to tell a fat kid to stay away from cake, it ain't happenin

Anyway, my pops still has some fatigue problems on his left leg after a while, you can tell. He's lucky he didn't have a full blown stroke ... I thought the mini-stroke would scare him straight. It did for a while, then, they slowly got back into their old eating habits - if I was there, I'd be getting on them at every meal. All those pills they're taking aren't an excuse to just eat like garbage again

Hope it all comes out well for you - good karma, good things happen


Honestly I used to be the same way about Rap Music ... its the same thing the Old CANES are doing to the NEW U gotta respect change for what it is...Jeezy isnt the most lyrical but as far as saying it plain and simple I guarantee if you listen to Young Jeezy on ShowTime...Its All CANES...



Clemson 65, Miami 60...less than a munite to go.


FINAL: Clemson 74, Miami 66


Elliot, don't say rap is dead in the south homey! The south is on top right now and they hate it when NY rappers or NY tap disciple rag on their work. You play east coast rap in opa locka, just pray you make it to the palmetto. As far as my own opinnion: for someone who's re-tuned his eardrum from rap to Bach and Chinese theatre, I don't think you can objectively claim one region's work is better than the other. It's a different style. Even though I like poetry and east coast rap is the closest thing to that, I still have to objectively recognize that they are different. I mean is English better than French? Is Japanese better than Spanish? Is Swahili better than Hindi? The one answer for all that is no. They are just different languages. Well! Maybe Hindi kind of s......LOL! No disrespect to any Indians on the blog. Just joking!


no offense, but New York is kinda the mecca of rap music.

the east coast has always been better at it than anyone else. lyrically, they are just better. even in the mid 90's when Cali was a hotbed for rappers the east coast was still superior in terms of quantity of rappers.

and all artists do now is that snap, crackle, and pop sh*t. by that i mean they find a dance and then attach a gimmick to it (autotune, etc) and they got a hit.

southern artists used to be really good but now they're just a joke. and this is coming from a guy that used to live in Atlanta and loved the south.


Agreed NYC is the Mecca but they aren't the only ones rappn and Im frm Chicago I had to learn to listen to every coast and not be biast...the whole he can't say anything credible because he frm the South is wrong..I like Jeezy and I think alot of his material is Very Underrated..


Jus do me the Favor of listenin to the song before we say its wack because its south or its Jeezy(WoW...I used to be jus like U guys, thtz why its funny now Im pushn 4 ppl to listen to the South)...lol..

Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer

Someone put Haith out of his misery already.

As far as rap is concerned, it's been a great example of how many styles Americans have and are and also how greatly we vary from region to region.

At the same time, a tight flow is a tight flow but there has only been one real poet...The R.


While we are on the topic of rap, am I the only one ghat thinks DJ Khaled is a fraud? Back in the day, all he used to play and rep was east coast music. North Miami cats hated him for it, him and that Miami Heat DJ. All of a sudden, southern rap became The cash cow and he went with the money. Why else do you think he fits perfectly with terror squad, since Fat Joe all of a sudden started kissing the south's a$$. But I really think Fatty Joe was just making alliances so he would have support incase he ever gets jumped. I mean, he couldn't even handle 50!

macjones de Albuquerque

17 KEY players hurt for Clemson game and we still only lost by how many points?

Putting aside the injuries, it was the int's that killed us!

Posted by: Cat5Cane | February 13, 2010 at 07:42 AM

And that 2009 MONSTER of an opening schedule didn't help Cane matters... @ F.S.U., Georgia Tech and Oklahoma.

ALL of the above-mentioned Hurricane ballers were injured in one of these listed games.

Yeah, yeah... I know U'all Miami fandom want to play the best of the best every FREAKIN' WEEK.

But bUbba's, this ain't a VINTAGE Miami Hurricane squad of say 2000, 2001, 2002 or even 2003. Those Cane teams could handle the type of MONSTER schedule Miami's been playing last season, and now this upcoming season.

U'all dig. No! Well, I didn't believe so. LOL


60 Yard Dash results:

1 Michael Rodgers Nike 6.60

2 Jeff Demps SO Florida 6.62

33 Travis Benjamin SO Miami 6.85

36 Lamar Miller FR Miami 6.88

39 Cory Nelms SR Miami 6.88

53 DeMarcus VanDyke JR Miami 6.91

This just in...Jeffery Demps is FAST! He won the final heat with a 6.59.

That's SMOKIN"!

macjones de Albuquerque

Calvin has been banned? Oh Lordy! He and I have not always agreed but Calvin has a great football sense and I ALWAYS READ HIS POSTS. I am sad :(

Posted by: canechic | February 13, 2010 at 08:39 AM

Much ado ' bout nothing baby.

The CALVIN-ATOR will be back come the Ides of August. Just U's wait and see. LOL

macjones de Albuquerque

Calvin may just be taking a break as Esteban implied, who knows. Maybe it's that Calvin is a proud and stubborn man? Well I'm not so I'll say this one more time:


Now back to our regularly scheduled programming...

Posted by: 86Cane | February 13, 2010 at 10:57 AM

Bloody V-0-I-L-A!

Being a dabbler of Neo-Siggy-isms, I do believe U's on the proper course of inference. LMAO

Or, as The Bard would say... every body has their weaknesses, and being away from the SPACE would be too much even for THE CALVIN-ATOR. lol

In other words, THE CALVIN-ATOR won't bloody freakin' BOYCOTT the Space forever.


Anybody else hear the voice of Ali G while reading macjones de Albuquerque?


Calvin got banned?

Posted by: j.w. | February 12, 2010 at 04:00 PM

Dude has posted since the Omar days. He was often in a minority of Coker haters in the early days and often took heat. He was right, and is a main poster here. If banned it's BS. I don't always agree with his takes, the Fox rant included but he needs to be posting here.


USAF...read the friggin' blog for CHRIST SAKES MAN! Calvin is NOT banned.

The next person who posts that "Calvin is banned" WILL get banned! LOL

Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer

This just in...Jeffery Demps is FAST! He won the final heat with a 6.59.

That's SMOKIN"!

Posted by: 86Cane | February 13, 2010 at 03:41 PM


True but the BIG news is that your boy The Truth Miller is as fast as The Blur.



I think SOUPs head finally exploded.

Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer

Anybody else hear the voice of Ali G while reading macjones de Albuquerque?

Posted by: DZ8 | February 13, 2010 at 04:27 PM


Haha, now that's one I've never considered, like an American version. lol

Let's see.




He throws in enough BLOODYS that I can hear it with the accent...lol.


Good info. on the track times.

Demps is fast, sure. There's straight line fast, and there's football fast. Demps hasn't proven he's football fast at this level yet.

Travis, Lamar, et al, show a good foundation of speed by those times, and I'm betting they're going to be football fast this year. Lamar could be a hell of a change of pace back.



I posted some track times a couple of weeks ago from the Pitt meet, and all 3 of our guys ran faster than those times listed above.

But it is eye opening that Miller is motoring as fast as TB.

We haven't had that kind of speed in a back for awhile.

Someone want to remind since who?

Sebastian(2001U G.O.A.T.)

09/13/96 is when true rap died

Seoul Cane

Did Calvin get banned.

I quit.

J/k Souper; don't shoot!


True Rap Never Dies ... Ears Refuse Change..



JSQ sends her best wishes and you will be in her thoughts and prayers.


how has Demps not proven he's football fast yet?

and what is football fast?


You know those times, especially for a guy like Demps, are the reason that America will never dominate the male sprints in track and field again and why a nation like Jamaica can now excel.

Virtually all of our fast young male talent go into football and stop developing as track athletes.

Not saying it's bad but that is just the way it is. There is incredibly small chance somebody who can make it to the NFL gives it up for track. It's just much easier to make money in football.

So when I see the Jamaican male sprinters I don't think they are on steroids just because they beat us I just think there weren't any other options in Jamaica that were as good for them so they focused on that one area. They pursue track scholarships like we chase football scholarships.


Thank you JSQ and miamimike! The only Rehab he could get into was Mt. Sinai the transferred him today and soon he should be as good as new! :)

Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer

Hillview, the Jamaicans have ONE maybe two guys we can't beat regularly, and the reason Bolt is doing what he's doing is because of his height and RPMs.

Once some of our taller, fast guys come along and decide to focus exclusively on track, we'll dominate it again.

Our fastest guys, Tyson Gay, is of the shorter, classic sprinter build but his height is actually a disadvantage against Bolt.

We'll dominate it again, trust me.


at what point was there a high percentage of rappers who were actually good? at its highest was probably when you couldn't get rich off it since there wasn't the incentive for everyone to try to become a rapper. now people can get filthy rich so you got everyone plus 2 trying to be a rapper. watered things down. still a good amount of guys who can flow. still a good amount that can make good songs. still good amount that get clubs/parties rockin. still not that many that can do all the above. its been that way from day 1.

about the snap crackle pop - soulja boy songs. bun b said it best. if you ain't feeling it that means ur probably older and you ain't the intended audience. same for his music. his intended audience ain't little kids. so would make sense that they probably won't be feeling bun b. not about whether its good or not. its about where u at in life.

Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer

Dayotn, football fast is Devin Hester, Bo Jackson, Marshall Faulk- agility, acceleration, reaction and acceleration, especially with changes of direction. To me this is an entirely difference set of neuro-muscular processes.

This is why so few track guys have ever done well in the NFL and why a guy like Jerry Rice is the greatest ever, even though he barely ran a 4.5

Then of course you have guys like Darrel Green, Deion Sanders and a few others in addition to the already mentioned.

Demps is somewhere between. Fantastic straight line speed but it takes him a minute to reach maximum velocity and when he has to stop, change direction and start, he's not so impressive.

That's the difference between him and Harvin. Demps would smoke Percy in a 40 or 60 dash but on a football field, Demps isn't even close to Percy.


True but the BIG news is that your boy The Truth Miller is as fast as The Blur.

Posted by: Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer | February 13, 2010 at 04:54 PM

And the MOST impressive thing about the Killian Cougar known as Miller is that he LOOKS like a football player. I mean big, strong and 220 lb dude running like that?

I think he is Spilleresque!


Rice was like Mike Irvin: 4.6 on their BEST day.


Demps is football fast. He's don't have the change of pace ability of Harvin, but coming around the corner on the sweep he flies by people. its straight line speed, well more like super speed.

someone who was faster combine wise than on the field was Greg Olsen. he ran a 4.4 forty at the combine, but would get run down by non 4.4 running DBs on the football field. Epps is faster on the football field. Probably will be a tenth of a second slower at the combine though.


Spilleresque? Not a threat to run between the tackles?


And the MOST impressive thing about the Killian Cougar known as Miller is that he LOOKS like a football player. I mean big, strong and 220 lb dude running like that?

I think he is Spilleresque!

Posted by: 86Cane | February 13, 2010 at 07:11 PM

Damn, 86. Me and Randy were grilling about an hour ago. While the coals were burning, we were talking about Miller, and I said the same thing.

"I think we may have a Spiller on our hands, only bigger."

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