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February 20, 2010



why pick a guy in the 2nd round who can only play 20 snaps a game?

I think Cody is high risk/reward. If I were going to draft him I'd like to see him slim down...


Ferguson was a 7th rd pick by Parcells with the jets, Ratliff a 7th with the cowboys. The position takes awhile to learn so I dont see them going as high as the 12th pick for someone who is going to need some coaching, especially when other candidates are available later. I wouldn't mind it but think its probably a little high for him.

U going to be Kipper or McShay, Esteban?


There is no PINK, only Mariah...

Pink is a TRAITOR!!!

Big Brother is watching.


Big Brother is watching.

Posted by: DZ8 | February 21, 2010 at 07:53 PM

U see that vase over there in the corner? On the bookcase next to the clock? Look at the blue dot in the center of the design. That's not a dot, it's a camera.

"One day U wake to find,
Ten years have got behind U,
No one told U when to run,
U missed the starting gun."


Pink Floyd light show this Thursday up in Maryland somewhere... I won't be able to make it.

Saw them live when I was in 8th grade at RFK back in'88. Then again in 1994 down at Raleigh, on the NC State football field. I enjoyed the 2nd show a bit more as a 20 yr old;)


DZ8 I think Miami will sign either karlos Dansbary or Antrel Rolle.

If we sign KD then who I like as a 1st round pick is either Dan Williams dt or Brandon Graham olb/de he reminds me of elvis dummerville and Lamar Woodley.

In the 2nd round I like either Sergio Kindle or Jerry Hughes.

3rd round Demarious Thomas wr.




We have a chance on Dansby but he (possibly Peppers) is the jewel of this free agent class and will be costly and have many suitors.

I'm not high on Antrel Rolle and think we are going to wait and see what we have with Chris Clemons the fast safety from Clemson we got last year. Also might be a little quick to pull the plug on Gibril Wilson a big dollar signee from last year.

Anybody read KC Joyner? The guy tries to take the money ball aspect of baseball and translate it to football. Good, good stuff. He was exactly right about Wilson last year. He mentioned that in Wilsons career he always played strong safety and the one year he played free safety he sucked. The Dolphins have two strong safeties in Wilson and Bell. Since Bell is cheaper and "homegrown", meaning we drafted him. I vote to keep Bell if it comes down to it this year.

I could see us getting D. Thomas. He has the size our regime loves. Breaking his foot and not running at the combine can help us get him later than we should be able to. He's raw and just a junior and the regimes "says" they like to draft seniors so we'll see.



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