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March 08, 2010









Best of luck to all the Canes especially Kylan Robinson!

Don't let 'em take the middle Kylan... it's your turn to shine!


DZ8...forgot about Kylan. Maybe I should add him to the article? What a story that would be if he wins the MLB!


I know he's a favorite of Randys. Does what hes told for the good of the team (moving to LB when he was #10 rated high school RB). Would be great to see him kick butt this year.

I did read a recent article where Randy said "maybe the light has finally come on", refering to Kylan.


Lately we've had a history of our middle linebackers shining their senior season... I've got my fingers crossed.

Shannon said senior middle linebacker Kylan Robinson ``is playing a lot better. Maybe the light came on.''


... but I remember hearing similar comments about Kylan last year as well.


CGNC - I'm sure you do get a lot of looks when you bust out with the "Cackalacka" ha

I think it'd be funny just to hear you say it in passing or just bust it out of nowhere



I'm sure it's been posted but great to hear that CJ Holton is up to 230lbs. Did Holton get a redshirt year or did we burn it on special teams?


i may be in the minority, but i think Robinson needs to be a backup.

i really want to see how effective McCarthy is at MLB. i know Randy doesn' want to move him, but it may be necessary.

i wonder how much better Holton has got?


Kobe not even flinching when Barnes faked throwing the ball at his face was classic stuff.


I don't think your in the minority I think your right about Robinson, "If they don't bite as pups... they probably don't bite." But I'll be rooting for him nonetheless, underdog and all that.

McCarthy and Shayon Green/Robinson (I don't count the freshmen) are the only ones with the build for the middle linebacker spot.

Futch, Cookie, Spence and Holton all seem like outside backers to me. It would be easier to get our three best linebackers on the field if McCarthy is in the middle. May the best man win.

and no idea about Holtons improvement. Last year bg1906 was able to hook me up with a dvd of the spring game. I'm sure someone will be able to do the same thing this year for us out-of-staters.

Any idea if Holton is a redshirt sophomore or true junior?


Just checked and it looks like he's going to be a junior. It'll be hard to redshirt him with the depth at LB this year.


the UM website hasn't been updated yet. it only says he was on the scout team his freshman year. im guessing he didn't get on the field at all.

i wish Spence could put on weight like Holton.


Matt Barnes = Kobe stopper


Matt Barnes got punked so bad he should retire from the NBA after that idiotic ball fake blew up in his face.


Posted by: SOUP | March 08, 2010 at 03:08 PM

what he said...


CaneRock, it's all good dawg, meant to tell you that the other day, you holding it down on here too. Keep keeping that off beat poster straight too, to say a quick 1st step is all about effort, is plain retarded. if that was the case, would've been alot of james worthy's in the NBA, or several more dwight freeny's. That guy continues to out-do his last ridiclos post after another.

pb, this is for you!


More for pb;


wow that pic of the crowd does look bad.

not trying to sound cynical or anything, but does the city of Miami even support the team? im being sincere because i really don't know.

i know about the low enrollment of the school, but what does the actual city think of the team? and what about the cities outside of Miami that are closest to it?

again, im not being an a**, im just curious.


That thing that Barnes did was dumb, but his attitude is what helped the Magic win. They realize they have to be a little bit tougher b/c of the way he was acting and playing during the game, trying to get into it with one of the best players in the game

Hey, they won b/c they adapted his attitude during the game

I'll tell you what was stupid, was Artest's hair

Playa..The Blogger Formerly Known as Rashad

Posted by: Six | March 08, 2010 at 09:35 PM

I was thinking the same thing. Artest must be going for the Dennis Rodman look. Dude is beyond crazy.


Dayton that was obviously way before the game or at half time. Even the smallest crowds fill most of the lower bowl.


Latwan Anderson to make his announcement on Wednesday.




And Calvin that video is classic. I've never seen a guy not even blink when something like that happened.

Made the Barnes look like a fool.



I still think if he gets any real U offer, regardless of from where (and it clearly looks to be in track at this point if he has gotten), he will take it. I suspect he has finally gotten the offer and will take advantage of it. If so, he will only count toward the football 85 scholarship limit if/when he plays in a game, and obviously the football coaches can't and won't comment, as they're not allowed contact. Funny thing is that a guy with all of his starts wouldn't count toward the football team recruiting ranking with a track scholly, so we know what the rankings mean....I can't imagine we won't hear more definitely over the next 2-3 days, so I'll take your Wednesday statement.

Now, re: Seantrel Henderson.... :)

Morehouse Cane

Megan Fox throwin up "The U" along with a numerous other celebs: www.coachsays.blogspot.com



I agree

I also think that the longer the Henderson thing goes the less chance we have of landing him.

I don't expect him in this class.



Dayton that was obviously way before the game or at half time. Even the smallest crowds fill most of the lower bowl.

Posted by: pb(CSROH10) | March 08, 2010 at 09:44 PM

U are correct! It was WAY before the game ever started. Like 45 minutes early. And it was Duke.


Megan Fox looks like she has man hands ... that has to be Photo-shopped

And she's supposed to have jacked up thumbs in real life, look like paddles or something

She's still unbelievably hot though, paddle thumbs or not

Cat 5 Cane

Great article on Berry... Berry,Berry,Berry!

By Jorge Milian
Palm Beach Post Staff Writer

Updated: 6:33 p.m. Monday, March 8, 2010

CORAL GABLES — After suffering a torn anterior cruciate ligament in high school, then finding himself near the bottom of the depth chart last spring, University of Miami running back Damien Berry still had faith that at some point he would be the man.

Now as UM goes through its spring practices, it appears that Berry, a 5-foot-11, 217-pound tailback from Glades Central, will be the 'Canes No. 1 back this season.

Berry earned UM head coach Randy Shannon's trust after becoming UM's second-leading rusher last year despite not carrying the ball until the fifth game of the season and splitting time with two other backs.

Shannon said the emphasis this spring is to polish the other parts of Berry's game.

"He emerged as a guy that can come in and run the football inside," Shannon said. "Like we told him, 'Now you have to become the complete guy. You've got to be a guy that can pass protect, run routes, run outside and do other things beside just run up the middle.'"

If he has to adjust, it shouldn't be a problem for Berry.

As a senior at Glades Central in 2006, Berry played the entire season with a torn anterior cruciate ligament, foregoing surgery until he led the school to a state championship.

And when he entered spring practice last year far down on the running back depth chart, he didn't flinch.

"I was focused on giving them a reason to play me," Berry said.

And Berry did just that, rushing for 114 yards in UM's spring game, then snowballing that effort into a sensational junior campaign.

Splitting time with Javarris James and Graig Cooper, Berry finished with 616 yards, averaging 77 yards in nine games while topping the Hurricanes in yards per carry (6.6) and rushing touchdowns (8). His 77 yards-per-game average puts him just under the 1,000-yard mark for a 12-game regular season. The Hurricanes haven't had a 1,000-yard rusher since Willis McGahee in 2002.

So this season appears to be Berry's.

Gone is James, who started seven games last season and has since graduated. And Cooper, the starter in UM's remaining six games, is recovering from major knee surgery and it's uncertain if he'll be available for the 2010 season.

"Being [the starter] is a big step, but any guy that laces them up here envisions himself being the man," running backs coach Mike Cassano said. "Especially skill guys. Damien is no different. He plays with a chip on his shoulder. He sees himself as an NFL running back and wants to prove that to everyone."

UM fans don't need convincing.

Berry's hard-charging style made him a favorite with the home crowd last season. In the second half of UM's game against Duke on Nov. 21, fans began chanting "Berry, Berry" in an attempt to coax Shannon into playing him.

Shannon complied and Berry rewarded his supporters by sparking a rally and scoring the go-ahead touchdown in the fourth quarter during the Hurricanes' 34-16 win.

Teammates won't let Berry live down the fans' chants. It's rare that he enters UM's locker room without players greeting him with, "Berry!, Berry!" Guard Joel Figueroa sometimes breaks out the chant when Berry enters the class the two seniors share.

"They joke with him about it all the time," cornerback Brandon Harris said. "He doesn't like it. He's a very humble guy."

But Berry doesn't lack confidence, and knows that his time is now.

"I'm going to be the man," he said.

Whay did he say?... "Be the Man"...OHhhh Yeah!


the Lakers figured out how to play without Kobe. now that he's back, their offense consists of handing it to him and standing there.

and they forgot how to play defense too.


I think they are called toe thumbs,
the other things are called ta-tas



Boy......You really have to like Damien Berry.


Do we know if both of her thumbs are like that??


I dunno, I only heard about it a few times.
I think every guy on here gives Megan a thumbs up !


i think it's just her one thumb.

that thing gave me chillbumps for some reason.


cmon guys,
she isn't exactly Lobster Boy give her a break.


Again I ask Haith, this guys on the because uhhhhh what...




Raize...U gotta love Berry, James, Miller AND Johnson. The four amigos!


Canerock those clips reminded me how sick of an athlete that kid is. the dunk along the baseline was rediculous.

if he can learn how to shoot better an be more assertive, nothing can stop him. he's too athletic.

the team will be even more guard oriented next year so we'll see how much he improves. all Shannon Brown did while at Michigan St. was dunk and it worked for him. but i guess his team was better too.


cj holton aka the hit stick has been ready to roll since he got here...he may surprise a lot of people this year.....
so who wants to take dibs on transferring students this year to free up 2 schollies?
i say:
wieclaw and hardin
or did a.brown's schollie free up 1??
welcome anderson and henderson...the 2 SONS

orange 'n green in the vein

If CGNC gets another credit next year for naming "Turf Face," the King of Spring I'm stealing her fake Heisman in retaliation.

Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer

wieclaw and hardin
or did a.brown's schollie free up 1??
welcome anderson and henderson...the 2 SONS

Posted by: Drtycane | March 08, 2010 at 11:36 PM


Drty, you might be on to someting. I forgot about Hardin. Hate to see a kid go out like that though. He truly bled Orange and Green.

16 grams

Nice Read

16 grams

soup whats your email?

Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer

She's still unbelievably hot though, paddle thumbs or not

Posted by: Six | March 08, 2010 at 10:09 PM


Yeah, the face is gorgeous and the rest is nice.

A Friend

L.A. is a Cane on Wednesday! BELIEVE IT!


Dayton, Shannon Brown had a big time PG making it easy for him to dunk all day. Think about all the dudes who start looking like good offensive players when they play with Steve Nash or with Shaq before he got old. Channing Frye and Damon Jones anyone?

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