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March 27, 2010



stadium was packed for the spring game.TB had a huge day hauling in some deep passes hankerson caught like a 50 yard bomb.ray ray 2 picks c-mac had a pick..willis mcgaee was in the house.along with the 89 national champs

Posted by: canezilla | March 27, 2010 at 08:30 PM

d-line played very well.looks like bailey added 80 more pounds of muscle.This guy is a monster.#39 is not on the depth chart but damn this guy got smoked allday.horrible corner back

Posted by: canezilla | March 27, 2010 at 08:32 PM

thanks zilla

Posted by: solarcane | March 27, 2010 at 08:35 PM

TRAZ POWELL STADIUM -- If you took your eyes off the field Saturday at Traz Powell Stadium for even a second, you might have missed a lot. This year's Spring Football Game turned out to be about as action-packed as any played before it -- chock full of scoring from start to finish.

In the end, the team featuring UM's First Team Defense/Second Team Offense was able to rally for 58-53 victory over the First Team Offense/Second Team Defense. First, the stats and scoring and then few thoughts/highlights...

RUSHING: Mike James 10 carries, 64 yards; Damien Berry 15-42, 1 TD; Stephen Morris 4-24; A.J. Highsmith 3-16; Storm Johnson 4-15; Lamar Miller 8-10, 1 TD; Spencer Whipple 2-(-10).

PASSING: Stephen Morris 12-for-21 209 yards, 2 TDs, 1 INT; A.J. Highsmith 11-for-20 131 yards, 3 TDs, 2 INTs; Spencer Whipple 7-for-16, 112 yards, 1 TD.

RECEIVING: Kendall Thompkins 8 catches for 84 yards, 1 TD; Travis Benjamin 6-171, 1 TD; Leonard Hankerson 3-61, 2 TDs; Davon Johnson 3-31, 1 TD; LaRon Byrd 3-26; Richard Gordon 2-22; Aldarius Johnson 2-20, 1 TD; Ben Bruneau 1-17; Allen Hurns 1-11; Billy Sanders 1-9.

- Highsmith 16-yard TD pass to Hankerson (Jake Wieclaw kick)
- Highsmith 3-yard TD pass to D. Johnson (Wieclaw kick)
- Morris 75-yard TD pass to Benjamin (Wieclaw kick)
- Miller 2-yard run (Wieclaw kick)
- Highsmith 39-yard TD pass to Hankerson (Wieclaw kick)
- Whipple 9-yard TD pass to Johnson (Wieclaw kick)
- Morris 5-yard TD pass to Thompkins (Wieclaw kick)
- Berry 26-yard TD (Wieclaw kick)
- Wieclaw 33 FG

DEFENSE: Sean Spence 8 tackles; Brandon McGee 7 tackles, 2 pass break ups; Vaughn Telemaque 6 tackles; Tyrone Cornelius 4 tackles, 2 PBU; Steven Wesley 1 sack, forced fumble; Marcus Robinson 1 sack; Allen Bailey 1 sack; Ray Ray Armstrong 2 INTs; Colin McCarthy 1 INT; Adewale Ojomo fumble recovery.

> THE GOOD: Better quarterback play and pass protection. Three weeks ago in a scrimmage at Fort Lauderdale's Lockhart Stadium, A.J. Highsmith, Stephen Morris and Spence Whipple had trouble just staying off their backs (they were sacked a combined seven times). Saturday, UM's offensive line played much better (only giving up three sacks). The extra time allowed for them to have a lot more success passing. After completing just 14 of their 23 attempts for 169 yards and one touchdown three weeks ago, the trio combined to go 30 for 57 for 452 yards, 6 TDs and 3 INTS.

> THE NOT SO GOOD: Secondary got torched at times. Sophomore cornerback Brandon McGee is going to want to delete Saturday's Spring Game from his memory banks. He was beaten several times in coverage and got an earful from defensive backs coach Wesley McGriff, who told him "you are better than that." For what it's worth, with All-American junior-to-be Brandon Harris out of the game, Canes quarterbacks spent a lot of time picking on walk-on Nate Gholston (listed at 5-7, 170).

> INJURIES: Looks freshman running back Lamar Miller was the only one to suffer an injury. He went down with what I was told was a separated shoulder.

> FIRST TEAM OFFENSE: QB A.J. Highsmith, RB Mike James, FB Pat Hill, TE Richard Gordon, WR LaRon Byrd, WR Leonard Hankerson, LT Jermaine Johnson, LG Harland Gunn, C Tyler Horn, RG Brandon Washington, RT Ben Jones.

> FIRST TEAM DEFENSE: RE Adewale Ojomo, DT Micanor Regis, DT Curtis Porter, LE Allen Bailey, WLB Colin McCarthy, MLB Kylan Robinson, SLB Sean Spence, CB Brandon McGee, CB Demarcus Van Dyke, FS Jamal Reid/Ray Ray Armstrong, SS Vaughn Telemaque.

> SECOND TEAM OFFENSE: QB Spencer Whipple, RB Lamar Miller and Damien Berry, WR Aldarius Johnson, WR Travis Benjamin, WR Kendall Thompkins, LT Cory White, LG Jared Wheeler, C Shane McDermott, RG Malcolm Bunche, RT Stephen Plein.


sounds like Thearon is on the bench or on the bus


big year coming

Cane Since 1982

sounds like it was a hell of a scrimage


baseball canes up 4-1 bottom of the 7th ...and yea we won lastnight 2


You can tell one of two things by all the non action on every Canes blogs tonight.

1. Everyone is confident this team will be ready to capture the ACC and there isn't any reason to hash over a glorified practice.

2 Everyone is damn tired of blogging about pretty much everything and everybody everywhere needs a break.

Cane Since 1982

3. Everyone is out celebrating what looks like another Canes NC team


Canes baseball last night @ NCST:

The 12th-ranked University of Miami baseball team won its sixth straight Atlantic Coast Conference game with a 6-5 win over NC State Friday night at Doak Field at Dail Park. Miami plated runs in each of the first five innings and eventually held on for the one-run win on a cold night on NC State's campus.

Up 6-4 heading into the bottom of the ninth, Miami (15-6, 6-1 ACC) was able to get out of trouble after the Wolfpack loaded the bases with one out. After UM closer David Gutierrez walked in a run to make it 6-5, he proceeded to strike out pinch-hitter Tarran Senay before inducing a fly out to left, securing the victory in the series opener over the Wolfpack.

Miami starter Chris Hernandez (3-2) earned the win, allowing four runs on seven hits while walking four and striking out six in five innings of work. For Hernandez - it was his third straight win to open conference play.

Reliever Daniel Miranda turned in the best outing of his young career, allowing just one hit while striking out a career-high seven in three innings of work before Gutierrez came on in the ninth to earn his fifth save in five tries. UM's bullpen has now allowed just one earned run in 22 1/3 innings in league play.

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6-1 Canes, Grandal 2 run Homerun top 9

Cat 5 Cane

82... good to see you posting... So, waz-up? Give us the lowwww down!

The game... arrived late, about 3pm, and was able to find parking on the path, but couldn't finds the guys. Waited till 3:45pm and went in. The stadium filled to capacity (Double last year's)and saw allot of good action, as discribed above.

Benji was an animal!!! 5 star from start to finish
Liked AJ's... QB style the most.
Storm... looked good...

Gotta run...




Manny and Shandel reporting different stats?


Posted by: Cane Since 1982 | March 27, 2010 at 09:14 PM

I like your # 3.

From this blog to ...'s ear


1982...whachU do? Where U at?

Cane Since 1982

Graduated OCS last month. Start IBOLC (Infantry Basic Officers Leaders Course) on Monday. Thats 16 weeks long then right after that is Ranger and Airborne schools. I should finaly get to my unit around November.


Ben Bruneau 1-17; Allen Hurns 1-11; Billy Sanders 1-9.

Who the heck is Ben Bruneau?

I thought Hurns had a knee injury?


1982...seriously, PROUD to know U.




It's true: Rangers lead the way!!!

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why thank you 86

Cane Since 1982

yes they do but I am not looking forward to that school.


86cane thanks for the info on the spring game...

This is bad news! Spring game...

INJURIES: Looks freshman running back Lamar Miller was the only one to suffer an injury. He went down with what I was told was a separated shoulder.

Good news!!! Baseball final Canes 6 NCST 4

Miami is now 16-6 (7-1 ACC)

Hurricanes hold on for seventh straight win in league play...

SUNDAY, MARCH 28, 1 p.m.
MIAMI -LHP Eric Erickson (1-1, 4.12) vs. NC STATE - LHP Eric Sogard (0-0, 4.91)

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Wow NCST just tied it in the bottom of the 9th. 2 outs runner at 3rd. Pitching change.




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ahm Montreal you were a little premature in that post.


Sorry about the previous post...It's neve over until it's over....cliked the wrong button...top of the 10 th 6-6

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extra innings


ONCE AGAIN top of the 10th Miami 6 NCST 6

1 out


West Virginia beat Kentucky to make the final four.

#1 Syracuse, #1 Kansas and #1 Kentucky all GONE!


Bot. of the 10th 6-6

We cannot loose this one...


Monty...I thought U had this? U Slacker!


WVUM broadcast keeps on getting interupted...Now they are on a cell phone

1,2,3 Strikes You're Out

Look on the bright side ... Gators are getting smoked 14-3 @ Ole Miss. 7th. inn.


Runners on 1st and 2nd for NCST 2 outs

6-6 bot. of thr 10th



A few thoughts:

–The running backs were a little less spectacular. Mike James did a break a 48-yard run in the first half, but that was about it. The rest of the backs had average days. Still, you have to be excited about Lamar Miller and Storm Johnson, who both had solid efforts during the spring.

–Safety Ray Ray Armstrong and linebacker Sean Spence were the top defenders. Armstrong picked off two passes and Spence had a game-high eight tackles.

–Still no word on the backup QB spot. Shannon said he won’t make a decision until the preseason. A.J. Highsmith, the favorite, looked solid. But you have to be impressed with Morris’ numbers. Still, expect him to redshirt.

–Everyone talks about the depth at receiver, but the Hurricanes are stacked at defensive end. Marcus Robinson, Steven Wesley and Allen Bailey each had sacks.


Top of the 11th Miami 6 NCST 6



The game is on WVUM From their cell phone...LOL....


New details and photos added to the blog...


Runner on 2nd for the Canes 2 outs top of the 11th...


WVUM is having big time technical problems...


Runners at the corners for the canes 2 outs top of the 11th


Martinez at the plate ball 3


Bases loaded for the canes 2 outs

Teflon cane

Graduated OCS last month. Start IBOLC (Infantry Basic Officers Leaders Course) on Monday. Thats 16 weeks long then right after that is Ranger and Airborne schools. I should finaly get to my unit around November.

cane since 1982

I can't wait for my day in OCS!!

Rangers lead the way Hoahh!


Bot. of the 11th Miami 6 NCST 6

Cane Since 1982

Teflon when are you looking at going?


Wow canes blew that opportunity.

Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer

nate gholston.......walk on ..dog u need to walk off!!!

Posted by: canezilla | March 27, 2010 at 08:41 PM


LOL. Classic.


86 i give you permission to delete my previous post the worst call in Canespace history...LOL....


1 out runners at first and second for NCST
Bot. of the 11th





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