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March 26, 2010



nate gholston.......walk on ..dog u need to walk off!!!



Cat 5 Cane

it is quiet here, very very quiet that is strange... Posted by: CaniaK aka True Canes
Welcome to the DZ

it's the dead period but you're right. it is quiet. I think the boys are trying to make a statement by not making a statement at all in protest to the rules.

So, I'm guessing they've found another place to vent, because I don't see these guys dropping all blogs and going cold turkey... $10 bucks says I'm right!


TRAZ POWELL STADIUM -- If you took your eyes off the field Saturday at Traz Powell Stadium for even a second, you might have missed a lot. This year's Spring Football Game turned out to be about as action-packed as any played before it -- chock full of scoring from start to finish.

In the end, the team featuring UM's First Team Defense/Second Team Offense was able to rally for 58-53 victory over the First Team Offense/Second Team Defense. First, the stats and scoring and then few thoughts/highlights...

RUSHING: Mike James 10 carries, 64 yards; Damien Berry 15-42, 1 TD; Stephen Morris 4-24; A.J. Highsmith 3-16; Storm Johnson 4-15; Lamar Miller 8-10, 1 TD; Spencer Whipple 2-(-10).

PASSING: Stephen Morris 12-for-21 209 yards, 2 TDs, 1 INT; A.J. Highsmith 11-for-20 131 yards, 3 TDs, 2 INTs; Spencer Whipple 7-for-16, 112 yards, 1 TD.

RECEIVING: Kendall Thompkins 8 catches for 84 yards, 1 TD; Travis Benjamin 6-171, 1 TD; Leonard Hankerson 3-61, 2 TDs; Davon Johnson 3-31, 1 TD; LaRon Byrd 3-26; Richard Gordon 2-22; Aldarius Johnson 2-20, 1 TD; Ben Bruneau 1-17; Allen Hurns 1-11; Billy Sanders 1-9.

- Highsmith 16-yard TD pass to Hankerson (Jake Wieclaw kick)
- Highsmith 3-yard TD pass to D. Johnson (Wieclaw kick)
- Morris 75-yard TD pass to Benjamin (Wieclaw kick)
- Miller 2-yard run (Wieclaw kick)
- Highsmith 39-yard TD pass to Hankerson (Wieclaw kick)
- Whipple 9-yard TD pass to Johnson (Wieclaw kick)
- Morris 5-yard TD pass to Thompkins (Wieclaw kick)
- Berry 26-yard TD (Wieclaw kick)
- Wieclaw 33 FG

DEFENSE: Sean Spence 8 tackles; Brandon McGee 7 tackles, 2 pass break ups; Vaughn Telemaque 6 tackles; Tyrone Cornelius 4 tackles, 2 PBU; Steven Wesley 1 sack, forced fumble; Marcus Robinson 1 sack; Allen Bailey 1 sack; Ray Ray Armstrong 2 INTs; Colin McCarthy 1 INT; Adewale Ojomo fumble recovery.

> THE GOOD: Better quarterback play and pass protection. Three weeks ago in a scrimmage at Fort Lauderdale's Lockhart Stadium, A.J. Highsmith, Stephen Morris and Spence Whipple had trouble just staying off their backs (they were sacked a combined seven times). Saturday, UM's offensive line played much better (only giving up three sacks). The extra time allowed for them to have a lot more success passing. After completing just 14 of their 23 attempts for 169 yards and one touchdown three weeks ago, the trio combined to go 30 for 57 for 452 yards, 6 TDs and 3 INTS.

> THE NOT SO GOOD: Secondary got torched at times. Sophomore cornerback Brandon McGee is going to want to delete Saturday's Spring Game from his memory banks. He was beaten several times in coverage and got an earful from defensive backs coach Wesley McGriff, who told him "you are better than that." For what it's worth, with All-American junior-to-be Brandon Harris out of the game, Canes quarterbacks spent a lot of time picking on walk-on Nate Gholston (listed at 5-7, 170).

> INJURIES: Looks freshman running back Lamar Miller was the only one to suffer an injury. He went down with what I was told was a separated shoulder.

> FIRST TEAM OFFENSE: QB A.J. Highsmith, RB Mike James, FB Pat Hill, TE Richard Gordon, WR LaRon Byrd, WR Leonard Hankerson, LT Jermaine Johnson, LG Harland Gunn, C Tyler Horn, RG Brandon Washington, RT Ben Jones.

> FIRST TEAM DEFENSE: RE Adewale Ojomo, DT Micanor Regis, DT Curtis Porter, LE Allen Bailey, WLB Colin McCarthy, MLB Kylan Robinson, SLB Sean Spence, CB Brandon McGee, CB Demarcus Van Dyke, FS Jamal Reid/Ray Ray Armstrong, SS Vaughn Telemaque.

> SECOND TEAM OFFENSE: QB Spencer Whipple, RB Lamar Miller and Damien Berry, WR Aldarius Johnson, WR Travis Benjamin, WR Kendall Thompkins, LT Cory White, LG Jared Wheeler, C Shane McDermott, RG Malcolm Bunche, RT Stephen Plein.



thanks zilla


d-line played very well.looks like bailey added 80 more pounds of muscle.This guy is a monster.#39 is not on the depth chart but damn this guy got smoked allday.horrible corner back


stadium was packed for the spring game.TB had a huge day hauling in some deep passes hankerson caught like a 50 yard bomb.ray ray 2 picks c-mac had a pick..willis mcgaee was in the house.along with the 89 national champs




"I know nobody cares about me or my issues but here is my request:"

I care the world for you brud... your issues not so much. lol


82...what's up? Good to see U around!

It'll get noisy soon, just wait...


it is quiet here, very very quiet that is strange

Posted by: CaniaK aka True Canes | March 27, 2010 at 08:11 PM

i'm with you caniak-- tumbleweed. . .

CaniaK aka True Canes

it is quiet here, very very quiet that is strange

CaniaK aka True Canes

AJ threw for 5 TD or so, the running backs had big runs for TD. Ray Ray intercepted AJ twice.

Cane Since 1982

anyone got any info on the spring game?

CaniaK aka True Canes

the receivers were the story, I like how AJ is developing.


these LSU boys are huge.

anybody who thinks that all they're taking is muscle milk is crazy.


anyone else find it disturbing that there are gator fans in Kiev?


Sooo whose gona come through in the cluth with ice in there veins and post a link to watch the game online???


Not if they played under Coker..


Actually, it shows he, like his fellow senior, have NEVER read Canespace because if he had, he's shut that shyt up before it even entered his brain.

Posted by: Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer | March 27, 2010 at 01:57 PM

but he's Cane and that automatically makes him better lol.

Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer

And Americans make it a point to bully kings and similar folk, like Roma used to do.

Haha, just kidding with you bro'.

Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer



CSM, bro, you must not know much about Roma. The word king could get you strung up or exiled, especially if you said it to one of the LEGIONS.

Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer

Sharpton believes he's one of the best LBs in the nation and expects to get drafted accordingly.

he's been reading Canespace too much.

wish the best for him though. for all of his faults he was tough as nails and never complained. Good luck Daryl.

Posted by: Daytoncane | March 27, 2010 at 01:49 PM


Actually, it shows he, like his fellow senior, have NEVER read Canespace because if he had, he's shut that shyt up before it even entered his brain.

Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer

Im in Kiev Ukraine and just got into a pizzin match with a Gayturd walking by strutting in his stupid hat, im sitting at an outdoor cafe having a beer and he walks by and I shout "canes baby" he starts with the usual "did u go to school there" crap, it went on for a few, and the locals thought we were crazy!

Posted by: TJL | March 26, 2010 at 02:09 PM


That's that America spirit babay!! haha


Sharpton believes he's one of the best LBs in the nation and expects to get drafted accordingly.

he's been reading Canespace too much.

wish the best for him though. for all of his faults he was tough as nails and never complained. Good luck Daryl.


CSS sports Native


general, what network?


yes it was a dream. the game wont be showed until tomorrow at 12.


I can't make the spring game either. Sucks! I thought I heard somewhere that the game would be shown live on CSS...

Was that a dream?


Cat, I don't usually read the comments . I think it's funny that's what they do to draw publicity..

Cat 5 Cane

This damn thing must be broken!

Tap,tap,tap.... Hellooooooo????

Alright, I'm out !

Cat 5 Cane

I don't have a working camera... Who's got one, Next?


Cat5...yeah I struggeled throught the week at work in North Florida when I shoulda been home resting and getting well. My voice is still not 100%.

Have fun at the game and take photos and email them to me. Try to get some shots of the freshman that we do not have photos of yet.

Cat 5 Cane

Twitter anyone?

Cat 5 Cane

Yaoooooow Aqua

I can only assume that U didn't look beyond the article, at the lower comments section...



Miami coach is really strict:


Posted by: canechic | March 26, 2010 at 07:39 PM

I know the QB of the Miami team, Anoka Dixon. She's really, really good. She use to play with the boys in Carol City and was taught by our very own Ethenic Sands. The Miami Newtimes just did an article on the lingerie league and she was on the cover. Not only does she play QB better than Kirby, she's hot too...


I don't know if this has already been posted, or if there has been any talk of this kid, but do any Tampa-area people know anything about Steve Weatherford? Apparently Miami would be his school if they offered, which surprised me given that his brother is Drew.


Cat 5 Cane

Pro day...

For Jason Fox, Friday's Pro Timing Day at the University of Miami had to be an exasperating disappointment.

Fox, a 2009 first-team All-ACC left tackle, had 47 career starts for the Hurricanes, third most ever by a UM player. But not only did an injured left knee and subsequent surgery prevent him from playing in what would have been the final two games of his college career, he sustained a hamstring injury Friday while running the 40-yard dash for NFL scouts and representatives at UM's combine.

His close friend and fellow senior lineman, center A.J. Trump, said it was disappointing, but Fox would ultimately prevail.

``Yeah, especially when you've been through so much with a guy,'' said Trump, who was pleased with his own performance at Greentree Field in front of at least one representative from each NFL team. No head coaches and only one NFL general manager -- Rick Spielman of the Minnesota Vikings -- came to the event.

``You've seen him play injured,'' Trump said of Fox. ``It has been a difficult road for him. He gave his heart and soul to this team and now he's kind of paying the price for it.

``But he'll bounce back. I've heard your film is almost 90 percent what they grade you on. He may not get drafted as high as he'd like but he's a good football player and he'll be an NFL player.''

Fox, who ran three quarters of the way before twinging in pain and diving onto the ground, was initially projected to be taken in the first three rounds. Tight end Jimmy Graham and linebacker Darryl Sharpton are the other two UM players expected to be drafted.

Fox was tended to by trainers, and stuck around afterward for some individual work, but declined to give interviews at the event.

Sharpton and Graham both said they were pleased with their performances and are excited about the prospect of playing in the NFL. A dozen UM players took part, eagerly awaiting the NFL's new three-day draft format April 22-24.

``I watched some of Jeremy Shockey's pro day so I was prepared for it,'' said Graham, who played basketball as a power forward for UM. ``I already ran 4.5 [seconds in the 40-yard dash] at the [NFL] combine under pretty stressful situations. I think people know I'm fast. I didn't need to run it again. I'm just excited to have the opportunity to play in the NFL.''

When asked about people questioning his perceived lack of toughness and blocking ability, Graham said: ``I think in the Senior Bowl I did address that -- one-on-one pass-blocking drills and in practice I was actually a fullback for two days -- just showing that I am a physical player and I have the ability to block and want to block.''

Sharpton said he lowered his 40 time from 4.7 to 4.6.

``I did all the drills and made improvements on everything,'' he said. ``It was hard to sleep last night, tossing and turning and waking up every 30 minutes to check the clock. You're just anxious because everyone has been talking about this day and it's very exciting.

``I'm a confident guy. I think I'm one of the best linebackers in the nation and I expect to get drafted accordingly.''

When asked which players ``helped themselves the most'' Friday, Trump identified defensive end Eric Moncur and cornerback Sam Shields.

``Moncur especially because he's so athletic and they just wanted to see him healthy. If that kid can stay healthy the sky's the limit,'' Trump said.

He said Shields, who was arrested last week on a misdemeanor marijuana possession charge -- expected to be eventually dropped if he should enter into some type of pretrial diversion program -- ran a blazing 4.28.

``That's flying,'' Trump said.

• The UM spring game is at 4:30 p.m. Saturday at Traz Powell Stadium on the Miami-Dade College North Campus, 11380 NW 27th Ave. Gates will open for the event at 3 p.m. and players will take part in an autograph session from 3:30-4.

Read more: http://www.miamiherald.com/2010/03/27/1549981/ums-fox-hurts-hamstring-during.html#ixzz0jNIuKnI3


Soup get well fast!


Soup, get well!
Canes baseball wins! 5-4 I think (saw the score on ESPNU while watching the NCAAA hockey championships).
And if anyone does record the game on tv and is willing to send me a copy of it I'll gladly pay you for your time and expenses

FireShandelRichardson or send him to IL, formerly CaneSawMassacre

Per la mia famiglia italiana!
Per favore inchinarsi. Il CaneSawMassacre di re è ritornato ai suoi favoriti.
Para mi español que habla a amigos.
Inclínese por favor. El rey CaneSawMassacre ha regresado a sus acólitos.


Great article! Gives some perspective for us non-intense baseball followers but still Canes fans.

Get yourself better SOUP, and I guarantee Miami will win tomorrow!

Cat 5 Cane

Damn Soup!!... You're still sick?

Man, Go home and get some rest!

The last time I got sick, it lasted about 2 months. So, get better big guy and see ya on the rebound!

Cat 5 Cane

This is day old news, but if you haven't seen it, It's Good Stuff!

Storm Johnson stands out in crowded Miami backfield

8:57 am March 25, 2010, by Chip Towers

Loganville's Storm Johnson is rocking the number 24 in Miami's backfield.

Loganville’s Storm Johnson knew he was stepping into a highly competitive situation when he signed with Miami. He hadn’t really considered what a challenge day-to-day life was going to be.

“Man, it’s been hectic, been busy,” said Johnson, an early enrollee for the Hurricanes. “Always got to be somewhere, either at workouts or at school or at football. You’re always on the move from the time you wake up. So it’s always cooking, something is always going on.”

Johnson is proving he can keep up. In fact, the 6-foot-1, 220-pound running back has been one of the big surprises of the spring for Miami. He was the star running back in the Hurricanes’ last intrasquad scrimmage of the spring.

Johnson busted loose for 104 yards on 10 carries — including runs of 52 and 29 yards — and had a six-yard touchdown. He also hauled in two passes for another 14 yards.

“It’s still just playing football,” said Johnson, who has been enrolled at Miami since Jan. 21. “The hardest part about it is learning the plays, learning the playbook. But everything went smoothly after I started catching on. Everything went better as it went along. I was able to get after it and just run the football after that.”

The Hurricanes will wrap up spring practice with their spring game this Saturday.

Standing out is not easy with all the tailbacks on the Miami roster. The Hurricanes return two backs, Graig Cooper and Damien Berry, who combined for more than 1,300 yards and 12 touchdowns last season (Cooper’s currently out with a knee injury suffered in the bowl game and Berry has been limited with a hamstring injury). They also have a sophomore in Mike James who is advertised as a star-in-the-making.

Add to that redshirt freshman Lamar Miller and three freshman signees other than Johnson — Eduardo Clements, Maurice Hagens and Darion Hall — and it’s clear it is a crowded situation in the Hurricanes’ backfield.

“It’s competition,” said Johnson, an Under Armour All-American who rushed for 1,937 yards and 31 touchdowns in 11 games as a senior at Loganville. “We compete every day, all the time. We get after it. But we don’t look at ourselves as individuals. We’re always a unit.”

Johnson said he has no idea where he stands on the depth chart or if he’ll even play next season.

“They haven’t classified anybody for the No. 1 spot,” he said. “Everybody here is a great tailback. Everybody’s good. Right now everybody’s just rotating in and out. We probably won’t find out about the depth chart until summer ball when everybody is here.”

Meanwhile, Johnson is just trying to get used to college life far away from home.

“I’ve been able to ease in,” he said. “I’m not taking the hardest classes right now. They make it easy for us. You’ve got study hall. You’ve got people helping you and stuff, so we’re able to get it all done. The biggest thing is managing the time between everything else you have to do.”

Johnson is rooming with Malcom Bunche, an freshman offensive lineman from Delaware. He doesn’t have a car but was able to get home last week for spring break.

“I miss home sometimes, but right now it’s like I’m at work,” Johnson said. “And it’s a fun place to be in school. It’s great weather all the time so you can’t help but be happy.”


From www.hurricanesports.com, lots more there:

After back-to-back series wins over Boston College and Duke to open Atlantic Coast Conference play, the 12th-ranked University of Miami baseball team will look to make it three straight this weekend when the Hurricanes travel to Raleigh to take on NC State, March 26-28, at Doak Field at Dail Park. The series marks Miami's second straight weekend in "The Triangle", after the `Canes swept Duke last weekend at the Durham Bulls Athletic Park in Durham.

Miami (14-6) has won five of its first six ACC games this year and is a perfect 5-0 on the road in 2010. The UM pitching staff has been the story for the `Canes in league play, coming into this weekend with a 2.00 ERA in 54 innings. UM's three weekend starters - Chris Hernandez, Jason Santana and Eric Erickson - have yet to allow more than three earned runs in any start in league play while Miami's bullpen still hasn't allowed an earned run in ACC play (18 1/3 straight scoreless).

Hernandez - the ACC's reigning Pitcher of the Week after tossing a two-hit complete game at Duke last Friday - leads the staff in both ERA (1.97) and strikeouts (33) this year. Relievers E.J. Encinosa and Daniel Miranda both boast ERAs under 3.00, while closer David Gutierrez (1-0, 2.89 ERA) has successfully converted all four of his save attempts thus far.


Email the photos and comments to:



Canespacers...I am NOT going to the Spring Game. I need to rest and get well.

I have been sick for three weeks and just got back from Pensacola and Tallahassee today after another 5 hour drive. I am not driving 6 hours (R/T) for a two hour scrimmage that in the end means nothing.

I know nobody cares about me or my issues but here is my request:

1. If you are attending take a camera and take photos then email them to me.

2. Please write a brief report of the game and send it to me via emal.

Thnak U!


To get back to one of my old favorite topics, recruiting (shame to wait til the current recruits get to show their stuff over the weekend!), one of the highly rated (FWIW) TE recruits, Austin Seferian-Jenkins of Gig Harbor, Washington, was by the U this week and is also to visit FU. Per Rivals, he "always has been" really interested in the U, the mom thought Shalala was "amazing," and will likely wait until at least summertime to make a decision. He looks like a big good receiving TE prospect rather than someone who'd end up moving to the OL, given that he played WR in hs last year (at 6'7", 250 lbs.) and got over 1100 yds in so doing. Then again, he lists OU and FU as the only two with "high" interest.

It'll all play out and nada to think much about yet.

Interested in seeing how the Lady Canes do on Sunday, let alone our guys on the diamond this weekend vs. the Wolfpack.

I'd love to see Tenn take down OSU in the tnmt....got a close one going. Looks like St. Mary's magic has just about run out the way Baylor is taking it to them. FWIW, wasn't St. Mary's the team the U last beat in its last NCAA tnmt. appearance prior to losing to UTexas??


Miami coach is really strict:



Miami has reached 20 wins for the first time in six seasons, not since the 2003-04 squad advanced to the NCAA Tournament, ending with a 22-7 record. It is the second time that head coach Katie Meier has reached the 20-win mark, as she accomplished the feat when she was a fourth-year coach at Charlotte

With the win, Miami advances to the WNIT quarterfinals for the first time in program history and heads on the road to face the Providence Friars of the BIG EAST Conference. The quarterfinal matchup is set for 2 p.m., Sunday, March 28.

Earlier in the evening, Providence (19-14) played at Maryland, defeating UM's conference foe, 77-64.


From www.hurricanesports.com:

The University of Miami women's basketball team (20-13) used a huge first half and big defensive plays late, in its third round WNIT victory over the North Carolina A&T Aggies (23-11), Thursday night at the BankUnited Center by an 84-77 score.

With both team's offenses pouring in points, it was a pair of back-to-back defensive plays from freshman Morgan Stroman that sealed the victory for the Hurricanes.

A four-time South Carolina State Champion in high school, Stroman stole an entry pass into the post and went coast-to-coast for the layup. She was fouled on the play and sank the free throw, pushing the Miami lead to 77-69 with 2:37 remaining.

The very next Aggie possession resulted in a Crystal Murdaugh jumper that was swatted away by Stroman. After collecting the rebound, she fired a full court pass to a streaking Charmaine Clark, who finished the easy layup.

The `Canes were able to milk the clock from that point on and sank 5-of-6 free throws in the final minutes, for the final score.

Riquna Williams led all scorers with 21 points, shooting 6-of10 from the field and 5-of-7 from three-point range.

Fellow sophomore, Shenise Johnson scored 20 points of her own, grabbing eight rebounds along the way. The first team All-ACC selection also added six assists and three steals.

Johnson fell just two points shy of reaching the 1,000 point plateau in just her second season.


Cat5, love that avatar
You are truly a genius Maaaster.

Go Canes!!!


I see where JFox injured his hamstring while running the 40 and had to pull out of his workouts.

20/20 here but does anyone think it was wise to be running the 40 coming off that injury?


Credits are up, again my apologies Meph.

Go Canes, Beat the Pack!


The article was written by Mephistopheles (SP?).

My Bad.

Cat 5 Cane

Someone bring a pop up tent, if you have one and it's... BYOB, before and after.

Cat 5 Cane

Who's going to Traz tomorrow...

It appears, Beast, Playa, Sabastian, Me and...???????????????

I'll try to be there about 2pm, on the West side of the stadium, near the middle and close to the gates

See google... http://maps.google.com/
and copy address... ( Traz Powell Stadium, 11380 NW 27th Avenue, Miami, Fl )
into search window.

Find green arrow, at lower screen and enlarge to see field/ stadium.

Find West side (left side for dummy's) of field and walking path to stadium in the middle... Look for unusual suspect wearing Canes gear and ask me if I'm Cat5, but look for tells... Do I have a Bud in my hand?

Later, Gang!


Real good article there

Cat 5 Cane

Good stuff!

Please always jot down... Who wrote the article!!!

Even if it is you... Master!

Suggestions from a worthless nobody!


That's good, Dayton! :)


j.w. that's not fair.

some people have big egos and have to prove to everybody that they're smarter. it's like arguing with a mule.



From Facebook...Travis Williams: Out chea wit chad ochocinco and willis and da rest of da U fam chillin at the pro day.


Looking for another sweep this weekend baby!!!!!

Afterall its not a midweek game


Im in Kiev Ukraine and just got into a pizzin match with a Gayturd walking by strutting in his stupid hat, im sitting at an outdoor cafe having a beer and he walks by and I shout "canes baby" he starts with the usual "did u go to school there" crap, it went on for a few, and the locals thought we were crazy!


Good day everyone! Nice to be back after watching people cry, swear, and try to prove how much smarter they are than everyone else for two days. And no, there weren't any kids around.


Nice read....the series is in Raleigh though, there has been so many freshmen contributing that the inconsistency will be inevitable. I do hope they mature quicker than normal....and a few has shown such. We need a 1b in the worst way and it's just a shame that JM is so stubborn. I will be there as always to see for myself.


Six, gotcha! LOL




Oh yeah, great job Lady Canes Basketball... Elite 8 in the WNIT!


Go Canes Baseball!

An ACC title & then on to a CWS title!



Good weekend preview. I hate to say this...but this is a crucial series. This team has played down to it's competition and needs to step up now - like you said, here comes the toughest part of the schedule loaded with good ACC teams.


....and second



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