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April 16, 2010




I didn't go, but was listening to some of it on 560. I actually drove by the stadium on turnpike and it looked like a good turnout.



Thats just not true. Certain polls have shown themselves to be accurate. Crist is toast against Rubio. This is a watershed election coming up.

And your right most of those teachers won't back Crist as a Republican because most teachers are partisan Democrats. If Crist runs as an independent he can get enough of them to vote for him over Meeks (the dem nominee) who has NEVER won a statewide race I believe.


I recently saw Jermaine Johnson. Let me be the first to say he's huge, and whoever's got got him for LOF has a real sleeper.


Also him vetoing a bill means that it passed the house and senate, whis is where the reps of the people vote. So he went against something that is supported by the reps of the people of florida but not supported by the teachers union.

That is the definition of selling out to special interests.


DZ8 - ya I read what Este wrote, but is that what you call infiltrating? A group of guys that did that to the person with Parkinson's who were there with the tea party members?

Here's the video - the man with Parkinsons is at :52 seconds thru 1:20


What exactly would you do then about "infiltrating" of your party. Does everyone have to pass some kind of test to prove their ideals at a gate before they can enter a space where the tea party is rallying?

This is a group that paid for Sarah Palin to come and speak at their events and even started yelling at her to run for President for them. Bad move?

So is this the same as when Cane fans can blame other Cane fans for infiltrating their fanbase, making them look bad as a whole to the rest of the nation

Like I said, perception goes a long long way. You better organize and get everyone on the same page then b/c there was NO ONE that came forth from the tea party to condemn what took place - and they had more than enough chances to do so

That video was viral. Every single talk show on television (Fox, CNN, MSNBC, Today Show, The View, Oprah, etc.) all had segments on that very video and those people's actions. The guy with Parkingsons was sitting on the ground, with a sign saying that he had Parkinsons - right in front of the tea party people. He wasn't yelling at them or taunting them or trying to start a fight. The guy was sitting there, peacefully.

I don't think the guy is a political ploy either, placed there. The guy with Parkinsons is Dr. Robert Letcher, a former nuclear scientist with a doctorate from Cornell. He was diagnosed with Parkinsons in 2000 and has been on disability since 2005.


Guys - I don't think you should take it to heart..

Most people read the articles, and the articles are great... but lets be mindful. The thing we all love about this site most of all is the amazing, candid, free flowing, Hurricanes information.

I've posted some amazing articles with little to no responses except from the obvious... 86Cane, Solar, Canechic, CGNC, and a few of the regulars.

We are not trying to force people to read our content, the content is there for their pleasure if they choose.

The forum to speak and talk your mind is the key.


I didn't go, but was listening to some of it on 560. I actually drove by the stadium on turnpike and it looked like a good turnout.

Posted by: Aqua | April 17, 2010 at 01:49 PM

ok i guess i was wrong...there has been this guy that i keep seeing at events that i was thinking was you...and every time i ask if you were there you say yes....but he was there again today and you werent...so i guess i was wrong...


this guy has dark brown hair that is long and usually kept in a pony tail...today i saw him driving a blue toyota 4-runner with an LED tag that said go canes...


I haven't seen the video Six.

Their is no "membership pledge" to join the tea party. You show up to a rally.

I'll do some research but from the little you wrote about this guy at the bottom of your post I am CERTAIN he showed up there to get a reaction like that.

And U are 100% right that perception is very important and often becomes reality. (I can't see the video here at work) Those guys who taunted him were incredibly short sighted and played right into what he "probably" wanted.

The tea party is filled with normal citizens who have had enough of government spending and intrusion. If they were political operatives you wouldn't see stuff like that.

Also, is that it? How many videos were out there at the town hall meetings with protesters supporting the health plan acting like thugs? I saw plenty but not on the normal media channels.


And no thats not what I call infiltrating IF those guys are legit tea partiers.

If they are leftists who went to the rally to make the tea party look bad in the media then yes that is infiltrating.

Earlier this week several left-wing sites were encouraging their fans to go to tea party rallies and have misspelled signs, and make stupid racist taunts. They wanted to do this to make the tea party look bad.


I'm thinking more and more we go 12-0.

We got players, we got coaches, we got fans...

we got this!

Cat 5 Cane

Kick and punt returns... Not so special... If we are to be a contender, things must change!

Last year Coop and MJ got most of the kick offs and Collier and Benji got most the punt duties.

KICK RETURNS.. No., Yards , Avg , TD, Long
Graig Cooper.... 26 582 22.4 0 63
Mike James...... 19 404 21.3 0 41
Jimmy Graham ... 3 30 10.0 0 12
Darryl Sharpton.. 2 22 11.0 0 13
John Calhoun..... 2 17 8.5 0 16
Brandon Harris... 2 63 31.5 0 37
Travis Benjamin.. 1 18 18.0 0 18
Jordan Futch..... 1 4 4.0 0 4
Lee Chambers..... 1 11 11.0 0 11
Sam Shields.... .. 0 84 0.0 0 84

PUNT RETURNS........No. Yards Avg TD Long
Thearon, Collier... 12 158 13.2 2 61
Travis Benjamin..... 9 57 6.3 0 33
Graig Cooper........ 4 8 2.0 0 9


Only scoring 2 TD (Collier)

with Coop injured, I think we see allot of Storm J and throw in allot of MJ on kick offs


Like this



DZ8 - Certain polls have shown to be true, and others haven't. The final results are what really count - like I said, how do you even really know how many people had been asked, where have they been asked and who they've been asked by. There's still time between now and election. We'll just see how much Rubio destroys Crist by. I've seen a large contingent of people that are on Crist's side simply b/c of what he did with the Seminole Tribe in the gambling issue.

Crist had the full support of the NEA in this and any of the teachers that didn't support what he was doing, aren't exactly in the worst situation schools of the state. Of course they'd support the bill if they were in a school like Dr.Phillips in Orlando. It's a little different when a teacher is in a well to do school district that is full of students with parents who actually care about their child's education - as opposed to a school situation in a worse off school district, where many kids are just there b/c they have to be and the school is basically a babysitting service for parents and the teachers are supposed to rely on these kids who are in horrible home situations for a raise or even a job? Anyone remember when Miami Northwestern was rated an F school? Why was that. How do you get an F? for your school. So should the teachers might not have a job or even get any kind of raise b/c the kids don't feel like doing any kind of work or taking standardized tests? The teachers can't be a teacher and also Dr.Phil with the family at the same time. A lot of it is upon the parents of the kids as well.


Six should students be forced to take standarized tests before and after the school year??

To verify progress on there specific curriculum??

I mean it is a touchy topic of how to decide which teachers are good and which are not, especially when you take into account the poorer schools... ..

What would you propose?


DZ8 - Dr. Robert Letcher, the guy with Parkinsons, he went and sat in front of the tea party people with his sign.

Did he not think he was going to get a reaction? Of course he knew he was going to get a reaction, just like anyone with a sign would depending on what is written on the sign.

But when you do see the reaction he gets on that video - who exactly is that on and in your memory, what can be compared to what took place right there. Is it on Dr. Letcher or does it truly show what type of people those guys were that were taunting him and throwing money at him. If just sitting there with a sign in front of them, not saying a word but just allowing the tea party people to do their thing and hang themselves with their own rope on video with their actions .... who wins in that situation with the nation


Trust me I understand that polls can be manipulated. Crist is toast in the primary and will have a chance in the general election if he decides to run as an independent. He is on his way out in the republican party because of his support for the stimulus bill and inconsistency on the health care bill, long before this veto. The veto was a cold political calculation.

I'm not going to argue the particulars of the bill.

And I do remember the video now, I just watched it briefly. That guy with Parkinson went to the rally with a sign that said, "I have parkinsons, you might too, etc..." He sat himself down right in front of the anti-health care protesters. The reaction he got from some foolish, legit tea partiers, was exactly what he was looking for. One of the guys who yelled at him did apologize later.
Another guy asked him to move cause he almost got hit by a car, why would he sit so close to traffic?

So this guy went there looking for a reaction and used his Parkinsons as a political prop. The people yelling at him were stupid for obvious decency reasons but also 'cause it made them look bad politically.

JMO Six and you often state yours. Politically we agree on a few things,your very passionate and I am as well. When I disagree with you I'll let U know:)

To Beer and Tacos in the future!


4) More production from Special Teams... Panz still isn't off my list.

Posted by: Cat5Cane | April 17, 2010 at 01:37 PM

That one needs to be on the list FOR SURE!






I'm done with politics, now I want some beer and tacos for some reason.


CaneSaw - it's hard man, it's a hard situation to come up with a proper solution for b/c it wasn't just the results of the tests that would help determine the future of the teachers .... it was other issues as well, esp. concerning new teachers that would basically drive them to not become teachers

I've had teachers in my family and remember all the situations they had to go through with some of their students and their family lives. Wayy too many parents just didn't care at all, the kids didn't care either, how do you fix that? I hope no one on here has had as rough a situation as some of those kids that I would hear about from the teachers in my family.

I hear you completely about trying to judge a teacher, esp. if they're in a worse off school situation

I do believe teachers should be held to a certain standard, b/c I've seen some lazy teachers in my day as well. I'm not saying that there shouldn't be some kind of job analysis. It's like any other job at times - you see fellow workers that slack off

I'm also not a big fan of standardized tests. Some people just aren't good at them and it's not really a true test of their learning

I'll use myself as a prime example. I took the SAT twice ... TWICE ... and got the same exact score, which absolutely sucked - I got an 880. Even after going through weeks of Pre-SAT courses, the best I could do was a freakin 880. I didn't get it.

I was in a majority of Honors and college Advanced Placement courses in high school since my Frosh year, I tested for gifted in the 2nd grade, I had the choice to go be in the International Baccalaureate if I wanted - but I didn't, simply due to my family situation.

My parents freaked about my scores, even though I had college credits through my AP classes already. So, I took the ACT, without any prep classes for it.

I scored 2 points away from a perfect score on the ACT and got a perfect score on the essay part. That would've translated into like a 1,560 on the SAT (1,600 was the perfect score when I took it). So, what gives? For some reason, one standardized test was different than the other for me.

I dunno the complete solution brah, but there has to be a better one. If I knew what it would be, then I'd be more help probably - but I know what a bad solution would be, so I can help in that regard


have you ever seen any more mishandles pucks in a game....on both sides boston and buffalo...and that last one just gave buffalo a goal...


86 - yea, I agree with the political talk. I'm done amigo

But, you gotta admit, it was pretty civil compared to ones on here in the past

It was more of just stating opinions and actually listening to them, which is good b/c that leads to growth - it wasn't just "no, you suck and you're wrong"

I think you know who I'll be voting for though

I'm down with tacos with 86 and DZ8 - I'll give you guys my share of the beer. Last time I drank beer, I was running around the parking lot of Whiskey Joes on the Clearwater Causeway, with a baby goat under my arm and getting chased by the valets

That was a lot of beer I drank


"Analyze This..." is right on the money. Cut down on the turnovers last year and the Canes would have won 11 games and would have played in a BCS bowl.

If the Canes can reverse the turnover and sack ratios and put up similar numbers in terms of yds per game, they will be BCS bound this upcoming year for sure.

The Canes should run the ball more effectively this year if the offensive line can come together. The OL is younger in 2010, but clearly more talented and deeper. In addition, the RBs (another strength of the team last year) is even more talented and deeper this year. More balance will help the passing game


Hopefully the sacks will come for the Canes in Petri helping that DLine play like they have the capability of playing

The OLine will be cutting their teeth early in some intense action. Welcome to big time college football Cane pups on the OLine, when they go up to C-Bus in the Horseshoe ... whoever is back there at RB better step it up as well in pass protecting Jacory

And like everyone has said, the WRs better fight for the damn ball when its in the air. Solar's quote from one of Namath's WRs is awesome, one of my favorites made by a player ... along the lines of knowing he was going to have to do 1 of 2 things when Namath let it fly "catch a TD or tackle the DB"

I'm all for the aggressiveness by Whip and Jacory. Bombs away kid. Did it get picked? Bombs away again on the next drive

The penalties surprised me. Would like to see what type of penalties in what situations. When I think of being undisciplined, my mind directly goes to FSU. They are the kings of that category. Mickey Andrew's defense would rack up penalties like no other


If I belonged to anything called a tea party I would punch myself in the F'n face.

You guys shouldn't get all worked up about the politics stuff. It's going to take it's course no matter what you do or think. Just take care of yourselves and you will be ok.

Politics is a total waste of time and energy...

Watching the Auburn spring game.

They are going to be a solid team. It's about time the SEC brings more than 3 teams to the table.

I tried to tell everyone a LONG time ago that people don't come for the article content they come for the people that blog here.

Info is everywhere and anywhere these days.

You youngsters will get it someday......

Some heads are truly thicker than others I guess ;)

Myself included!

Keep it simple stupid. That's my motto. LOL




The OL is younger in 2010, but clearly more talented and deeper. In addition, the RBs (another strength of the team last year) is even more talented and deeper this year. More balance will help the passing game

Posted by: Windy1 | April 17, 2010 at 02:58 PM

this is the most talented offensive line we have had in YEARS...............i just hope they mature quickly


How's this for a bold statement: If Jacory throws less than 8 picks (assuming healthy all season), we go undefeated. There - I said it.

Posted by: CanesCanesCanes | April 16, 2010 at 10:18 PM

Good prediction. I would just add if Jacory is healthy, plays every meaningful snap and only thows 8 or fewer picks, the Canes will go 12-0



that's my boy Ricky aka go2daU. I'm a little younger and got longer hair lol. That's my crew tho, and Ricky never misses anything Canes. He puts us to shame. Next time you him say what's up, he's a great guy and awesome friend


Ricky has a better tan than Aqua!




Canez1 - ya, I'd hook you up with some beer and tacos too

Next time we're at the same Canes game, unless you decide you're too good to roll down to the meeting spot that 86 said we'd be at during halftime again like at UCF

I'll just look for the drunk lookin guy like in your pic from 50 Fabulous Floridians article, when you're standing there with solar, 404 and big canesteeler still pissed about waiting on his food

Brah, you know what the hell I look like now, b/c I'll be pimpin my Rays hat as always ... and listen for the loud hawai'ian


Six LMFAO!!! How's it brah!

That was the bowl game and my girl and I went to the spot and no one was there!

Except that dude in full miami pads and helmet.

Not sure what that guy was doing lol!

We stood by the pissers for a while.

If you look for that dude in the pic you will never recognize me LOL.

Not sure who that was.



Posted by: Aqua | April 17, 2010 at 03:17 PM

so i was on the right track....lol


Except that dude in full miami pads and helmet.

Not sure what that guy was doing lol!

Posted by: Canez1 | April 17, 2010 at 03:31 PM

if youre talking about the same guy im thinking of, it is scoobs305...he does the hurriblog on youtube...hes a cool kid...he used to only wear a jersey, but his brother died last year and now he wears the whole getup in honor of him....


This is what I like to hear living in Ohio....

Pryor struggles in Buckeyes' scrimmage
Posted by John Taylor on April 17, 2010 2:51 PM ET
While it's far, far from a reason to even remotely panic, it is noteworthy when a Heisman Trophy candidate in the upcoming season struggles in what would be an otherwise mundane spring scrimmage.

Especially because, ya know, there's not really a lot going on.

Just a day ago, Terrelle Pryor spoke with the media and stated how much more comfortable he felt this spring as compared to last spring and how he's come to accept the expectations being heaped on his shoulder's specifically and his Ohio State team in general. He also intimated that he thought big things were in store for 2010.

"I'm very excited -- if I were you, I would be too, for Buckeye fans."

While that may very well be the case in the long run, you wouldn't know it based on the short-term stats coming out of Saturday's scrimmage. In what head coach Jim Tressel labeled as "the most lopsided jersey scrimmage I've ever seen", Pryor completed just 5-of-15 passes for 45 yards.

The only touchdown scored was when the defense recovered a fumbled shotgun snap.

Even given the offensive struggles, you won't catch a hint of worry in The Vest's post-fake game remarks.

"You know I don't get upset about things," Tressel said according to the Columbus Dispatch. "They are what they are. You have to watch them and evaluate them, and come up with a rationale of why they got that way, and then what do you have to do to fix it."

Tressel did say that he "thought we did a couple of good things running the ball", perhaps in reference Jaamal Berry's 68 yards while running with the No. 2 offense. As perhaps a sign of the day, though, Berry limped off the field with an apparent ankle injury.


Beer, tacos and goats... sounds like a good time if U live in... (insert neighboring state here).


sling, thanks for the info the Scoobs305, I was wondering about that myself at the spring game. Just went to his you tube page, seems like a good kid who loved his brother and they both loved these Canes together...

Cat 5 Cane



Is Scoobs305 the same guy that was in full uni at Canes vs bulls......anyone?


Is Scoobs305 the same guy that was in full uni at Canes vs bulls......anyone?

Posted by: NativeCane | April 17, 2010 at 05:13 PM

he is the only one that i have seen in full uniform...including the gloves....hes a really cool cat if you talk to him..

orange 'n green in the vein

If the NCAA wants to make a full contact sport safe, just take the pads off and play flag football. I understand they want to cut down on dangerous plays that are likely to result in permanent damage but come on, this is a game played by PED users for money, who's kidding who here?


Thanks Sling yeah my crew and I had a lot of fun with that dude but I didnt know his story, cant wait to see him again.

Go Canes!!!

Cat 5 Cane

Toledio... Good stuff, keep on brink'n it!

Cat 5 Cane

Ooops.... bring'n it!

Did someone say beer?

I need another!

Cat 5 Cane

Just to get in the mood!!!

reduce space and open up another connection to the net... hook up to...

let it play and reduce.

Go back to space and open it up... while listening to "The Best Miami" music...

lett'r roll!!! Canes Way!!!

Cat 5 Cane

The collection of hits is an awesome video!!!

Cat 5 Cane

Gett'n pumped!!!

I need something to hit... Where's Soup?


Sling that explains alot.

He passed by me and I thought I had one too many shots with my boy 404.

I knew it!!

He does exist!


Cat 5 Cane

What is this sh!t, I come in and everyone runs... or.... did I miss the dinner bell?

Damn Pusses....LOL

Ohhh Well,... Lookie what I found...
31 spoonerstreet's vid (This guy is good!)of the 2010 scrimmage.. 7:43 worth of coverage... Ya need to swipes to digest! Good stuff!


Cat 5 Cane

Big Guy, U still there?

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