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April 12, 2010





Now that I've read the article... GREAT STUFF!

I always love learning more history and this is a unique take on the Florida Boyz.


nice job with the pics and editing the material thanks!

you will love this when it gets down in crunchville numbers!


dz still rocking in the free world


I have taken a break from commenting on the blog but I had to comment and say great article!


thanks dz,
a lot of the higher numbers are from wiki,
/si/espn. nfl.com etc.
Six and I were hoping to get a bunch of Florida atheletes' stories told over the next couple weeks.
It will get more detailed and personal as we move forward.


thanks vince,.

It will be really interesting I hope!


I read U and Six with a little back 'n forth email exchange then Six had family matters to attend to. So this is what was behind all that... nice job.

Cat 5 Cane

Dad’s a Diehard ‘Cane

Denzel Perryman By Allen Wallace
National Recruiting Editor... Super prep.
Date: Apr 12, 2010

LB... Denzel Perryman 5-11, 217, 4.6-40... grew up following Miami and says the Hurricanes are only about 10 minutes from his house. “I love the program,” Perryman said. “They have great history and growing up I always watched Miami football.” The ‘Canes were his first offer when he was only a freshman. “I like coach Randy Shannon a lot. He’s rebuilding them and the team is getting better every year. They should be..."

Highschool... Coral Gables
2008 As a sophomore, recorded 105 tackles, four sacks, and two interceptions.

2007 As a freshman, he led the team in tackles as the starting middle linebacker.

Inside the U... Video's and more

Gator bait...interested


Hummmm... This kid is looking good!!!


There has to be a better pic out there of me........ LOL


Good article tho Soiler!!



damn tebow,i bet mommy is proud of all those awards.


Big Vince always good to hear from ya bro!!



But in the last 30 years, standards themselves have been eroded and destroyed. Instead it's what can I do for myself to get by and feel good.

WOW! I can not believe you are that closed minded of a person. To say someone is acting like a boy because they like to wake and bake is crazy. Let the man burn for crying out loud its only weed. It's not like he is injecting heroin or snorting coke early in the morning. Marijuana smoking can be very spiritual at times so who are we to judge another man. Let the man live for crying out loud. I am done with the topic and I know I have a bad habit of coming on here and defending the stoners. Just think about what you just stated on the previous blog for one second man.


nice job with the pics and editing the material thanks!

Posted by: solarcane | April 12, 2010 at 07:13 PM

It's my job, it's what I do. ;-)


Canez1...U are one ugly mofo! Vince and 404 look very handsome in that photo. What happened to U? LOL


Philly, Fran and Nomad...got your $$$ today. Spring Game DVDs mailing tomorrow AM to the above and UMike, GatorHator and one more that I can't remember?

BTW...The Source sent 6 more so if U want one let me know.


Canespace LOF 2010. Check your picks:

Manny Navarro: James / Telemaque
Captain Optimist: Byrd / Regis
OGV: Streeter / Nelson
pb: Stoudland / Petri
Esteban: James / Regis
Money: Jacenard Hankeris / Alldon Harrailey
Keoki: Berry / Ojomo
Playa: Benjamin / McCarthy
404Canes: Benjamin / Ray Ray
DZ8: Berry / Telemaque
Troutman: Berry / Ray Ray
DolFan386: Berry / Ray Ray
Brevard: Linder / Nelson
ChicagoCane: Gordon / Regis
Lyquid Enigma: Miller / Reid
McDade: Miller / TBA
Native: Hill / Porter
LessisMore: Miller / Telemaque
Jersey: Berry / McCarthy
Massive: Miller / Porter
Texas: Byrd / TBA
OcalaCane: Berry / Ray Ray
Montreal: Berry / Spence
Canezilla: Byrd / Ray Ray
Sarasota: Berry / Ray Ray
Cat5: Sanders / Futch
Roach: Berry / Holmes
Shwarma: Thompkins / Regis
Nashville: Davon Johnson / Regis
MDCane: Cleveland/ Regis
Fran: Hill / Robinson
CaneSaw: Benjamin / Porter
SJMPARMAN: Thompkins / Futch
CaneFan561: Jermaine Johnson / Micanor Regis
Chris: Streeter / Telemaque
DaUinHouston: Byrd / McCarthy
The U: James / Ray Ray
CalGaryCane: Miller / Ray Ray
WooBird: Miller / Telemaque
Macjones: Berry / Forston
Doc Ibis: Washington / McGhee
Elliot: Benjamin / Spence
Seoul: Streeter / Ray Ray
Teflon: Ford / DVD
Philly: Miller / Ojomo
MWD: Benjamin / Telemaque
Dyrty: Miller / Ojomo
Buddy: Thompkins / Futch
GURU: Gordon / Ojomo
Brownsub: Cooper / Spence
Iraqi: Berry / Spence
HearACane: Gordon / Lewis
UpNorth: AJ II / Ray Ray
StuckinCali: Berry / McCarthy
Pbcane: Miller / Buchannon
Boca: Thompkins / Ray Ray
Sebastian: Franklin / Reid
TripleC: Byrd / McCarthy
USAF: Byrd / Robinson
Beericane: Franklin / Regis
Slim: Gordon /Vernon
Ohio: Miller / Ray Ray
Canezitis: Ford / McCarthy
CaneRock: Horn / Robinson
4Real: Thompkins / Dye
JCanes: Ford / Telemaque
WillieWill: Byrd / Telemaque
j.w.: Benjamin / Telemaque
Ungar: Ford / Ojomo
DAT: Miller / Ojomo
86Cane: Miller / McCarthy
bg1906: Franklin / Telemaque
Sniper: Benjamin / Ojomo
Nova: Dye / Miller
Col. Sanders: Gordon / DVD
fmCane: Storm Johnson / Ray Ray
8thMan: Byrd / Futch
Hurriphin: Benjamin / Ray Ray
SwagGirl: Berry / Telemaque
Alpharetta: Berry / McCarthy
Solar: Collier / Collier
CGNC: Hill / Ojomo
Aqua: #3 / #90
TJL: Thompkins / Ojomo
UMike: Berry / McCarthy
Myndraize: Benjamin / Armstrong
Loco: Berry / Regis
87Canes: Washington / Regis
RCCF: Miller / Armstrong
Windy1: James / Ray Ray
AlexD: Berry / DVD
Fighting Ibis: Storm / Davis
Conch: Berry / Ray Ray
Latin: Berry / Spence
27th Ave: Miller / DVD


elliott...i'm pro legalize it but until its legal its dumb for someone to tweet that they are going to wake and bake when they are already on the substance abuse watch list.

Playa..The Blogger Formerly Known as Rashad

Just got home from work and checked the mail. Got the package!! Thanks. I'll send Legend his. Thanks for the work you do. Looking forward to seeing you for the start of the 2010 season!


The hits just keep on coming...

University of Miami junior catcher Yasmani Grandal has been named Atlantic Coast Conference Player of the Week, as announced by the league office on Monday. The award is the first for Grandal in his career and the second ACC weekly honor for the Hurricanes this season after Chris Hernandez was named Pitcher of the Week for the week of March 15-21.

Grandal recorded arguably the most productive week of his collegiate career, going 11-for-20 with four home runs, 10 RBI and seven runs scored in five games. He homered in both mid-week games against FAU - hitting a two-run blast in Boca Raton on Tuesday and a three-run shot against the Owls at home on Wednesday - before belting a pair of two-run homers against No. 25 Virginia Tech on Saturday.

The Miami native opened the weekend against the Hokies by recording a hit in each of his first six at-bats, going 4-for-4 with a pair of runs scored on Friday before opening the game Saturday with the homers in his first two at-bats. Grandal recorded multiple hits in four of UM's five games on the week, added three walks to his 11 hits and reached safely on 14-of-23 plate appearances on the week.

Grandal has been the ACC's top hitter through the first five conference weekends.

Doc Ibis

I wanna change my offensive pick to Laron Byrd instead of Brandon Washington


Doc...fixed it.

Playa...U got it bro!

There should be several other packages arriving today. Please post if U got one.


soup \ Six

Each Thursday if Six has different athletes than mine at a number I'll post his choices and that will give him three days to take flak or be proclaimed a sports wizard.
He can explain his reason for his choices.
Each Saturday afternoon I'll send Soup the next five to give him a couple days to scrounge pictures and clean up the article.


I want to change my LOf pics for a guy thats on the roster.

Cat 5 Cane

Well Hell...... Ohhh Soup!
I want to tweek my picks too...

Scratch... Sanders... Like the kid but just too many guys in front of him to see PT.

Insert... TE, Chase Ford and My Man Futch, to raise hell in 2010.

Picking Ford is a stretch too, with Wesley and Gordon there already, but coming in with experience should elevate his status... here's hoping Whipple wears the kid out.

Cat 5 Cane

Solar... Good subjuct for an article... NICE!

Old Skool

Interesting article. Thanks guys
Knowing Six is involved
We'll probably be seeing other Bay area athletes like
John Matuszak
Marty Lyons
Gary Sheffield
Lou Pinella
Al Lopez


I always wondered what 86 did with that pic taken of all of us at The Trop

Now I know

solar - I'll resend you my final list in your email

I already know I'm going to catch some flak for who I have at #48 and #47


solar - email sent


cat5 thanks always means a lot coming from you


skool Six has some crazy ka ka at some of his #s lol


Six I'm on it

I'm just your corner worker, you're the one that's gotta protect yourself at all times.

I'll get your picks up tomorrow night for the first go and then it will be "the survey says............"



That's fine. I can defend my picks with ease, absolute complete ease - and I have stats to back it up

People have to remember, they have to look at the overall body of work of these athletes

And I can guarantee that 80 something % of the people won't look at that fact - esp. when some of those picks are Canes


Six, read it,
yes you will catch hell.
I could even tell you the exact nicks that will be bitching like the E-Trade baby in timeout

This is bullshyt... bullshyt!!!



And if people had just a small idea of just how many athletes are from the state of Florida ....

It's absolutely amazing to try and take on naming the top 50 in our minds


solar - that's fine, haha, I can't wait for it

I WANT them to bring it to me

Arguments over it will only make everyone better for it, becoming more educated about the people we're discussing

But I'll tell you this - they better bring something to the table that doesn't just involve:

"He's so much bigger .... He sucks .... He's faster .... He shouldn't even be in the Top 40 ...."

If they're going to argue it, they better bring facts and figures and legitimate reasoning behind it

You and I both know and agree that a certain person on our list will get completely BLASTED for being ranked where he is ...... even though he's basically considered the greatest ever at his sport, and a lot of people don't even consider it at sport - even though I guarantee none of them could do what he does

They'll have some dumb argument against it


Six the fact that we looked over at least 300 names a piece and ended up with the same ultra elite final athletes meant we nailed it or neither one of us knows a damn thing about sports.


Overall body of work is how I picked everyone of mine.

With Tebow shattering every college record there is I had him at 50 because he hasn't done anything in a pro uniform over the course of a career.

Jacory won a National Championship as a high schooler, and QB at The U. Does that give him the creds to be considered a top 50 Floridian?
Only time will tell.


Vince Colemans cousin

Greg Coleman who was also a punter at FAMU in the 1970s and went on to a 12-year career in the NFL. Coleman was named to the all-conference team in both 1980 and 1981 and is fondly remembered by FAMU football fans for kicking a game-winning 34-yard field goal in an unlikely 16-13 Rattler win over Division I-A University of Miami in 1979.


My votes for LOF weren't on the post. Wanted to make sure I was added....

Offense - Byrd
Defense - Telemaque


I always wondered what 86 did with that pic taken of all of us at The Trop

Now I know

Posted by: Six | April 12, 2010 at 10:21 PM

At least I didn't post the one of you in your cute little sweater vest at the ACC Championship game at Ray Jay. But, then U never know, it could happen around #50? LOL


Hawaii....got your picks.

Cat5....updated yours too.


I want to change my LOf pics for a guy thats on the roster.

Posted by: solarcane | April 12, 2010 at 09:43 PM

The Hamburglar is scout team right?

Sean Spence is a Beast!!!

Josh Turner, according to an ESPN report will be one of the elite DB's this year, he have us i think in his top 3, the guy has good size and is from Ok city, what is our realistic chances on this kid???

Sean Spence is a Beast!!!

Jabari Gorman, Denzel Perryman, and this kid Josh Turner all showing us some serious look!

Kids are definitely taking notice that our future is bright, and depth at other elite schools are getting filled up from the previous recruiting years.


solar - I hear ya

You know I picked mine on the overall body of work they've accomplished from:

- High School
- to College
- to the Pros
- to what time period
- to what type of environment
- to what type of lifestyle
- and a couple on potential, based on what they did prior

Speaking of Jacory, he'd have to do something pretty damn spectacular in these next 2 years to even get a rare sniff of consideration in the passing wind, b/c he doesn't even begin to belong in the same world as the other QBs mentioned in my list


86 - ha, hey brah, I'm not complaining at all about that pic of all of us in front of The Trop

That was a good day & its a good pic

Rays won, we're both pimpin the old school Rays hats, Ocala and his new wife Mrs. Ocala got to come down and hang with us


Vince Coleman was a demon on the bases

He stole 50 consecutive bases without being caught. He stole both 2nd and 3rd base in the same inning, 13 TIMES in 1987

Don't know if anyone remembers this, but when he was with the Mets, Vince injured Dwight Gooden's arm by practicing swinging a golf club in the clubhouse - haha

I always hated Vince Coleman when I was a little kid, b/c he was on the Cardinals and I was a Royals fan - and all I heard about was how good he was and how the Royals didn't have anyone like him at all

Then Along Came Ricky being Ricky

I always hated Vince Coleman when I was a little kid, b/c he was on the Cardinals and I was a Royals fan - and all I heard about was how good he was and how the Royals didn't have anyone like him at all

Posted by: Six | April 13, 2010 at 12:53 AM

The Royals Willie Wilson invented that Lead Off CF Jack Rabbit on the Basepaths Terrorism back in '77 ...

And Herzog Green Lighted them both over the years.


Oh wait, Wake and Bake means getting stoned? I thought it just meant a suntan....

Kids these days.....

I prefer Shake and Bake. I can prepare dinner and clean out the rugs at the same time.

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