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April 18, 2010


Fighting Ibis


Fighting Ibis

Am I really 1st?


EXCELLENT!! Weight-loss and health increase is really simple. People think they need all kinds of fancy diets and other crap and they really don't.

Posted by: Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer | April 18, 2010 at 10:37 PM

What's your advice on weight lose El Capiton? Im tryna shed about 10-15 lbs

Fighting Ibis

Nice sweep over UNC. This team is looking strong.

Fighting Ibis

What's your advice on weight lose El Capiton? Im tryna shed about 10-15 lbs

Posted by: PhillyCane | April 19, 2010 at 12:04 AM

Eat plenty of small fist sized meals a day. Drink lots of water. Stay away from processed crap. Stay away from things with high fructose corn syrup in it. Eat an apple or some celery instead of a cookie. Start your day off with a good cereal. Grape nuts are good but I think they taste terrible.

Park in the back of parking lots and walk. Take the stairs over the elevator. Maybe mix in some type of gym routine. Don't smoke cigarettes because then you can't enjoy a good wake and bake. LOL!

Eat right and exercise....


SIXTH and you know this mannn


PhillyCane - you gotta

- Watch what you eat at what time of day
- 5 to 6 small meals, watch portion size
- Buy smaller plates if you have to, you may laugh but it actually works b/c it causes you to eat smaller portions ... just like Ibis said, you shouldn't be eating a portion that's bigger than your fist
- Water is your best friend
- Processed foods are your enemy
- Eat more fiber
- Eat more nuts and other types of foods that curb appetite and trick your mind into thinking you're full
- Did I mention water?
- Simple rule, gotta burn some calories to combat the ones that you take in
- Know about what type of caloric intake you're getting and how many calories you need to cut back on in order to lose weight ... there's lots of free online calorie calculators that will tell you the breakdown of what you'll need in order to lose a certain amount of pounds
- Gotta mix in more veggies, salads ... and chill out on the heavy dressing
- Later in the day you eat, it better be lighter in the caloric count unless you're planning on burning it off
- Late night snacking shouldn't be anything heavy ... better be something like fruit or a protein drink you whip up yourself, or something like Muscle Milk Light

Gotta mix in some exercise brah, need to burn calories any way you can

Or, you can pay me some cash to roll up there and be your Swasey, ha

francis w

Yes SIX after my knees are replaced I hope to be able to exercize like 5-6 years ago. I didn't have that belly fat then. diet alone is not enough.
The canes swept the tar heels and Pirates swept the Reds I am a happy guy.

Have Fun !    1985

"gaining momentum as the season heads into the second half"

U said it ...


Ok OGV, let me answer your fiery questions...lol!

Yes I believe RS shows seniors respect. Do I believe he'd purposely start an inferior senior over a more talented underclassmen? No. The key word is purposely, I more or less question player development and evaluations by the coaches. We can go back and forth all day with examples debunking each others opinions and the reason we can is because this is a blog, we aren't in practices, and almost every opinion we have is groundless. Its all subjective in some way.

You can't prove that my Vernon point is dead wrong. It wasn't even posed to be judged as right or wrong...it was intended as food for thought..most if not all of my posts are. Vernon did tear up practice, but you'll never be able to prove that he was gonna get playing time because of it??? How do you know that for certain? You don't...and thats not absurd...its just your opinion (and a damn good one).

Kenny Phillips is a good point, but who's to say that RS made that decision and not the DB coach or Coker himself?? According to most stauch RS supporters, he had no hand in any of the defensive recruiting busts during Coker's tenure?? No hand in the lack of some players development either..just Coker. My question is: Out of all of the bad decisions made by our coaching staff this last decade: position switches, transfer situations, wasted talent (Hester)..etc. Which if any can we hold RS responsible for? I love Shannon, but I believe fans have a right to question him without being tried as unCANEtriotic. Everything good decision was Shannon's and very bad one was Coker. Accountability right? RS is fallible.

I don't believe RS just says start all seniors. I do believe our coaching staff has been going with the safest pick for playing time over some more talented "wildcard" players who may be more mistake prone. I believe this fear of the mistake has made our players timid and less opportunistic in wreaking havoc and making big plays. Again, this is an opinion.
I don't KNOW that Streeter needs to play..its my opinion. Streeter has done pretty well this spring, just as Vernon did last. So I base my opinion on all the same "groundless" logic you did...lol!

You holding bloggers opinions to unrealistic levels of proof and fact is absurd and groundless. Especially coming from you..lol! You WITHOUT A SHADOW OF A DOUBT lead the bloggersphere in bad predictions, unfounded truths, and unfullfilled prophecies. I've been reading your posts since Omar at the Sentinel and you of all people should have some humility by now.

Rick Raether


Victory ... great great Win !


And yes...I believe Jermaine Johnson was better than Pipho before spring practice...lol! Can I prove it?...Nope.

orange 'n green in the vein

Zakkee, you're talking to Cav not me. Good points though, I'll give you credit for that.

Cav, it's like everyone in America just blanked on the fact that the pac-10 had it's weakest of a string of really laughably weak years in '09. If you really go back and research the conference dating back to $neaky's streak starting you'll see the "most dominant team of the 2000's" ran up a bunch of big numbers against teams little in talent. It's like us saying that the 2001 Hurricanes were the best team ever because they absolutely spanked Rutgers at home in the rain 63-0. Sure, it looks like an impressive statement at first blush, but then you realize it was in Schiano's first year and that really, they could have hung 70+ on them if Crudup was any good. Just remember, Oregon State once had a streak of 27 consecutive LOSING SEASONS until D.E. took them to the peak in '99. Oregon was the other doormat in that conference until '94 when Rich Brooks turned the program around before leaving for the NFL. When that Civil War is for the conference title, it's a pretty easy call to say that the pac-10 sucked the big one that year. I really think that the verbal slob-job OSU is getting from the media is for one reason and one reason only, OSU has to be put over as a giant because if they aren't right now, then the rivalry with Michigan really has amounted to absolutely nothing over the last three years. In other words, to keep that rivalry relevant you have to have the team on a record streak of victories in it cast as a Goliath. Let's face it, Michigan has since the inception of Canespace, done everything in it's power to discredit it's legacy on the field of play short of literally no-showing games for forfeits. As a result, we get the Terrell (I can't complete a forward pass if you gave me the P and the A to start with but my QB draw is deadly) Pryor over-hype to compensate for the maize and blue's shortcomings.


Hey CGNC!! Good to see you literally!

DVD is a good example of a player who has been playing not to make a mistake (timid). His whole objective his last three seasons has been to stay in front of his man...and he still allows some to get pass him..and then he holds their jerseys to catch up...then celebrates the no calls...lol! He has the physical talent to jump routes, but his confidence isn't there.

4 and a half stars, 4.3 40, swagger on a hundred, playing time since day 1, and he's faced many NFL wideouts by now: Malcolm Kelly, those UNC #88 & GT wideouts #8 etc...DVD?... its time.


im still laughing over that video with the dawg pound....


Fighting and six thanks for the tips.. I really appreciate it.. I can't believe I can come here with anything and get some awesome feedback haha.. why pay a nutritionist when u can when u can come to canespace


Posted by: francis w | April 19, 2010 at 01:53 AM

if u can swim I'd try that, it's good cardio and low-impact on the knees.


why pay a nutritionist when u can when u can come to canespace

Posted by: PhillyCane | April 19, 2010 at 07:20 AM

Thats what I am talking about

Cat 5 Cane

Cooper verses the pack...

He threw everything he had into his blocks, he played hurt, he never complained

He is in a tough position time wise.
Everybody is falling all over the new running backs just like they were over Cooper when he got here. Posted by: solarcane | April 18, 2010 at 07:48 PM

Coop is only second fiddle to Berry in my eyes. In Berry I've seen patience, vision, power, moves, break away speed and most importantly: pure intent! He honestly tries with all his heart and skill, to take the ball the distance on every opportunity he gets. You must tackle him and I have NEVER seen him miss a hole...never! He picks the right one every time...and the o-line knows this. The other backs have to show & prove.
Posted by: Zakkee | April 18, 2010 at 08:15 PM.

Good points...

Well, I think Randy has a history of playing favorites for the guys who didn't give up and committed themselves to the U after the Virginia Game, but I also think that the favoritism, as in Cooper, Shields, Phillips, JJ, etc. ends this year...

2008 started a new beginning for the U with Jacory and the guys pledging to bring Miami back to dominance... but for the ones who stuck it thru the hard years and didn't quit... Yeah, Randy remembers and I think, it's like, he feels he owes it to them, to give them the chance to shine.

Understand, I'm not saying it's a freebie... the seniors have to be able to contribute but if they can, I think they get the lean or until proven they have lost a step. A Perfect Example, was JJ last year and how much time and games it took to replace him with Berry.

As stated before, It's only right that Coop start with Berry, but only if he is 100%... 90 isn't going to hack it, with MJ and Storm ready to go.

So counting Coop, if ready, that 4 RB's plus a FB... The good and the bad on this, is that, as good as Coop is, I think Berry is better, But I also think Storm is even better then all of them. After seeing Storm live in scrimmage... He's the chosen one, IMO.

All I know is 5 is too many of a good thing and 3 will be sitting.



Saw the Alabama spring game on TV and man was that stadium packed. Also read that Nebraska had 78,000 watch there spring game.....amazing.

Posted by: raizecane | April 18, 2010 at 11:32 PM



They must've scheduled the spring game in-between cattle auctions



I listened to CaptO around Thanksgiving, i lost 21 pounds without any setbacks.

I used smaller paper plates Six, it does work.

I also refuse seconds because it only defeats the small plate tactic.

I eat Cheerios, Grape Nuts or Raisin Bran with a small splash of 1% milk each morning
I drink a tall glass of water after and eat a banana or handful of raisins then go to work.

At around ten I have an apple or one handful of grapes, and a drink of water even if I'm not thirsty

I eat P&J sandwiches,or a protein shake, or more fruit and a protein water for lunch

at 2 I eat some kind of light snack

at dinner I eat chicken or fish, pasta or a salad with chicken diced on top.
A glass of 1% milk, a cookie or small pudding.

I don't eat anything after 8:00
I drink one more water before bed ( then get up and p when I could have been sleeping)

I paddle a kayak a few hours each weekend, and I walk everywhere I can.
I live in some steep terrain so I get quality excercise from it.

CaptO, Six, mm01, Umike and a couple others encouraged me to try and change because I saw they were making progress by sticking to it.

you will too Philly,
It's easier than going to an expensive gym and then stopping by McDonald's on the way home and blowing any progress you just made
good luck


good post.
I told soup in emails when Johnson was still playing at Loganville, That Storm Johnson was going to be ungodly.

I had a chance to go interview him but we didn't get to the school principal for clearance in time before Loganville's last football game

I think he will end up the best of the bunch too.

francis w

aqua Thanks My first knee will be replaced Apr 29 by Dr. Jablonski with the Jewett Ortho group.They have tons of experience with UCF sports and The Magic.
Swimming will be one of my exercize choices when the second knee is done 3 weeks after the first.




Old Skool

Congrats Solar.
Being able to enjoy your exercise like kayaking helps in a big way.

Looking at Canesport today. The recruiting game with players and pay sites is getting way too obvious. Supposedly, Shannon spoke to Kiehl Frazier for 20 minutes on Saturday. Here it is Monday morning.

Did the info come from Shannon? I doubt it.

Is there a mole in the Hurricane office? Doubtful but less so.

Did Rivals reps talk to the kid or his coach on Saturday or Sunday? Possibly.

Did the kid or a rep/family member call Rivals to say Shannon just called? Seems the most likely scenario.

Frazier gets additional publicity. Shows he's in demand which could generate additional offers or perks or general name recognition for the future.

Or the coach generates additional recognition for his program which could attract more players. Or gets some back scratching from Rivals wherein I'll give you some information now if you'll promote someone else on the team who isn't that we'll known.

The more you look at it. The more it becomes an incestuous circle j of information.


OGV, thanks for clearly up the fact that I was talking to Cav! I was a little confused there...lol!

Good post Cat5Cane. Only groundless and absurd thought processes could have led us all knowing fans to believe Damien Berry would have carried the rock before the eighth game of the season. Considering, the way he tore a hole in last years spring practices and scrimmages.

What we've heard + what we've seen + personal biases (family, money, religion etc) = what we believe.


We don't see what happens at practice. If they don't perform at practice, then they don't start


I'll let it go now.

Sean Taylor was the greatest! He was the Hurricanes "Achilles"...our champion.

We should do an all-time legends who never made it poll (one offensive and one defensive player). The best UM players who didn't have memorable NFL careers. If they made the Pro Bowl or lasted more than 4 or 5 years in the league...they're ineligible.

Steve Walsh /Bernard "Tiger" Clark are my picks.


Posted by: Zakkee | April 19, 2010 at 10:20 AM

I'll take Craig Erickson, Stephen McGuire and Melvin Bratton.

Fighting Ibis

Ok OGV, let me answer your fiery questions...lol!

Posted by: Zakkee | April 19, 2010 at 02:30 AM

Guess who was playing CB when OSU got their BS pass INT call from Terry Porter? It was Glenn Sharpe. So our National Championship defense was playing a true freshmen at CB at that critical time in a game but Randy plays the Seniority game? We didn't have an upperclassmen on the roster at all?

You say there's no way of knowing if Vernon would've played if Ojomo and other D-linemen didn't get injured? Are you serious? Vernon was putting on a clinic long before any of the injuries took place. Vernon was the talk of his class. Plenty of true freshmen have played under Randy over Seniors. This is just some BS conjured up out of thin air just to create some drama.

The list goes on and on completely shutting down this myth but yet here we are arguing over Unicorns.


Thanks Solar.. I'm gonna go for it cause its summer time and the the beach bod has to come out

Fighting Ibis

Well, I think Randy has a history of playing favorites for the guys who didn't give up and committed themselves to the U after the Virginia Game, but I also think that the favoritism, as in Cooper, Shields, Phillips, JJ, etc. ends this year...

Posted by: Cat5Cane | April 19, 2010 at 08:24 AM


Cooper will not get his job back at RB. He isn't a Miami caliber RB. Love him but it is what it is. He jukes his own legs out.

Fighting Ibis

Good post Cat5Cane. Only groundless and absurd thought processes could have led us all knowing fans to believe Damien Berry would have carried the rock before the eighth game of the season. Considering, the way he tore a hole in last years spring practices and scrimmages.

What we've heard + what we've seen + personal biases (family, money, religion etc) = what we believe.

Posted by: Zakkee | April 19, 2010 at 10:09 AM

So Randy was just supposed to sit JJ and Coop and play Berry because of a spring game? They had to bring Berry along. As good as looked in the spring the knock on him was that he didn't have his blocking assignments down. Once his blocking caught up to his running abilities he played. So how is that a sign of Randy playing favorites over quality players?

Randy won't have this problem soon because the roster will be loaded once again.

Is Randy playing favorites by having Kylan Robinson play MLB now too? I think he's trying to find someone because there is no one to play the position. I'd rather have Kylan step up than have to move players around all over the place who are better at other positions. You don't think Randy would like Shayon step up at MLB? No right, because Kylan is his favorite??????

Randy wants to win. He's going to do what it takes to win ball games. If that means taking a basketball player to play TE then he'll do it. He preaches competition way to much to have all that vanish due to playing favorites. You can do both and Randy knows this.

He played under JJ for Christs sake. If you went to get a sip of water you could lose your spot. But now he plays favorites? LOL!


OSU vs Oregon being shown at 6 on ESPNU for ne of those who want to watch and take notes on our opponent


Fran- good luck with the knee replacements, the rehab is tough but it will be worth it


Fighting Ibis I'm glad you have an opinion but according to Cav you need proof. Can you prove Vernon would've played? Playing Glenn Sharpe in the NC and not having any upperclassmen answers your own question for you...if he had no seniors to play then how could he show favoritism???? Besides I never argued favoritism in the first...go back and read more carefully please.


Gators billboard to be placed in I-10 in Tally



if u can swim I'd try that, it's good cardio and low-impact on the knees.

Posted by: Aqua | April 19, 2010 at 08:21 AM

Great advice right there to our boy Fran. A lot of athletes train in the water and under it as well - Boxers especially. Hell, you can just get a paddle board and go back and forth in a pool or just chill in the pool, with your back to the wall, arms raised up on it with your legs out and kick them. Low impact, good results. I've never been a huge fan of running, due mainly to the impact on joints/knees. I did enough damn running playing baseball ... ya, I have some quicks, but doesn't mean I like to run.

Solar has it down pact too with his routine, diet and everything. That damn kayaking will burn right through some calories.

Cat 5 Cane

Fighting Ibis
Your points are all well said and yes we heard it said, that Berry wasn't getting the blocking down... but his running with the rock was off the charts... early in the season... OK, he can't block, so why didn't Randy put Berry in for the run plays?...

Look, I don't know for sure, Who the hell does know for sure what Randy is actually thinking, except Randy...

It just appears that way,.... sometimes.

And even if he did, I understand why he would.


PhillyCane - the hardest part of it all is just the dedication and discipline of it

You gotta put a goal in your mind of where you want to be, then stick to it. Sounds easy, but it's not b/c there are always mental lapses or speedbumps you encounter. You may be like, "eh, eating this really won't hurt, just once" ... then, that just once turns into just a couple of times, then it turns into routine of eating it ... then a couple weeks later, you're wondering what happened b/c you were doing so well

It's a lifestyle, it's not a quick fix. Believe me brah, once you start doing it and have been doing it for a while - everything feels a hell of a lot better. You're more energized, you just feel cleaner on the inside and emptier - if that makes sense. You know how you hear people say that they ate a "heavy" meal and they just feel sluggish afterward? Ya, you don't really feel that way once you go down the path you want, to achieve where you want to be

Gotta feed your metabolism to get it going, not starve it. Once your metabolism starts revving up, hell, you can just be sitting there & burning calories.

Here's something easy to help you calculate your calories and what you need to do if you want to drop some weight


Real easy. Just type in your age, height, weight, and then choose what your exercise level is in that drop down menu

Then, in the "Results" underneath, you'll see how many calories you need to Maintain your current weight ... how many you'll need for Fat Loss .. and how many you'll need for Extreme Fat Loss (which I wouldn't recommend, b/c it's close to unrealistic)

Break down the calories in the Fat Loss results into 4 or 5 meals, then try and get those calories in each meal

That's if you want to count calories. It's kind of a pain in the ass, but it works


Rays sweep the Red Sox, 4 games

Happy Patriots Day Boston

How much do you miss Jacoby Ellsbury in the outfield? Mike Cameron having kidney stones also doesn't help - then again, you have Cameron, Jeremy Hermida and .. Bill Hall??? .. trying to learn the nuances of playing in the Fenway outfield. You can tell that Cameron still needs to get used to that jacked up centerfield/rightfield in Fenway and he's not getting good reads on hits out to him in the air

When you have Bill Hall playing CF for you, you know you're in trouble


hold up, hold up!! so you guys are telling me 5 small sized value meals from burger king a day isn't going to help me lose my extra weight? even if i wash it down with a value shake instead of a large?

damnit man!


Esteban, it will, but you will need to start giving three of them to homeless people...

orange 'n green in the vein

Esteban, you can eat those five meals and lose weight . . . if you're burning the commensurate amount of calories in exertion to compensate for the crappy meal choices you're making. It's not so much what you put in your body as it is how you work it all off or if you don't work it all off, then you're screwed. If Americans would cut out the sedentary lifestyle (and blog Canespace from a mobile ap while power walking a marathon) they might actually be able to have a little of the fast food they base their nutrition on and still remain relatively fit. The high salt and cholesterol will kill you though as evidenced by heart disease being our #1 killer.


I tried to lose weight for years and then I discovered playing ultimate frisbee with a bunch of my friends. 2 or 3 games a week over the last few years and I've lost 20 lbs and I don't watch what I eat.

orange 'n green in the vein

And I just have to address this never ending (seemingly) "The Randy favors seniors," k-rap:

NO F'ING DUH! So does most every coach in the country if the senior is even or marginally better than all the underclass and junior options at the same position of course that senior is getting the first shot at the field! Think about it, who do I want manning any position? A guy who's been in a college weight training program and the football system at school four to five years if they were recruitied out of HS or a JUCO who's 22-23 and up or a freshman who just got done wiping his prom date's lipstick off of various parts of him? Yes, I'll take the marginal 22 year old over the inexperienced and still developing in the weight room teen unless he's a Spence and just absolutely has "it" while nobody else on the roster approaches his raw talent. On the OL I almost never want to see a true freshman (Fox for a perfect example) starting out of HS! Give that young guy a chance to gain 25 lbs of muscle before you toss him in the trenches! There's no replacement for experience and there's no counter for time spent developing an athlete in the weight room over years.

francis w

Aqua said.......if u can swim I'd try that, it's good cardio and low-impact on the knees.
Man I was never a good swimmer I worked hard to pass the merit badges in scouts and guess what I joined the Coast Guard Reserve 3 month before graduation. I worked hard again to pass the basic training course I did it but would never be mistaken for a Navy Seal

francis w

CGNC.......... Thanks I know it will be hard But I had no alternative. The pain of bone on bone finally forced me to seek Help. I feel I have the best guy for the job.


I havnt been on in a few dayz so I don't really know how the subject of Shannon playing favorites came up BUT it is true...he plays his favorite,..the guy who he thinks best gets the job done...dude is trying to keep his job not trying to butter up to some parent or highschool coach...this ain't pop warner where coz u pay ur child plays....if anyone thinks coaches don't play the best they have is krazy...on the DBerry/Coop//JJ debate...Berry had to not only learn the blitz pick ups but u heard Shannon say himself berry had to learn not to fumble in practice before he culd get into games...how many fans wuld be hollering bs if berry got in in the 1st few games and laid the ball on the ground vs fsu/gt/ou and it cost um the game when clearly coop/jj played major parts in those wins

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