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April 20, 2010



anybody home???


Just us Canes fans!


73 - single season home runs (Barry Bonds)*

* - Deonotes use of PEDs.



personally i hope the guy never gets in the HOF...at least the guys like McGuire, ARod, ect. had the balls to admit it and move on


Nice write up DrewZ. I'm expecting the Clemson game to go to OT, like the last 3. I also think VT gives us problems.

Some streak stats:I'm pretty sure our streak includes bowl games:

17 of the 58 wins vs top 25, 12 were top 10, 6 were top 5

4 wins vs #1 ranked team(Ok '86&'88, FSU 31-0 lol, ND '89)

Miami was ranked #1 25 times, including 3 final polls.

Notre Dame was outscored 109-17, Cincinnati was outscored 151-3

FSU was 0-4 with losses in '88 ranked #1, and '90 ranked #2

Passing: Torretta: 4638 yards, 33 TDs
Rushing: Conley: 1245 yards
Receiving: Irvin: 78 catches, 1316 yards
Rushing TDs: McGuire: 20
TD catches: L.Thomas: 15
Interceptions: Blades: 12


thanks Aqua
i agree VT will be very tough


you are wrong about unc...home game..if we have the determination to win all the other games...why single out unc over ohhio state, pittsburgh, clemson, vt? unc is not better than those teams..they don't have some kind of voodoo on us..they have been playing our rebuilding teams while their team has been stable and strong for a while. this is the year we catch up..no more leonard hankerson getting the ball snatched out of his handsin the endzone...no more jacory throwing wild intereceptions..this is payback time..almost washington state in the orange bowl style


Aqua...impressive damn stats. I smiled ALL the way through!


Udaman...welcome to The Space. Post here, post often!


I think Miami loses to OSU and VT OR FSU.

We win 10, lose 2 and play for the ACC title.

We beat UNC by 10 and Clemson by 14 points, minimum.


Barry Jackson.

UM's Randy Shannon disputed an Internet report that Thearon Collier was suspended for the spring game (he was injured). But Kendal Thompkins could take away some of his playing time. . . . UM's Frank Haith rejected overtures from Clemson before Wright State's Brad Brownell was hired.


bg...good to see U around. Many Canes fans picked KT for their LOF 2010. He could be the winner especially if the hamburglar doesn't get his act together.


Six... you talkin about batteries? batteries? We talkin about snowballs.. yes not batteries not practice we talkin about snowballs at santa clause

Sean Spence is a Beast!!!

Is Terry Porter gonna be officiating the game against the luckeyes????

I'm kind of worried he might show up all of a sudden.

Doc Ibis

Giants' CB Johnson receives large bonus
March, 13, 2010
MAR 13
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By Matt Mosley
This time of year, we always find out how much the league rewards players in performance-based pay. This is an amount of money that goes toward players whose time on the field exceeds what role they were expected to have based on their draft status.

Giants cornerback Bruce Johnson was an undrafted rookie out of the University of Miami last season who played a vital role in the defense due to injuries. And that's why he'll be depositing a $270,766 check from the league this week, according to the Star-Ledger.

Vikings center John Sullivan, a former sixth-round pick, reportedly led the league with $397,555. I remember covering a right tackle for the Cowboys named Rob Petitti who was stunned to suddenly receive a large performance-based payment. But once he got his wits about him, Petitti rushed off to purchase a 10-person hot tub. Seriously.

Cat 5 Cane

I just took the large bag of Kool aide off the shelf and mixed me a pitcher. Throw in Bailey, Vaughn and RayRay not noted above and giving Jacory and team time to mature, I see no reason why the defense, special teams and offense will not increase production across the board.

As good as Carolina's defense is and they are gvery good, I'm not ready to concede, as I don't see jacory making the same mistakes in giving the game away... chalk this up with a "W" and the guys carry Randy off the field in 2010!!!... 27/20

Man, It's a tough schedule, and the easy road is 9/3 but playing one game at a time, barring injuries... I say, 12 and 0, until I'm proven wrong!

Cat 5 Cane

Another facit on the pro side of the ball, is I feel allot better about the back-up QB in Whipple and AJ... Yeah, they are not Jacory, but they're not chop liver either.

From just the little bit we've seen, Whip and AJ can hang with the big boys. Although we might not see Jacory's numbers, I thing they are good enough as a filler and let Bosher or Hopfinger do the rest and still win.

Additionally, There isn't enough that can be said, about how important it is to get Hopfinger on board... the kid bring a huge leg to the game that we haven't seen in a very, very long time... Imagine a 60 yard attempt at the end of a game to steal a "W"... W Wha What!

Cat 5 Cane

thing - think,
bring - brings...

Cat 5 Cane

Oh well, ... throw in facet too

Cat 5 Cane

What can I say?... "Stupid is, stupid does".

Later gang!

Cat 5 Cane



In between squashing bugs with my eyelids I caught KII on the infomercial with Chuck Norris for his Total Gym.

Even on that, KII was pimpin a U shirt


Cat 5 Cane

I could leave without giving you this little thang!

March 8, 2010

Kicker Hopfinger Added to 2010 Class as a "Preferred" walk-on

Mar. 8, 2010

St. Thomas Aquinas senior kicker Ben Hopfinger has decided he will be attending the University of Miami.


making 60 yard field goals off the ground !!!




Hopfinger will come to UM as a preferred walk-on.

"I'm going to Miami," Hopfinger said. "I just thought UM was the best possible place for me for both athletics and academics," Hopfinger said.

Hopfinger, who competed for Team USA in an all-star game in January, also received a 40 percent scholarship offer from Illinois State.

"It didn't have enough pull to get me away from Miami," said Hopfinger, who grew up a UM fan.

The coaches at Miami have informed Hopfinger that he will get an opportunity to be the team's kickoff specialist in 2010, something he excelled with at St. Thomas Aquinas.

"I feel I have a chance to win the kickoff job next season as a freshman," Hopfinger said.

He has also been told that there is a possibility he will receive a scholarship in 2011.

UM kicker Matt Bosher, who is eighth on UM's all-time list with 32 field goals, is entering his senior season, which would open the door for Hopfinger to compete for the opening after his departure.

"I feel that I can really compete for both the kickoff and field goal jobs my sophomore year, but it is just about working hard and getting better," Hopfinger said.

While at Aquinas, Hopfinger served as the team's back-up kicker behind Tennessee signee Michael Palardy.

He converted his only field goal attempt and made 20-of-21 extra points this past season. He also shared kickoff duties as 40 of his 47 kickoffs went for touchbacks.

Hopfinger becomes the fourth senior from St. Thomas Aquinas that will be a Hurricane as offensive linemen Brandon Liner and Jermaine Barton along with cornerback Keion Payne signed letters of intents with UM in February


Ya gotta lov it!


Doc...so happy for Bruce Johnson. I mean who woulda' thunk it, right? His success in the NFL surprised many UM fans. Maybe that bodes well for Sam Shields???


Getting those four players from STA is HUGE for Miami and Randy Shannon. It is a MAJOR pipeline school and UM needs access to those players from STA that have eluded us over recent years.


Read more at www.hurricanesports.com:

The ninth-ranked University of Miami baseball team continued its recent home run barrage on Tuesday, hitting three solo shots en route to a 5-2 win over Bethune-Cookman on a wet night at Alex Rodriguez Park. The win was Miami's fifth straight against a mid-week opponent and 13th win in its last 15 games overall.

In addition to solo homers by Yasmani Grandal, Harold Martinez and Ryan Perry, the `Canes (28-9) got 6 2/3 strong innings from David Gutierrez, who has won each of his first three starts this year.

Gutierrez (4-0) allowed two runs on six hits while walking two and striking out six before Sam Robinson got the final out of the seventh on strikeout. Eric Whaley then came on and tossed a scoreless eighth before Daniel Miranda picked up his third save of the year after a scoreless ninth.

Grandal finished the night 2-for-2 with the homer, a single, two walks and two runs scored while Martinez went 2-for-4 with three RBI. The Hurricanes have now hit 10 home runs in their last four games - adding three Tuesday night to the seven UM hit against UNC this past weekend.


The Hurricanes will now turn their attention to No. 6 Florida State, who Miami will play in Tallahassee this weekend. Game one of the three game series between the Hurricanes and the Seminoles is slated for Friday, April 23 at 6 p.m.





personally i hope the guy never gets in the HOF...at least the guys like McGuire, ARod, ect. had the balls to admit it and move on

Posted by: DrewZ2 | April 20, 2010 at 11:29 PM

Actually, I hear if you use roids that you lose your balls, so maybe that is Barry's excuse...


Is Terry Porter gonna be officiating the game against the luckeyes????

I'm kind of worried he might show up all of a sudden.

Posted by: Sean Spence is a Beast!!! | April 21, 2010 at 12:47 AM

Nope, I checked. However, he WILL be getting honored in a pregame ceremony just to dig the knife in a little deeper. Tressel is mean that way....


Where you're wrong:

DL is NOT the deepest position on the team. RB is, by far

Duke won't be a cakewalk

We finally beat UNC in baseball, we can beat them in football. Ohio State and Pitt will be our toughest games


UM needs access to those players from STA that have eluded us over recent years.

Posted by: SOUP | April 21, 2010 at 08:49 AM

So true. They produce players. Now if that d**khead Cris Carter would get the **** out of town, we'd be good to go


lol @ Lawrence Frank dropping the F-bomb on espn a couple of minutes ago..


Canes x 3, I forgot to mention you were right with the # of 1st rd picks. 58 I believe.


Hopfinger is so much a Cane that he is willing to PAY to be on the team. Cool.

That does mean we will be short a scholarship next year, so 2011 will likely have only 20 slots left.

(seniors leaving - JUCOs added - LA and BH).

Let's hope he earns that schollie and saves his parents some dough....


Pitt is a trap game. Win or lose, OSU will be an emotional game and Clemson is the start of conf play.

At least the weather should not be too bad.

If we go 5-0 to start the season, Duke could definitely be trouble. The boys will be reading the paper, first BCS poll will be out and J12 will be in the discussion for the Heismann.

Randy needs to earn his money and keep the kids focused if we're lucky enough to get to that scenario.


Great points tony^^



Great catch earlier about David Eckstein. As a Cardinals fan one of my favorite memories was after little Eckstein hit a grand slam. The first guy out to greet him, lift him, smack him on the back and had a HUGE smile on his face was Albert Pujols.

I don't think it was a coincidence that we ended up winning the World Series that year despite one of our worst records in recent memory. The Cardinals were more of a "team" that year and I think Eckstein was a big part of that.

"As a member of the 2006 World Series Champion St. Louis Cardinals, Eckstein was named the World Series MVP. Following a 1–11 start in the first 2 games of the World Series, Eckstein went 8 for 22 with 4 RBI and scored 3 runs in the series, including going 4-for-5 with three doubles in game 4."


Great write up DrewZ2!

Myself I can't do the week to week predictions 'cause I can't help but pick the Canes to win ALL the games:)


I would argue that CB is not a proven strength yet. It could be but I'm not sold on DVD and Brandon McGee is young and Ryan Hill would've bitten as a pup if he was going to bite.

LB is still a little thin for my taste. They might blow up though IF the D line plays like we think they will.


SOUP u got my number right???


If you need to get with me don't email. Text or call, I've been cut off at work with internet access so, so I apologize for my limited appearances.

I'll be making sure I have the evening on lockddown though.


Six yesterday I was talking with Mark on 1040 (3-7pm) about Tebow. First I said I'm Kenny a tampa Hurricanes fan... Then...

Obviously agreeing about Tebow not doing well in the NFL... and I brought up previous college Qb's who didn't have succes in the NFL..

Then I flipped it on him and said hey considering this Tebow situation and his offense with the spread would you tell your kid to go to FL if he was being recruited based on Urban's NFL preparedness..

I said other than Harvin who has been successful. Then he said well if I was a WR I would go to FL, maybe not a QB.. He said Harvin and Murphy bucked the trend (What???? One solid year by Harvin and they bucked the trend) Then he said that Brantley was basically GOD and would change the perception..

Once he said he had previously had Dunlap, Major White and others on the show and he wasn't a Gator basher I lost interest.....

He started slurping their nuts.. He also named several schools that produced solid college QB's ala Bradford.. OKL McCoy...Texas... And 5 others schools and despite the fact that I mentioned Miami he never mentioned J.Harris..


Then I was just like ok. Thanks for taking my call...

Six = please tell me you have argued with Mark from 1040 about the Gators and Canes..?

If you could shoot me an email [email protected] for your response.

Playa..The Blogger Formerly Known as Rashad

Personally ill be happy with 10-2 this year. I think you're right with the UNC game, that one could go either way, the VT game should be a payback game, ie Georgia tech last season.

carolina cane

Unc & Va. Tech. Always a nightmare for us. Everything that can go wrong does go wrong when we play these two teams. I think the last 2 times we've played UNC we've throw 10 interceptions and when we play Tech, it's fumbles, penalties, dropped passes and the offense goes in the tank. This year should be different. Every team no matter how good they are has at least 2 games where everything is going bad but the difference is the truly good teams find a way too win those games, that is something we have forgotten how to do, plus we have stunk on the road the last several years against the semi-good teams. The games that I look at this year are both Pitt & O.S.U. and Clemson. We should beat Pitt but we have to turn around our rescent trend of playing down to our opponents talent level. Lastly our coaching decisions have to be more sound this year and our D-line has to get pressure on the Q.B.'s more and if those 2 things happen, it's nat" champ. time! WOOOO!!!!!

francis w

DZ8 wrote...."fran

Great catch earlier about David Eckstein."

Yes I sure had great timing I have followed David's career we moved to Central Fl in 1986. Just in the last 3 days he hit a homer for S/D that won a game and last night he made a great defensive play with a man on third saving a run in S/D 1-0 win

He so reminds me of my son who was about the same size. He played soccer and baseball for Cooper City H/S & was team MVP and honorable mention All Broward in baseball.

Playa..The Blogger Formerly Known as Rashad

Clemson lost a lot, but it will always be tough at Death Valley, especially if its a night game. I know Pitt's Qb graduated so if the D can shut down the running game, im liking the Canes chances in that game.

orange 'n green in the vein

Just a quick note: Boise does not get a pass against BC in the '05 bowl simply by being designated the "away" team. Just like F$U didn't get a pass for the tie in the Choak at the Doak in '94 and had to switch their home streak to a "non-losing" streak instead of a winning streak before getting back-broken by the '01 Hurricanes.

Brian Boucher has set himself up exactly where the New Jersey Devils want him, up 3-1 and all too ready to remind us how he got infamous in the first place. The officiating will have to go from obviously biased to even handed though for that to take place and the balding oompa-lumpa of a commissioner is almost as full of it as Stern as his cronies so a hack-job is entirely likely. If the Flyers don't win game 5, they will lose the series. Now somebody go get Stevens out of retirement for me!


RS spoke today.

Shannon said Harris “will definitely be ready” for the start of fall camp.

“He’ll probably be throwing the ball within the next two weeks,” Shannon said

Said Tyler Horn was most improved player.

He thinks Coop will be ready for the season.

This is probably the fastest team we’ve had and the biggest team we’ve had since I’ve been head coach.


Fighting Ibis

Good post Canez1! You beat me to it.

Fighting Ibis

I have mixed feelings about Cooper this year. I don't think he's as talented as other RB's on this roster but he's solid and doesn't give up the rock. If he can keep from tripping over the grass monsters then so be it.

I love that he brings Senior leadership and will push everybody at the RB position to get better.

This is the biggest and fastest squad since Randy's been HC but not a coach at the U. We're getting there and he'll continue to stock the cupboards.

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