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April 17, 2010





All facts right there.

I do expect the return of Hill to help alot in the blocking scheme as well as Gordon

On the D side of things we are going to need 1 of these freshmen kids to come in and grab a rotation spot in the LB corp


Gordon is going to be a pleasant surprise this year

He wont put up huge numbers but he will be more then solid at TE


A 1st inning error leads to an unearned run

End of the 1st



Drew...nice work dude! Email me your mailing addy to U know where and I'll send U some Canespace and ACC gear.

Thanks for your contributions!


Gordon is going to be a pleasant surprise this year

Posted by: Sebastian57 | April 17, 2010 at 07:21 PM

Wonder who has him as a LOF?


Anyone who did choose him made a very wise move(I wasnt one of them)

Alot of obvious choices on that side of the ball, but thats 1 position Devo likes to use in his scheme.

Besides the fact that he has all the physical gifts to be solid


2010 LOF picks for Gordon:

ChicagoCane: Gordon / Regis
GURU: Gordon / Ojomo
HearACane: Gordon / Lewis
Slim: Gordon /Vernon
Col. Sanders: Gordon / DVD


True Sebastian57 but he's had those physical gifts the last 3 years and hasn't done anything significant, so I'm a little cautious to crown him as LOF
Speaking of which SOUP i haven't logged my LOF

I'll take

LMiller / DVD


Its totally up to him now. He can take this position and make it his own

Those that picked him for LOF, its a great choice.


Ray Ray is my LOF. I have stood next to Ray Ray and he is a legit 6'4-5", he hits like a moose and he moves like a gazelle. If Ray Ray takes a few chances and gets a few picks, he will be better than any safety the Canes have had in the last 5 years. I think Telemaque is also pretty good player.

I believe the Canes have the best safeties in the ACC, and you throw in Brandon, DVD (senior who showed his speed in track) and McGee (speedy and more experienced soph), they can be special. But like all players with potential, they will have to show it on the field in the fall and I believe they will shock the world.


Oh my!!!!

Pat The Bat hits a 2 run blast to beat the Sox in a rain suspended game from last night



This Sox team sucks. I've seen enough already to know we've got no shot at the playoffs with this roster. Beltre hits worse than Offerman in clutch situations, Papi is done, Lowell and Tek can't be the basis of your bench, and the bullpen is a mess. We'll be lucky to win 85 games unless they radically change this roster.


Cat5 thanks

Posted by: Cat5Cane | April 17, 2010 at 06:16 PM
Go Canes!!!


Overall Good Write up of what to expect this season however I would like to add my 2 cents.
Oline: I agree this will be the most athletic line we've had in years and although they are inexperienced I expect them to do much better than they did last year. I expect them to be ready by the Ohio State game!

TE: I agree Gordon will be used primarily for blocking purposes. He will get a few looks as a receiving threat but he just doesn't have it. Sanders will play a lot and he will contribute. I disagree that neither of the 3 enrollees will contribute. Cleveland will probably redshirt but Chase Ford will play a lot because he is a JUCO player and expected to be ready as soon as he steps on campus!

LB: I expect Mccarthy to move to the Mike with Robinson providing depth. Many expect Futch to start over Buchanon, but I think Buchanon will fet the nod and win the starting job opposite Spence with Futch providing depth.


DeVoss 2-3 1 double 1 RBI 3 SBs
Lawson 1-3 1 double 3 RBIs 1 SB
Martinez 1-4 1 HR 3 RBIs
Perry 1-3 1 HR 2 RBIs

Bottom of the 7th



nice article thanks

Fighting Ibis

Nice article!

I think Ford is going to be the TE that emerges this year out of the 3 incoming TE's. He'll be an instant success catching the ball. He has to get the blocking down though.

I think the entire secondary will step up quickly this year. They've been going against the deepest WR roster in CFB. We also run a pro-style offense that tests them with the play action early and often.

Year 2 of the Ray Ray should bring a wealth of gifts. With our D-line causing havoc expect to see our secondary finally ball hawking again.

We're thin at LB but we really only have to fill 1 spot and should be solid. Any injuries go down and you can throw that all out the window. Hopefully K.Nelson can come in and be as good as advertised.

I'm not worried about our O-line. A bunch of those youngsters got a lot of playing time last year. This position should be better by subtraction.


Oline: I agree this will be the most athletic line we've had in years and although they are inexperienced I expect them to do much better than they did last year. I expect them to be ready by the Ohio State game!

WOW ohio state and there ready huh.we play famu then ohio.One game aganist a div 2 school and all is well.YEAH bartender ill take my kool-aid with extra sugar please! go canes


LMiller / DVD

Posted by: DrewZ2 | April 17, 2010 at 07:46 PM

Your vote has been properly recorded.


Pat The Bat hits a 2 run blast to beat the Sox in a rain suspended game from last night

Posted by: Sebastian57 | April 17, 2010 at 08:24 PM

Saw it LIVE! The UM slugger has struggled as a Ray, and struck out a LOT, but he came through tonight as he can anytime at the plate. He did it again in game 2 with a bases loaded double that drove in 3 runs.

Ryan Braun is KILLING it again as a Brewer.

Gaby Sanchez is starting at 1B for the Marlins.

Canes ALL around!


WOW ohio state and there ready huh? We play famu then ohio. One game aganist a div 2 school and all is well. YEAH bartender I'll take my kool-aid with extra sugar please!

Posted by: canezilla | April 17, 2010 at 11:08 PM

Just snort it dry like Cat5. Much quicker that way. LOL



Read this book.


My dad's a Yankee fan and I'm a Cardinals fan and except for that BB gun he gave me in 4th grade... this is the best gift I ever got from him.



Daniels and Bogan Lead Team South Florida To 52-31 Win
Courtesy: USF
Release: 04/17/2010

Passing Leaders
Player COMP ATT Yards TD INT Long
Bulls - Landi 11 24 152 1 1 48
USF - Daniels 23 31 381 5 0 77

Rushing Leaders
Player ATT Yards TD Long
Bulls - Murray 8 38 1 21
USF - Plancher 10 54 1 11

Receiving Leaders
Player # Yards TD Long
Bulls - Landi 2 62 0 57
USF - Bogan 9 228 4 77

Defensive Leaders
Player Tackles Unassisted Misc. Misc.
Bulls - Young 7 6
USF - Lattimore 6 5 1 FR

TAMPA – A college spring football games always seems to create some excitement among its fans as it gives them a preview of what to expect for the upcoming season. On Saturday, however, there seemed to be a little bit more of a buzz around Raymond James Stadium as the University of South Florida football team - and its first year head football coach Skip Holtz - took to its home field for the first time to close out its 2010 spring practice.

In front of a spring game record crowd of 6,357, the Bulls faithful was treated to an offense that featured numerous big plays, and hard hits on the defensive end, as Team South Florida defeated Team Bulls, 52-31.

The key storyline that emerged early on in the contest proved to be the play of the offensive duo of quarterback B.J. Daniels and wide receiver Dontavia Bogan. Daniels, coming off of offseason shoulder surgery, didn’t seem to be effected by it as he threw for 381 yards on 23-for-31 passing and five touchdowns. Of Daniels’ 23 completions, nine were directed to Bogan who recorded 228 yards and four touchdowns. The big play of the game came in the first quarter when Daniels connected with Bogan for a 77-yard touchdown strike to make the score 7-3.

Running back Moise Plancher would get the bulk of the carries for Team South Florida rushing for 54 yards on 10 carries and one touchdown. Redshirt freshman Bradley Battles ran seven times for 16 yards, while Daniels had 13 yards on 10 carries.

In addition to Daniels at quarterback, Evan Landi also played well as he ran the offense for Team Bulls on 11-of-24 passing and 152 yards with his long strike of the night, a 48-yard connection to wide receiver Faron Hornes, coming in the third quarter. Landi also stepped out of his quarterback role, catching two passes for 62 yards including a 57-yard reception on the very first play of the game. That play led to Team Bulls’ first score of the contest, a 26-yard field goal by Eric Schwartz.


We have JoJo Nicolas and Jared Campbell at safety behind Ray Ray and Vaughn. Whatever U say about the first two, they do have experience...

Another issue is there isn’t much behind these two when it comes to experience.

Perfect example of why Canez1 and I are right that Randy will not play the unproven youngsters unless he is ABSOLUTELY sure they've got the mojo.

The Dude

Sorry 86 I didnt get my legends pick in...

I rarely post anymore but I always read.

Offense Mr. Gunn (Last year I went with Franklin and he should be off limits this year because he was solid last year.)

Defense Mr. Ojomo (Didnt I pick Bailey last year?)

The Dude

I picked Forston last year, hmm...


DZ8 - ya, I will definitely get that book

I absolutely hate the Yankees and reading a book about them losing to the Cards in that series will make my day

I grew up a Royals fan, so I didn't have any love for the Cards either - but being a Royals fan, you pretty much hated the Yankees more than even the Cards

Speaking of baseball books, if you've never read "Moneyball" by Michael Lewis - you should

It's amazing what a job Billy Beane and the Oakland A's did, and that book tells about it. How they went about scouting players and placing a team out there without a staggering payroll ... how on-base-percentage is extremely valuable in rating a player in their eyes .. etc.

Also, have to read "The Natural" by Bernard Malamud. It's not exactly how the movie with Robert Redford was


Ya, I went to the USF Spring Game tonight

Kayvon Webster and Ryne Giddins ran right into each other, hitting helmet to helmet while they were trying to go for a kill shot on a play .... knocked each other right out, ha

They were both told to go sit for the rest of the game on the bench

1st string USF offense vs. 2nd string USF defense. BJ Daniels lit it up - as expected

It would be great to see them pull out a miracle win up in Gainesville on 9/11 ... it won't happen, but it would be amazing if it did


Terrible write up actually. The line is weak in only one position, as it was last year. Unlike last year, there is depth in that position. Jacory may slide from left to right on long throws, but it won't be like last year. He will have a real full back to help him and he didn't have that last year.

What you will see from here on is a running attack. Expect 2nd and five more often than 2nd and 8. That makes a huge difference. Expect plays where the runner goes the distance. This team will be way better in that regard, and it will be a combination of better runners and improved blocking schemes, and better talent on the line. You will be surprised in 2010.

Jacory doesn't have to win games in 2010, IF he doesn't turn the ball over. If he wants to turn the ball over in 2010, to show he can still win in 2010, the coaches need to make a change. To be honest, my biggest fear maybe Jacory's need to be the big dog. I'll end this here.




I've said it before and I'll say it again:





This one's for you JSQ:






Also includes a brief clip of a big gain by Baby J against Clemson, but unfortunately it was one of those Baby J runs that pi$$ed everybody off because he ran out of bounds instead of fighting for a few extra yards.


Cat 5 Cane

Native... Your welcome...

Z2... 1st, thanks for the effort

Before grading the article, I'll hold for the good, But where is Bailey (The ManAnimal) above and and... as someone else noted, which I agree with, that Chase Ford was brought here as a JUCO and should be seeing PT early... (My Pic for LOF)...

As for Gordon... I agree he will get his chances to build his stats as a Sr. but I'm concerned that if he doesn't develop his catching skills, he'll be coming in as a blocker and the opposing teams will use that as a tell, As a Mike... That would be one of my tells to look for..

So, If Gordon is Randy's 1st choice at TE... he better get some stinky sticky fingers... and learn to catch the ball. LOL


Dude...got your picks. Kiss of death? LOL


Cat5...I agree that Ford will get some serious PT, but I still for some odd reason have some MAJOR hope for Gordon.

Richard if U are reading make us PROUD!


I've never seen a highlight of Baby J where he didn't run outta bounds..


aqua lol.he did have a 5 yard pound aganist usf but, your right


zilla, he even ran outta bounds on TD runs


Aqua...Wonder how Miller (shoulder) and Cooper (knee) are doing?

Cat 5 Cane

Aqua, when your right, your right!

On JJ... JMO
He ran his azz off taking hit after hit in the middle, without an OLine giving him some help. We all knew he was playing hurt 1/2 the time and toward the end, it was appearent he was saving his body for extra snaps... but that one play, that he drove for the side lines, he probably wished he had back, as it hurt his image bigtime and people have a tendency to forget just how many big hits he took for the team in his early career...

That's no excuse but it's probably the truth... IMO

To JJ... We know you bleed Canes...Get that body healed. Skip 7th round and go in as a walk on and pick your favorite team!!!

We know you got the goods... Good luck!!!


Well said Cat,

Coop's a horse, we were maybe 25 feet away from him when he went down, I knew it was bad. He's in good shape, you just hope he doesn't overwork the other knee. He should be ready mid season.
I'm pretty sure Miller will be healed and ready to go in fall practice.

Cat 5 Cane

Scroll back 2 months... I sure miss Truth and J and Jello, Dat, Calvin and Mike and Randy and the others.

Whatever you are doing, I wish you well !!!



Just bought my gangsta azz OSU tix.

Sec 20 B Row 16. 50 yard line middle section.

$910 muther F’n dollars on VIVID SEATS.COM

Worth every penny!!

Who else is in????




Vista start up problems:


Anybody have an answer for Vista not wanting to start up on my Dell inspiron 531? The only way I can start my computer now is by running system restore thru the boot setup menu. For some reason it just will not start up anymore. Instead I get a dos like screen that says start windows normally or run system repair. The problem is system repair never finds anything wrong and when I run windows normally it will just get stuck on a black screen. Totally lost and this is my last call on it before I call Geek squad. Anything I can do?


Posted by: Six | April 18, 2010 at 01:15 AM

Will do. Love reading books on sports. Football is the first choice but sports are sports. Crazy 20 inning game last night, I think Tonny LaRussa is over rated. JMO. (Big Cards fan here, rather they would've kept Joe Torre). That's something else about that book, even if you don't like baseball Halderman or whatever is a great writer. He died in a car wreck while I was in jail. I remember seeing the news and nobody else cared, had no clue.


I've never read Moneyball but heard very good things about it. The thing is baseball CAN be broken down to kind of one-on-one match ups. KC Joyner tries to do the same thing for football. He was spot on regarding Gibril Wilson, strong safety not a free safety.


Posted by: SJMPARMAN | April 18, 2010 at 01:22 AM

Exactly right about 2nd and five vs. 2nd and longer...

Cat 5 Cane

On Coop and Miller

make no mistake, I love Coop for what he brings to the team when he is 100% but at 90 percent, he's not the same guy and is subpar to Miller and Storm, even only seeing Storm during the scrimmage game and on tape... This kid, Storm is everything we are looking for, in size, speed, hands and is as shifty as a squirrel, when he has the ball.

If Coop is at 90% when he comes back, Randy needs to shelve him and let the two kids shine... along with Berry splitting the load.

I don't believe we'll see a 1000 yard runner this year, with 3 good backs but if we can get 800 each out of them, it will go a long ways to 12/0

Don't know if it will happen, but I sure get excited, thinking, what if, Storm is put on the return team... Thinking 6/7 TD's.


JJ as a sophomore loked like he ran out of bounds on purpose to let Shawnbrey McNeal get a TD. When SM didn't get it they brought him back in on 3rd down. I remember saying, Just score, worry about the other guys when were up by 4 touchdowns.

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