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April 14, 2010


87" canes


Seoul Cane




Playa..The Blogger Formerly Known as Rashad

Darn, just missed being first..lol..Great pics 86!! Looks like a nice ballpark to catch a game.


Playa...it was a rockin' good time. Just like UCF, but bigger and better with beer!


87...U got your Canespace gear yet?

Email me at: canespace86@aol.com.


CSM...check email.


Ahhhhh shyte, I hear coach, gotta go:

"Nothing good happens after midnight."

Playa..The Blogger Formerly Known as Rashad

Wish I could have made it 86!!

Playa..The Blogger Formerly Known as Rashad

From the Herald. Not sure if this was posted. If so, sorry.

The University of Miami is working on strengthening its nonconference men's basketball schedule.

Speaking before the team's awards banquet Wednesday, coach Frank Haith said UM expects to play host to West Virginia in early December and is in talks to play at Syracuse next season to begin a home-and-home series. UM also is talking about playing Georgia, South Carolina and/or Auburn next season.

UM, which will meet UCF in December's Orange Bowl Classic, will play host to Stetson in an early-season tournament before going to Las Vegas to play three more games in that tournament.

• Erik Swoope, a 6-5 forward from Harvard-Westlake High (North Hollywood, Calif.), signed with UM, though UM can't announce it yet. He averaged 21.8 points and 8.9 rebounds this past season.

UM -- which has signed three players -- has two scholarships left, but Haith said he isn't certain if both will be used. UM is recruiting New York-based 6-9 forward Kadeem Jack, who visited campus last weekend.

• UM named James Dews and Dwayne Collins as co-most valuable players for the 2009-10 season. Among other winners: Reggie Johnson (most improved player); Durand Scott (outstanding defender) and Adrian Thomas (ultimate teammate award).


Larry Black's cousin was pretty good ...


from the Cav Grove to the Cougar Heights ...


How about those Fly Guys!!!


Gold...welcome to The Space. Post here, post often!


Pictures do look nice. Looks like a good time was had by all.



I'll probably get you my mock draft on Sunday. It should run Thursday as the 1st round is Thursday night. I know you have the Six/Solar compilation but they can be bumped, they told me they don't mind:)

U still doing a mock draft?

Cat 5 Cane

A long article but on a slow day... what else ya gonna do?... Enjoy the read!

Randy Shannon's Contract: The 800 lbs. Ibis in the Room

Bleacher report... by Marcus S, Today.

Randy's contract!!!

There is an 800 pound Ibis in the room no matter what subject comes up regarding Miami Hurricanes Football.

That would be the contract extension of head coach Randy Shannon, who right now is the 11th highest paid coach in the ACC. Not to mention that he is not really the 11th highest paid he is tied with the guy in 12th place, Frank Spaziani of Boston College.

In one of my other articles I talked about how “cheap” Miami can be when it comes to paying their coaches, and the fact that Coker was making near $3 million a year when he left shows they are willing to pull out the cash when needed. I can understand starting Randy off at the lower end of the scale—he is a first time head coach—but a decision needs to be made.

Any time coaches sign a new contract goals are set forth, and either he has met the goals you want or not. At that point you need to make a decision and either fire the man, or give him an extension based off of his current body of work. I know that Kirby Hocutt was not the person that hired Shannon, but he has had time to lay out what his vision is for where the football program should be and go from this point.

The cruxes of the matter currently are a discussion over the new base salary per year, and buy out amount if he gets fired before the end of the contract. It seems that the administration is offering Shannon about $1.4 million in base salary and Shannon wants about $2 million a year which is a little bit over the ACC average of $1.75 million per year. Here is the table of coach’s pay in the ACC:

1. Paul Johnson, Georgia Tech. – $2.3 million ($3.33 million possible with bonuses)

2. Jim Grobe, Wake Forest – $2.17 million ($2.5 million)

3. Butch Davis, North Carolina – $2.15 million ($2.26 million)

4. Ralph Friedgen, Maryland – $2.03 million ($2.56 million)

5. Frank Beamer, Virginia Tech – $2 million ($2.42 million)

6. Jimbo Fisher, Florida State – $1.8 million ($2.6 million)

7. Dabo Swinney, Clemson – $1.75 million ($2.63 million)

8. Mike London, Virginia – $1.7 million ($2.27 million)

9. Tom O’Brien, North Carolina State – $1.52 million ($2.63 million)

10. David Cutliffe, Duke – $1.5 milliion ($1.5 million)

11. Randy Shannon – $900,000 ($900,000)*

12. Frank Spaziani – $900,000 ($900,000)

(Data provided by http://www.sun-sentinel.com)

What the administration at the University of Miami are saying to the fans publicly is Randy Shannon is our guy, and he is going to be our coach for a long time! Well the administration’s actions are saying we want to pay this guy the least amount we can, but put gigantic expectations on him to win and make sure the buyout is small enough so we can easily get rid of him.

The $1.4 million is a slap in the face; they are saying that Randy has not done enough to be paid the median salary in the ACC? I have heard all these Shannon detractors talk about top flight coaches getting it done; well they get paid the salary and are given the resources to get it done.

In Shannon’s case he has not even cracked $1 million per year yet, but Mike London, who has not coached a game for UVA, is almost at $2 million per. The new contract they are offering is still less than Jimbo Fisher, Mike London, Dabo Swinney, Tom O’Brien, and David Cutliffe all coaches that have been hired after Shannon.

That is why it will be difficult for Miami to land a big time coach that all the naysayers are clamoring for; they do not want to pay for it. They pinch pennies where they can, and even though the football program has brought so much into the school they continue to choke it off whenever they get the opportunity.

This is hurting the team on the recruiting trail, and if you notice this year’s recruiting class was the lowest ranked in the Shannon era. Much of that had to do with the fact that every living room Shannon went into he had to field the questions, are you going to be there when my son graduates? How do you answer that question confidently without looking like a liar if things change later, uncertainty breeds mediocrity.

I won’t play the racial angle here, but it would be easy for someone to make that case. The bottom line is the administration at Miami needs to pay Randy Shannon or give him his walking papers, this waffling in the middle looks like the program has no direction and that is as good as blood in the water to the competition.

I will leave you with this tidbit, when Miami played South Florida this past season Jim Leavitt was being paid about $1.3 million per year. While Randy Shannon at a “better” program, in a tougher conference, and a better record than Leavitt’s team was making a paltry $900,000. Miami beat USF soundly 31–10, and not only that Shannon has out recruited Leavitt every year as well, but still makes less money?

Lastly, if you are going to comment talking about how bad the economy is, and he should be happy to get $1.4 million you just have no understanding of a free market economy. This is not an economics article, so I won’t get into it here. If Saban and Meyer can get over $4 million why can’t Shannon get his $2 million?

My feelings exactly and make it for 5 years to lock him in!


^^^ This is getting old. We are being laughed at by the rest of college football. Randy is entering a contact period with recruits and this should of been wrapped up yesterday. Pay the man Miami!

Cat 5 Cane

Hey Kirby...
Five years from now, with a couple of more NC's in your pockets, the board will be saying... Damn, that contract was a bargin!

Pay The Man his Money!



I'm with the apparent consensus on this one.






As i got my canesfest flyer yesterday in the mail,i turned it over and saw the postage price.It was 88 cents,i got to thinking 88 cents times what 30 maybe 40,000(season ticket holders)thats 35,000 dollars just in stamps.Trust me the flyer isnt going to make anyone go to canesfest.Everybody who is going was already going before they got the flyer.Just a waste of money in my mind,could of gone to randy.next time e-mail?


He is a dead coach walking. Regardless of how you feel about Randy being our coach for years to come or not, he is our current coach. And if you pay attention to college football no school let's their coach go into this final contract year without some type of extension. He is out on the recruiting trail right now and is essentially a dead coach walking.

So, if you care about the program - then you should care that the school is letting this thing hang out there, and the whole time publicly saying they support him for years to come. B.S.! If you support the man you would not be handcuffing him!!!





francis w

Got the disk in the mail this morning
BTW I was only $.05 off on the mail cost :-)


Randy has already said that he expects his contract to be signed in May since there is not much going on then and the two sides will have more time to discuss it. It was on a WQAMinterview a couple years back. I also want to see it get done but also willing to wait a little longer for it.


Weeks not years^^^^

francis w

AN alphabetical list of those in the UM hall of fame for those who might want to do a little reminising. I believe Adobe Reader Rabbit is required.
Amazing how many I either met or at least watched play their sport.


I'm sure CGNC is squeezing her Crosby/Malkin dolls tight

Posted by: Six | April 14, 2010 at 09:02 PM

LOL! Don't have those.


Canesteeler - I have a friend that says Fleury plays like his mask is made of hemp. Last night looked like it - LOL. I missed the crazy play where he was out of position and they scored basically an empty-netter. So glad I missed that. Gotta give credit to Ottawa, they played hard. Even with a lackluster Pens effort it took a fluke goal to beat the Pens. We will know more about this team on Friday - I think they come out hungry.


OGV - didn't know you're a hockey guy! Phillycane here is a Flyers fan - have at him - lol!!!

Philly - congrats on your win - I'm sure it was a "hard fought" win as most games are against the Flyers. LOL this video is kinda before my time but its funny!



BTW nice pics of that stadium it looks like it was really nice

Cat 5 Cane

Randy has been playing it down for months because he doesn't want to embarrass the board, but every day that goes by since December, is a reflection on Randy and why haven't they signed him already?

Lets be honest, this deal should have been completed before the bowl game and certainly before LOI day! The lapse has cost the team several quality recruits, where we needed them most. Not taking anything away from the guys who have signed on, but a few more big time players would have been nice to see.

It comes back to the board and are they ready to accept Randy as the Golden Child! Something tells me that will never happen but times are a changing!...

Slowly, one step at a time!


Cat5 to me this is a sad reflection on the administration. Shame!!!


In the rankings of ACC coaches salaries i think Randy should fall between 8 and 6 in salaries

SOUP I got an article idea where would i need to send it?


that wisconsin lost is looking worse every day

Cat 5 Cane

Drew... Not wanting to insult you but if you think that's what Randy is worth, then I guess you are looking at the 2008 record of 7/5 because that would be 7th on the list... At 9/4 or 10/2 he is batting VT or GT percentages and should be paid accordingly. Keep in mind, that doesn't account for what's coming off the Bermuda Triangle, yet to be seen!

2 million is allot of money, but in 2 years, 2 million will be considered a cheap buy for what Randy will be worth with a 5 year contract.

If thinking of writing an article... give this thought a consideration.

Cat 5 Cane

CGNC... I'm trying my best not to play the race card... but damn, if it doesn't keep flashing in my mind!

There are allot of conservative blue bloods sitting on the board and this is the first time a black person has been in power... Like soooo many other schools national.

It makes you wonder why?

Cheap or prejudice or maybe both?


Contract details are hard to find right now, but what if Kirby's offer is 1.5-1.8 million, with a favorable buy-out for UM and Randy just doesn't want to accept it? Would you all still blame UM or Hocutt for not getting a deal done? Personally, I think that's pretty fair based on what Randy's teams have accomploshed, although I would also like to see something built into the contract that gives him raises for winning titles.


And I think the negotiations are all being done by Hocutt, not the board.

Cat 5 Cane

Yeah, I said it!

Watch the school and Kirby's office, to see if windows don't start breaking out from thrown computers!!!

Paid for, by "The Randy, We Trust" coalition.

Fighting Ibis

People don't want to play the race card? I'll say it then, Randy doesn't have his extension yet or an offer close to the dollar amount because he's black. Randy beat the two highest paid coaches in the ACC. The highest paid coach in the ACC Paul Johnson got his ass handed to him.

What's Kirby's email address? Never mind I'll get it. This cracker needs a fighting ibis email. Let him know times are changing and that crap may have worked in Oklahoma or Kansas or wherever the hell in BFE he's from but that stinking crap won't fly down at the U. 5-7, 7-5, 9-3 says pay Randy his gotdamn money!


I concur......we need to get RS signed as quickly as possible. I am sure he is not asking for Mack Brown money nor does he deserve it......yet. But enough is enough...

Cat 5 Cane

JW... I'm not in the room, but... they offered 1.4 mill from what I've read and Kirby is the middle man, which is representing the board on their behalf... Any counter offer agreement by Randy is brought back to the board for discussion... The bottom line, it is in his best interest to get Randy for the lowest price, all while getting him to smile, while accepting it.

Think buying a car from a salesman.

Cali... Does that about cover it?


Good analogy, Cat5. And I agree 1.4 is a little low.
If I were king of UM, I'd negotiate for 1.75 million for three years, with a 1.75 buyout, and raises of $250k for the Coastal, another 250 for the ACC, plus 500k for a national title.

Cat 5 Cane

That's not bad except 3 years doesn't show confidence by the board or gives recruits confidence that Randy will be here for the long run. The bonuses are too high, compared to others around 400,000K. The buy-outs are another story and is much more involved and not just one sided... Randy may get fed up with the bloods and want to leave... who knows, as time goes by, but the lesson learned at Tenn will be remembered for a long time to come when Kiffin left with that big time contract he used as toilet paper or when Miami got rid of Coker with 3 years remaining at 3 million a year with that buy-out they were holding. later they negotiated the buy-out amount to a lesser amount, but it still cost them dearly

Cat 5 Cane

Not bad for a sometimer... I think I'll quit while I'm ahead.

To all you sometimers out there... Think Waterboy... You can do it!!!... LOL

Jump in the water is fine!


Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer

Y'all talking about skin-color with this situation are ridiculous. The U has been cheap for a loooong time. But the MAIN reason his contract hasn't been signed is because of the ghosts of Perry Clark and Larry Coker. If Shannon had won the ACC, even if they'd lost the bowl game, it'd be a totally different story. But they didn't, so it leaves th door open for skepticism, which is all it takes to stall a contract.

Add to that an agent who wants to max out, and there you have it.

In case y'all didn't notice, the U isn't rolling in dough, esp. not after the recession hit and their portfolio got smashed.

And Ibis, calling Kirby a "cracker" is just ridiculous, makes you look like a dam buffoon.


SOUP - Check U've got mail...

There might be some good things coming with Canespace and CSM...!

Also Six do you listen to The Babe on 1040? Can I get your impressions???

Gin & Tonic

Randy's contract should be incentive driven:

Base pay : $1.4

Reach ACC Title Game : $100,000 Bonus

Win ACC Title : $250,000 Bonus

Use Timeout Correctly: $25,000 each occurrence


Drew what you thinking? You could send it to me madplaya5@aol.com or shoot it straight to the bossman Canespace86@aol.com


Fighting Ibis

And Ibis, calling Kirby a "cracker" is just ridiculous, makes you look like a dam buffoon.

Y'all talking about skin-color with this situation are ridiculous. The U has been cheap for a loooong time.

Coming from a brainwashed fool such as yourself I'll take that as a compliment.

Y'all talking about skin-color with this situation are ridiculous. The U has been cheap for a loooong time.

That's funny! The last coach who ran the program into the toilet was getting paid well over $2 million a year. Now they won't give Randy $2 million even though he's shown consistent improvement? LOL!

Yeah ok brainwashed one!

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