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May 17, 2010







And a BIG part of coaching is being able to recruit, develop and deploy the Jimmies that are better than someone else's Joes.

Posted by: Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer | May 17, 2010 at 06:05 PM



As SECONDS separate the winners from the losers...7:56 PM (see above) will live in infamy.


Good picks... I don't know anything about swimmers but I'll take your word for it.

I started wearing a seat belt after Derrick Thomas got in the accident. The other two passengers had their seat belts on and lived.


thanks dz

you guys disregard the blue links, I'm too lazy to delete them and re type in with black. I doubt the links will open after being re pasted into another article.

Rowdy Gaines is bad azz imagine holding 11 world records in a four year stretch even while getting screwed out of the 1980 Olympics through boycott..


I just stumbled across this FSU fansite discussing Miami's 2010 recruiting class and calling our program desperate and fallen... The most annoying part about it though, is that they are conceding the 2010 season to us claiming that we have more talent on the field NOW but based on this recruiting class, we will fall to mediocrity... They also discuss Latwan Anderson's status and question whether he is really coming to Miami... It really annoyed me and I wanted to share it with you:


Posted by: Doc Ibis | May 17, 2010 at 04:31 PM

They're point that on field success this year will translate to more talented recruits next year is nullified by having a smaller class next year is valid. The huge class we took this year will keep us from taking some extra players next year. Next year we'll be 'picking and choosing' according to Shannon and it seems to make sense to have a few more scholy set up for that, especially when we are the "hot" school next year and everyone is trying to get with us.

Thanks again Doc Ibis for sharing the link.

Posted by: DZ8 | May 17, 2010 at 04:53 PM


Lots of unyet proven opinions are like ...well. U know...FSU fans.

With Randy's contract status and coming off of Wisconsin plus the fact that our best players are only going to be Juniors next year, I was and still am a little worried that instead of signing 28-30 kids this past year, we should have gone with with 22-24 minus the 4-5 reaches. I'm not much for predictions, but if there is any type of breakout for this program this year, it will be a Positive END to a very good Season (ACC Champ Game, Win or Lose and Finally a nice January Bowl WIN !!!).

Having said that, the ground swell for next years recruiting will be tremendous. Kids know that they'll be able to come in compete and play early for a Top-10 Program year in and year out... Combine that with the fact that so many of the '08's will be ready to join the NFL after 2011 it will just be time to do next Feb. what we've always done ... SIMPLY RELOAD !!! Kind of hard to do though with only 15-17 chambers in the gun...

We'll see, what with transfers, non qualifiers and what not... But how those 2010 under the radar guys/fringe kids develope and take up Schollie spots will be interesting ?

And well, after it's all said and done, that's all up to Randy and the Staff...


Also the point should be that we want to eventually get to a consistent number of scholarships every year. That'll be the mark of a program clicking on all cylinders. Not 30 one year and fifteen the next. It just sets us up a few years down the road to have to repeat those skewed numbers.


You guys obviously have not seen great soccer if you think they are doing nothing, and just kicking the ball around.

The passes are crisp and can be amazing.

The biggest thing for me is just the atmosphere and the close games in the 2nd half where every missed open kick has 83 year old grandmas, shirtless young lads, and hundred thousand people going nuts.. LOL I swear little old ladies cursing out their teams players on TV....

I usually don't watch a full game, I will watch the England vs USA game.


So if anybody has free tickets and planet tickets or a couple thousand.. I'm down.

Now don't get me wrong.

1. UM
1b minus - Miami Dolphins
2. Miami Heat
3. College Basketball (UM included)

but after that I'm not huge on Baseball.. I'll pretty much watch any other sport live, except golf or Tennis..

So Hockey, Baseball, and Soccer are all even as lower tier sports...

I'm just intrigued with how this World Cup will play out, especially since I have good friends that will be there.

Old Skool

Tickets in South Africa weren't a sellout until recently. They had trouble filling the stadiums. Of course, the left over tickets were probably for hotly anticipated matches like the United Arab Emirates versus Guinea Bissau.


Rowdy Gaines is bad azz imagine holding 11 world records in a four year stretch even while getting screwed out of the 1980 Olympics through boycott..

Posted by: solarcane | May 17, 2010 at 08:11 PM

Just having a name like "ROWDY" deserves a top 10 ranking IMHO.

Old Skool

Interesting group of guys as always. Thanks Solar and Six.

Got to hand it to Rowdy. To still be swimming competitively after 30 years is a sign of real love for the sport.


I laught at the thought that you guys think that some kid who has stars or rankings validates them, and that you know more than Randy about recruiting.

You say all projects... Yet Urban has lost what 3 or so 5* DT's in as many years... Kicked of the team, inelgible..ETC..

Our Best DT from 2008 isn't Forston but the less rated Micanor Regis.

What you guys don't know is that recruiting in numbers... a.k.a. multiple LB's one year, or multiple DT's another year allows you not only to get competition but its basic law of sciences you take different rankings, different experience, work ethics, and talent and you make them fight ... Facts are 2-3 might bite, and the others probably won't... You make the guys fight and eventually the ones who can't cut it but still fought hard are better off to go to some smaller program and understand what compeition is...

Parcells employs the same tactic in drafting.. He always takes at least 2 players one higher rated than the other at the same position of need... (I bet you guys don't know that most of the time the lower rated guy excels).....

Now I think he can do better with QB, but it is really sensitive scenario. Especially since we want to create depth but a little separation because of the awful scenario Coker put us in...

I think guys like D.Taylor (who has only played 5 games) are the people you (STAR WHORES) will ultimately be wowing about a few years from now and jumping all over Shannon's jocks, like you guys new what was up.

Its hilarious how EVERY year of recruits is better than the last... You don't save spots for recruits if you feel you have guys that can be on your team and make you better. AND I TRUST SHANNON WAY BETTER THAN YOU ARMCHAIR QUARTERBACKS..

I've seen the film on the majority of these so called projects and I LOVE WHAT THEY BRING..

Just keep talking and I can't wait to verbally assault these Randy haters in a year or two..


By the way if you guys don't think College is cut throat...

It is..

Scholarships are usually on a year to year basis..

So after spring and once Shannon starts to find out who from the new class isn't qualify.. A few older guys will be moving on. And I wish them well.
That is how we get to 85..


LOL OLD SKool.....

Pretty sucky game there. United Arab Emirates vs Guinea..

The couple my wife and I met in Venice, Italy.. Big Export/Import business for the middle east. They are alwasy traveling and amazingly sweet. They not only kind of took us in and mothered us while in Venice.. Making sure we found our hotel, checked up on us, met us for drinks, then they invited to the South Africa vs. Italy Test Match in Udine, ITaly... The man is from Houston but his wife is native of South Africa... They are best friends with the Captain of the South African Rugby team. We got PREMIUM seats with them for free.

It was truly an amazing scene.. for a TEST MATCH.. (a.k.a preseason in Europe) If you guys could see it.. You would have been ashamed of how our Hurricane fan base is..

I just wish we could speak with UM directors to work with Dophin stadium and make this right..

I love the renovation ideas for the stadium but we need new ideas for NEXT YEAR.. We need to make that place rock... They need to let us bring like Hurricane Sirens or something for 3rd down...


Brandon Linder is starting at Center for Miami
Feliciano will start at Gaurd
Barton at Tackle...

Interesting about Linder though.. If he is stronger than McDermott he gives him a run for his money for the 2 spot this year. I think in the long run, Linder moves back to T though..

Old Skool

Rachel Uchitel (the ex Tiger mistress) has supposedly inked a deal with Playboy to appear topless and backless - nothing more.

Uchitel told TMZ. "I have to leave something to be desired,"

Somehow I find that to be a rather presumptuous opinion of her body.


DZ8 - I wasn’t blaming the Notre Dame football team, I was addressing the idiotic thinking of all things Notre Dame in embracing the title “Catholics vs. Convicts” – and yes, they did embrace it with pride. From T-Shirts that basically the entire student body and fans (old and young) wore that said “Catholics vs. Convicts”, to the thinking that still goes on to this day about the Canes being nothing but thugs and criminals by Notre Dame

Since everyone that establishes themselves with Notre Dame thinks that they’re the only real Catholic school worth anything in the nation, they also are completely condescending upon anyone else with a different religion

Not only is calling the Miami Hurricanes “Convicts” stupid, seeing how Notre Dame had players arrested and get in trouble as well under Holtz – but it’s racist to an extent. Lemme see, a team primarily filled with black players, from south Florida, and they’re associating them as being criminals

They want to associate the Canes with Convicts? That’s cool. Because honestly, when people think of the Catholic church, they think of hypocrites and child molesting priests – with tons of cases to prove it

It’s not just a couple of priests here and there – it’s beyond scary on how many have carried out that heinous act

Monsignor Scicluna told L’Avvenire, told the newspaper of the Italian Bishops Conference, that his office had examined 3,000 abuse cases in the past decade, most of them from the United States

Brazilian authorities are investigating 3 priests accused of sexually abusing alter boys after a video surfaced and was broadcast on television – the 82 year old Monsignor Luiz Marques Barbosa was the sicko involved, as well as Monsignor Ralmundo Gomes and Father Edilson Duarte

Let me repeat, it was broadcast on television

Rev. Lawrence C. Murphy in Wisconsin molested as many as 200 deaf boys

The New York Times reported as many as 3,000 priests accused of molestation

In 2004, the John Jay report tabulated a total of 4,392 priests and deacons in the U.S. against whom allegations of sexual abuse have been made ... and that's just in the U.S.

John Jay report = The Nature and Scope of the Problem of Sexual Abuse of Minors by Catholic Priests and Deacons in the United States .. it was commissioned by the US Conference of Catholic Bishops

And then, the hierarchy did basically nothing about it?

So go ahead and call the Canes convicts – and let’s put the numbers of Canes players being convicts up against how many Priests, Bishops, Deacons, etc. were and are molesters


DZ8 - the usual things that people who don't like Boss Man Shannon, are the same things that Marc from 1040 doesn't like

- Doesn't use timeouts well & bad at clock management

- No emotion on the sideline

- Outcoached .. whatever that means


Six you never saw my post earlier about Mark and 1040..

And I'm a Catholic Hurricane fan..


I meant the priests whom are accused, should be persecuted by the full extend of the law.. No doubt.. but I think kids now think, they can construe any situation if parents prod them with questions.


Six I was asking you about Mark and 1040 not DZ8..
And you think time choice is his main concern.. My analysis would go deeper than that.

Six....... How do you guest host on a show with maybe U??? How could I prep, what research should I do ( Obviously based on current end relevant situations). Do you guys have like a business plan - document who use to outline a financial and everything else strategy.. ?

I know it sounds selfish but I would intern in my job to learn from you and I know I would excel. I learn like lightening .. I mean seriously. I'm intelligent.. but I think I'm a better learner who can adapt at a moments notice. Obviously I work during the day 8:00am to 4:30pm but if we could work out a schdele I could talk to my boss.

I assure, even as an asstant I would mop up these other kids.

They don't have the sports knowledge (15 yeras, from pee=wee to College) not even including all football about the Dolphins. My granfather was Miami Bomb Squad for thirty years, even working security.. He might even be able to get me a connect. Please contact me text, as soon as possible 8139448570..


That is how we get to 85..

Posted by: CaneSawMassacre | May 17, 2010 at 09:16 PM

Shannon called. He says he needs your scholly back and was cutting U and Fighting Ibis? UMike too for his Sophomore slump.

I'm jus sayin...LOL


Just keep talking and I can't wait to verbally assault these Randy haters in a year or two..

Posted by: CaneSawMassacre | May 17, 2010 at 09:14 PM

CSM...I haven't seen ANYBODY here hatin' on Randy. There are still some valid ??? that will ne answered in the next 2 years.

Must have balance Danielson!


I verbalize my critical opinions of Coach Shannon with as much zeal as anybody on here.
I will also be the first to applaud him when I feel he is doing something especially well.

I am seeing more emotion, more giving his team leaders the reins.
I can see Randy is much more comfortable on the sidelines.
He really has never had a Romberg,Irvin, Reed or team Captain that can joke with him in front of the other players, and make everyone at ease with it yet. Bosher seems to come close at times.

I don't feel we are out coached during the actual game. I think coach and Whip are doing good from whistle to whistle.

The thing I think needs attention is how the team is focused at the beginning of some games.
If you come out on fire one week, there is no reason you don't play with the same intensity early on the following week.

I feel we used youth and injuries as excuses a few times last season, when not having the team focused to play was actually what got us behind.
That is my only concern this season.

We win a couple big name games, and the rankings and hoopla get our attention instead of the approaching 45 degree rainstorm.

We stay focused and hungry
I see nothing but winning seasons and tons of All Americans developing under Randy Shannon.
We get cocky, or worse, complacent and I see some 3ed place Coastal WTF happened finishes.


CaneSaw - DZ8 asked about Marc on 1040 what his complaints were about Boss Man Shannon

That's when I listed what his main gripes were, the usual complaints that people who aren't down with Shannon have

In order to co-host or come onto a show, you have to basically have an "in" to start if no one knows you

Have to have someone put their huevos on the line, vouching for you and you have to prove them right while on the air - b/c if you stink it up, you're gone and you're going to get an ass chewing from the guy that put his rep on the line vouching for you ... b/c he's going to hear it from his boss, the VP of Broadcasting and also the President of the station - b/c both of their offices are within 20 feet of that studio

You prep for your show everyday, almost all day. Take notes on everyday events that you think will pertain to the show. Have takes that don't suck, have takes that you think will start conversation, have all kinds of info at your disposal - there are two computers in front of both major mics. Be able to talk for long periods of time, always thinking worst case scenario such as you might not have a single caller to your show for 3 hours

I don't think people realize just how hard it is to talk for just an hour alone, with basically zero dead air and not sounding like a moron by completely just repeating yourself. The tendency that everyone has when they get in front of the microphone, is to talk faster than normal - simply b/c of nerves. You see that "ON AIR" light come on, a lot of peeps freeze up, their hole puckers up, their voice goes up a little as if they missed some puberty time and they stutter like crazy or lose train of thought immediately

There's a difference in letting the show "breathe", as opposed to having crickets of dead air. Jim Rome lets his show "breathe" at times .. some call it pregnant pauses

I started back in the day, calling into the Jim Rome show. I'd get "Huge Call of the Day", I'd get "racked" on every single call I made .... I used to call into JT The Brick while driving home from work

JT The Brick actually got his start by being a great caller on the Jim Rome Show. Now, he's got one of the best shows on the radio with Fox Sports Radio

I'll tell you some more later about how to get into it and prep for it, I gotta get ready for the 11pm news


No SOUP - still lots of haters...

I don't mind as much as people thinking.. Key word thinking we only signed project


Those weren't my complaints about Boss Man Shannon ... those complaints that I listed were the guy DZ8 was asking about


" He totaled 126.5 sacks in his career and still holds the single game record of 7 quarterback sacks, a feat which occurred against Seattle's Dave Krieg on Veterans Day 1990"

Derrick Thomas, assassin


No SOUP - still lots of haters...

Posted by: CaneSawMassacre | May 17, 2010 at 10:46 PM

There will always be haters, just like some here hate on the Gators, Urban and Timmy. That goes with the territory. If FSU fans and Gator fans wanna hate, let 'em.

But don't get it twisted among CANES fans.

Just because it's not ALL love ALL the time doesn't mean anyone is "hating" on Shannon. When he accomplishes his goals. our goals, then the LOVE will flow freely. Until then some are reserved about showing their everlasting and undying love. People have been hurt before. Love doesn't come easy.

Many people HATE on Coker all the time, maybe a bit too much. He won a title, almost TWO, after all and then it went downhill. If U can hate on him U can hate on anybody really.

I'm not condoning hate. I'm just saying:

Love, it don't come easy...


Nothing good happens after midnight...

86 is O U T

Playa..The Blogger Formerly Known as Rashad


The guy gets around. I'm jus sayin'...

Posted by: SOUP | May 17, 2010 at 12:51 PM

LOL!! Yes, me in my better days. All I need is the Sunsations and ill be a very happy man.


CaneSaw - if you want to intern at the ESPN station, I'm pretty sure you have to be enrolled in college and taking courses .. just like up at my work at the television station

Back to prepping for and doing an actual show

Like I said, you're prepping for the show basically the hours that you're awake. You should see the pages of notes that I have when I walk into the studio. Mark is the same, he has a Canes shoulder bag, with notes and sports pages as well

You have to be able to book guests as well, b/c sometimes you might be able to do it better than your producer. You have to pound it and be good at time management/scheduling in booking your guests. You can't overbook for a particular day unless you know for a damn fact that you'll be able to slot them at particular times .... and you're relying on them to keep their time slot and stick to their word

You've got to be knowledgeable and be able to talk about a multitude of sports, if necessary. The VP of Broadcasting, when he offered me a gig, he had some good advice for me ... I asked him about the "dead period" in sports and how hard it was to fill for those months ... he said "there is no such thing as a dead period in sports - you might think or others might think that, who are just into the mainstream sports such as football/basketball/baseball ... but there's always something going on"

The VP of Broadcasting is friends with Colin Cowherd, he gave him a job as the morning host up in Seattle - I think you know how successful Colin turned out

I admit, I don't know jack about NeckCar - I know that they turn left alot, at 190+ MPH and they don't drive in the rain. I know the names of some drivers, but can I really talk about it on the air? Nope. I can ask questions about it, if I have a guest that's a driver/owner/pit crew chief/etc. - but other than that, I'm going to run out of material real quick. It's my fault that I don't know more about it

You should really know about it or at least be able to keep your head afloat in a conversation about it. Same with golf. We live in Florida - golf is huge here, whether people really think it is or not. Gotta be able to talk about it

Like I said, I started off calling the Jim Rome Show and I was a damn good caller. I was batting 1.000% in getting "racked" on every single one of my calls. I got "Huge Call of the Day" a few times. I then started calling the JT The Brick show, when I was driving home from work - he's overnight and his show if you haven't heard it before, demands you being a little more aggressive on your takes, you gotta come correct with some energy and sound like you got a pair in your opinion - be able to defend your opinion at the drop of a hat. Rome and JT are like two different types of training camps for you to call into and give your take

From there, my best friend and I had our own radio show for a couple of years at a rinky dink radio station near Clearwater. Their big draw was having Don Imus on their station. It was a pay-for-air station, where you bought time for your show. If you didn't have any sponsors to pay for your show, you're shelling out cash of your own wallet to buy airtime

Let me tell you something - that is like the super dredged minor leagues of radio. It's worse than public access television. They'll let anyone on the air, as long as they can pay their bill at the beginning of the month

I heard some of the worst radio in my entire life on that station. I mean, I could put 2 kids in a Kindergarten class on the mic talking about eating Play Doh and they would be Edward R. Murrow compared to what f**kery was on the air at that station

I could tell you so many stories about some stuff that happened at that station ... from homeless people wandering inside and walking right past the glass of our studio, waving at us ... to our producer playing a sound effect of a woman moaning sexually, during an interview with Pat Williams of the Orlando Magic when he was talking about his new book "How to Be Like Women of Influence: Life Lessons from 20 of the Greatest"

We're sitting there, talking with Pat Williams who was nice enough to talk to us on his cell phone from his car as he was driving home from a Magic playoff game ... we mention his book about "Women of Influence" and ask him to give us a brief synopsis of it, Pat starts to talk and all the sudden while he's talking we hear a sound effect of a woman going "ohhhhhh ummmm yeahhhhhh" and we both look up into out producers booth, and the stoner that we had as a producer gives us the thumbs up with a huge smile on his face like he thought it was funny to do that ... Pat Williams stops mid sentence and asks "did you hear that?" - we said immediately "no, didn't hear anything at all, please go ahead"

Jesus. I wanted to jump through the glass and pound that stoner's face into the audio board

Anyway, I got lots of stories about our time at that station. But the thing was, while everyone else was doing a garbage show and job at that station on their shows - my friend and I were promoting the hell out of our show, we had 200 shirts made with our logo on the front and back, made a deal with the t-shirt company to be a sponsor for us, we booked guests like crazy and when we called them, we sounded official and legitimate - and got them to come on

Some of our guests:

Cal Ripken Jr., Anthony Munoz, Deacon Jones, David Stern, Pat Williams, Jack McDowell, Jeremy Schaap, Gene Deckerhoff, Brad Radke, Dan Wetzel (Award winning Yahoo Sports Columnist and author), Charles Robinson (Award winning Yahoo Sports Columnist)

These people had no clue that we were 2 no-name guys on a rinky dink station in Clearwater with a listening range of maybe 20 miles at night, tops - but - we sounded professional, we were extremely knowledgeable, and we had some of those people on regularly for their own segment

The main thing is, if you can't get an internship - you just gotta be a great caller .. not good, but great. You have to get the attention of the host of the show and make them remember you. You have to get an "in" and prove worthy to that person enough for them to put their own ass on the line for you to give you any kind of shot. And if you ever do get that shot, you gotta crush it and make them want to bring you back b/c you gave them something that was audio Viagra. You gotta get your reps in, you gotta be comfortable in talking, have some necessary arrogance but not be cocky, have a good radio voice, and have an opinion that you can defend intelligently

You gotta be willing to work for free at first, don't demand anything until you know you can and when you know you can, you don't demand it - you ask

Let me tell you something - that station 1010, is a pay-for-air station. The people that you hear on that station, with maybe the exception of 2 (JP Peterson and I think that haggard old woman that does the Hooters Show) - other than that, all those jabronis are buying time to be on the air. That might be ok to do at first, like what my friend and I did, just to get our reps in - but that's not something you want to do for any extended period of time, b/c basically it's looked down upon. You can tell the difference as well in those shows and in shows on stations that aren't pay-for-air, like 620 and ESPN 1040

Some of the people on 1010, used to be on other stations, but they basically couldn't hack it and were shown the door b/c they sucked on-air. There's one person in particular on 1010, who actually used to be on ESPN 1040 for a little bit as a fill-in guy and was called by a columnist in the Tampa Tribune as the "next Jim Rome" - ya, haha, well, that "next Jim Rome" got shown the damn door and he's now buying time on 1010 to be on the air

So, hey, if you want to get your reps in, you can pay-for-air on 1010 and have your own show. There's really no shame in it when you're first starting off in the business .... but it's a different story when you've been in the business for a while, aren't good enough to stay in it and have to go there to pay your own money to be on the air


I dedicate my last post to my boy Calvin, I was tryin to get everyone ready for him when he gets back

CaneSaw, also, I'm not really in any position of importance to get you into ESPN 1040. Marc asks me if I can fill in for him when he does have time off, or come in and co-host sometimes ... I filled in for the Sports Blob show last Labor Day, but mainly I only help out Marc with his show and last year with the remote shows next to Raymond James for Bucs games. I am doing a show right now for 1 hour a week for the XFC on ESPN 1040, mainly in moderator/host capacity with the President/CEO of the XFC and his good friend who is a badass fighter/teacher/trainer - it's basically their show, with me being the host

What I can suggest is, be a great caller, get recognized that way, perfect your craft in that department b/c that shows a little of what you can do ... first time I ever called The Swarm, Mark asked if I'd ever done radio before. You gotta make that type of impression, make that type of impact - b/c if someone can't put a call together with their takes in the couple of minutes they're on, how do you think they'll do in the studio on the mic for a minimum of an hour?


Sorry Six.... I got tired and let the spelling drift of there. I'm not begging you for necessarily a job, but maybe just to intern for a couple hours or so when you are on, or maybe even just shadowing....

I just know I don't want to be a corporate research analyst my whole life.

I want to do something in sports and I know I have the intelligence and ability to succeed in whatever I do, and I know if I don't start trying now..... It will never happen.

I've been calling Mark frequently I believe I'm in an intelligent caller.. I bring valid points, I could certainly bring more research to the table. I just figured if I got the opportunity to shadow it might lead to networking and a shot at interning.

Six don't you film high school sports and stuff around Tampa, or do you also do the interviewing?? I could be a huge help by just researching a bunch of stuff and doing whatever you need to have information ready regarding some of these Tampa high school games. Again, I'm not trying to get paid, just want to learn more about the business and evaluate whether 1. I have the talent to be there ( which I know I do) 2. If I'm intelligent enough to think on the fly ( I know I am) 3. I'm not sure about a radio or TV voice but I could work on it..


And these same people who are talking about Randy taking projects are claiming, "Latwan Anderson" won't be a Cane... yada yada yada yada..

He brought in a class with competition for key positions, and basically is telling these kids... Look, I dont' care about stars.. I need a stud or two from each postions, THAT WONT REDSHIRT... IF YOU"RE THE ONE YOU WILL PLAY...

That has all of these kids pumped and ready to play. And I hope Gary isn't bullshattin' about these kids and their workouts before the summer, because he says most like Nelson, T.Williams, D.Perry and a bunch of these kids have personal trainers who are teaching them the Miami workout plan.. That is nice if true, but the work outs between the team during the summer by themselves is probably the most pivotal thing for everybody along with how they are lifting.

Can the team do 7 on 7 informal drills and actually call defenses that make the offense work??

Are the OL and DT's out moving cars, pushing sleds, rolling tires, and practicing blocking assignments for all fronts??

All WR's and TE's should have to work with Mark Duper on their hands like Hankerson did, if Duper would be so kind..

Actually the TE's could switch off with them and the lineman..

And they all needed to be hitting their single best stride in their lifting program. If they can't build that mass that will hold them for their tough and long season they are screwed.

On a side note.. Who the phuck chose our scheduling as far as home and away games this year??

NCAA gives us FAMU this year...Then sends us
to OSU
To Clemson - then we get to come home and rest with

That is PHUCKED, whomever chose that schedule

Ice It

Fredi let Hanley have it last night ... the dugout riot act as well ... bueno 33

shit, just play hard, always

problem solved

* spark * ?

Cat 5 Cane

I like the picks above!!!

That was my biotch, last week!
Clemson AWAY

Tough schedule but after looking deeper into it, we have time in between the games to rest and game study them before playing them.

A&M HOME (9 days off)
OSU AWAY (9 days off)
PITT AWAY (12 days off)
Clemson AWAY (9 days off)

The rest of the schedule is were it's grueling... no time off and playing every Saturday.

Hopefully we get some night games ( I think we are 6/0 at night and playing at the Sun) but Randy love the heat (our advantage)...


Cat 5 Cane

LOL... wow, this Firefox (automatic spell check) thingy is great!!!

Now, if I only had a program to put the right word and punctuation in the sentence, I would be good to go!

Cat 5 Cane

another point to the schedule is it's going to be a warm year for us... Last away game is playing GT, Nov-13th... Weather might be cold but not too bad!

Don't know who the equipment guy is, but better heaters and ready for any condition should be the SOP of the day... Remember when we played GT, at night, in 08 and they supplied us with little heaters about 7' high above the ground, while our players were standing on benches trying to get warm!!!... Man I was pissed


Sometimes it is better not to say anything:

I dreamt that my son was working in a restaurant, and that his manager was a woman that had a burn mark on the side of her face, and was getting her master's degree in hospitality management (I don't know if that is a real degree, but in the dream it was), and he had me come to visit because she used to be a UM cheerleader. I talked with my son about how she was still having a wonderful and successful life, and then I asked her for her autograph in front of my son, to prove a point. In the dream, the manager was surprised that I wanted HER autograph since she was no longer a cheerleader. I said, I would ask for Jerry Lewis' autograph even after he has retired, or a football player's autograph. When I woke up, I felt really good, since I had given my son a life lesson even though it was in a dream.

So then when my wife woke up, I said "Honey I had a great dream!" "Really, what about?" "Our son and I were with this UM Cheerleader, and ..." "OH REALLY!?!"

Ugh. Seriously, sometimes it is better not to say anything.


31 ( 30 ) Lomas Brown Jr. - Football - Not first ballot HOF, but has fire and did well on a bad team and a good team.
27 ( 29 ) Isaac Bruce - Football - Looking to become a reverend after retiring, gives free tickets to kids and helps the United Way. Yes, he makes me proud.
26 ( 28 ) Edgerrin James - Football - Another HOF cane, great college and NFL career, help the UM resurgence.
35 ( 27 ) Dwight Gooden - Baseball - Character matters, and playoff performance matters.
50 ( 26 ) Charlie Ward - Football - A wuss that PJ Brown flipped into the stands like a discus. Freaken illegal GA immigrant. I would put Cliff Floyd in his place.
25 ( 25 ) Derrick Thomas - Football - A player that I wish had been a Cane and a Dolphin.
24 ( 24 ) Warren Sapp - Football - Has anyone that met him personally ever LIKED him? Just sayin.
23 ( 23 ) Andre Johnson - Football - Will continue to have an excellent career and move up in the next edition of the top 50.
22 ( 22 ) Mitch Richmond - Basketball - I did enjoy those Run TMC years, especially against defenses like the Miami Heat had back then.
21 ( 21 ) Rowdy Gaines IV - Swimming - I gotta claim ignorance, even after reading his bio. I still feel this would have been a wrestler's name.


Posted too soon.

Preface with: I am still enjoying this count-up, and by using Six's list, I was able to preview a few of the guys that are on his list but were not yet in solar's list.

It's been fun, and as we get higher in the list, the mobility of the folks on the list shrinks. I won't even move Rowdy Gaines, because I really cannot claim to understand how I would compare him with let's say Andre Johnson.


A little fuel for bg's fire...:

Report: Kiffin among high-paid coaches (From ESPN.com)

Quick exits from the Oakland Raiders and Tennessee Volunteers and just 12 wins over two years did little to deter USC from making Lane Kiffin one of the highest-paid college coaches.

The private school, which doesn't make coaching contracts public, is paying Kiffin $4 million a year -- nearly as much as it paid Pete Carroll -- according to a report on HBO's "Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel," which will air on Tuesday night.

Carroll was paid $4.4 million, and he won two national championships and seven Pac-10 titles.

Kiffin, who made $2 million last season in Tennessee, is on par with veteran coaches Mack Brown of Texas, Alabama's Nick Saban, Florida's Urban Meyer, LSU's Les Miles and Oklahoma's Bob Stoops in terms of salary. He ranks ahead of Ohio State's Jim Tressel. Every one of those coaches has won at least 12 games in a season en route to national championships.

Kiffin was 7-6 in his one season at Tennessee before leaving in January and 5-15 in one-plus seasons with the Raiders before being fired in September 2008.

He was a member of the USC coaching staff from 2001 to '06, first as wide receivers coach and then as offensive coordinator under Carroll.

The salary pool for Lane Kiffin and his Tennessee staff last season totaled $5,625,000, which included his father and defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin's $1.5 million salary (counting a $300,000 payment he pocketed in December) and recruiting coordinator/defensive line coach Ed Orgeron's $650,000 salary. Both coaches were hired for Lane Kiffin's staff at USC.

The HBO report said that Monte Kiffin makes "around" $2 million per year at USC, shattering the record he set at Tennessee as college football's first million-dollar assistant. It is around the $2.2 million he made as defensive coordinator of the Super Bowl-winning Tampa Bay Buccaneers.



Who would you rather have coaching the Canes this year? (If $ were no object)

Randy or Lame?


Please tell Ernest Graham and Teddy Dupay is on that list..

By the way anyone buying this new game by Rockstar called Red Dead Redemption?


404, since nobody else is answering:

Randy, by a long shot. When Al Davis considers someone so slimy that they get fired for cause, and when Tennessee fans hang the guy in effigy, then I would say he is a slimeball of Urban and Saban levels.

But if we paid Randy 4 million, I wouldn't be upset, either.


Posted by: Ungar | May 18, 2010 at 11:46 AM

Thanks for responding Ungar, of course I agree with you. But it really makes the debate interesting on how much Randy should have been paid when you compare it to that as*!


404 definitely RS at this point.

Lame has proven nothing except that he has a nack for screwing things up and getting in to trouble.

So for now RS is the choice.



7-6 record with a talent-rich team like Tennessee earns a 4 million dollar per year contract?

I am glad that he is not in Miami.

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