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May 24, 2010


Doc Ibis





is Kelly Slater the kid from saved by the bell?


Soup - no rafting for me. Getting ready for Regionals which are in July

Posted by: CGNC | May 24, 2010 at 06:53 PM



Sling...what up doggie? No UM baseball for U this year? That just ain't right.


now thats alot of info..


Sling...what up doggie? No UM baseball for U this year? That just ain't right.

Posted by: SOUP | May 24, 2010 at 07:37 PM

i was only able to make it to one game..the second game of he season against rutgers...


Anyone here read Dante's Inferno (English translation of course, I am not THAT cruel)?

The reason I ask is that there needs to be a new circle of Hell added for the scumbag that stole my cell phone off my desk, made a big call to Columbia, and then apparently THREW IT AWAY.

The devil should be taking and old 1980's blocky cell phone and jamming it SIDEWAYS up their (edited by 86) with the antenna in the open position!

Other than that, Go Canes!


Great Choices!


thanks TJL

It's getting down to super crunch time now
every choice is tougher and tougher


is Kelly Slater the kid from saved by the bell?

Posted by: SlingBlade | May 24, 2010 at 07:35 PM



SOUP not scurred, broke. Big diff ;-D

Solar, Kelly Slater must be freaking out with this mess in the Gulf!
Nice job again guys.

Flyers up 3-1 end of 2


thanks CG!

Old Skool

Kelly Slater. You guys caught me by surprise with that one.

Whitewater rafting should be a blast. I haven't done it in about 15 years and that was in the warm waters of Costa Rica.

I've been reading up on rapids in the Chattooga. Riding the Devils Spine and the Bonzai Charge followed by the Widow Maker, White Death, the Bone Breaker, Dead Man's Chute, the Flesh Stripper, Coffin Corner and the Noose before ending up in Ned's Crack should be memorable.


ending up in Ned's Crack should be memorable.

thats what she said last night


like I told you in the email, I'm glad to have you go, I think we will have a few stories to tell the grand kids or at least the Emergency Room physician


Flyers won 4-2

Charlie Brown

SOUP not scurred, broke. Big diff ;-D

Posted by: CGNC | May 24, 2010 at 08:56 PM

Broke? Nah, U just SCURRED?

U can stay at Solar's house for FREE.

I'll pay for all of your expenses including rafting and meals.

Now what U got as excuses?

Old Skool

Yeah when the grandkids ask what did you do in the summer of 2010, we won't have to say. "Well, I sat at home and watched Twilight."

Charlie Brown

CGNC...U are broke and U are moving U and your HORSE to JUPITER, FL? Seriously?

Cat 5 Cane

Last of 24 and I'm a mess!

My buddy Jack is on the run and I'll never see him again.

What is America going to do, without him... Man, we are so screwed!... Think about all of the attempts on the US, that he saved in the last hour for the past 8 years...

I'm going to miss him!

Good bye, Jack

Thanks for all of the memories!


Charlie Brown

CAT5...I'm a 24 fan also. Great show but a little out there in terms of story line.

Jack and Coke?

She's got the Jack?

Jack Attack?

Charlie Brown

Solar/Six...this is the best list so far. I agree on all of them. Nice work!

Cat 5 Cane

Watching you complete the listing means so much more when you have been lucky enough to watch the guys play, that are on the list...

Seeing Brown, Shef and Chipper play was a treat and Dawson means a little more to me, as he went to SW High (My School) and broke my best friend's (Donnie Miller's) Home Run record, which stood for 8/9 years before Dawson crushed it!

But then again, records are written and once written, is waiting to be broken!

Good list...Big guy!


Philly about time you show up!!! LOL - I was giving your Fly Guys major props. They will take care of the Habs tonight (sorry Montreal, but your team is done).

Posted by: CGNC | May 24, 2010 at 04:05 PM

HAHA... I know I havent been around and Im pissed especially since you've been giving the FLYERS mad props.. thats unheard of lol.. I just graduated and I also dont have a computer to use a lot since it got stolen.. I try to make it around every couple of blogs


Big Sheffield fan, but ever since he hired that whiny nanny, I haven't had the same respect for him.

I gotta look at the list in more detail, but it is so far tougher to move guys once they are in such a dominant position.

And just like the wrestler, I mean swimmer, I will have to give the benefit of the doubt on the surfer.

I saw the movie Surfs Up, but Since he isn't a penguin, I cannot say much about his skill.


Jack Attack?

Posted by: Charlie Brown | May 24, 2010 at 10:43 PM

No offense, but they lost me several years ago. The show just jumped the shark with the plotline about his dad and brother being evil. I just found it hard to watch so never watched after that season, although I'm sure it got better.


soup, cat, ungar thanks for the props on the list

I've really learned a lot about these 50 guys from the time I had the idea to do the list, then cutting the 300 100 50 20 10 1 guys down and putting them into some kind of order I felt was unbiased and fair.


but Since he isn't a penguin, I cannot say much about his skill.

He's just a tad shorter than the penguins but wears almost the exact same wetsuit.

here is a clip of him at his best with maybe the best music with a vid in a long time.


And now he accomplished this:

How about when The US House of Representatives passes a resolution to recognize you for your contributions to your sport.
How many other athletes have you ever heard of having that honor


U.S. House resolution honors champion surfer Kelly Slater

Part-time Hawai'i resident and nine-time world champion surfer Kelly Slater has been recognized for his achievements by the U.S. House of Representatives.

The House approved a resolution co-sponsored by more than 60 U.S. Representatives, including U.S. Rep. Maize Hirono, D-Hawai'i.

The resolution honors Slater, a native of Florida, for his many surfing accomplishments, including winning the 2010 Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach contest and his status as the all-time leader in Association of Surfing Professionals world titles.

"He is unmatched, unparalleled in the world of surfing," according to remarks in the Congressional Record by Florida Rep. Bill Posey, who sponsored the resolution. "Obviously, he is an inspiration to many."


solar - do you have the complete updated lists of both yours and mine so we can compare/contrast?

B/c I know I have a different 20-16


solar - you gotta send me your complete updated list of the Top 50

I know that Charlie Ward was DQed and so was Doris Hart

So we both replaced someone, or moved others up/down according to that


got Gilbert Arenas somewhere on this list?



With updated TOP 50 RANKINGS


Este - Gilbert can't qualify b/c he went to high school out in LA Cali


FABULOUS 50 FLORIDIANS From #25 on down to #16

Solar's picks are numbered, with my picks being right next to his in (*parenthesis)

So far, we've only had 2 picks the same at the same spot ... Tim Tebow at #50 and Kelly Slater at #19

Here's #25 to #16

25. Derrick Thomas (*Edgerrin James)
24. Warren Sapp (*Ricky Jackson)
23. Andre Johnson (*Brian Dawkins)
22. Mitch Richmond (*Artis Gilmore)
21. Rowdy Gaines (*Steve Garvey)
20. Gary Sheffield (*Brooke Bennett)
19. Kelly Slater (*Kelly Slater)
18. Jerome Brown (*Warren Sapp)
17. Andre Dawson (*Deacon Jones)
16. Chipper Jones (*Jack Youngblood)

I'll re-post this later b/c I know a lot of peeps don't go back and read what was written late at night

francis w

SIX.... I read every post and especially fond of the 50 Greatest Floridians endevour of Solar and yourself. I hope a comprehensive list can be posted after we get the last 5 from each of you.

Cat 5 Cane

well of coarse we want you to be unbiased and fair. I mean, It's our lis, scratch that,... it's your list, man.

and that's why Randy is going to be first...Right?...LOL... No pressure, no worries mate, just put them down as you see it, right? Randy's first and I don't give a shiit who's second, right? I mean, who else could it be, Right, man,... I mean........LOL

Cat 5 Cane

Just playing with ya, Bro!

Cat 5 Cane

and about that surfer dude,... Sure everyone in gov voted for the guy, hell, most of them are probably x surfers...

Check out this video. Doesn't the surfer dude, sound just like Joe Senator, trying to get a bill passed in DC.


Sooo pitted, man!

Cat 5 Cane

Ohhh... hell with sports, there is nott'n happening... you guys gotta see this, as it only happens in cal.

LOL, the weather guy is a trip... I can't wait to see this guy on the weather channel doing "on the scene" hurricanes...!!!


Cat 5 Cane

Football better come soon, I'M LOSING IT!!!


Cat 5 going solo early in da mornin...lol...in the words of LT36 to R Bailey before for the kick off of the Texas beat down in the cotton bowl..." do yo thang baby"..lol


sent you an email


Cat5, You don't have games stored for replay?

I play them when I get the Jones.

1984 Orange Bowl, where I can see a speck that MIGHT be me, is my favorite. Before the game, NOBODY gave the Canes a chance, but we were just happy to use that game as a measuring stick to see how we COULD someday get to that level.

The Cotton Bowl is in second. What? You refs want to start us on offense at first and forty? No problem. Talk about overcoming adversity!

I of course have burned the copy of the Penn State and Fiasco games.


Randy on WQAM.



go canes,tomorrow we need to show the acc whos in charge


Soup: LOL. NO.
1) I am getting ready for Regional Competition.
2) I have no extra time or money for anything else.
3) If I was really into that stuff, I would go here http://www.usnwc.org since it is basically in my backyard

Ice skating trip, and I am in. After Regionals of course


My 2 cents worth. Jerome Brown was and will always be my favorite cane player. I was very fortunate to have met him and have a very funny story about a breakfast meeting with him and several players from the 86th squad. He made a comment to me then that will stay with me forever. "Next year I will be a millionaire, playing a sport that I really really love. In doing so I will be able to offer my thanks to my family for their standing beside and behind me in everything I have done. Especially to my mother." I have never forgotten this and cried like a baby for hours when I heard the news that he had died. It's a Wonderful Life could have never said it so right when they say at the end. "One never knows how many hearts you touch while you are living. You are nothing without friends and family." Thanks Jerome and thanks to all my friends.


Well said, Wayne.


Top 10 Football Recruit Targets for the University of Miami in 2011



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