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May 17, 2010


Playa..The Blogger Formerly Known as Rashad

First again!!!!!!!

east st louis cane

i been reading for a couple of years but first post


Welcome east st louis cane...post here post often.

Are U a Cardinals fan in baseball? They aren't playing so hot right now. I'm a Cards fan myself, not trying to start anything, haha.


Good article on recruiting in dade co as it relates to UM. Manny is also interviewed for this article.


Posted by: 404 | May 16, 2010 at 06:09 PM

Great article 404!


My NFL loyalties start and stop with former Canes playing in the league (big surprise!)

So.... Go Saints!

New Orleans Saints rookie Jimmy Graham appreciates life's lessons
By James Varney, The Times-Picayune
May 17, 2010, 6:30AM
For most people, there would be something terrifying about the controlled violence of professional football.
Alan Diaz/The Associated Press
New Orleans Saints rookie tight end Jimmy Graham says he's a strong guy who surrounds himself with good people.
For New Orleans Saints tight end Jimmy Graham, however, all the scary stuff happened off the field.
And most of that happened years ago when, at the age of 11, he awoke at the end of a car ride and discovered his mother was signing him into a group home. She dropped him off with two sacks of clothes, and with his sister wailing in the back, drove off into the night.
"Waking up in a place you don't know, with people you don't know, getting beat up every day -- it sculpted me," Graham said last week during the Saints' rookie camp. "It's definitely been a travel. I battled, but it's made my character."

Click for the rest:



Randy has NO problem with it, you are making it your personal problem.

Randy's whole income is based on incentives not base salary.

Explain to me the Duke and UVa incentive bonus plans.

We can't argue that point because we have no facts that the Duke coach will get more than Randy by season's end.

Maybe Duke's coach gets what you see in black and white, they don't have the expectations to win the ACC or NC in football.
Perhaps Randy gets 60%, 75%, or 100% more than his base salary by seasons end.

Do you know for a fact UVa's guy has the same bonus opportunity Randy has?
Relax, Randy isn't going to starve.lol

If he didn't think it was fair he wouldn't have signed on the line.
Maybe the Duke and UVA coaches have much better agents, we don't know that either.

You and I both do better work at our job than people that get paid more than we do.

Lets see how the season unfolds. Randy has everything in place to win big, he will be rewarded for his performance, not potential.

Posted by: solarcane | May 17, 2010 at 09:15 AM

I think he DOES have a problem with it Solar. He just COULDN'T do anything about it. I think he's happy its done and he's SATISFIED with the final offer what ever it was. BUT, its NOT about Randy. Its about the University. Miami has 1 and only 1 advantage in the pantheon of college football and that is you can win here. Other than that, Miami is NOT a PREMIER COLLEGE football destination for a coach. Its looked at as a place to build a reputation and move on. IF the university EVER wants to change that perception, they are going to have to find a way to improve things like coach and assistant salaries, facilities, and getting fans to the games. Is it fair these coaches make so much money??? NO it is not, I agree with you on that WHOLEHEARTEDLY, BUT the environment of college football HAS changed and the university HAS to change with it. Lets take a worse case scenario here. What IF Coach ISN'T the guy? What top coach do you think would come here to be the bottom of the barrel in the ACC? I'll tell you how many, just like the article said...0! Randy took it because he IS MIAMI and WANTS to be here. To ME that is even more reason to pay him comparable to the other coaches in the ACC.

HOW can UVA bring in a guy that has coached at the FCS (D-IAA) level at a higher salary than what the University of Miami pays its coach. Or a school like Duke which is a BASKETBALL school bring in their coach at a full .25 million MORE than what the coach at MIAMI a PREMIER football school can pay their coach. Do you realize of ALL the coaches in the ACC only Shannon and Fisher have National Championships on their resumes? Only those 2. FSU realized that and Jimbo is the highest paid coach out of those who have NOT won the ACC yet. Miami should have matched that in my opinion and I'll NEVER see it any other way.

Yes I'm glad its done, but YES it is MY personal issue, but I also realize if coach wins the way WE believe he will these next 2 years, he'll get his just due!

east st louis cane

no iam a cubs fan shouldnt say that out loud


I'm sorry.

east st louis cane

glad to see randy get that extension now its time to get more ships i say three out of the four

east st louis cane

i used to like the them back in 82 that was a team rigkt there

east st louis cane

out for now back later its all about the U.


Thats around when I became a fan.


i think its fair that a coach makes a million and a half. the market decides what is fair. now a bank's CEO who got a bail out - now him getting a huge bonus, that is easier to argue as being unfair.


Here's something we can all agree is great for UM and the ACC:


i been reading for a couple of years but first post

Posted by: east st louis cane | May 17, 2010 at 10:45 AM


[email protected]

To collect your Canespace T-shirt.


Playa...U are off the chain! More playa on one of his better dayz here:


The guy gets around. I'm jus sayin'...


bg1906 asks:

1. What IF Coach ISN'T the guy?

That possibility still exists but appears slim at this point. I say give it two more years to find out.

2. What top coach do you think would come here to be the bottom of the barrel (in salary) in the ACC?

Zero, zilch, nada, none.

3. Randy took it because he IS MIAMI and WANTS to be here. To ME isn't that even more reason to pay him comparable to the other coaches in the ACC?

I agree 100%.


I just had to post this from CNNSI MMQB:

Thought of this the other day: In the past three drafts, the Baltimore Ravens have drafted zero players from the University of Florida. The New England Patriots have drafted five Gators since 2006, the first offseason Urban Meyer would have been able to give good advice to NFL coaches about his Florida players after taking over the job in 2005.

I make the point because the two teams have good connections to the Florida football program, and they are using those connections in far different ways. Bill Belichick admires Meyer and they share strategic nuggets. This is the third year Greg Mattison has been on the Ravens' coaching staff after being Florida's defensive coordinator. It would stand to reason Mattison not only knows the Gators' draft prospects as well as or better than any other person in the NFL right now, but also would have a direct pipeline into the program to find out the scoop on all of them.

For instance, with the Ravens having such a major tight-end need this year, you'd think Florida's Aaron Hernandez slipping into the fourth round would have set off alarm bells in the Ravens' draft room. But no -- Baltimore instead took tight end Ed Dickson of Oregon over Hernandez, and then another TE, Dennis Pitta of BYU right after New England chose Hernandez. Simple scouting preference? Maybe. Or maybe it's more about the character questions and positive marijuana test (or tests, according to Albert Breer of the Boston Globe) that pushed Hernandez away from the Ravens.

New England has to hope its three Florida draftees -- defensive lineman Jermaine Cunningham, linebacker Brandon Spikes and Hernandez -- fare better than the first two from Florida in the Meyer era. Wideout Chad Jackson and lineman Jeremy Mincey, both taken in 2006, made zero impact in New England.

That's UF pipeline for you.... :)
Even their own coaches will stay clear of their former players.

87' canes

Go Canes!!!!!


Randy IS the guy. Cause he's got the PLAYERS needed to win it all. a 2nd year in Whipple's system and the offense will be truly unstoppable - not periodically unstoppable like last year. The question is whether Lovett will be up to the task as DC. I think he will as long as the LBs do a better job covering TEs.


Canes got a big slap of reality in the face this weekend against the Bumblebees

3 errors in the game, which lead to 2 runs

Your 8,9,1,2 hitters go 0-13

Harold Martinez has 16 ERRORS on the entire season? You're kidding me, right?

They're still 4th overall in the conference in errors with 54, but that's 3 spots too low. One of the mainstays of keeping the opponent from beating you is pitching and defense - they go hand-in-hand. You pitcher works hard to get a ground ball, that's a gift to the fielder and the team ... don't airmail it into the stands

I think I would go absolutely insane if I was the Wake Forest manager, they're last in the ACC in errors with 106. Those kids playing with frying pans on their hands?

Canes stink against lefties and they can barely win on the road

They better wake up:

7th in the ACC in Batting Average (.301)

8th in the ACC in On Base % (.397)

8th in the ACC in Runs Scored

8th in the ACC in Hits

8th in the ACC in RBI

9th in the ACC in Doubles

6th in the ACC in Triples

3rd in the ACC in Home Runs - nice surprise
(blame Swasey that they aren't 1st, right?)

*GTech is 1st in Home Runs, 102, Canes are 3rd with 78

6th in the ACC in Total bases

11th in the ACC in Total Plate Appearances

12th in the ACC in At Bats

7th in the ACC in Walks

3rd in the ACC in Strikeouts (not good)

Virginia and GTech are the best two teams in the ACC right now


Sy-Cane. Great article.

Esteban. I think the D will be fine. They were VERY injured last year.


Sy-Cane, good catch. I like Spikes and Hernandez's chances better than Jackson's and Mincey's. Cunningham I'm not sure about. Just never was blown away by him. He's a solid college player. Not sure if he'll be even solid as an every down guy in the pros.


With a premier writer like Peter King, I think he single handedly "bi-ch"-slapped those Gator fans to reality about their dynasty teams. If you compare the talent of the 2000-2002 teams to UF's 2006-2010 teams, we win hands down, no competition, just on draft ranking alone, let alone how those players panned out...

mr troutman

He is going to become a great coach he is already a fantastick human. HE will get Miami back to dominace. I love watching them and I am a U. of Texas grad. HOOKUM HORNS!!!!!! GO HURRICANES

Even other fans like seeing and rooting for the U.. We are like a sexy young lady working at your front desk looking like Halle Berry. Men trip over themselves to take a look. Even if you hate you still think Miami look good at times. I remember watching a game with a friend he said once you see Miami return one to the house it was over. Miami returned an interception to the house and yeah it was over alright. This waas 2001 I think. This year just seems different then most. We heve a veteran team coming back which history proves INCREASES YOUR CHANCES for a national championship. Having more healthy bodies will be our BIGGEST weapon we will have this year. We will come in waves of three at every postion...in other words 1st, 2nd and 3rd team will be playing lights out ball. Last year we only had enough to fill a 2nd team . Now we are near having enough bodies for a 4th team.

Shannon has really done a fine job for Miami and in time all the critics, haters and analist will finally see what some of us saw all along. " Miami ballin boys are back". Gather up Dade, Broward, Palm Beach,The Muck Leon and then cherry pick the US then the Miam machine is back in motion. That is what other colleges were starting to see but wont feel completely until this year.

Welll i though I'll drop by and holla for a few. Peace!!!


The 12 most valuable( profitable) schools in the NCAA



good reply I understand what you are saying and what you are feeling.
just stopped by the house for a sec back later



You are my BROTHER no matter if we agree or not bro! HAHAHA!


you know the little letter box you have to duplicate when posting a link or a cut and paste sometimes...

how appopriate for me was the beginning of this one ?


I get no respect


bg, I know we are good, I am back to work


RIP - Ronnie James Dio


Welll i though I'll drop by and holla for a few. Peace!!!

Posted by: mr troutman | May 17, 2010 at 01:31 PM

TROUT sighting! Wazzup?


Ronnie James Dio

Posted by: raizecane | May 17, 2010 at 01:44 PM

Dio is dead? How'd he die???


I saw that someone over on the sentinel (with Shandel's blessing apparently) tried to compare Canespace with a gator website.

The funny things about that are 1. The "website" is apparently an advertising arm of a collectibles site for Gators.

2. they had 1,0,0,6,3,0,and 4 comments to thear last seven messages, and average of 2 per message. I don't beleive Canespace has only had two comments on any of it's threads.

Game, Set and Match to the man doing this for the love of the team over the guy that is trying to sell something to Gator fans.


i havent read a comment on shandel's blog since....its been a while. i cant even remember.


2. What top coach do you think would come here to be the bottom of the barrel (in salary) in the ACC?

Zero, zilch, nada, none.

On this point I disagree. Are we going to get a top-10 BCS coach to come in? No, but that's nothing new. Unless you consider Erickson and Wash. State a great coach and program we've never hired anyone like that in the modern Canes era. But- if you're looking for an up and comer from a MAC or CUSA program (I'm looking at you, Al Golden, Dave Clawson and Kevin Sumlin) or a lower-tier BCS school (like Art Briles) who aspires to coach in the NFL, there will be interest.
But I'd MUCH rather see Randy finish what he started.


stomach cancer, six



But the thing is you want a guy that can be a Beamer, or a Bowden, or Paterno. A guy that will NOT use Miami as a step on a rung. Randy is that guy and they should've given him more love for not only wanting to be here but because the market says so, AND because he has us CLEANER than we've even been in recent history (discipline, academics, on-field performance, etc). Because we are so clean it will take a bit longer to be elite again, but I think this IS the year we break through and it will SURELY be the most satisfying because of the off field accomplishments. WE will prove it CAN be done THE RIGHT WAY!


Lebron James to Miami talk is coming again.

I am not making this up, and I didn't write this article, but it looks like I am not the only one that thought this would be a good idea.


And on Dio, Paul and Young Ron were playing some Dio stuff, and even talked about his Rainbow days.




bg- you're point is very well taken, and I'd prefer that Randy remain our long-term answer as well. I think the administration agrees with you also, despite the salary numbers that were offered. (This is completely off-topic, but I always thought it was interesting that Paterno's salary was only $500,000 in 2006 or 2007. Loyalty has it's price I guess.)
I'm looking at what happens if for some reason Randy doesn't get the wins (and I think we all agree that he has to win at least an ACC title before this contract expires). I can see a movement to "get back to what made us great." UM's history is to hire the up and comers and it's hard to argue with the success that approach brought.




Posted by: j.w. | May 17, 2010 at 02:38 PM

Instability is bad and that leave you ALWAYS trying to find the next big thing.


I will hold my preference on our long term coach until one actually proves something on the field.

Not sure where all the blind faith is coming from so soon.

Are we headed in the right direction? I think so.

Is RS the dude to take this program to the next level? Not sure yet.

Talk to me after this year.

Great points BG and Soiler.



Six - you out there in the world...???
I heard Mark on 1040, blasting the U info.. You never told me he was an alum... As much as he doesn't talk about them, I would have never guessed but, I guess you mentioned he was kind of forced not too.... He also had Drew on who said UM is going to go all the way, LOL he mentioned same names about possible picks in the draft... (HMMMM he is already smelling the blood) But threw Bailey, Hankerson, Jacory, Brandon Harris, and Colin McCarthy out there as definite NFL possibilities.. (Crazy about Jacory, but I could seriously see Jacory becoming Tom Bradyesque/ and I hate the Patriots) Go look at Brady before he came out of college and you'll see he had a similiar build and threw the ball with great accuracy but little velocity on the ball. I doubt Jacory would get picked up early in the rounds, but I think he will show up.

SOUP - I got the CANESPACE reporter going back to his high school roots story brewing. Then I'll cover some of the spring games and give you a few articles.. With some player profiles.. I was thinking about doing plant and looks like we have backed off Wilder though.. You guys let me know about that one.

MaryLouAlumni - Got some questions for you about your situation... My father is going through something similiar with a bad back issue and lots of pain medicine. Let me know if you can hit me up....



Hey Six I was the first caller for Mark today on 1040.. He said he wasn't physched about the contract but he was happy about the renewal of the ND vs UM rivalry.. Said, "he wasn't sure about the OSU game."

I think Lebron would work well with Miami. Somebody assumes him and D.Wade can't work well together.. I DISAGREE!. Both crave somebody that can take shots and make them when the other gets doubled. But them on the team.. Think Jordan (DWADE) and PIPPEN(With Magic type passing skills). Let them both split time carrying the ball up the court. Get them a big man that can defend and rebound.. and support them with Veterans and 3 point shooters and its LIGHTS OUT.. You also get rid of Beasley...



SOUP or SOILER are you at least out there???

I'm about to start sending out pornographic pictures in binary code if nobody responds.

10101011111100101101010101010101010101100101010110010101010101010110 is boning 11010101010101010101010101010100101001010101001011000000000000000000000001110101




LOL what u talking about Canezilla...

Anybody else excited about World Cup Soccer???

Seriously soccer has replaced baseball on my list of interesting sports, but I guess that is my Italian blood speaking... or wait, my wife's spanish influence... I don't know anymore???

We should get together a 6am drinking day for the USA vs England game..


I'd rather have root canal and several teeth extracted before watching the World Cup.

Soccer is BY FAR the most boring sport to watch. If they eliminated the offsides penalty and opened the game up to more athleticism and SCORING then maybe, but only maybe would I watch.

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