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June 10, 2010



beat florida


beat florida

Posted by: canezilla | June 10, 2010 at 09:08 PM

Done deal...OcalaCane and I will be there of Friday night.





Very good recruiting nugget

Im going to keep track of this team during the year and see how these players progress


2 out of 3 for the `Canes this weekend

With Big Game, Goatee and Stretch on the hill its going to = a sweep for the Rays this weekend as well


Sebastian, Sarasota and Six...CSM, his dad and I are going to the Ray-Marlins game on Sunday. Join us won't U?


That sounds like a winner right there

Those cowbells get a little loud on Sundays


O and 86 my man no offense taken ;)

Posted by: Canez1 | June 10, 2010 at 09:22 PM

Dish it, take it, move on?

How refreshing!


I think it would be a miracle for any coach to be able to go to the Raiders and have a winning record, let alone Kiffin

From 2003 - Present, they've had

- One 2 win season
- Three 4 win seasons
- Three 5 win seasons

Last year, Kiffin went 7-5 with an inept QB in Crompton. They lost to Bama, 10-12 .. I was completely wrong about the historical beatdown that the Crocs would put on them, they lost in The Puddle, 13-23 .. hell, it was 13-6 at halftime and Crompton looked like crap (I guess which was normal)

I'm not defending Kiffin at all, it's not that I don't like him or like him, I could care less about him. He did crack me up with all the trash he would talk in the SEC, esp. toward the Crocs and Urbie Myth

But, you have to look at it objectively. Him, his dad Monte and Ed Oregeron. That's a pretty damn good team of recruiters right there, at a private school with loot to spend in USC - and they have the athletes already, and plenty of others that will want to come

Maybe Washington (with Locker), maybe Stanford (without Gerhart though, I doubt it) .. Oregon (lost Masoli) .. Cal (lost Best) .. what other schools really pose that big of a threat right now in the Pac-10 to them?

It's not like USC is losing all their kids that are already there this year. A lot of those kids are still eligible for a least 2 more years

They're not going to sink into the depths as far as people think


86 - I'll try to see if I can .. you know I will, esp. if it's in the Kanes Club b/c I cannot pass up free food


Sebastian - This will really be the bulk of Gaither recruiting info.. To start. The QB #9 that through the fade on the first pass, and the scrambling TD on the 2nd pass is a TRUE FRESHMEN.. HE LOVES JACORY and he will play D-1 ball as either an athlete or DB/QB.

He is a STUD. I might do a player profile on him, then it is moving on to the major players in the tampa bay market.

More on UM's level.

With that said. Def. look out for John Pernes. He will be one of the leaders for WR catches in 2010, I would def. keep an eye on that.

Like I said in the peice this kid has LIMITED playing experience and you can see his great hands (with excellent hand eye coordination) and he is not afraid to catch the ball in traffic.

If he can't improve his speed he can grow into his frame as he is 6'3 just about and play tight end somewhere.


Six...no we are going cheap seats. Sorry, no Whitney Bank Club this time.

Maybe in July or August. I'm still working my connections.


Oregon St., Oregon will still be tough. Stanford with their QB is going to be solid as well as Washington(not good as everyone might think they will be) and I also believe Arizona and UCLA will be better

Now the question is going to be, can you keep the kids on the hook for the 2011 season or any defectors from this years class

The lack of quality depth will rear its ugly head at U$C


Six are you predicting the Trojans to win the Pac-10??

I could see them finishing 3rd behind, Washington/ Stanford/Cal/ even Oregon....

They will lose 2 or 3 out of those 4 and probably at least 1-2 out of conference.


CSM...sorry for the delay, but are we cool with the article? Email me with any changes. I sent a copy to the Gaither contact so he can link it up tomorrow.

Lovin' every minute of it! I heard from our source that Coach Kantor loved the first piece and is sure to like this one too.

Opening many doors my friend. Nice work young man.


Thanks Tom .. I'm pumped about what this can become.

I have the ability to be interacting with these kids and I think you all will see a big difference between the other sites and how I do business.

We are going to add a personal touch, but I'm not going to be afraid to shy away from conversations or baby sit star kids. Plus I can give them any info they want about Miami without pushing the school on them..


Nice to see the effort you are putting into this.

You are making some kids feel good about themselves and that's cool.

Old Skool

In other news... Guess what the Marlins will have behind home plate at the new stadium: aquariums.

One measures 34 feet long and holds more than 600 gallons of saltwater. The other is 24 feet long and holds 450 gallons of water. They will be positioned on either side of home plate to prevent disruption in play and will be constructed of durable, bullet-proof materials to prevent shattering by foul balls and errant throws.

Somehow I find this bizarre, although I remember the days when Flipper swam in the pool behind the goal post at the Orange Bowl. We didn't actually see him swimming around during the game.

Now it might be cool if somehow the fish could do something that related to what was going on in the game. Say stock the aquariums it with piranha and unleash a feeding frenzy every time an opposing player strikes out, but no the fish will simply be another excuse not to watch the game or else a way to distract from the fact that no one in sitting in the stands.


One measures 34 feet long

That one would probably hold all the fans


I wonder if they will keep the aquariums in there once the stadium is givin back to the Hurricanes, the land's rightful owner??? LOL..


One measures 34 feet long

That one would probably hold all the fans

Posted by: solarcane | June 10, 2010 at 10:11 PM

Classic Solar ;)


Thanks Solar! A bunch of great kids.


hi canechic!
long time

csm, I like what you are doing with this.
It is exciting for the kids, you get more interview experience, the school gets recognition.
It's all good.

No one needs to tell you to make sure you follow the guidelines as far as the Canes and NCAA are concerned.
Looking forward to seeing where this all goes.


Canechic you like the new section?

It is going to run every Thursday. Any 2011 high school ballers in the O-town area you need to give me the scoop on?


Yes good job CSM!

Studying like crazy, trying to graduate by Dec!


Good Luck my friend!! You should go to the Marlins- Rays game.


This is a Larry Brodsky type of receiver. Those are always good to have.

Cat 5 Cane

Nice to see the effort you are putting into this.


Thanks Cat5 - How were the drafts down in the 305 with the one and only Melon Sized Head, Mr Popadaka.. LOL! J/K Tom...

Not sure who that player is CCC can you enlighten me? Appreciate everybodys comments.


New from LA Times

Interesting article on USC



thanks monte,
you could tell that writer was a UCLA fan lol!

'87 Canes

Go CANES !!!!!


Good article

Now im wondering whats going to happen, if anything with the Joe McKnight driving around in a vehicle he shouldnt of been driving. That explanation confused me

Sarasota 'cane

I can't go 86, but thanks for asking!

Is it wrong for me to hope that the Marlins go broke and/or leave town so we can takeover their new house? I'm just saying...

Go 'canes!


remember the 13 yr old kid that committed to USC?


He will be the only qb you ever heard of that commits to USC for the next five years


Sota...it ain't wrong, but it is BAD!

Catch U next time.


30 scholarships over how many years?


3 years


CSM...good things are happening for U my friend. Keep moving forward and use your connections to make it work.

Be smart, move slow, get the goods.


Daddy Henderson has to be trying to appeal the NCAA commission to get his son out of his LOI


Phillycane, JR wears his heart on his sleeve and that is why he is my favorite hockey player of all time :)

Posted by: canechic | June 10, 2010 at 09:20 PM

Im sorry to hear that, but respectable


So the NCAA is saying if they pull USC's 04 Championship

There will be no 2004 BCS Champion listed in the record books.

Tommy Tuberville and Auburn get screwed for going 13-0 legitimately

Sarasota 'cane

I just read that Henderson can transfer if he gives up his freshmen season. The Sentinel wrote another article that said he's entitled to leave. Can a recruit write a clause into the contract like that?? I would think UM would still love to have him!!

Go 'canes!


"Be smart, move slow, get the goods."



Cal Bear blob

Football: Transfer rules

For those of you thinking Cal might now be able to scoop up some disgruntled USC players, don’t hold your breath. Under terms of the NCAA ban, juniors and seniors are allowed to transfer to another school without having to sit out a year. …with one exception. Pac-10 rules state that any USC player wishing to transfer to another Pac-10 school not only has to sit out a year, but also loses a year of eligibility. So it’s hard to imagine any USC player near the end of his career accepting that arrangement.

For the record, USC freshman and sophomores would still have to sit out a year if they transfer out, but wouldn’t lose any eligibility (similar to normal rules).

Of course, these implications are only valid if USC’s appeal is denied


I dont know about Sir Onion wanting to play this game with this kid again

If reports were true and he did show up late because of a hair cut then I dont see the BOSS-MAN putting up with that nonsense all over again

Now the world knows where Oscars next coaching gig will be



I think you are correct also

Weren't we just fine, and ready to dominate with the players we already had a week ago?

How great would the karma be had Bryce Brown whored his way over to USC a month before someone plugged the fan in.


Not that im a karmas a beyatch type of guy

Lame got his, Calicheaty will get his, and Bryce will get his. It never fails

I cant forget Sneaky Pete. He will last a few years in the pros but he will fade away never to be seen again

Oscar is also on that karma list


Six, while I agree that the scholarship reductions won't affect SC now, it will affect them beginning the next few recruiting cycles. Think about it, -30 scholarships equals damn near a whole offense,defense, and special teams. A kid and his parents can fall for that whole "me against the world" schtick if they want to, but when Jr is getting his ass whooped by some 6-5 330lb O-Lineman and he has nobody to share that ass whoopin' with, then maybe Jr will rethink things then...


This incoming class is set and we dont need anyone else added to it

We brought kids we could build depth with and a class the Boss wanted

With kids that wanted the U

There is no room for players that didnt sign here in the 1st place

We have the depth and a good mix of youth and veterans

From now on these classes we get will be reloading classes

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