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June 11, 2010



play ball


Here we go

The series we wanted

No excuses


Ohio State round table says Jacory is for real, Miami is toughest team they will face

Now as summer steadily approaches and spring football is in the rear view mirror, there is still quite a bit to be discussed. And, of course, the BuckeyeGrove.com staff all has their own individual ways of looking at things.

The next thing we take a look at and debate is who Ohio State's best opponent is next year. Check out the latest Roundtable question below.

Jacory Harris and the Canes will be a tough team to beat early in the season.
Roundtable Question 6: Which team is the best squad on Ohio State's schedule this year?

Kevin Noon, Managing Editor

This question can really be looked at two different ways when you think about it. Does Ohio State's best opponent mean the best team that they will face on paper or does it mean the best team that they will face in a matter of match-up problems? Ultimately I would have to say all things considered that the Miami Hurricanes are the best team that Ohio State will face but will be the easiest of the three games that are mentioned for this question.

The Canes are a fast team with a lot of wildcard type of weapons. But the team will also play into Ohio State's hands based on several of the questions that still surround the team. Iowa and Wisconsin are not going to overwhelm you with flashy athletes, the two teams just play very sound fundamental football and both programs do a good to great job of getting the most out of the athletes that they both bring in respectively.

Jacory Harris will be the most gifted quarterback that the Buckeyes will face all season and he comes with his own set of problems to defend while the Canes will also bring the best WR corps that the Buckeyes will face. But When it comes down to all three games I believe Ohio State will win the Miami game by the largest margin of the trio.

Ari Wasserman, Staff Writer

Usually all you have to do is look for the most anticipated game on the schedule to figure out who the best team is. This season when it comes to Ohio State, that certainly seems to work. While Ohio State has big games against Penn State, Wisconsin, Iowa, and of course Michigan, the most anticipated game on the schedule is the Miami game.

Maybe it is because Miami has some recent history and people usually enjoy the non-conference schedule a little more, but this could be the biggest threat to Ohio State's quest for a national title this season. And it comes early.

While many would make the argument that Wisconsin poses a bigger threat, I think that threat is more due to the situation of the game. It is at home at one of the most hostile places to play in the country and the Badgers always play Ohio State tough in Madison. However, tough places to get a win doesn't necessarily equate to the best team.

John Clay and the Badgers won't let Ohio State escape Madison with an easy win.
When looking at Miami and quarterback Jacory Harris, it would be hard to argue otherwise. Ohio State has some good competition on its schedule this year, but the Canes should be the best team Ohio State faces all year.

Andy McLachlan, Staff Writer

As the favorite to win the Big Ten once again, the Buckeyes have their share of softies and challenges on the schedule. Their toughest non-conference foe comes into town September 11 while their other most notable opponents will play host later in the season.

With one of the loudest stadiums in the country, Wisconsin plays light out at home and their record demonstrates that. Entering the fall, the Badgers boast a powerful offense and a very talented defense, leading to numerous high pre-season rankings.

When Ohio State rolls into Madison in the middle of October, the Badgers will likely be 6-0. Led by tailback John Clay, they should be able to run over their competition in the first half the season, which Michigan State being their toughest opponent.

Other than stopping Clay, the Buckeyes defense will also have their hands full with Wisconsin's passing attack. Scott Tolzien returns for his senior season and had a strong bowl game performance last year. Nick Toon and David Gilreath are two of the better receivers in the conference and skilled tight ends seem to fall from the trees in Wisconsin.

This could end up being the Game of the Year in the Big Ten when the season finishes up. Whether we have two undefeated teams or not, this matchup has the makings for a classic, brutal Big Ten battle.

Agree, disagree, want to voice your own opinion on the subject? Jump into the discussion right here.


#2 Texas was beat today

Time for #3 to join the list of losers today


By the way

Nice article Mephistopheles


just finished the article nice job


man I've had about all of the term opo-taco or whatever it is that I can take.

GO CANES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


He needs to get back to that softball team hes playing for


The first game in the regionals I really liked him, now I see he's a one trick pony listen to the cliches as the game goes on

Is it me or is the strike zone getting pretty dang wide ????


No its not you

The zone is very big. Its made worse by the fact that hes not even consistant with it and its only the 3rd inning


Please dont let this error cost us


Unf'in real

Canes don't capitalize with RISP ... now, they don't capitalize with a taylor made ground ball with 2 outs when their pitcher is living dangerously as it is

Bases loaded and the chance of a run or runs not scoring? Very very low


Granny or bases clearing hit coming up





Baseball needs replay.


Throw the F'ng ball
You can't trust SEC refs.


Cant fault Guitz on this

This is the kinda crap the `Canes cant afford happening against quality teams


Six, your right he should have thrown it, however, that was an out. Point blank. That is just some good ol' home cooking.


No damn excuses for the Crocs getting those runs at all

Perez boots the ground ball .. then Perez gets lazy on a ball that he caught, but you don't assume it .. then the next hitter gets a base hit that scores 2

Canes have no one to blame but themselves, not the umps, no one


Oh yeah and to make my evening even worse now

The Marlins are bending over the Rays 6-0 in the 4th


Doesn't matter

It's like Zombieland - you know how you make sure they're dead? Double tap to the head

Regardless of if Perez thinks he caught the ball, you throw the damn ball to first to make sure. What's the harm in throwing the ball to first to make sure - there is none

Time for Grandy to show why he got picked 12th overall in the draft, b/c he's been hitting like a paraplegic lately


Thats how you respond.


Even though I had to hear that dumbazz statement

Way to get the U back into it Yas


And right on cue ... Grandy finally delivers


Thanks Grandy.


Sebastian - well, at least it was Gaby that dropped that bomb on "Big Game" ... Gaby is 3-3 tonight with 3 RBI


Guts is getting hit around and it's only the 4th

Get the bully warmed up


"Big Game" is the 4th best pitcher on this team


It's starting to look like its going to be a long night.


Do they know that a game is going on. Turn the F'n double play. Instead bases jacked and no outs.


Oh my gawd

Are you friggin kidding me with this


This is a joke

I'd give the middle infielders laundry baskets or casting nets to use to try and catch the damn ball

This game is over. That's reality. Say what you will about me, I don't care but the Canes are playing to the skill level of junior varsity


Guitz for the most part threw the pitches he needed to.

He just didnt get any help behind him


No way in hell Miami was the better team coming into this series, you gotta be kidding me

Miami never won a series worth anything during the year in the ACC or out of conference - if anyone wants to bring up the UNC and NC State series, I'll bring up the following series

UiF, VTech, FSU, GTech, UVA - those are legit teams

These kids have been taking ground balls their entire life and you don't get to play at a college like Miami b/c you can't field

orange 'n green in the vein

Foley = coward who employed a child pornographer for decades.


UiF has 4 Frosh and 2 Sophs in their starting 9 - the exact same amount as the Canes

So youth can only be blamed for so much, when the other team has just as many as you do


Has anyone else noticed that Colt Brennan and Joran Van der sloot look insanely similar?


I mean, it's scary. I had to put a side-by-side of them together


Canes stinking it up but Marlins shining!


They sure do look alike

Fry Van der sloot

canechic, Please dont remind me of what the Marlins are doing to the Rays tonight. Im ignoring that game like it isnt even happening.


A grounder goes to the Gator infield im thinking well theres 1 out

A grounder goes to the `Cane infield and im thinking please dont mess this up

Big damn difference there


Gaby Sanchez has 2 home runs tonight, ha .. awesome

At this point, can't help but laugh at the way the Rays are getting killed


Its like a Bucs score 14-3


ESPN's Joe Schad via twitter: USC's Director of Compliance said Florida is one of 5 schools to illegally contact RB Dillon Baxter. (As always the Gaytors show their slimey side smh)


Its just about that time the Rays bring up Jeremy Hellickson and see what this stud can do


Thank god that garbage is over


Let me rephrase that .. thank god that garbage is over, officially - it was over in the 4th


With the Rays

What about R.J. Swindle the last I heard was that he was doing good in Durham and we need a lefty arm up here badly

Maybe he is injured or something

3 Catchers and Jason Bartlett coming back someones on the move


Rays announcer just said Coghlan went to University of Miami? Uh no that would be university of mississippi. I miss my Marlin announcers! Six and Sebas I know you guys like the rays but that stadium is just depressing.


That stadium has to go, it has needed to go for quite awhile now

They cant even give away free tickets to their games. A new stadium in Tampa would increase the attendence big time

There is nothing to do by the Trop. and no business around there

Build it near Tampa and you have everything you could possibly want within 5 miles


The pitching matchup in this game could not have been worse for UM. They had their Ace, and we had #'s 4 & 5. We knew we had to steal this one-without Erickson we've got a tough road. And we knew the advantage on D was for the Gators.

I still think we'll win tomorrow-I hope so cause I'll be there. If we get to Sunday, maybe the bats can steal one. We had little chance tonight from the start.

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