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June 23, 2010



Love that show, DZ- You're thinking about Catalina!


Top workout warriors in college football...

#1..Bruce Carter, UNC
#2..Patrick Peterson, LSU

3. Allen Bailey, DE, Miami (FL) Hurricanes
Three-hundred-pound football players simply aren't put together like Bailey, who has become a fixture on this list. It also doesn't hurt that he has such a Bunyanesque background; he once killed an alligator with a shovel. Bailey led UM in sacks (seven) and TFLs (11) last season despite bouncing between tackle and end. I asked his pal DeMarcus Van Dyke, a starting CB at Miami: What's the most impressive thing he's seen Bailey do?

"I've been his roommate for three years. Our freshman year, he picked me up by my feet with one hand and hung me upside down," said VanDyke, who added that he's also witnessed Bailey power-clean 400 pounds, vertical 39 inches and run a 4.65 40.



Seantrel is allowed to tranfer without sitting out a year....juniors and seniors on USC can also transfer without sitting.


LOL Tim Tebow has a Matt Bosher Costume



I think they only have to sit a year if they attend their first class. SH was not in class (orientation), and is why he had the entire coaching staff from USC over there. I think that's one of the loopholes in the LOI.


NCAA has said they would review USC students that want to opt out of their LOI on a case by case basis.

He has a great case, so he should be able to get out if he wants to.


Buzzard & 360


I think he might bolt (OSU?); JMO, just based on a gut feeling, I think the chances him ending up here are remote, but stranger things have happened. As far as USC, unless of course Lame Kiffin ups the ante ($$$$$) I think him and his dad are outta there, if the NCAA allows him.


Thanks Buzzard & 360


I been home exactly 15 minutes here is Boshers hit at 3.16


how long did you look for that hit soup lol!!

great article btw


wind it back a few seconds and you can see bosher make both his tackles don't throw out the 50 yd fg either


Carlos Huerta was MVP on the 1991 NC team

The same school that produced Ted Hendricks, Jim Kelly, Bernie Kosar, Vinny Testaverde, Ray Lewis, Jerome Brown, Russell Maryland, Michael Irvin, Edgerrin James, Reggie Wayne, Ed Reed, Bryant McKinney, Clinton Portis, Willis McGahee, Jeremy Shockey, Kellen Winslow Jr. and Sean Taylor.


Kiffin does what's good kiffin (tennessee), SH should do what's good for SH.... And he wouldn't necessarily have to sit out a year.


Just say no to S. Henderson


how long did you look for that hit soup lol!! great article btw

Posted by: solarcane | June 24, 2010 at 03:30 PM

WAY too long! And BTW, thanks.


Carlos Huerta was MVP on the 1991 NC team

Hay, que Huerta!


1991 (12-0-0): Gino, The Ruthless Posse And Wide Right I

A combustible offense, a rock-solid defense and the nation's best special teams - by 1991 all these traits had become synonymous with Miami football and this team represented the zenith of its era. Quarterback Gino Torretta, a group of skill players nicknamed "The Ruthless Posse", and a linebacker corps that ranks among the greatest ever assembled, led these Hurricanes.

Miami was seldom challenged. When they were, the Hurricanes passed every test. They started the season by ripping Arkansas on the road and dominating a Houston offense that had terrorized opponents for four seasons up to that game. Their first stiff challenge came against Penn State on October 12 and the Hurricanes, behind staunch defense and big plays by Horace Copeland (80-yard scoring catch) and Williams (91-yard punt return for a TD) held off the Nittany Lions.

Two challenges in November punctuated the season. First was the annual grudge match in Tallahassee against Florida State. In what became known as "Wide Right I" the Hurricanes erased a 16-7 deficit in the final period on a 45-yard field goal by Carlos Huerta and a one-yard run by Larry Jones with 3:01 left to take a 17-16 lead. FSU marched down for a potential game-winning field goal in the closing seconds, but Gerry Thomas's 34-yard attempt was wide right.

Miami escaped another close call a week later, slipping by Boston College on the road. The Hurricanes defense held off a late BC drive in the final seconds to preserve the 19-14 victory. A blowout of San Diego State clinched an Orange Bowl berth.

With their fourth national title in their sights, there was no stopping the Hurricanes against Nebraska. Miami stymied the Huskers offense as few have, limiting the famed Nebraska ground game to just 82 rushing yards and throwing a shutout of the Big Eight Conference champions.

Old Skool

Erin Andrews' contract with ESPN expires after the CWS. No mention of whether it will be renewed. It's probably a negotiating or publicity play.

It's a pity they can't do a sign and trade with Hooters, the WWE or Raycom.


1991 (12-0-0)
Head Coach: Dennis Erickson

Date UM Rank Opponent Result Score

Aug. 31 3 at Arkansas W 31-3
Sept. 12 2 (10) Houston W 40-10
Sept. 28 2 at Tulsa W 34-10
Oct. 5 2 Oklahoma State W 40-3
Oct. 12 2 (9) Penn State W 26-20
Oct. 19 2 Long Beach State W 55-0
Oct. 26 2 at Arizona W 36-9
Nov. 9 3 West Virginia W 27-3
Nov. 16 2 at (1) Florida State W 17-16
Nov. 23 1 at Boston College W 19-14
Nov. 30 1 San Diego State W 39-12
Jan. 1 1 *vs. (11) Nebraska W 22-0


After that contract runs out is that when Trev Alberts somehow shows up in the studio for ESPN?


Coaching Staff:

Head Coach - Dennis Erickson

Assistant Coaches:
Gregg Smith, assistant head coach/offensive line
Bob Bratkowski, offensive coordinator/receivers
Sonny Lubick, defensive coordinator/defensive backs
Dave Arnold, tight ends/special teams
Bob Karmelowicz, defensive line
Art Kehoe, offensive line
Ed Orgeron, defensive line
Tommy Tuberville, linebackers
Alex Wood, running backs
Carmen Grosso, volunteer assistant
Scott Auker, graduate assistant
Eddie Gran, graduate assistant
Jim Michalczik, graduate assistant
Randy Shannon, graduate assistant


What were the chances of Tavadis Glenn & Jeremy Davis playing had they been able to qualify?


just booked our flight for gt.round trip from ft lauderdale 2 atl 100 bucks.tran air 5 of us going lets go cane fans represent!!!!



SE - Horace Copeland
TE - Coleman Bell/Joe Moore
WT - Leon Searcy
WG - Rudy Barber
C - Kelvin Harris
SG - Claude Jones
ST - Mario Cristobal
FL - Lamar Thomas
QB - Gino Torretta
FB - Stephen McGuire
TB - Darryl Spencer


RE - Rusty Medearis
RT - Eric Miller
LT - Anthony Hamlet
LE - Kevin Patrick
WLB - Jessie Armstead
MLB - Michael Barrow
SLB - Darrin Smith
RCB - Herbert James
FS - Darryl Williams
SS - Hurlie Brown
LCB - Ryan McNeil


just booked our flight for gt.round trip from ft lauderdale 2 atl 100 bucks.tran air 5 of us going lets go cane fans represent!!!!

Posted by: canezilla | June 24, 2010 at 09:11 PM

I'm going to Clemson, not sure about GT?


Randy Shannon, graduate assistant

Posted by: 86Cane | June 24, 2010 at 08:56 PM



Jerome Brown

Feb. 4, 1965- June 25, 1992



gt is closer than clemson.wtf soup?


gt is closer than clemson.wtf soup?

Posted by: canezilla | June 24, 2010 at 11:12 PM

We are going white water rafting (again) and maybe doing some bass fishing too.

U want in?


Check it:



Dwayne Collins drafted 60th (last pick) by the Suns




Bobby Valentine Ur new Skipper of The Miami Marlins .

Cat 5 Cane

On Bosher/Hopfinger... There are allot of If's in the posts but if Hopfinger comes in and can take the kick offs and punting responsibilities, We'll be better off...

Matt is an automatic 3 with-in the 44/45 and extra poins, But I think the kid has a better leg and we need it!

Field goals within the 45... Matt and he can throw or run too, as Whip is licking his chops, thinking of 7.

Deeper Field Goals... Hopfinger... How about a 55 or 60 yarder!

Kick-offs... Hopfinger, No question... something like 90 percent touch back

Punts... Hopfinger... Matt has gotten better but Hopfinger has better hang time and a deeper ball.

Extra Points... Matt, absolutly!

Cat 5 Cane

RIP, Jerome Brown... Born Feb. 4, 1965- Died June 25, 1992... Posted by: solarcane

Thanks... It was fun watching him again!



Congratulations Dwayne Collins

Good luck at the next level


Hopfinger punts? Was he a punter in HS? I thought he was just a deep kickoff specialist?

Cat 5 Cane

This thing on Seantrel Henderson...

We all know, most kids and parents alike, are all about fame, money and power. It's thought about before the kids 10th birthday. Dad is thinking ...My son the star with riches to come! Coaches and friends are all pounding the kids back. The Kid is seeing the lights and the glamor twisted like a kalidascope. Sitting with 30 or 40 offers from who's who of footballs best... Sure some kids get a big head but it boils down to what program is going to give him the best shot at being seen and jumping to the NFL... USC and Lame (Great name for him) had that to offer and he saw it as a chance. Now the probation issue and I don't blame him for backing out...

He's got one chance at doing it right and we, even though we are semi stacked at DE,... could use his size and ability to start immediatly. Who's kidding who... The kid is an animal and we could use him now!

So put down the pom poms and ask yourself... does he have tha talent, like a Warren Sapp type player, that would make us better?... Yes, he does.


From The Bleacher Report:

James Wilder, ATH

Bio: James Wilder (Tampa, FL) was Scout's No. 1 outside linebacker after notching 136 tackles as a junior, but he's since declared he will play offense in college. Tabbed by MaxPreps as 2011's top recruit, a top tenner to most everyone. An absurdly talented running back with blue-chip balance, speed and durability.

Where Bryan thinks he'll go: Wilder's recruitment got interesting when the Florida Gators hesitated to offer him at RB. But he's since revisited Gainesville and gotten the lowdown on where he fits into an offense that, surprisingly, will also find room for a fullback. It sounds like the Gators are open to remolding their offense practically in his image; I think a commitment is the least he can do to return the favor.

Prediction: Florida

Where Michael thinks he'll go: Wilder is the top prospect in the state of Florida and while most experts believe he'll stay in-state, it isn't a certainty. Alabama, Florida, USC, Miami, and Georgia are recruiting him the hardest, but don't discount FSU from the mix either.

Prediction: FSU

Nick O'Leary, TE

Bio: Rivals' second-best tight end is an elite pass catcher and blocker for Dwyer High School in West Palm Beach, FL. A 6'4", 215 lb prospect, O'Leary is predicted to develop into one of the better NFL prospects in the class.

Where Bryan thinks he'll go: Miami performing well with receiver recruiting in 2011—an elite commit already, one or two more possibly on the way in four-star DaVaris Daniels and/or 6'6" stud Kelvin Benjamin. The Canes turned tight end and ex-basketball player Jimmy Graham into a NFL draft pick, and have an offense that could make O'Leary dangerous in the red zone. His interest in Miami is genuine, and will pay off with a commitment.

Prediction: Miami

Where Michael thinks he'll go: O’Leary is one of the top tight ends in the country, so any school that favors his position has got to have an advantage. His top four are Miami, North Carolina, Alabama, and FSU, but when he was asked for his thoughts on each school, Alabama stood out. O’Leary loved the fact that the Crimson Tide run a ton of two and three tight end sets.

Prediction: Alabama

Cat 5 Cane

Hopfinger punts? Was he a punter in HS? I thought he was just a deep kickoff specialist?... Posted by: CanesCanesCanes

Answer, Yes, he was the kicker and back-up to the punter and field goal kicker... but that was last year. Wait till you see him this year.

Just some stuff on BH
This fall, St. Thomas Aquinas kicker Ben Hopfinger (6’0, 165) will walk-on at the University of Miami. Hopfinger is known for his booming kickoffs, placing 30 of his 34 attempts into the end zone. He was also 12-for-12 on Point After Touchdowns (PAT) last year. Being behind one of the nation’s most highly sought after kickers didn’t provide many opportunities, but Hopfinger took advantage of his chances, becoming a kickoff specialist, and earning an invitation to Coral Gables.

“Kicking off is what I like most. I had more opportunities in high school to do that. I worked more on kickoffs throughout the year because that was what I was asked to do, and I knew that was my ticket to college. Miami told me that they would like Bosher to do field goals and punts, because kicking off wears out your leg over the course of the season. When you do all three, that’s tough. If I can go down there and execute kickoffs like I’ve been doing, I feel like I have a great chance of getting some playing time.”

He also discussed the transition from kicking off a tee (in high school) for place kicking, versus kicking off-the-ground. “You have to get used to it. The tee allows more room for error. Off-the-ground, you have to get a good solid hit on the sweet spot. Right now, I’m kicking fine, just like I did off a tee. I’m getting stronger and that makes a difference. My farthest field goal off-the-ground is 60 yards, in practice. My farthest in a game was 40, in the USA All-Star Game.”

Lastly... if you haven't seen him... do a search and watch his most recent field goal practice video... The kid has got a huge leg!!!


From 4 Star WR DaVaris Daniels' father:

So let me tell the true story. DaVaris started out slow academically as a freshmen and has been working hard to pull his grades up and now he is completely fine just like he told you. DaVaris has 16 offers with Notre Dame, Miami, Oklahoma, Michigan State and Iowa being his tops to chose from. He has not committed to anyone and was going to do so at the noon press conference today in which we cancelled because he needs more time to decide and take his visits.


From Tom Lemming:

Don't overlook 6-3, 180-pound DaVaris Daniels of Vernon Hills, Ill.

Daniels favors Notre Dame but can he qualify?


From Tom Lemming:

My preseason list of the top 100 players in the nation has been published. Historically, it is the first list of its kind to be released, before Rivals or Scout or ESPN or anyone else.

My top 100 list is based on three things: (1) production; (2) the size at your position and your projection to be a No. 1 choice in the NFL draft; and (3) my sitdown, eyeball-to-eyeball meeting with each kid. Does he have heart? What does he have to say about the game football? What are his intanglibles?

As the season goes along, I will track how well each player progresses or digresses and will change my list accordingly. Historically, it changes drastically. Some kids don't have great years. A lot of Chicago players could break into the top 100. At this time, the only Illinois product is running back/linebacker Rodney Coe of Edwardsville.

However, most of the time, the No. 1 player doesn't lose his spot. My choice, running back/linebacker James Wilder Jr. of Tampa, Fla., is a perfect size (6-2, 220) for the two positions. Rivals recently released its top 100 list and rated my No. 2 choice, defensive end Jadaveon Clowney of Rock Hill, S.C., as its top pick. Clowney looks like Alonzo Spellman but he has issues.

The class of 2011 lacks the talented quarterbacks of the past but it is loaded with offensive linemen. In fact, I rank three of them among the top seven players in the nation, a rarity. Two of the top four players in Illinois are offensive linemen. Interestingly, this is the first telling year of the spread quarterback, when more of the top-rated quarterbacks in the nation operate out of spread offenses instead of a pro-style attack.

carolina cane

I saw where the OT Jackson, coming in next year is only 6'0 tall, Is that true and if it is what are we doing recruiting 6'0 tall O-linemen? Please tell me that some big time stud D-lineman is considering the U in 2011.


You're thinking about Catalina!

Posted by: j.w. | June 24, 2010 at 01:08 PM

Canes and Catalina is how I go thru life!


From ESPN:

Albert Louis-Jean (Brockton, Mass./Brockton)
CB, 6-1, 175 pounds | College: Miami
He may be one of the better defensive backs to come out of Massachusetts in recent years. The Miami commit is not facing top-end competition each week and is a bit of a tweener, but his height, physicality and transitional skills are coveted out on the perimeter at the next level.


Not to worry, FSU and UF wanted him too:




It’s great that the Florida Gators will build bronze statues outside Ben Hill Griffin Stadium that will honor Tim Tebow, Danny Wuerffel and Steve Spurrier, but aren’t the Gators forgetting somebody?

How about a statue for the two most important people in the program – the Unnamed Bail Bondsman and Huntley Johnson, the legendary local attorney who traditionally gets all of UF’s football players out of trouble when they get arrested?

The latest player to get arrested and suspended from all team activities is up-and-coming wide receiver Frankie Hammond, who was arrested for DUI last weekend when police said he was speeding, swerving and driving with two open bottles of Crown Royal whiskey in his car.

I know many college students drink and drive, but isn’t there a deeper problem when a guy is driving around with two open bottles of blended Canadian whiskey? If this is the type of binge drinking that UF football players do, it’s no wonder that former defensive end Carlos Dunlap became one of the biggest goats in UF athletic history when he fell asleep at a red light, was arrested for DUI and missed the SEC Championship Game last December.

It’s hard to keep track of all the arrests, but this is believed to be the the 28th football player to be charged with a crime since Florida coach Urban Meyer took over as coach. I know players from other programs also get arrested, but not at this rate.

I’ve heard UF fans and officials constantly laud Meyer for being such a stellar disciplinarian, but there is certainly no proof to back up their claims. On average, nearly six of his players are getting arrested every season. That’s disgraceful. You know it’s bad when even the student newspaper, the Independent Florida Alligator, is embarrassed about UF’s disturbing arrest rate.

Instead of calling newspaper reporters “bad guys” isn’t it about time for Urban Meyer to start worrying about the frightening number of really bad guys he is recruiting to the campus of what is supposed to be a reputed institution of higher learning?


Carolina...Rivals has him listed at 6'1" and ESPN has him at 6'2"? Check out the video here and U will see why UM wants him!



I have seen This from 3 different sites listing Marcus Jacksons stats

6'4 310
6'1 293
6'2 295

Ah...the accuracy of the recruiting sites


Two weeks ago Urban Meyer was telling high school recruits in the Belle Glades area this:

"College football is changing fast. Pay close attention to the Conference changes. The University of Florida will always be in the SEC. And Miami ain't coming to the SEC. But a few other ACC schools are. The ACC will be gone in less than 2 years. Two ACC schools are moving to the Big East. Two other ACC schools are moving to the Big Ten. The Big East refuses to take Miami back. So for Miami it's between Conference-USA and the Sun Belt Conference. And Conference-USA isn't looking to expand. So before you make the wrong decision, ask yourself if you want to be a SEC MAN or sunbelt boy."

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