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June 19, 2010



Blah, blah, blah.

Let's hear about some super STUD O-Linemen coming in... THAT will get us back to a NC!


BG you are confident we get O'Leary?





Blah, blah, blah.

Let's hear about some super STUD O-Linemen coming in... THAT will get us back to a NC!

Posted by: roachcane77 | June 20, 2010 at 11:27 AM

We got STUD OL last year in Linder, Glenn, Bunche, McDermott, Feliciano, and Barton. We also have 1 commited now in Marcus Jackson.


87' canes

Go CANES !!!!!


bg - stop being a Xbox fanboy.

raize -stop being a PS fanboy.

I get enough of that on gametrailer and joystiq forums. LOL

Since both consoles are played at my house I feel I may have a right to comment. So there!

bg, I'm sorry but PS has the best exclusive games. Uncharted series (my best ever choice), Metal Gear Series, God of War, and of course Ratchet and Clank series. Xbox just has Gears, Halo (which I'm way past over) and Crackdown. I still have yet to see a game push the 360 to it's limits like GoW and Uncharted did the PS.

Metal Gear has come to Xbox but that was based more on money just like Final Fantasy making the addition to Xbox. Being on cross platforms makes you more money.

On the RRoD, it has taken M$ 3 or 4 redesigns of the firmware to get it corrected, but is it? M$ is claiming the slim will not RRoD but that's because they removed the red lights. It's just a green LED now when powered on. So we really don't know what's going to happen with this new one. What scares me is the added port for Kinect. That added another power source to the board. The smaller Watts it pulls may help that but we still don't know yet.

raize - Xbox does have a better online system as far as joining games, cross chat, etc. P$ has made the switch to Plus which may improve the online experience but we just don't know yet.

solar - since you are a sports guy, I would go with the Xbox just because of the ESPN exclusive added. How long is this contract? Don't know but that doesn't mean they never will. BUT if you're also looking for a Blu-Ray player...well...PS3 it is.

CSM - I would stay away from the stupid OSU bias video. I have been there and done that. Here is some of what I said:

"It looks like a hold because it's in slow motion you Suckeyes! Any play in slow motion is a hold!"

"If the foul did occur at the line then why in the hell wasn't the flag thrown then instead of after our team was on the bus?"

"If he didn't know what foul to call and that's why he threw it so late just doesn't make sense. If a foul occurred but he didn't know the call, you throw the flag anyway then talk amongst your peers to figure it out. Happens all the time. How many times have you seen a ref pick up the flag, wave it towards the sidelines and say there is no foul on the play?"

"Um, last I checked CBs get 5 yards to abuse the WR. Haven't you been Deion Sanders vs. Andre Risen highlights?"

My personal favorite, "Just admit it wasn't a foul so you look like you know something about football rather than a bias Suckeye fan. It's not like they'll come take the trophy back."

Ask them to show the play from the line of scrimmage to the endzone in real time.


the 360 rules the roost!

Posted by: bg1906 | June 20, 2010 at 10:57 AM

bac bac bac............LOL

Maybe I'll just have to break down and have both.


i got a 360 and love it. but i might grab a ps3, too, down the road. both have their pros and cons. right now xbox live is the biggest pro the 360 got - for what i like and getting espn3 is a big deal just wish it came out in september instead of november. i'm a sports guy so no big difference in games for me. i'll buy one shooter a year most likely and maybe one other game.

no brand loyalty from me though. i got a mac but if someone else comes out with an OS that's as headache free and i could run mac and windows software on it i'd be all over it. mac runs mac software and can run windows software via parallels or boot camp so its the prime choice at the moment. but i could care less about Apple.

Cat 5 Cane

For all you guys thinking and talking guys jumping early next year... Just remember that there is a NFL Lock-out coming in 2011 and it might have a small influence on the decisions to go.


Cat 5, the lockout talk makes me think "are these guys retarded?"

NFL is king, but can't take things for granted. UFL people gotta be thinking - that would be great for our league.


Happy Father's day Spacers. Got my Father's presents yesterday when the Gators and Noles lost!!!!


bg, I'm sorry but PS has the best exclusive games. Uncharted series (my best ever choice), Metal Gear Series, God of War, and of course Ratchet and Clank series. Xbox just has Gears, Halo (which I'm way past over) and Crackdown. I still have yet to see a game push the 360 to it's limits like GoW and Uncharted did the PS.


BUT those are well established long running exclusives. Remember the PS2 ruled long before the original Xbox came out so they never had time to develop the brands that are exclusive to Sony (Socom, Metal Gear, God of War, etc). But Halo (which I don't play) and Gears of War at the time changed the entire game when they were released and STILL are 2 of the best selling console series EVER. I used to be a Sony guy, but Xbox Live is what takes the 360 over the top. Plus I just like it better. The PS3 is a very good machine, but Sony's arrogance (hence 600 initial price tag) doomed it from the beginning. Also remember, historically NO system has ruled for 3 generations...NONE. Not Nintendo, not Sega, and now not Sony!


Tom - You never responded to my email.. Been going through a bit of a crisis week. But things should be alright going forward for next week.

Yes I did, it was to your wife's email addy. I know about the phone crisis and it's no big deal. I told U to take care of your bidness and we will run the article next week on Thursday like usual.

If U can get Dorsett that would be great. Let me know...


Just when I thought I could take a little time off from My Canes and recharge, I get drawn back in by GREAT, FANTASTIC, OUTSTANDING news!!! Ego and Seantrel would be nice, but I don't see it happening. Even assuming 6 don't qualify and/or transfer we're maxed out.

Posted by: j.w. | June 19, 2010 at 10:07 PM

Never say never! U dig. No. Well, too bloody bad. LOL

Seriously though, IF Miami only gets one of those high octane football ballers, Ego or Seantrel, that will be a mighty big addition to the Cane roster.

By the way, talking boUt' chosing between the ' greater of two evils. ' LOL The Gators and Seminoles both were BYTCH SLAPPED around in ancient, picutesque Rosenblatt yesterday.

And your Miami Hurricanes absolUtely have sign some big-time PITCHERS!! IF Morris' Hurricane baseball program intends to retUrn to Omaha.

In other words, baby, there's an abUndance of top-notch college pitching on the mound in South Omaha.


Hopefully Sammy Watkins & Kelvin Bemjamin jump on board now that we may only sign one two more WR's in this class.

Posted by: Ronny | June 19, 2010 at 09:45 PM

Word is that KB is good to go.

SW is bg's boi and he seems confident in him also.


And that's why I have both. lol


In other words, baby, there's an abUndance of top-notch college pitching on the mound in South Omaha.

Posted by: macjones | June 20, 2010 at 02:08 PM

Roger that! Baseball is ALL about the guy on the mound.


I looked at Dorsett's page on Rivals and off the right it has "Similar WR's"..and they got Benji down..WTF..how are they similar ..in anyway..what there both black and from Florida lol...cant belive those people get paid for that stuff


Speaking of video games, check out http://www.pricedropfinder.com/today.html - finds price drops on video games daily.


XBox smokes PS3.....Get a Turtle Beach headset, pop in MW2 crank it up, and tell me PS3 is equal....now way
I had 3 rings on 2 consoles...went on Utube, fixed bothn myself, and they have run like a top ever since...now just waiting for NCAA10 so I can wax some asses on Xbox live with the Canes!
With the new commits/rumored defections, you can see tha U coming back where we belong...


By Brooke Bennett
Bright House Sports Network

BRADENTON -- With football season just around the corner, IMG Academies introduces the newest sport to join its 400-acre campus with a kick off weekend.

IMG Madden Football Academy gearing around the high school athlete held a 3-day camp to show-off what could be expected during future week long camps. Campers being taught better mechanics and more confidence on and off the field.

Named the director of the IMG Madden Football Academy earlier in the year; Heisman Trophy winner Chris Weinke went above and beyond, putting together the best possible coaching staff.

Super Bowl-winning offensive lineman Tom Nutten and former University of Miami and NFL linebacker Dan Morgan to name just a couple.


IMG Camp with Dan Morgan:



put up a quick 2010 preview of the offense.



still processing i think tho.


raiz,bg, 360, phily, este, thanks for the console opinions.

Like este I have no brand loyalty if somebody makes something that's better than what I have been buying.

The Xbox i have did everything i needed as far as leisure time car boosting, bank robbing, and general hell raising.

The only downside to me is the high instances of RRoD.

The thought of going on youtube and fixing something over and over that I bought to use to relax is the sticky part.

I have only xbox games but that isn't a problem, I trade them out all the time anyway.

Thanks again for the input, I'll take a close look at both the newest editions of both products.


Dorsett sounds like a worker and a humble guy.
If he thrives on competition for playing time I think hes gonna be a keeper.

Jacory might be the only Qb in the country that could line up two complete sets of receivers that could start on any team in America.


Six interviewing Storm Johnson at the UA All Amrican game:



Lamar Miller:


CaneSawMass (acre

Anybody looking for an xbox 360..?

I have brand new console in wrapper from Microsoft. Were talking $199 store bought.The console has 1

I will clear my hard drive for you.

-I have a wireless adapter to pick up internet connection wirelessly (retail 50$ at least)
- For those that don't have a router I'm throwing in a 10ft ethernet cable (retail 8-15 dollars)

-I have the headset for talking on the xbox live wireless valued at 60 dollars... (The charger is missing I looked it up online and I will probably purchase it to really make this TOTAL PACKAGE ON FIRE)

- With the brand new console XBOX gave me a a gift card, which is attached to the xbox untouched in the wrapper for 1 free month of service. (10 dollar value) but this makes all the xbox live gear that much more valuable and it is the main reason to get xbox is to experience the online play.

- Then I have an intercooler to keep the system cooled down. (Big deal because overheating is the main cause of Xbox 360 breakdown.. Retail value $15)

- 4 controllers values at $30 dollars a piece. Even if you buy the game brand new you get two. (120 dollar value)

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- 2 Guitar Hero Conrollers for Guitar Hero fanatics. You and a buddy can jam together. (80 dollar value and like most of this stuff aside from my NCAA football never really used)

To the Games
Guitar Hero World Tour
Guitar Hero Aerosmith Edition
NCAA Football 2010 (Most used but still in pristine condition)
Grand Theft Auto 4
Halo 3 with expert guide book (additional 30 dollar value)
Assasins Creed
Blitz 2: The League

The overall value of what I'm offering is WAY over 600 dollars. Especially considering the xbox is console is brand new (as xbox could not repair it) and has a 1 year warranty, and the extensive amount of gaming experiences.

FROM Crushing the levels of Halo 3 and takling trash, to jamming out with friends in guitar hero, or competition online.

Make ME A FAIR Offer and I might sell if not I'll hold onto it until somebody on craiglist matches my asking price of 400 or 350 absolutely lowest bid..

Get the word out and I can send a picture of it all together if you'd like in an email.

This is a big deal for me since I love my xbox, but I want to start a family soon and I need to stop playing games and start saving up in these hard times.

You can text 8139448570
email kenneth.disalvo@hotmail.com


CSM, with a family or single you need to have things that are for your leisure. Keeps you sane. You will automatically spend a lot less time on it if you start a family. Now if you absolutely need that $350 then yeah sell that jones, but otherwise I'd say think twice on getting rid of it.

i'd say consider selling the accessories first. might also be easier to get rid of everything that way instead of as a bundle. especially since so many people are trying to get rid of their 360s right now so they can go and buy the new slim versions.


Rob Hankins to Arizona according to scout.com

Old Skool

I love grand pronouncements about negative situations.

Demar Dorsey couldn't get into to the schools he wanted to go to. Now everything is grand and glorious at Louisville

"It's the beginning of a new era building up a program," Dorsey told InsideTheVille.com in the report.

It's like a losing general praising his strategic retreat.


Rob Hankins to Arizona according to scout.com

Posted by: 4-Real | June 21, 2010 at 04:49 AM

Breaking news at 4:49 AM on a Sunday night?


From www.ncaa.com:

The nicknames are already flying and Eastern Washington University hasn't even begun installing its new artificial turf.

The Slaughterhouse. The Blood Rug. The Bordello Bowl.

Athletic director Bill Chaves was seeking attention last month and sure got it when he announced that the turf would be red.

"The uniqueness of the red field was able to generate an amazing amount of publicity," Chaves said.

It also has generated donations. Michael Roos, an Eastern Washington alumnus who is a lineman for the NFL's Tennessee Titans, kicked the drive off with a $500,000 donation. ESPN broadcaster Colin Cowherd, also an EWU graduate, threw in $50,000.

Money continues to pour in toward the $1 million needed to roll out the red carpet on Sept. 18 against Montana.

Eastern Washington, located in this suburb outside Spokane, has long been a successful FCS program in the Big Sky Conference. But the Eagles have never gotten much national recognition, or even that much local attention. Attendance is usually around 5,000 for football games at Woodward Field, a tiny stadium on the edge of town that is surrounded by wheat fields.

The best-known artificial turf in the nation is the blue field at Boise State, and Chaves was visiting that campus last July when the red light bulb went off in his head.

"It was the middle of July and people were coming with cameras," Chaves said. "It was like a scene out of 'Field of Dreams.' You lay it down and people will come."


The NCAA has approved 35 bowl games for the next four years, including two new ones: the Dallas Football Classic and the New Era Pinstripe Bowl in New York.

The NCAA said Friday that the bowls were licensed on a four-year cycle for the first time, though they will be reviewed each year. The move puts the licensing schedule - from 2010-11 through 2013-14 - in line with the length of bowl conference agreements.

The first Pinstripe Bowl will be played at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx on Dec. 30. It will include the No. 3 team in the Big East and the No. 6 school in the Big 12, excluding Bowl Championship Series participants.

The first Dallas Football Classic at the Cotton Bowl is planned for New Year's Day 2011, involving the seventh-ranked team from the Big 12 against the sixth-ranked team from the Big Ten. Future games will include Conference USA.

Bowl applications were denied for the Cure Bowl in Orlando, Fla., and the Christmas Bowl in Los Angeles.




Jacory might be the only Qb in the country that could line up two complete sets of receivers that could start on any team in America.

Posted by: solarcane | June 20, 2010 at 06:23 PM

Hopefully not standing behind 5 Pipho's....


I was thinking about Sebastian57's predicition that UM would DOUBLE their sack total from 24 to 48 in 2010.

So I wondered which team had the most sacks in 2009 and how many did they total?

So guess which team had the MOST sacks last year and how many?


Hopefully not standing behind 5 Pipho's....

Posted by: CGNC | June 21, 2010 at 09:22 AM

"The Human Turnstile" LMAO!


^^This :\


LOL all kidding aside Jacory CANNOT have another season where he is battered like that. I am cautiously optimistic until I can see that the O-Line can handle its business.


I concur CGNC... O-Line has a LOT to prove. (And IMprove... )


From The Bleacher Report:

Groveland, FL corner back Nick Waisome is one of the few in the class that recruitniks have termed a "true cover corner."

Along with jamming technique and a good backpedal, I also like Waisome's talent in run support and on special teams. He tackles well, squares his shoulders to the ball carrier, and rarely lets running backs or returners get by.

Waisome named a top seven including Florida, and many recruitniks believe he'll stay in-state at either Florida, Miami, or Florida State.

What gives Florida an edge was that Waisome was one of many elite prospects who showed up to the Gators' spring game over FSU's and Miami's?

I'd be concerned about Waisome's relationship with Charlie Strong. Seeing Louisville in that top group—Strong just convinced former Florida commit Demar Dorsey to join the Cardinals.


More from The Bleacher Report on STA OL Bobby Hart:

I like Hart to get the lion's share of that attention. He's a good, local run-blocker and on the shorter side (6'4", 283 lbs), so he could be destined for a move to the interior line, arguably the greater need for the Gators.

In 2010, the Gators signed Hart's teammate, defensive back Cody Riggs, out of St. Thomas Aquinas in Fort Lauderdale. But Florida State and Miami have also done damage at Aquinas in 2011 — the Noles grabbed WR Rashad Greene, while the Canes just recently nabbed wide receiver Phillip Dorsett.

By this point, Florida is used to dividing high school talent up amongst the Big Three. Florida made Hart's cut to seven, along with the Noles and Canes, so they should be a factor until the decision is made.


Wilder update:



From Rivals.com:

Coveted five-star running back/linebacker James Wilder Jr. of Tampa (Fla.) Plant had a busy Friday and Saturday as he traveled by car with three teammates and his coach to the campuses of Florida and Florida State.

At each, the standout had a good time.

"He really had great visits at both places," Plant coach Robert Weiner said.

In Gainesville, the 6-foot-2, 219-pounder, who is the country's No. 3-rated player and helped lead the Panthers to the Class 5A state title last year, Wilder not only watched his teammates participate in a Gator camp at Florida Field, but met with Florida coaches, watched film and asked questions.

One thing Wilder wanted to know: How would the Gators utilize him at running back?

"He just wants to see how he fits in," Weiner said. "He was able to get a good look at that, talk to the coaching staff and ask some specific questions about that. He really had a great visit to Florida. He's really starting to feel comfortable with their coaching staff. I think he has been (comfortable) all along with their whole situation."

Last week's commitment of Tampa (Fla.) Catholic fullback Hunter Joyer might actually have helped Florida's cause in its recruitment of Wilder. At the very least, it didn't hurt.

"No. 1, he's someone James knows who's in our area," Weiner said. "No. 2, it does signal a little bit of the direction of what they're going to do offensively. I think the (commitment) of Hunter showed a little bit of a commitment to the kind of running game James could really be effective in."

Reiterating what he said last week, Weiner thinks Wilder likely will pick a school by mid-July.

"It's getting down to the point where he may be making some serious divisions and separations," Weiner said.


From The Bleacher Report:

Five-star running back Savon Huggins out of Jersey City, NJ.

The 6'0", 201 lb recruit is drawing rave reviews for his combination of size and balance. Recruitniks are comparing him to everyone from 2010 five-stars Marcus Lattimore and Penn State's Silas Redd to LeSean McCoy, starting for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Huggins' offer sheet reads like a BCS ranking in 2014. Alabama, Florida, USC, and Oregon all chipped in with offers.

Florida is battling Rutgers and Miami, both of whom are throwing everything they have at him, but he's promised Florida a visit, and has a former teammate, Will Hill, in Gainesville.


bg's boi, Sammy Watkins update:


CaneSawMass (acre

SOUP - Gators might have a chance at Wilder because he'll be playing "RB" now... heheheheheheheheh

And watkins is the next Percy Harvin...

Wait until they get there.

1. DE
2. The Next Deonte Thompson



We hear Aubrey Hill has impressed high school coaches as UM's new recruiting coordinator. Clint Hurtt, now at Louisville, was solid, but his intense style rubbed some the wrong way, and there were some disagreements inside UM about his assessments. ``Aubrey is a fine, upstanding guy -- more laid back personality-wise than Clint, not as flashy,'' said North Miami Beach coach Jeff Bertani, who likes Hurtt. ``People know Aubrey more. Aubrey can read a coach to know what he's thinking.''

Read more: http://www.miamiherald.com/2010/06/20/1690073/florida-states-fisher-looks-for.html#ixzz0rV2yKENa



ESPN's Tom Luginbill on UM's Miami Northwestern High oral commitments: ``Eli Rogers is really good, a Santana Moss-type, can play inside or outside, return kicks/punts. We invited him to the All-American game. Teddy Bridgewater isn't as far along as Jacory was in the passing game at the same point. He needs a lot of work mechanically.''

Read more: http://www.miamiherald.com/2010/06/20/1690073_p2/florida-states-fisher-looks-for.html#ixzz0rV4IY7dw

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