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June 30, 2010



Think about this for a second

Randy Shannon in his fourth season has gone from having two quarterbacks that were the laughing stock of the ACC;
to having a legitimate Heisman candidate at QB and a kid that will most like win a NC sitting on the bench behind him.
That's pretty incredible.


Reports: Don Coryell dies at 85

Multiple reports are emerging from San Diego that former Chargers coach Don Coryell has died at the age of 85.

Coryell coached the Chargers from 1978 through half of the 1986 season, compiling a record if 72-60. He resigned after eight games in his final year on the job.

A finalist for induction in the Pro Football Hall of Fame earlier this year, the coach took full advantage of rules changes aimed at opening up the passing game to create Air Coryell, an attack that turned quarterback Dan Fouts and tight end Kellen Winslow into Hall of Famers -- and the Chargers into perennial contenders.

Coryell had been ill for months. Eventually, he passed due to complications from pneumonia.

He also served as head coach of the Cardinals from 1973 through 1977. Before that, Coryell coached at San Diego State for more than a decade.

Old Skool

Having failed to land Willie Williams with steak and lobster, Florida State is closely watching the current NBA free agent a___ kissing contest for some new tricks to help them with recruiting.

In the past, they tried giving away the key to the city, but no one was interested.


Sebastian - ya, I remember talking about Mike Ford up at work being arrested .. again - but hey, this is the first time he got arrested for domestic battery, so gotta give him credit? Or not

This is what cracked me up:

"I've always thought a lot of Mike," Leavitt said Wednesday. "What happened down there, I don't know. I wasn't there. We didn't have those kinds of (violence) problems with Mike when we were at USF."

Nope, sure didn't. B/c Leavitt is the one that does the violence thing there

I dunno if you remember that kid at USF, Trent Pupello - he was an OLineman, transferred to USF after being at UiF for a couple of years, back in 2007

Anyway, I just remember when Pupello was down at Channelside .. got into a fight with 15 people .. went to his GMC Denali .. got out a pistol .. ran back to that crowd of people fighting and starting shooting this gun in the air while running at them .. then he pistol whipped a few of them, messing them up pretty bad. The kid is a complete jackass, spoiled brat Guido - his dad owns the Tahitian Inn on South Dale, the kid is the type to think he can get away with anything b/c of his family

Here's another thing though. There's a kid that's a kicker from Baron Collier, Marvin Kloss, who stole $8,200 worth of property with his friend and teammate Carlos Perez - from a house party they went to

Kloss is going to walk on at USF for now - but we'll see if they let him, pending the investigation of the robbery

If I'm Skip Holtz, I tell the kid to get the hell away from my program - I don't care if you're 3rd Team All-State

I mean seriously, USF isn't exactly known for its tough admission standards, esp. for athletes (and esp. esp. for football) - even if you look at the APR Scores of Miami, FSU, UiF, UCF and USF - USF comes in dead ass last in almost every single sport ... and it's not even really that close. It's mainly between UCF and USF, but USF has an insane amount of sports with the lowest scores

They're a joke. And if Skip does what his daddy did, at every coaching stop he made in college - they'll be in a hell of a lot of trouble. Lou never left a program without it being put on probation - for USF's sake, they better hope Skip doesn't pull that crap


Six, My son Rick was at channelside that night and had Pupello in a headlock prior to the gunplay but he didnt know the guys name he just called him Fabio.
Like a True Cane he asserted his dominance over a USF Bull.
One of his buddys was a pistol whipee but just got skinned up.

Go Canes!!!


something 2 think about.all this bad trash of players that cant get into um,fsu,uf there all going to end up at usf.Sure there will be problems but dont forget they can ball.This might turn into the (80's) canes.Not winning like us but alot of problems it sure would be a tough team.jmo


Six it is not hard to get into USF even if you are not an athlete. UCF standards are just a smig higher.

Go Canes!



but Boomer Philbrick is the coolest coach name ever

Posted by: solarcane | July 01, 2010 at 09:43 PM



UM admission criteria:

Admission to the undergraduate program at UM is selective. Among our freshmen, more than 40 percent graduated in the top 5 percent of their high school class.


Admission Requirements:

We base our admission decision on the student's academic strength and how competitive that student is in the applicant pool.

There is no minimum GPA or test score requirement for admission. The Admission Committee does not recalculate high school GPAs. We use the GPA (weighted and/or unweighted) provided by your high school.

Although not a requirement, a competitive freshman student for admission has a strong A-/B+ average, around a 1320 SAT and/or around a 30 ACT test score, and ranks in the top 10% of their graduating class.


Clemson Tickets: $48

GT Tickets: $60

Pitt Tickets: $35


The dean of admissions came to speak to us at my daughter's school.

10 years ago they would take 2000 kids from 5000 applicants.

Last year they took 2000 kids from 21,000 applicants.

Median GPA is 4.2 and average SAT over 1200 and their 6 year medical program is one of the most difficult admissions in the US.

This is no longer Suntan U.


I hope everyone out there has a safe 4th of July weekend

On a local 813/727 note. Prayers to the families of the cops that were gunned down the other day. I hope they catch that (INSERT ANY WORD)very soon


Then there is Arizona State.

Dennis Erickson arrived following the 2006 season, replacing Dirk Koetter, a coach who had been doing just enough to get by.

The 2007 season, Erickson's first, was phenomenal. He led the Sun Devils to a 10-2 season record and a berth in the Holiday Bowl, which they ended up losing to Texas.

The 2008 and 2009 seasons were a different story. Going 5-7 and 4-8 led the Sun Devils to their first consecutive losing seasons since 1947. It was also Erickson's first encounter with back-to-back seasons under the six-win mark.

Dennis Erickson is now sitting on one of the hottest seats in college football.

Erickson's mercenary status is not holding true in Tempe, AZ. In fact, it's as if he is reversing his impressive track record with former teams.

Instead, he brought a 10-win season to Tempe and then failed to produce after that. This is not like the mercenary the country has seen in the past.

Erickson must produce a winning season for ASU in 2010 if he wishes to keep his job for another season and cool off his hot seat a bit.


10 years ago they would take 2000 kids from 5000 applicants.

Last year they took 2000 kids from 21,000 applicants.

Posted by: pb | July 02, 2010 at 11:31 AM

Well that explains how I got in way back in 1981! My SAT was 1150 and GPA 3.2.

Prolly no way I get in today, huh?


University of Georgia Athletic Director Damon Evans apologized Thursday after he was arrested for drunken driving, saying he "failed miserably" in being a leader and representing the school well.

A state trooper pulled over Evans late Wednesday night for driving erratically in Atlanta. Evans, 40, smelled of alcohol and failed a field sobriety test, police said. He was charged with DUI and failure to maintain a lane.

"My behavior and my actions are not indicative of what we teach our student athletes," Evans said during a news conference at the Athens campus. "My actions have put a black cloud over our storied program."

Also in the car with Evans was 28-year-old Courtney Fuhrmann. She was charged with disorderly conduct after police said she repeatedly ignoring warnings to stay inside the 2009 BMW while the trooper was conducting the field sobriety test.

Authorities did not know the relationship between Fuhrmann and Evans.

"I honestly don't want to talk to any press," Fuhrmann said by telephone.

Evans, a married father of two, was arrested the day before his new, five-year contract with the university began. He has publicly campaigned against drunken driving, including filming a public service announcement that airs during home football games to the crowd at Sanford Stadium.

"If you drink and drive, you lose," Evans says in the message.

The athletic director hopes to continue in his position, which he has held since July 2004.

Read more: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2010/football/ncaa/07/01/uga-ad.ap/index.html?utm_source=bleacherreport.com#ixzz0sXtysh6n


Thats going to be interesting to see what happens with Evans

Having the law on your backside is bad enough. The wife is the real problem he is going to face

Drunked up and kicked out on the street



Check out this site

Look around awhile there are some gems hidden here and there.

Read the forum rules when you get a chance It sounds like Adolf Eichmann wrote them.
Very few sites tell you to get the hell out before you ever even get in.




Youth football camp honors slain Miami Hurricanes player Bryan Pata


A youth football camp dedicated to the memory of murdered University of Miami football player Bryan Pata will be staged Saturday at FlU's Biscayne Bay Campus.

The second annual Pata Camp #95 will be held from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the North Miami Stadium on the grounds of the university at 3000 NE 151st St.

All South Florida children and teens are invited to attend and register on the spot for the camp, which is open to those age 6 through 15.

The idea of the camp, which carries Pata's UM jersey number, is to remind youngsters of the tragic death of the promising 22-year-old, 6-foot-4 defensive end who was expected to be drafted into the NFL.

``Bryan died due to violence and we want to send kids the message that they should stay away from that kind of lifestyle,'' said Edwin Pata, Bryan's older brother and organizer of the event.

Bryan Pata, who played for Miami Central High School, was shot to death outside his off-campus apartment on November 2006. The shooting has been ruled a homicide, but remains unsolved and the motive unclear.

Attending Saturday's event will be former teammates of Pata at the UM who went on to professional careers.

They include Eric Moncur of the Philadelphia Eagles, Tavares Gooden of the Baltimore Ravens and Kareem Brown of the Tennessee Titans.

All will be on hand to sign autographs.

Also attending will be University of Miami and FIU stand-out football players.

For more information about Saturday's event, call 786-282-7873.

Read more: http://www.miamiherald.com/2010/07/02/1711961/youth-football-camp-honors-slain.html#ixzz0sXxXOjqM


Anyone an ESPN insider? If you are, could you please post some nuggets from the 2010 Blue Ribbon Preview: Miami Hurricanes? Thanks.



They say Miami University...oops!

Baraka Atkins
#58 / Linebacker / Denver Broncos

Born: September 28, 1984 (Age 25)

Height: 6'4"

Weight: 268 lb

College: Miami (Florida)

Acquired: 2010 Free Agent

Contract: Terms Unknown

In high school, Atkins was a standout defensive end fated for greatness at that position. His four seasons at Miami University did nothing to dispel that destiny. While moving all around the defensive line for the Hurricanes, Baraka was the quintessential stat-sheet-stuffer. His play during his first season earned him Third team freshman All-American honors, which he followed up with honorable mention All-ACC recognition as a sophomore. His junior campaign saw a dip in production as he was moved inside full-time, but he bounced right back up to honorable mention All-ACC status as a senior when he returned to his preferred position of defensive end.

After that impressive college career, Atkins was selected by the Seattle Seahawks in the 4th round of the 2007 NFL Draft. Baraka saw very limited action over the next two seasons before being cut despite showing some of that promise from his amateur days towards the end. He was then quickly signed by the San Francisco 49ers to fill a momentary void in their roster, but he was waived just weeks later before the end of that same season.

Now a Bronco, Atkins is looking to reassert himself as the sort of game-changing pass rusher that wreaked havoc on opposing offenses when he played for Miami. In Denver, he'll certainly find the freedom to do just that, but it is up to him to earn any amount of playing time in what is beginning to appear to me as a crowded stable of capable outside linebackers. He's an impressive physical specimen with plenty of spark in his resume, so don't be surprised if he manages to make an immediate impact if he can make his way onto the field in 2010.


It doesn't say much, 360- just a recap of Shannon's contract status, quotes from Shannon about how schools can't use that against him anymore and how he's here for the long-run, it lists the schedule and coaching staff, and has a link where you can buy the blue ribbon preview magazine on-line.


Thanks j.w. Appreciate it!


I read that too quickly, 360- there are links to other sections that I didn't read.
They analyze all three phases of the game, a quick summary of the newcomers, and then give their analysis. Because it might be copyrighted, I'll summarize quickly:
No major surprises about who they think will play at the various positions, and not much talk about depth except at QB and WR. FWIW they consider Cooper the starter at RB but note he is hurt, then talk a little about Berry being a proven commodity and "sophomore" Chambers as a potential player. They list James as a RB, but talk more about Lamar Miller than anyone else.
The underlying theme of this section is Jacory must cut down on mistakes, depth at QB is better, missing the spring helped Jacory.
D: Lots of talk about the DL and Petri, how Spence is over the Soph. slump and Kylan Rob. looked like one of the LB's from Shannon's era, the DB got torched in spring ball but Harris's return should help.
Special- we may have the best kicking game in the ACC, still need a holder for placekicks, return game is fine, kick coverage was middle of the pack.
Newcomers- not as good as norma lbecause of Shannon's contract issue, early enrollees have a better chance to compete, need help at TE so they talk about Ford and all the freshman TE. Singles out Linder as a potential contributor among the rest of the class.
Analysis- season was good, but should have been better; mistakes killed the team, especially against UNC, Clem, and Wis. Need to elimiante mistakes, turnovers, mental lapses to improve on last year and get immediate help from newcomers at OL, TE, RB, and get healthy. Nonetheless, we're more stable than last year and there's more optimism about the program. Shannon thinks veteran presence will help us, as we had none last year.


thanks j.w.


awesome job j.w.


Whoa! Awesome j.w.! Tripple thanks!


You're welcome, guys! Glad I could contribute.


I don't know if it's been discussed here yet, but I just read that vuvuzelas are making it to CFB.

If they make it to TNP, I may have to cancel my season tix. I love my Canes but refuse to be in all that noise live. Ok, ok. I'll still go. I just won't be that happy or get drunk enough to where the noise doesn't bother me.


If the Canes win you'll be happy. If they don't there isn't enough drink in the stadium to make that noise tolerable.

At least thats my feelings if I were in your shoes.

Cat 5 Cane

here I leave for a few days and it takes me 2 hrs of catch up...

Neon... Was one of mine for top threeeeee!

Anybody remember his introduction to the Atlanta fans. The team takes the field and he is missing...
In comes a helicopter... Mr D climbs out and waves to the fans... Awesome! Said he was running late and could find the field...

Best Quote!!! Deion didn't make tackles... he made business decisions...Posted by: Hurriphin

Sooo, who's next???... no pressure Mate.

Randy!,Randy!, Randy!!!!!


If the Canes win you'll be happy. If they don't there isn't enough drink in the stadium to make that noise tolerable.

Posted by: DZ8 | July 02, 2010 at 03:34 PM

There it is right there!

Prediction: Vuvuzelas are NOT coming to college football. IF they do somebody is gonna get one of those things smacked upside their head and then crammed up their, well, U know.


Cat5...good to see U back around the blob.

#1 could show up any day/any time.

Cat 5 Cane

Thanks soupster !

Gotta run but I'll be back later.

Cat 5 Cane

Man, I take a vacation and come back relaxed and still mess up... running late and (couldn't) find the field...

LOL... Fuc me!


When we win, I'll probably be blowing away on one of those things. If we lose, someone will have a vuvuzela shaped neck if you know what I'm saying.


Bought my season tickets today and requested four the Clemson game.






Ok fellow Canesters, need tickets to the gt game! How do i obtain these, considering i'm from crimson tide country?


I call this piece, "Days To Prepare For Some Neck Stomping"

Sept 11th @ OSU

Miami: 9 days
OSU: 9 days

Sept 23rd @ Pitt

Miami: 12 days
Pitt: 12 days

Oct. 9th FSU

Miami: 7 days
FSU: 7 days

Oct 23rd UNC

Miami: 7 days
UNC: 7 days

Nov. 13th @ GT

Miami: 7 days
GT: 9 days

Nov. 20th VT

Miami: 7 days
VT: 7 days

As you can see, Miami does not have a fair advantage in preparation for any opponent. GT is the only team with an advantage, but only 2 days. Other teams left off this list, shouldn't matter...


orange 'n green in the vein

SOUP, you'd get in with your equivalent '81 numbers, especially when you consider the fact that every successive American college freshman class has been slightly less literate on average since then year after year, your results would hold up like pre-juice home run records.

Me on the other hand, might be borderline, weighted GPA was like 3.2 and 1390 old SAT on one attempt in '98 . . . I barely probably made it when I applied originally, now, who knows? This all lies at the Don's feet, which I'm all too happy about, BTW, lost football player here and there be damned.

Hurriphin 302-4-305

Along with BYU's Lavell Edwards, Coryell turned the passing game from throwing a ball, to throwing art.

In fact,
Tell me you don't see a lot of "Air Coryell" in Coach Whipple. Go deep, and go often.

Que random sexual inuendo............



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