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June 28, 2010








There was a four minute delay as I was late to post. Guess that worked out for U?

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Belen Jesuit LB Nick Menocal has verbally committed to the University of Miami.

Menocal checked in at the Miami Nike Camp earlier this spring at 6-foot-2 and 232 pounds and ran a 4.59 laser 40 with a 35.5-inch vertical jump.

His 114.40 SPARQ rating was one of the highest in Florida.

Posted by: big chuck | June 28, 2010 at 06:50 PM



Soup thanks for the ink to the liquor store but meant chairs, tents , grills, etc. when I said tailgaiting supplies


Soup thanks for the ink to the liquor store but meant chairs, tents , grills, etc. when I said tailgaiting supplies

Posted by: shwarma | June 28, 2010 at 07:16 PM

Who needs any stinkin' chairs and tents? Just liquid supplies are required!

Order on-line and have it shipped to U:



New Manny on Nick Menocal:



Menocal was one of the state's highest scorers at the Nike SPARQ camp, which measures overall athleticism. He ran a 4.59 in the 40-yard dash at the Miami Nike Camp earlier this spring and had a 35.5-inch vertical leap. This season, Menocal will play mostly defensive end for Belen, but said UM is recruiting him to play linebacker.

He will come in as one of UM's brightest recruits, boasting a 3.5 GPA. He already scored a 1510 on the SAT exam and is a full qualifier.

UM has six commitments in its 2011 class. Four are from South Florida.

Read more: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/umiami/2010/06/um-gets-commitment-from-belen-lb-menocal.html#comments#ixzz0sC50Knrh


A little more background on Nick, who's father and uncle are police officers in Sweetwater, Miami, FL:



Cali...U beat me to it! Nice job.


does Belen let guys graduate early? Cause this dude already is a full qualifier according to Manny. got to say 6'3, 232 is a nice piece of rock for Swasey to work with as a LB coming in.

Old Skool

A worthy number 3 even if he is a Gator.

Speaking of which Ja Juan Story has decided to become an Urbanite


Este, that's a huge kid. I mean he grows he is a DE in no time.

Also, in the video I watched I saw more DE skills, than LB. Video didn't showcase any diagnosis, just go chasee the ball.

I trust the coaches, this just seems like a surprise for this small class.


That's fine about Story as I heard he would have maybe had some grade issues. Also, forgot to add to last post that though I know he is very small, I like Bryant's film more than this guy.

But even though I know I have been critical, welcome to the U Nick!



suport Jacory!!



New story on Chase Ford:




That Manny story I just posted also has some more info on Delmar Taylor, Jeremy Davis, Kelvin Cain, and T Glenn.

SO happy to get some Canes news! Starting to feel like summer/fall.

Only 2 more months!!!



Does Nick Menocal pay rent to live in the damn weight room instead of with his parents? That kid is not exactly small

Check this out though on him, pretty funny:

Look at #8, where it says DREAM SCHOOL:



Six, boy kid is looking to make enemies of us quickly


Menocal reminds me of Olivier Vernon. Same body type although Menocal looks a little more amped at this stage.

Cat 5 Cane

Emmitt... Ohhh Yeah!

That one of mine... but if he's 3rd... who's 2nd???


shwarma - ya, I thought that was pretty funny ... then again, it's also funny that his favorite team are the Ravens and favorite player is Ray Lewis

Ravens have Canes at very important positions on their squad, and of course his favorite player is a Cane legend and probably one of the scariest lookin mofos in his Cane uni that I've ever seen

It's like a mix of a heat seeking missile and a rottweiler with a 6 pack and 2 legs



I miss these days ...


That was one nasty ass trio of death dealers in the middle of the field


UCLA having trouble trying to lick the Cocks.

Go Canes!!!


I dont know how these coaches do it...i try to train my son, coach him up and some times I just want to wring his little neck! lol


Nice pick on #3. (Good research too!)

E. Smith was an amazing running back. Never seemed to be moving that fast or cutting that sharply, but he would just EAT UP YARDS like nobody's business!

Nice job again gentlemen...


If you haven't seen Strasburg pitch yet, here's a link to watch online of the Nats vs Braves

Tim Hudson vs. Strasburg

Huddy is dealing, Strasburgs last pitch was 99 mph and has just filthy stuff tonight

You also get to see Strasburg on the mound go up against Jason Heyward at bat ... two phenoms and MLBs future


Gotta like this Nick Menocal kid. Good athlete, good student... nice job again Randy!


Sorry, here's the link online to watch


Strasburg has 5 Ks thru 5 innings


Thanks guys,

Emmitt could easily hold the number one spot with his credentials.

These top four could be switched around into any order depending on the person that is evaluating the bios.

Jack Youngblood and Emmitt are two players you gotta really respect no matter how much you loath the Gators.


Nevermind, Heyward isn't playing tonight b/c of a bone bruise in this thumb

It's funny as hell though listening to the Nats announcers (Rob Dibble & Bob Carpenter) - they're both smartasses and it's great. They just ragged on some guy sitting behind the plate who waves every time Strasburg is about to release the ball

Dibble just said "Look at this guy right here, look at him, waving every time Steven throws the ball ... hey buddy, you're not distracting the kid - get a life"

Bob Carpenter just said "You probably paid $300 for those seats, why don't you act like it"

It's refreshing to hear some announcers like that, unlike a lot of the bland ones you hear for your own team


Dropppin knowledge to my canespace brothas from my source WR from Nature coast Jajuan Story wanted to come to MIami but we told em that he had to hold off last week because we have a wr already in place in his spot!!!! So today he committed to the GATES.

(HINT) What WR recruit rhymes with family???? LOL LOL


How much u guys wanna bet Ja'Jaun Story gets elavated from 3 star to 4 or 5 star now that just committed to UF?


How much u guys wanna bet Ja'Jaun Story gets elavated from 3 star to 4 or 5 star now that just committed to UF?


How much u guys wanna bet Ja'Jaun Story gets elavated from 3 star to 4 or 5 star now that just committed to UF?


How much u guys wanna bet Ja'Jaun Story gets elavated from 3 star to 4 or 5 star now that just committed to UF?


Sorry for multiple post.


Emmitt Smith:

15 yards versus the Canes.

That stache is trash, that beard is weird.

Ooohhh, it's bad!!!

But seriously, great talent, glad that he wasn't #1, but a deserving #3.

Nick Menocal, is his mother a teacher? I mean, great grades to go with great skills? And I hear Belen is a tough school to get into. UM might even be easy after being at a Jesuit school.


I bet Ja'Jaun Story gets elavated from 3 star to 4 or 5 star now that he committed to Gators. It's just this felling I keep getting. I mean, I have felt it like four times already....


any new news on the seantrel and ego sweepstakes, or is that dead?


tomorrow is physicals for the players..heard the news from a team dr. who works at the hospital i work at....
hopefully everyone is clean....


I have felt it like four times already....



Guys, he's a rough product so if he show's flahses he will get an elevated star rating, and rightfully so. Those sites are based on money. Realize its not bias as much as its $$$.


4 real you are probably right four times


I'm thinking this is the longest stretch in the history of Miami Hurricane football that no one has been suspended, arrested or spent a night in the box.


Vegas odds to win the Heisman as of now

Player Position School Line
Mark Ingram Running back Alabama +380
Terrelle Pryor Quarterback Ohio State +550
Jake Locker Quarterback Washington +800
Ryan Mallett Quarterback Arkansas +1200
Noel Devine Running back West Virginia +1400
Jacory Harris Quarterback Miami +1400
Dion Lewis Running back Pittsburgh +1500
Case Keenum Quarterback Houston +1500
John Clay Running back Wisconsin +1500
Evan Royster Running back Penn State +1500
Kellen Moore Quarterback Boise State +1700
Landry Jones Quarterback Oklahoma +1800
Andrew Luck Quarterback Stanford +1800
DeMarco Murray Running back Oklahoma +1800
Christian Ponder Quarterback Florida State +1800
Damien Berry Running back Miami +2200
Matt Barkley Quarterback USC +2200
Jacquizz Rodgers Running back Oregon State +2500
Garrett Gilbert Quarterback Texas +3000
LaMichael James Running back Oregon +3300
Tate Forcier Quarterback Michigan +3500
Josh Nesbitt Quarterback Georgia Tech +6000
Jerrod Johnson Quarterback Texas A&M +6000
Blaine Gabbert Quarterback Missouri +6600
Jordan Todman Running back Connecticut +6600
Robert Griffin Quarterback Baylor +6600


So who's the wr that rhymes with family?


I was at the Emmitt Smith 15 yard game. I'm pretty sure it was his first college game ever and the end of the series.

I also believe Kerwin Bell had to be hospitalized after that game and the Gators only points came on two muffed punt snaps that went into the endzone

Doc Ibis

So who's the wr that rhymes with family?

Posted by: Nashvillecane | June 28, 2010 at 11:14 PM

SAMMMMMMMMYYYYYYYYYY!!!!! I hope thats true man!!

orange 'n green in the vein


Emmit had about what, 5 yards at this point?

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