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June 28, 2010


Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer

Solar, nice piece again. Emmitt's class all the way. Only thing you can dislike about him is that he was a Croc but if Jimmy Johnson didn't worry about it neither will I. lol

After 9-11, Jacory will leap-frog Pryor.


yea Smith had exactly 5 carries against the Hurricanes for a total of 15 yds

This takes a lot of starch out of
Yea but Smith ony got 15 yds against us.

It would have been a little more dramatic if he had 25 runs and totaled 15 yds.

Funny nobody brings up the fact that in Emmitt Smith's FIRST START as a FRESHMAN he had 225 yds against Alabama... yea that Alabama.

Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer

I wonder why Ponder's so low on that Vegas list?


I can't think of anyone who rhymes with "family," per se, although Sammy would be nice....or Kelvin Benjamin or Andre Davis. With our current two WR commitments both being 5'10", and some might say this is the case when the weather and gravity conditions are in synch, it would be nice to have one guy who is a 6+ ft. wideout to throw in. Watkins, Benjamin and Davis all fit the bill, with Benjamin being the biggest (but obviously someone I'd suspect ends up at FU unfortunatly). Watkins and Davis may be more polished at this stage though. I don't think we end up unhappy with any one of the three, if it is one of them (which I don't know). We're obviously not needing to start from scratch any more though, which is nice to see. The young speedsters can now play the expected early career roles (ie return duty, mopup ,etc...save by redshirting), unless they're truly special....which even then shouldn't amount to much PT if there are halfway decent and somewhat uninjured upperclassmen in front of them.

Not fair to tease, 321!


wad up ogv??

Man did Bell lock onto his receivers or what!! Then he waits a second just to make sure we get right in front of his target, what hunk of trash he was. lol


(HINT) What WR recruit rhymes with family???? LOL LOL

Posted by: 321CANES | June 28, 2010 at 10:04 PM

Tee hee, tee hee...


I couldn't think of any WORD that rhymed with family


321, OGV, Captain and pb all on the same night?

Football season must be getting close...



Shannon in the hallway.

Nothing good happens...


hi CaptO

some ink on Ponder

Christian Ponder (Senior), QB, Florida State Seminoles: +1800

Christian Ponder's 2009 season was cut short after separating his shoulder against Clemson. However, Ponder will return this season as the senior of a Florida State offense that is dangerous through the air. Ponder ended the 2009 season completing a strong 68% of his passes for 2,717 yards, 14 scores, and 7 picks. Ponder's strong and accurate arm picked apart some of the ACC's best defenses last year and it would not be surprising to see the Seminoles quarterback put up some stellar numbers in 2010.



Holy moly...now I'm O U T.


Does Nick Menocal pay rent to live in the damn weight room instead of with his parents? That kid is not exactly small

Posted by: Six | June 28, 2010 at 08:11 PM

I think it's good genes because the kid's whole family is diesel! I grew up in sweetwater and his uncles used to come to my middle school to do D.A.R.E. presentations. Both of them were at least 6'2-6'4 240+ lbs.

Also check out his brother Iggy Menocal Jr., another freaking beast whom I think was a UM baseball recruit that didn't pan out in the early 2000s: http://www.myspace.com/iggy0104

And check out his cousin Jessie: http://www.facebook.com/people/Jessie-Menocal/1808371918

This kid's whole family puts fitness first. Really glad we're gonna have another manbeast in the weight room to push the rest of the team once AB leaves.



I'm thinking this is the longest stretch in the history of Miami Hurricane football that no one has been suspended, arrested or spent a night in the box.

Posted by: solarcane | June 28, 2010 at 11:00 PM

uh-oh-- jinx!

it's time

free cookies in the lobby


any new news on the seantrel and ego sweepstakes, or is that dead?

Posted by: DrtyCane | June 28, 2010 at 10:49 PM

I saw on College Football Live yesterday that USC will NOT let Seantrel leave. (They don't HAVE to according to the NCAA.)

Of course, CFL also said that the Pac "12" would definitely be the Pac 16 this year... so what do they know?

Cat 5 Cane

I saw on College Football Live yesterday that USC will NOT let Seantrel leave. (They don't HAVE to according to the NCAA.)
Posted by: roachcane77

I hope USC makes this a "Huge" Big deal... Remember the negative press Randy got with the Marve thing. Lame K and USC holding Seantrel hostage makes me very happy and only negative press will come by it!!!

and it gives us time to maneuver if we are interested in him... don't know how but Randy will find a way if possible


Good listing of Emmitt at #3

Once again I would to thank you guys for putting in the work to this top 50 Florida athletes

#1 I still say will be someone not many at all have thought of. If my guess is right of course


#1 I still say will be someone not many at all have thought of. If my guess is right of course

Posted by: Sebastian57 | June 29, 2010 at 08:36 AM

I don't want to know your guess but U are correct when U say it is someone that will surprise many here.


I saw on College Football Live yesterday that USC will NOT let Seantrel leave. (They don't HAVE to according to the NCAA.)

Posted by: roachcane77 | June 29, 2010 at 07:57 AM

That is NOT true according to what was originally stated after the penalties were announced. Transfers were allowed for incoming freshmen or sophomores with no penalty to sit out a year is what was announced at the time.

And NOT letting him go if he REALLY wanted to go would be a mistake. We all know that.

Still don't think we get him but with three recent academic casualties we are getting closer to having room for him.


Solar...Emmitt is solid at #3. Like you said the top five are all worthy of #1, but only ONE can be #1.


I was at the Emmitt Smith 15 yard game. I'm pretty sure it was his first college game ever and the end of the series.

I also believe Kerwin Bell had to be hospitalized after that game and the Gators only points came on two muffed punt snaps that went into the endzone

Posted by: pb | June 28, 2010 at 11:15 PM

Yep. Meanwhile, we were only ranked 10th, and had just choked away a game against Penn State and were with an unknown kid at quarterback. It was the end of the Testaverde era and some kid named Walsh had to try to replace a Heisman Trophy quarterback. He did okay....

I remember that game vividly, the second snap over the punter into the end zone was laughable in a Garo Yepremian sort of way. To have that be our biggest concern coming out of that game was great. I thought it was just merciful by JJ not to shut them out, giving them hope that they might do better against us next time. Of course, they then dodged playing us for the next 15 years, so I guess that bit of mercy was wasted on the Gators.

Before the game, the refrain was "Kerwin Bell Rings Up A Heisman". After the game, the refrain was "Kerwin Got His Bell Rung"

Smith had nowhere to run, and once they fell far enough behind, they didn't want to risk his life against that defense.

People rip us old folks for comparing these teams to the current teams, but that was DOMINANCE. I don't believe we saw that dominance last year even against USF.

Yeah, I am spoiled, but I have good reason to be.

31-0 versus FSU, last game I went to with my dad, B-E-A-U-tiful.

31-4 versus UF, last time they played us before their annual Montana State wimp jobs, unstoppable.

Old Skool

I imagine it will surprise because it's been a while and also no college association is involved.


Knox, TJL check email.

SinisterCane...I still need your shirt size?


I imagine it will surprise because it's been a while and also no college association is involved.

Posted by: Old Skool | June 29, 2010 at 09:24 AM

Maybe ;-)


I've got a cousin-in-law who played LB for Montana St. in that next game. Said Emmitt was pretty good.

When watching Emmitts running style I always described him like a surfer. He would go forward and towards the sideline before jetting straight upfield for a few yards before going sideways and slightly upfield again. He was smooth and it reminded me of someone surfing.


Mammaries rhymes with...


It's refreshing to hear some announcers like that, unlike a lot of the bland ones you hear for your own team

Posted by: Six | June 28, 2010 at 09:04 PM

I've enjoyed their games as well.
I hate the Herald writers who write like they're jets or patriots fans. They're getting better now as the Phins are getting better.

Bandwagon journalism. I guess we better get used to it as the Canes improve as well.

Old Skool

Yeah Emmitt read the holes like a surfer reads the breaks.
Truly Emmitt was the gnarliest running back ever


Posted by: JCane | June 28, 2010 at 11:58 PM

I've been saying this seemed like the case a long time ago. Bet on the 2 kids from S. Fort Myers as silents. So....

Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! :-)


^^^Reminds me of the silents we had from the Seminole Sanford duo in '09.


For those that don't understand or doubt the Menocal commitment check out this track footage. That's a dude 235 lbs dawg! SCOOTING! They won the damn race EASYand their team is all white and say that with NO BIAS but I'm saying though! HAHAHA! :-)

Menocal is the 3rd leg in lane 4. All was bet on GREAT atheletes and I think that is what the staff did here. The guy is a great athlete and they have confidence in their ability to coach him up. In 2 years this kid could be terror. What would I give for this to be the 2nd incarnation of Rusty Medearis!



^^^Well not all white guys but STILL! HAHAHA! Not who you expect to be SPEEDSTERS and that kicked Boo-Tay!^^^

87' canes

How 'bout dem CANES!!!!!


Jadeveon Clowney rhymes with family.

What's the significance of this (I missed the original post)?



Actually never mind... just saw the hint and it's for a WR recruit... Clowney is a DE. GO CANES!!!


Jarvis Landry rhymes with family and a WR recruit but he's committed to LSU.

And I guess Sammy as in Sammy Watkins rhymes with family.

I'm going with Sammy.



Ha ha I didn't know Emmitt was from Pensacola (or maybe I forgot...) :-D


Canechic - what happened to your Bruins?


B.C. v `Canes

ACC Championship game



How come the #1 LPGA golfer is not in the list?

(I know, she wasn't #1 when the list was started, just having some fun)


SI article comparing Emmitt Smith with an Ohio State product named Carlos Snow.


I do enjoy the SI vault...

Cat 5 Cane


Cat 5 Cane

Is it football yet...




Shirley dismissed from UCLA


I didnt expect him to come down that hard on them


That Si article was one of the ones i read while evaluating Emmitt's rank.
That's where I read the part about him getting over 200 yds against Alabama as a freshman.

Few people realize he barely played against us, five carries.

I have a tough time recalling all the freshman running backs we had that turned out 200 yd games against a ranked opponent their first time on a college field.

"but you still wonder." Hall shrugs, contemplating what Smith might have done had he been turned loose right from the start against the Hurricanes, who beat the Gators 31-4. "Maybe he was there already. Maybe he just needed the chance."

Who knows maybe we would have broken his legs and made him transfer.


Solar nice work on the fab 50. Interested to see who's in your top two.


Thanks money

remember my top 5 might not be anyone else's but I'm satisfied they are Floridians that made us very proud of what they have accomplished.


I do not know CGNC did not watch the game but I saw they lost, ugh. I do not like those stinkin cocks!


Who knows maybe we would have broken his legs and made him transfer.

Posted by: solarcane | June 29, 2010 at 04:04 PM

That's the spirit!!!
You just made me proud solar, and somewhere out there... the Captain is overcome with emotion and can't comment.
Keep it up! I see FIVE STAR potential in U yet!

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