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June 21, 2010


xiaobiao xu



the guy that picks these guys knows what the hell he is doing




Good stuff.

Just wow about that 1972 season. Epic.

Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer

Miami has yet to play in or win the ACC football championship.

But that is all going to change in 2010.

Captain Optimist told me so.

And I believe him too.

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You damn right I did!!!!



Bg, u gotta like our chances with Tony Steward since Rob Hankins committed to Arizona right?

Posted by: 4-Real | June 21, 2010 at 06:24 PM

Tony Steward = fat nascar driver?

Posted by: SlingBlade | June 21, 2010 at 07:19 PM


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Nice series Solar and Six

Old Skool

Very worthy guy.


FSU beats the gators, bye bye gators.

Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer

Jacory might be the only Qb in the country that could line up two complete sets of receivers that could start on any team in America.

Posted by: solarcane | June 20, 2010 at 06:23 PM


Very true. He could probably say that this year. Only a couple of schools would be reaches for these WRs to start.


DaVaris Daniels to pick Miami tommorow


Team Shannon cannot be stopped. Our WR is gonna be sick with Watkins added in.


Carlton was a complete badass

If anyone has ever read the book "Moneyball", about how Oakland A's GM Billy Beane survives by living off of non-traditional scouting methods and a smaller checkbook .... there's a great section when Beane was in the minors and one of his teammates, some guy named Lenny Dykstra, were watching Carlton throw off the mound before they were going to play him

Dykstra is a true baseball flake, and it's awesome what he says about Carlton


CGNC the other day I heard a guy trying to convince a sports radio announcer that LeBron James was more of an athlete then Sydney Crosby. I was so angry I almost called in to the show to defend Crosby and I was like wait a minute I do not like this guy. Although I do not like him Lebron is better really? And are you trying to say hockey players are not athletes? That was a big huge COME ON MAN.

Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer

DZ8, I'm with you on those pre-season awards watchlists. Forston probably won't even start.
But he's a RS sophomore. I'll bet they didn't mention that.

Ungar, great points about our OL letting down our DL in most respects last year. This year it's not happening. Pipho might have a world of experience over Johnson but experience can never make him as big, strong and agile. Ditto B-Wash compared right next to him and then Frank and Figs on the other side. Then right behind them there's quality depth with Gunn, Jones and someone else I'm forgetting.

So there should be little drop-off between 1s and 2s on both sides.

I'm still annoyed with Stoutland talking about how many starts are necessary to win a NC and that this group should "still be good."


But I know Shannon's going to squeeze everything he can out of them and Stout.

Fortunately we have enough talent on O to mitigate any OL mistakes.

Old Skool

Miami's easier to get into than ND?

Unable to qualify academically for admission to his first choice, Notre Dame, wide receiver DaVaris Daniels of Vernon Hills has decided to enroll at the University of Miami.

Daniels, son of the Washington Redskins' Phillip Daniels, will make his announcement at a press conference at his high school at noon on Tuesday.

When it became apparent that Notre Dame couldn't get him into school, he opted for Miami.

"They have a brotherhood, a great tradition," Daniels said. "I grew up watching Miami powerhouse teams dominating everyone. My dad has some teammates who went to Miami and they talk about the U, how they still go back to the school, how they still are a part of the program."


Daniels is enrolling in UM??? Doesn't he have another year of high school?


Doesn't Daniels have another year to improve his grades, test scores?

87' canes

Go CANES !!!!!!!!!!


It's definitely harder to get in to ND.

If his grades are close enough, Shannon can always use his exceptions that he is given for each class.


Daniels goes to the school in the next town over from the high school I teach at. I heard he was all ND so grades must be a bit of an issue.

I hate the Golden Domers, but they do have some of the highest academic standards in the country.


Gotta fake posing as Super Cooper!


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I have been a Phillies fan for over 50 years. Steve Carton is one of those athletes that goes by one name "Lefty" The article mentions the 1972 season, which was incredible, the Phillies were the worst team in baseball. the following is from Lefty's site:

In 1972 Carlton became the fifth pitcher ever to win 20 games for a last-place team, collecting 27 of the Phillies' 59 victories, a record 45.8 percent! Carlton's 27-10 record included a 15-game winning streak, eight shutouts, and 30 complete games, which was the highest completion total since the 1940's. He won the pitching Triple Crown, leading the NL in wins, ERA, and strikeouts, and also topped the circuit with 346 1/3 innings, the most by a National Leaguer since 1953.

He fanned 310 batters in 1972, becoming the second NL pitcher to top 300, was a unanimous choice for the Cy Young Award, and finished fifth in the Most Valuable Player voting

All of that for the worst team in baseball. That's why he's known by one name lefty.
I think Miami Dade won the Nat'l Junior college title in 1963.
I know I saw him pitch that year, don't remember the details but recall how good he was, it may have been against the Canes, either regular season or just a scrimmage in the fall. When you see someone that good you don't forget it! His slider was unhittable when he was on.


There is a rumor going around he (Daniels) will pick us. However, I don't know if I buy it. I think he's ND all the way. I don't know how much stock to put into that report. If you can academically get in UM you can academically get into ND. IF he does, that will mean no Benjamin and then the final WR in this class will be Sammy Watkins.

Slingblade, Steward is nothing but FSU. Hankins not coming just means Perryman may be the only LB taken.


solar, you got me on that Steve Carlton guy. And I remember cheering for him against Ryan in that strikeout race, and then wondering where he disappeared to. (I didn't follow baseball all that closely in the 80s, and the web had so little info back then, but that is no excuse.) I did not know he was a Fabulous Floridian though. Coolness.


Solar/Six thanks for the article.


Also, great info on the Georgia laws. Down here, people don't even treat it as the passing lane, but as the "I gotta lotta room on the left so i can talk on my phone" lane.

I love it when I get past the Palm Beach line and folks start treating the roads the way they are supposed to.....


Great write-up guys! Steve Carlton was cut by legendary JC baseball coach Demi Maneri (Dade North Junior College). He enrolled at Dade South JC and the rest is history. Currently Demi Maneri's son is the head coach at LSU baseball.


Here is a comment on that article by the guy that runs Daniels facebook page Tilly4.

This suntimes article with DaVaris Daniels is a lie! I was in the car with him and even have the conversation recorded on video. When DaVaris was asked about his grades he said "I'm fine, everything got squared away. I'm completely good." DaVaris also told the reporter that he was not telling him where he was going to commit. Nice try Taylor Bell, but when I have the whole conversation recorded on video camera it's going to be hard for you to argue against us


Also his FB pic sure says ND to me! LOL



FSU beats the gators, bye bye gators.

Posted by: Canesfan4life | June 21, 2010 at 08:17 PM

Whoo Hoo! Made my night.


Carlton's web site, WAY cool:



That's some sweet azz Midwest trash he is rockin in that pic LOL!!!



He even shows U how to throw the slider:



with FSU already having soo many LB's last year and with a couple still on scholarship why wouldnt he want to come in a possibly attend Miami..wow...talking about Tony Steward...wish we could get him


U can even email him if U want, I did:



dz,hurri,skool, ungar, cg thanks for the props

I give my brudda Six credit for me putting Carlton in the top 5. Six had me read Carlton's bio over a few times and I said hell ya.
When I read about the 72 season and Carlton had like 46% of his teams wins I about sharted.


Interesting new. Daniels' press conference for tomorrow is now cancelled. Hmmmmmmmmmmm. Very interesting indeed.


canesteeler thanks,

this has been a lot of fun to put together.


Top 100 baseball players of all time:


Carlton #60


Top 25 picthers of all time, Carlton #12:

1. Lefty Grove
2. Tom Seaver
3. Walter Johnson
4. Pedro Martinez
5. Satchel Paige
6. Greg Maddux
7. Bob Feller
8. Christy Mathewson
9. Sandy Koufax
10. Bob Gibson
11. Warren Spahn
12. Steve Carlton
13. Randy Johnson
14. Pete Alexander
15. Carl Hubbell
16. Roger Clemens
17. Cy Young
18. Mordecai Brown
19. Dizzy Dean
20. Nolan Ryan
21. Ed Walsh
22. Smoky Joe Williams
23. Juan Marichal
24. Jim Palmer
25. Eddie Plank


Soup thanks aghain for the photos and punching up the article.

badazz top 5 no?


Solar...great series! I'm thinking of just running through the rest of the top 3 one a night through Thursday to kinda build momentum to #1. Wadda U think?

U like da photos?


badazz top 5 no?

Posted by: solarcane | June 21, 2010 at 10:54 PM

SUPER bad!


yea however you do the throw down I'm good.

I loved the pictures. That was perfect!


ok I'm out,
I gotta watch headlines, I think most of them come from right in this county

nite gang


Talkin bout shyt fallin apart, check out OSU! DE Jamal Turner shot. Wr Duron Carter, son of Chris Carter, has to enroll in junior college in Kansas. Remember big time de Keith Wells from FLA in the 2008 class? He just left the team also! Lets not 4get Nino Brown jr, Jamal Berry lol! OSU= SUX!


why on canesport its saying that daniels is a commit???

Cat 5 Cane


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