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June 08, 2010



Got rained out but no worries as I got tics for tomorrow at 100pm

Posted by: Cat 5 in the 305 | June 07, 2010 at 11:45 PM

I'll meet U there!


This is really a great series, not being from Florida, I have learned a lot. Bring on 1-5. Go Canes!!!!!!

Cat 5 Cane

Interesting top 6 thru 10.

repost... 5 seconds of fame.
Ohhhh this is great!... Go to the game...
Top of the second, wearing a Canespace shirt, Flash the U and spelled out... CAT5 behind the plate on TV and don't get a whiff from the peanut gallery here, as the seat usher is telling me, he's going to throw my azz out of the stadium... He,he,he,he.... Yeah, that was me with the cut off sleeves and a white U hat!!!

Cat 5 Cane


I'll be running late and won't get there till about 2pm, if things go right.

Cat 5 Cane

Liked the pick of Michael, but not sure of positioning, with 5 still unknowns out there...

One thing is for sure... Set aside his preference for the powder, old 3 rings was one hell of a player.

Cat 5 Cane

6 for Six


I'll be running late and won't get there till about 2pm, if things go right.

Posted by: Cat 5 in the 305 | June 08, 2010 at 06:53 AM

CALL ME WHEN u GET THERE. I''ll be in the picnic area down the left field line under the SHADE tree. 1 PM is gonna be a scorcher!


Cat5...wear Canespace again if U can.

Canespacers...If U watch the gamne on ESPNU look for us behind home plate WEARING ORANGE CANESPACE SHIRTS during the FIFTH and SEVENTH innings when UM is at bat.


More info for anyone that ever questioned why we weren't recruiting Demar Dorsey.




That's what I was hoping for.
I'm a Floridian and I learned a ton of stuff.
Glad you took time to read them.


Yea Mike would have come in a couple spots higher if he had lived up to his Hall of Fame speech.

His ability and work ethic as a football player can not be questioned he deserved top ten, without his drifts into the dark side he would have been top five.

francis w

Todays rain-out makeup is not televised per UM's sports site. covered only on WVUM and ESPN DESPORTES.


Ugh. This extra rest means we will likely see their superman on the mound again. We had their guy on the ropes yesterday for a second time.

First game, 1,2,3,4,3 runs in the first five innings. This game was starting off the same way, 1,2,?,?,?. Freaken rain! (solar, I bet you know that old joke)

And having all these delays means it will be tougher to convince the committee to host next year unless we are a top 4 team.

And we keep losing coin flips, too. We are the #1 seed, at home, but we gotta pretend that we are the road team? Ever since that 1996 game in the CWS I don't like giving the other team that last half-inning. The BC game this year just adds to that discomfort.

I am gonna need some more Tums before 4PM, I am sure....


anybody think kyle parker will haul azz to the mlb now?


bg, I can see where it would be an issue with his grades, but the part that Michigan is balking about seems to be a non-issue to me.

"Controversy surrounded Dorsey's commitment to Michigan when it was disclosed that he was arrested twice as a juvenile. He was acquitted on a charge of robbery with a deadly weapon in 2008 and had a previous charge of burglary dismissed."

I was once accused of a crime I didn't commit, had to go through a lineup and everything, (that was how I got out of it, I matched the description, but this level of handsome is just not seen every day) and so a kid that is aquitted and dismissed to me is very different from a guy that is caught red-handed like Marve.

He might be trouble, but if he has the grades and the charges were dropped and were years old, then Michigan has no excuse for not accepting him when they offered him and will now cost him a chance to go to another school. I mean, #12 player that has the grades to get in, but forced to JUCO due to zero convictions, that is just wrong.

Innocent until proven guilty, and I am saying this while not expecting him to go to the real UM, Miami.


"He played second base with the Cuban X Giants of Philadelphia in 1906."

I remember reading that alot of the black leagues would say they were "Cuban" so that they could move around the south more freely.

Hard to believe that was just 100 years ago....

87' canes

Go CANES !!!!!

Michael Irvin..... The man, The myth, The LEGEND


Hmm, he could battle for maybe getting the starting QB job at Clemson, or accept millions now....

It isn't like he is the next Payton Manning, he should take the jump to baseball while he is hot....


I totally agree!

Go get your money and have fun in the minors for a few years then Weinke on back to college and finish up school.

School will always be there, MLB won't.



Two more unearned runs, 74 errors total in what, 59 1/3 games? That is more than one per game, and WAYYY too many.

Very Marlinesque (tm)....


Plus, anything to give us a better shot at RUTSing Clemson....

Da U N Houston

Here here Ungar, Here Here!!!!


"Go get your money and have fun in the minors for a few years then Weinke on back to college and finish up school."

Ha ha classic Canez1 right there! Used to call him Rip Van Weinke


You should see Weinke now .. he looks like Terry Bradshaw, in age and hairline

Any Canes in the 813/727/941, you can see him and Dan Morgan down at IMG Football Academy

Morgan still has no neck and I'm also surprised he remembered the name of our guy interviewing him, after all those concussions he had

He was still hands down a bad ass mofo LB


Parker would be insane not to take the 1st Round loot and play ball

How about the Rays 3rd pick - the kid is an outfielder, but can also pitch, and he is ambidextrous. He can throw 92 from the right side and 88 from the left

The hell, some of the Rays pitchers can't even throw that hard from either side


Cat5 - thanks for reppin me and also I expect you and 86 to go slap the hell out of some of the Canes pitchers (mainly bullpen) when they start to throw batting practice across the plate to A&M, which I fully expect them to do

Then see if you can kidnap Turtle Thomas, give him and Coach Morris some makeup juice to forget whatever riff they have going, and get his ass back on staff .... and bring Wittles with him to transfer over from FIU


ESPNU is not showing our Canes. It's CSF vs Minn.

I am not too happy about that.


Wait a minute. It's their freaking night game. We already know the outcome!!!! lol

Please tell me it's just a rain delay or is ESPNU that dumb?


Here's my #10-#6

Once again, solar's will be numbered, with mine in (parenthesis) next to his

10. John Henry "Pop" Lloyd (Wade Boggs)

9. Darrell Gwynn (Darrell Gwynn)

8. Wade Boggs (Dick Lundy)

7. Michael Irvin (John Henry "Pop" Lloyd)

6. Tim Raines (Derrick Brooks)

If anyone needs a bio of Dick Lundy, I'll lay it out for you. To have the type of praise that "Pop" Lloyd had from great white ball players in MLB at that time, it's beyond a shame and completely embarrassing for a nation to have not let people of a different skin color play with their "white" heroes

You read some of the stories that Lundy, Lloyd, Paige, Buck O'Neil, Josh Gibson, etc. spoke or wrote about - it's ridiculous

Having to use different bathrooms, not being able to stay in certain hotels/motels or areas in towns, not being able to eat at certain restaurants ... the restaurant "throwing the dishes away that the n**gers ate of off" when they were finished, etc.

It cannot be un-done what happened ... it also cannot be done, what I would have liked to have happened even though I couldn't have witnessed it - and that's see just how good a lot of ball players were that others hold in such high regard from MLB back in the day, against blacks .. latinos .. asians

Anyone ever heard of Oscar Charleston? The "Black Ty Cobb" is what he was referred to as.

“Charleston could hit that ball a mile,” Dizzy Dean said. “He didn’t have a weakness. When he came up, we just threw it and hoped like hell he wouldn’t get a hold of one and send it out of the park.”

He also didn't have a weakness off the field either - one time he ripped the hood off of a Klansman and challenged him to a fight

Imagine if he could play in the all white Major Leagues. Imagine Josh Gibson. Pop Lloyd. Satchel Paige, when they finally let him into MLB when he 43 - imagine if they had let him in when he was younger. Everyone saw what Jackie Robinson could do, and he wasn't even the best player the Negro Leagues had to offer. Larry Doby, with less fanfare, but he broke the color line as well by being the first black player in the American League - and a damn good one. Ernie Banks. "Turkey" Stearnes. Roy Campanella. Ted "Double Duty" Radcliffe - he'd pitch the first game of a double header and catch the second

Some guy I hold in the highest echelon of baseball, played in the Negro Leagues, and then was allowed to play in MLB .... Willie Mays

I know it's not possible and you have to take it for what it is, but, that's why I don't hold Babe Ruth up there as the greatest of all time. It wasn't his fault, he might've been the greatest of his generation when baseball was just "white". But when you're going up against a bunch of different races, then it's a true test


Posted by: WGT22 | June 07, 2010 at 10:08 PM

Thanks for the link. Don't know why but I've always enjoyed history. Sometimes it is stranger fiction.


Todays rain-out makeup is not televised per UM's sports site. covered only on WVUM and ESPN DESPORTES.

Posted by: francis w | June 08, 2010 at 09:46 AM

ESPN U is not going to show the game. And since I am at work I gotta rely on SOUP's laptop battery for updates.

I'm screwed.


It is pouring right now on the medical campus. I suspect there is another weather delay.


and game tracker sucks.


Canespace is LIVE from ARP at MLF!


Chris Hernandez is on the bump for MIami.

Bottom of the third, 3-2 UM.

We go to the top of the fourth with Hernandez looking GOOD!


WE got game!

Broad is at bat, weather all around but NOT raining just yet. Looks like it will at any moment.

Broad flies out to LF, one out.


Canespace is LIVE from ARP at MLF!

Posted by: SOUP | June 08, 2010 at 01:23 PM

MiLF? Cmon SOUP, you won't let others do sex talk and then you talk about the Milfs you are seeing there? Cruel.


thankx for the updates, Soup


Perez grounds out weakly to first, two outs.

DeVoss grounds out to SS, three outs.

TAMU coming to bat...


Not making the pitcher go deep into counts. Those are free half innings of work right there.


Going behind homeplate now, orange Canespace shirt, green hat.


But SOUP, it isn't on TV, as far as we know.

Oh wait, it's on the Desportes channel.

You will need to wear your LOS Canespace TShirts instead...

And who is their pitcher? I figure they changed theirs as well, is it Stilson or whatever that guy's name was?


There is LSU @ UGA on CBSCHD so I can get my CFB fix.


Didn't know ESPNU packed up and left no TV.

Still 3-2 UM at bat in the top of the fifth.

Lawson at bat, Ratcliff at 2B...


Soup, they making at pitching change?


They have TV, but just that espanol stuff.

I wonder if when you watch ESPN Desportes and then press the SAP button, do you end up hearing Mike and Mike?


Bases loaded, no outs for the Canes. A k with a passed ball and two walks, lets drive them in.


I've tried the SAP button when watching Spanish novelas but it doesn't work. :0


whats going on? rain delay?


gametracker suks azz

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