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June 09, 2010




francis w

second better than being last or dead :-(






Some ' groovy ' sports news for U'all Cane baseball fandom. ESPN will cover the Miami vs. Florida game nationally on their main line station ESPN. The game will be seen nationally at 7 PM EST. Oh, I said that already. LOL

Then, the Saturday and or sUnday games will be also televised nationally on ESPN2.

So, no matter what the outcome of the 3-game series in Gainsville, I win. Because the ball games will be televised NATIONALLY baby!


G'day, people.


What a surprise-its the Canes in prime-time on ESPN for the super-regional. This follows the Canes being one of only 2 of 16 regionals that were televised at all by ESPN, and Miami was the prime-time choice there as well.

I guess its clear why we are such a target of criticism out there. ENVY.

ESPN chooses its broadcasts for one reason-Money. Which in their world is ratings. There could be no stronger statement as to the significance of UM in the world of college sports than this. And it happens in football, too.

So when you see these fools from other schools jump on our blogs to attack the U, give 'em a brake. Think how much it must suck to be them.


We'll all enjoy this ^^^





Yall Check out Latwan Anderson at about the 1:40 mark for the relay team. http://www.flotrack.org/videos/coverage/view_video/237152/339333


“We certainly don't have anything against anybody in the Big 12,'' Osborne said. “This decision is not going to be based on animosity or petty jealousy. You're talking about something that could maintain for the next 75 to 100 years."

A source told ESPN.com

Ozzy the former ' politician ' he be comment says it all. Because other than the money factor, the main reason the Herbie Cornhuskers are leaving the Big 12, is becaUse Nebraska is fed-up with getting their arses kicked by the likes of Oklahoma as well as Texas in ALL mens sports.

And believe it or not, mens football and basketball are the money generators.

And both Oklahoma and Texas literally OWN the Herbie Cornhuskers in both football and mens basketball.

For instance, Texas has a SIX GAME winning streak against Nebraska, and until last seasons NARROW HOME win against the Sooners, the Herbie Cornhusker had a five game losing streak to Oklahoma.

Matter of fact, both Texas and Oklahoma have DOMINATED Nebraska in football going back to the seventies.

Bottom line, no doubt about it. Ozzy sees Nebraska having an easier time in the WEAK Big Ten!


Phil Steele's 2010 Toughest Schedules

1 Iowa St
2 South Carolina
4 Mississippi St
5 Minnesota
6 Oregon St
7 Washington

8 Miami, Fl

9 Duke
10 LSU
11 Florida St
12 Vanderbilt
13 Washington St
14 NC State
15 Alabama
16 Penn St
17 Notre Dame
18 Florida
19 Auburn
20 Colorado



(tap tap)

Hello, is this thing on....





never watched florida play this year besides aganist miami.I think our pitching needs to be on point.Get some big hits and im sure we will be ok?




From Last blog:

Very interesting interview with ex FSU QB D'Vontrey Richardson... I wish some FSU recruits would read this stuff

Q: You played three seasons of football and two seasons of baseball at Florida State. Why did you end up choosing baseball?

A: I just felt like my time was up (in football). Once I got (to Florida State), people were telling me to choose, and I didn’t want to choose. I just wanted to give it three years and see what opportunities I had. The Brewers liked me, so I had the opportunity to take it, and I took it. Now, I’m trying to take advantage of it.

Q: Low grades prevented you from playing baseball your sophomore season with the Seminoles. What did you do to get back on the field?

A: I just studied more. I just had to put grades first. Had to make close to a 3.0, worked hard that semester and made a 2.8. And then I took summer classes. It was hard work. I just wish I could have been smarter and got the grades early instead of starting my first semester of my sophomore year before the baseball season slacking off a little bit. But you learn from it, from the experiences.

Q: Did you learn anything from playing football for Bobby Bowden?

A: He’s a good guy. He was teaching us football things, but he also tried to teach us about the Bible Christian ways. We had two pastors there, so he always made sure we were doing the right thing on the field and off the field.

Q: You set a Florida State record for the longest TD run by a quarterback, with a 55-yard dash against Chattanooga in 2008. That’s kind of cool, huh? Especially considering you were a backup.

A: Yeah, it’s all right. I was mad at the time because I was supposed to get in a little bit earlier. And when it was my time to go in, I wasn’t really ready because I was a little frustrated. But (then-assistant) coach (Jimbo) Fisher pulled me out to the side, started getting in my face and telling me to snap out of it. So he called a play for me, and I took off. It was fun. No offense, but I wish it had been a bigger situation for that game, a clutch situation.

Q: Did you ever have any shot at being the ‘Noles’ starting quarterback?

A: I was going to move to free safety. When I got there, I was trying to change (positions) the whole time, because it was hard trying to learn the playbook and being over at baseball most of the time. So I was trying to move the whole time, but they wouldn’t let me. But by the 10th, 11th time asking, they were finally going to let me move over.

Q: How fun would it have been to deliver the blows, instead of absorbing them?

A: I would have played the game mad, because I really wanted to play quarterback. That’s kind of why I went to Florida State. But I didn’t really get a true shot. So I would have been mad playing safety. I would have tried to hit.


So when you see these fools from other schools jump on our blogs to attack the U, give 'em a brake. Think how much it must suck to be them.

Posted by: Mephistopheles | June 09, 2010 at 01:20 PM

That is the only thing that keeps the anger back. I always think how much it must suck for them to watch football on Sundays


Ok. You may hate me for this...

I would rather have Tebow back in CFB and all over the media than all this expansion talk. All this he said she said, who's invited who's not invited, what this and that may look like...

Blah, blah, blah-blah-blah, blah-blah

Lets just have 4 conferences. East, West, North, South. Draw a gigantic plus sign in the middle of the country and there you have it.

P.S. Props to Derek Fisher for showing his emotion/passion on TV last night. That's the man you want on your team. NOT the Paul "we're not coming back to LA" Pierce. I will laugh when LA sweeps them in Boston making his prediction correct. Just not his way. lol


^^^^ more like a giant H not + ^^^^ lol

Cat 5 Cane

Thanks Brown...

Latwan... great film on him, man he is fast!!!... hitting the final leg of the 200, he just exploded!!! In case everyone doesn't know, he's the one that won the race, running in the 4th lane, wearing black and red

Latwan Anderson officially signs with Hurricanes
by Jorge Milian

UM officially announced the signing of Latwan Anderson to a track scholarship on Saturday.


The 5-11 sprinter is currently ranked 12th in the nation in the indoor 55m dash with a time of 6.38 seconds.

He recently claimed victories in the 200m dash and 400m dashes, 4×200 relay, 4×400 relay and was named the High School Track MVP at the Harrison Dillard Indoor Track Championships

... I wonder where he ends up playing??? hummmm?


So when you see these fools from other schools jump on our blogs to attack the U, give 'em a brake. Think how much it must suck to be them.

Posted by: Mephistopheles | June 09, 2010 at 01:20 PM

Oh, we should give them a brake alright, one of those Toyota brakes that don't work, sending them to their doom. FSU fans are the worst, but with Dadgummit gone, they lose their last bit of lovability, and are just another annoying team on our schedule.

Old Skool

BTW Whatever happened to SCUM. He was almost tolerable.


Anything but Teflop talk

I can deal with any kind of chatter in college or pro football but that


So when you see these fools from other schools jump on our blogs to attack the U, give 'em a brake. Think how much it must suck to be them.

Posted by: Mephistopheles | June 09, 2010 at 01:20 PM

U are correct! Sloth and gluttony are cool but envy not so much.


BTW Whatever happened to SCUM. He was almost tolerable.

Posted by: Old Skool | June 09, 2010 at 03:53 PM

That question was asked recently but no response? After the UM-FSU game last year he disappeared. Hope he didn't go off the deep end? UMike knows the guy personally so maybe he can help with the re-connect?


canezilla - the Crocs can mash the ball at the plate, and their pitching is legit

The Canes are going to have to play their best ball of the entire year to take this series, and seeing how they couldn't even take a series against a decent team in the ACC this year - it's going to be rough

UiF is much better than UNC or NCState, the only 2 series the Canes won in the ACC worth anything


As a talented football player at Gainesville High School, it would stand to reason that Florida would've had a big advantage in landing linebacker Kevin Nelson.

When Nelson opted instead to give a verbal to in-state rival Miami, the 2010 recruit was the subject of verbal needling from the UF faithful in the area. And, according to Nelson -- stressing "according to Nelson" -- some allegedly shoddy treatment from the hometown college football program as well.

Speaking to the Miami Herald, Nelson -- who by then had given a verbal commitment to the 'Canes -- said he attended a Florida home game in 2009 with other recruits but, after the game, was the only one not allowed in the locker room by UF coaches. Even though, Nelson said, then-LB Brandon Spikes invited him.

"Grimy, two-faced and disrespectful," Nelson was quoted as saying of the Gator coaches by the Herald.

This is the second time Nelson has levied a "grimy, two-faced" blast at the program and its coaches, with the first coming in the immediate aftermath of that November game.

Nelson also stated that some of the UF defensive coaches attempted to talk him out of his commitment to Miami, telling him that "Miami hasn't won any ACC championships since going to the ACC and that Randy Shannon is going to leave after this year, and that I might not get any playing time."

First of all, and taking his comments at face value, this just seemingly confirms what's been rumored all along: rival coaches were using Shannon's contract status against the Hurricanes on the recruiting trail. Although Shannon received his well-deserved extension earlier this offseason, shame on the university for allowing his contract situation to linger as long as it did and possibly have an impact on UM's 2010 recruiting class.

Oh, and Miami and Florida are next scheduled to take the field on September 7, 2013. That would be Nelson's senior season -- or redshirt junior season, depending on how things play out -- and, needless to say, he's already counting down the days until game time.

"I can't wait to play them suckers, for real," Nelson said back in November. "I know it's a long time from now. I just can't wait 'till we play these suckers. They are just disrespectful."


'Canesville here we come. Next stop: Omaha!


Six, we are just doing like Fresno State, Oregon State, Texas, And Cal State Fullerton before them, being a sleeper non-top 8 seed that goes through "under the radar" until they win the title.

Or is that being too optimistic? 8-)


One negative to joining the SEC, the Gators will have gotten a home game with home conference SEC (some extra cheating) refs against us, and then, on their road game in 2013, they would STILL get SEC (some extra cheating) refs.

But we know they will chicken out before honoring that game contract...


bg1906 says: I think we take 2 and the 2 I believe we land are:

Dezel Perryman - Coral Gables, FL
Rob Hankins - Dallas, TX

That reminds me of a song I once heard: "Signed, sealed, delivered I'm yours!"

Da U N Houston

I know i've said it b4, but i think Latwan is the still of this class. You can't teach speed, and lil buddy has speed to burn......and also, you can see on the track footage (thanks Brownsub) the kid hates to loose.....every leg he ran he was behind and ended up 1st when he gave the baton over.....I think they should have let him run anchor in the 4x400.....if you check he also ran 2nd leg in the 4x100.....the kid is tough, and a great addition to the class........hmm who was that other guy that played football but came in on a track schollie (and no I am not talking about Nelms)



U coming to the 352?

Old Skool

While the 2 LB's are good uns. Tony Steward may be in the mix if ITU is to be believed.


Tony Steward may be in the mix if ITU is to be believed.

Posted by: Old Skool | June 09, 2010 at 05:22 PM

And since when was that?



U coming to the 352?

Posted by: OCALACANE | June 09, 2010 at 05:15 PM

I can only do Friday night. I'll call U.

Old Skool

I don't know.
If inside information is like calories, then Rudy has a lot on hand and everywhere else.


`Canes and Gators this weekend

Marlins and Rays as well

Now this is the best non-football sports weekend I could ask for

`Canes take it in 3
Rays sweep the Marlins


Philly - I figured you would make a comment about my "go blackhawks". Hope it is a good game tonight - Pronger frankly scares me so I hope he behaves himself.

At least if Philly is losing badly, that #13 dude with no front teeth can lay into Kane or one of the other Sally's on the Hawks.


Philly - I figured you would make a comment about my "go blackhawks". Hope it is a good game tonight - Pronger frankly scares me so I hope he behaves himself.

At least if Philly is losing badly, that #13 dude with no front teeth can lay into Kane or one of the other Sally's on the Hawks.


Philly - I figured you would make a comment about my "go blackhawks". Hope it is a good game tonight - Pronger frankly scares me so I hope he behaves himself.

At least if Philly is losing badly, that #13 dude with no front teeth can lay into Kane or one of the other Sally's on the Hawks.


Miami backup quarterback A.J. Highsmith has the name -- his father, Alonzo Sr., was a fullback for the Hurricanes from 1983-1986. He has the Hurricane lineage -- his mother is a Miami graduate and his grandmother works in the campus bookstore. And he has the potential -- Highsmith was rated the No. 24 quarterback in his class by ESPN.com.

The one thing Highsmith is missing right now, should he be called upon to take over for starter Jacory Harris, is experience.

“We have to keep developing another quarterback,” Shannon told the Palm Beach Post in April. “Everybody knows we can’t get Jacory hurt.”

This spring, though, Harris was hurt -- no big surprise after a season in which Miami allowed 35 sacks.

Harris missed spring practices while recovering from a thumb injury, leaving Highsmith to split the reps with freshman Stephen Morris and transfer Spencer Whipple. Morris probably has the strongest arm of the three, but Highsmith is the most athletic. Whipple, a walk-on, is the son of offensive coordinator Mark Whipple and spent last season on the scout team. Shannon finished spring practices unwilling to name his No. 2 quarterback until fall practices begin, but Highsmith appeared to be the leading candidate.

He was thrust into the role a year ago after the transfers of Cannon Smith and Taylor Cook. Highsmith relished the opportunity, as it had always been a dream to follow in his father’s footsteps and play at Miami. He got his first chance as a true freshman last season, playing in three games. He completed 4 of 6 passes for 53 yards and a touchdown on the season. It should give him confidence if and when he’s called upon again.

As a senior at Hightower High School in Texas, Highsmith threw for 2,192 yards, 28 touchdowns and only four interceptions. He finished his career there with 6,673 passing yards and 70 touchdowns.

Highsmith was recruited to Miami because of his talent -- not his pedigree. Eventually, he’ll be able to showcase it. The best he and Miami fans should hope for this season is to stay at No. 2 where he can continue to learn from Harris and grow within the system.

Despite the potential looming behind Harris, Miami needs veterans if it’s going to contend for the Coastal Division title this year, let alone the school’s first ACC championship. This is not the season for rookies at Miami, and “everybody knows” it.


Rays fans saying they want to get rid of Maddon, you want to trade for Fredi? He blew yesterday's win versus Philly, in yet another shocking batch of ineptitude.

I would rather have an old guy that knows how to get to the playoffs (Leyland, McKeon, Maddon) than a guy learning on the cheap.

Or at least if you are gonna do the learn on the job thing, keep the guy that has figured it out (Girardi) instead of replacing him for a cheaper second choice guy.

Monday Headline on Marlinspace:

Unstoppable Stanton Stomps Rays Flat.

Monday Headline on Canespace:

Grandal Gongs Gators Gone.


I for one think Maddon is a horrible manager. I dont follow the Marlins as close as I do the Rays so I cant really give a comment about Fredi

The Rays have won more then a few games this year in spite of Maddon. He cost this team a chance at the post season last year and it dang well better not happen this year.

Shields, Goatee and Stretch= Sweep

francis w

Blurb on Channel 9 Orlamdo ..... A statue honoring Kelly Slater in Cocoa Beach to be dedicated to the surfing champion. Nice you guys put him on the 50 Fab Floridians.


As a fan of one of the Rays divisional rivals, I couldn't disagree more with you, 57. Maddon is unconventional but he makes things happen and his team has won in spite of poor play from Pena, not getting anything from Navarro, and mediocrity from Upton. I think he's one of the best in the game.


"Miami backup quarterback A.J. Highsmith has the name"

So did Javarris James


His use of the bullpen is terrible. His refusal to sit Pena has cost this team dearly. When matched up against the better managers( Giraldi, Francona, Scioscia, Leyland or Gardenhire)and it gets into the 7th inning of a tight game they out manager him on a consistant basis.

Those shifts he puts on for hitters has failed more then it has worked

I as well as other Rays fans in this area are just hoping his mistakes dont cost this team a chance at the ring


thanks Fran
I'm glad you read about Slater here and took time to go over all the bios.


And so it begins:
We hardly knew ye, Big 12

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