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June 26, 2010



Solar you do not watch Jerseylicious? I will not believe it!

Nick, Nicole and Angry love Myth Busters, Discovery and History.

My guilty pleasure is the Housewives (except Atlanta)....I know, I know Nick and Angry yell at me all the time!


". . . and please don't say that the players are constantly running the entire game and that by the end of the match they've run 20 miles or whatever. Be honest with yourself, when the ball is no where near certain parts of the field, then those players are not "running" like many like to say they are .... ya, they might be jogging here and there, but the way you hear people say that soccer players are running the entire game - come on."
Posted by: Six | June 27, 2010 at 12:57 AM

six -different reasons for not liking soccer, especially in comparison to a groovy sport like football.
but you're way off the mark to bring up running . . . those dudes have a large field to cover . . . and yes, they do spend quite a bit of time running up & down that field . . . without a defense coming in to give them a rest; without player substitutions to give them a rest; without commercial time-outs (i'm with you canechic - i love having a whole game played in less than 2 hours including the fairly short "halftime").

that said, what i find to be the real weakness of most sports is referee-ing . . . putting quick eyeball decisions in the hands of fallible eyeballs . . . and in my opinion, this weakness is more serious in soccer than any other sport i enjoy . . . and it makes for stupid injury-play-acting to try to continually influence what the eyeball thinks it might have seen.

i also don't like that it is so hard to get a goal, even if you're out & out handing the other team their shirts (witness england vs. slovenia decided by 1:0 instead of 5:0) . . . it's like a sport where you have no big problem getting in the red zone, but then you more or less never score
. . . and if you do, chances are it's a goal that needed as much luck as skill.

american football is just a much more satisfying sport, though i did enjoy watching several of the matches in the world cup . . . and it is much more satisfying to watch than that very boring sport called baseball.


Six I just think American kids do not see much future in soccer here in the US. How much money can you really make as soccer star as opposed to football, baseball, basketball, hockey? Kids start out playing young maybe stay in it in high school but then what? I even think La Crosse is bigger than soccer, at least at Lake Brantley it is. Just my 2 cents.


Hurriphin. ESPN would disagree with you. They own the company that puts on most of the bass tournaments.

Posted by: Old Skool | June 27, 2010 at 07:11 AM

If they would do "Bass Spearfishing Tournaments" their revenue would increase significantly. I'm jus sayin.

U read it here first!


1. and it makes for stupid injury-play-acting to try to continually influence what the eyeball thinks it might have seen.

2. i also don't like that it is so hard to get a goal, even if you're out & out handing the other team their shirts...it's like a sport where you have no big problem getting in the red zone, but then you more or less never score...and if you do, chances are it's a goal that needed as much luck as skill.

Posted by: autumn | June 27, 2010 at 09:57 AM

There it is right there!


TV for me is:

All Sports, All the time
Daily News
Daily Weather
Discovery/National Geo/History

I like all sports. I really don't "hate" soccer, and I watched quite a bit of the world cup, it's just my least favorite to watch on TV or in person.

I like watching some of the more skilled teams but just do NOT believe that the U.S. is one of those teams. They are HARD to watch, really hard. Limited skill and poor effort/motivation.

A team like Ghana is out their playing as if their lives were at stake.

The USA? Not so much.

Ask yourself this: Would you ever pay to go sit in the sun for three hours to watch a soccer match that ended 0-0 or 1-1?

I didn't think so.


Actually soup being there live is more fun, as with hockey.

Cat 5 Cane



They allow spearguns up there? LOL

Posted by: 86Cane | June 26, 2010 at 09:00 PM



England is the King of futbol and they are getting their arsess kicked. So USA...not so bad!


Like Solar's tv list - and have to admit Wipeout is a guilty pleasure, although I've never seen it all the way through, just a few minutes here and there. Have to admit there's something funny about watching out-of-shape knuckleheads getting bounced around like rag dolls. Prettly low brow, but still funny. No more than 5-10 minutes at a sitting, though.



They score so few goals in soccer and to have so many bad calls. England kicks it into the goal and it bounces in the goal area under the top net and it's not a goal? Blown call. You can't screw those kinds of calls up. Too many of those. That really turns me off to the sport.


Brazil is the king of football, they have won more world cup than anyone else. Italy is second, England is not even in the top 5 contrary to what the brits will tell you. I am over there now, can't wait to get back home. USA USA USA to bad we lost to Ghana, this was starting to be fun


Caniak is posting from accross the pond? Cool.

Hurriphin 302-4-305

Clever acronym:


Non Athletic Sport Centered Around Rednecks

Driving fast in a circle might take a little skill, but it takes even LESS talent.


Six I just think American kids do not see much future in soccer here in the US. How much money can you really make as soccer star as opposed to football, baseball, basketball, hockey? Kids start out playing young maybe stay in it in high school but then what? I even think La Crosse is bigger than soccer, at least at Lake Brantley it is. Just my 2 cents.

Posted by: canechic | June 27, 2010 at 10:06 AM

exactly my point. i was a 3 sport athlete in highschool just 2 years ago, my bestfriends played soccer but rarely do you see a kid from the states try and make a career out of soccer, theres just too many opportunities to make more money doing something else. Canechic I went to Hagerty, i played lacrosse, never beat LB my entire career, props to the great athletic program up there in the Springs. Go Canes!


How good is he? How many stars would U give him? Leadership skills? Character?

Posted by: 86Cane | June 26, 2010 at 06:47 PM

Driskel is a tremendous athlete that with the right personnel theres no doubt he can make plays. Like i said before our program is brand new so his highlight tape might look below average at best. Im xcited o see what he does at the combines and allstar games next season. i would give him 4 stars on athleticism, size, and potential. Hes a leader and a good kid. he can do big things if he stays motivated. gonna be amazing watching him and teddy go at it in 13'.

Old Skool

Okay Bass spearfishing could be cool but it needs drama, so competitions should be held in front of a running hydroelectric dam.

That would make Survivor look like Pretender.


Posted by: Six | June 26, 2010 at 05:07 PM

Like you said it isn't popular here. That influences how many kids play it here so we do not have this 10-1 advantage against nations like Ghana. And the numbers we have who do want to play it often aren't the best athletes who went on to compete in the sports they love, football, basketball, baseball, hockey, etc...

For finances yes we should be able to blow a country like Ghana out of the water and that is a weakness of the African teams. They have very talented athletes (something like 20 players on the Ghana roster are playing in Europe, thats the BIG Leagues for the soccer world) but they continuosly shoot themselves in the foot with poor organization and structure in their soccer development. Nigeria fired their coach a couple of months before the Cup and the coach they hired had like a two month contract, chaos.

Only towards the end of our lifetimes will we see soccer approach the big three in this country. When the kids that are playing it today have children and their choice of sports won't have a stigma of a girls sport if they pick soccer. Baseball is dropping because not everyone has the patienece for the lack of action and the subtlety of the game. If I never played it I'd doubt I'd ever watch a game.

Not to mention the demographics of this country is changing and the new Americans come from countries that have a passion for soccer, so our talent pool will increase.


Warning more soccer below:

And England is overrated, always.

Brazil and Spain are the powers. Germany is looking good with an incredibly young team. My 2nd to the USA favorite, Argentina has an explosive offense but I worry their defense (DeMichelis is erratic and Samuel might be out for the rest of the Cup) will leave them exposed. Any Netherlands fans out there will be entertained but the Dutchmen always break hearts.

The USA has a scrappy team but didn't deserve to beat Ghana. They started off pathetic, then improved, then had a fatal lapse in the begining of extra time after appearing to give up towards the end of regulation. Play for a tie and you'll end up with a loss. Congrats to Ghana but the USA missed an epic opportunity to go far in this Cup.

Looking ahead for Brazil in 2014 we'll be solid in the net as usual (the only position the USA ever produces world class players at). Midfield will have experience as it'll be the last hurrah for Dempsey, Donovan and a few others. At forward hopefully Altidore will mature (he is only 20/21) into a solid forward, and maybe Davies will be healthy or another player will develop. The entire defense will be new.

All in all a dissapointment for the USA but not a disaster. They gave me some enjoyment from some very entertaining games and it's a shame it had to end so early.



I think we have enough interest and players in the USA to have better soccer teams. In my opinion the problem is the selection, coaches, and politics. Compare our team to Ghana’s, all of their players look like NFL ready running backs or corners. A perfect example was the 2nd Ghana goal, the guy was running full speed, off balance, two guys pulling on him, and still got off a rocket shot in the net. No way a US guy would make that shot maybe Donovan. Our team is very un-athletic; they have no style, no identity, no set system, looks like they play kick-ball. I know we have better athletes in the USA playing soccer, I see it everyday. We have many Latin kids playing that are awesome players but how many Latin’s on the US team? It appears they only select from the ODP program (Olympic development program), which is something you need connections to get into or to buy your way in. Our team plays as boring as the coach looks all the time, with no imagination. The program as a whole reminds me of the Olympic bobsled teams years ago, when only a bunch of rich guys from Ivy League schools who could afford the equipment got in. Thats my 2 cents!


I hear you TJL but disagree.

Did you see the ability of the players of the Ghana team? They were able to create by themselves something the US players are not able to do. The USA ARE lacking in athletic soccer players because the best athletes in this country go on to play their favorite sports which happen to be football, baseball, basketball, hockey, etc...

I don't think it's any kind of "rich boys club" with soccer. WHICH Latin players do you see that deserve to be on the team. The ones that are on the team, Torres is only 23 at midfield showed great ability from a set piece but didn't really make anything else happen when given a chance. Hercules Gomez is also very young and had shown a knack for finding the net but didn't add anything to the team out of the box. His passes were bad and he didn't win many free balls.

One of my most favorite things about sports is the uniting factor it brings. Bradley would be a legend in the soccer world if he brought the US a Cup victory. He selected the players he thought would give him the best chance to win. The only thing I don't like is when a talented player leaves the US to go play for his parents country, Rossi? in Italy.

JMO as well and I am curious. Who do you think was left off the team that deserved a spot?

Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer

"The USA? Not so much"

wait till next year

Posted by: solarcane | June 26, 2010 at 03:48 PM

Or the one after that.

Posted by: 86Cane | June 26, 2010 at 04:38 PM


It's going to take about a decade before we start seeing typical American level performance in soccer. I think of guys like Sam Shields becoming soccer players in the future....guys who are very good athletes, of that size, with speed but don't really have the skill-sets for football.

Plus, they'll bring a real Boss mentality to soccer.


Also they won't do all that fake-diving, I'm hurt acting that is typical with some teams.

Think LeBron James as a forward on a corner kick... who could stop him?

Ray Lewis as a central defender...

John Walls as an attacking midfielder?

Vince Lombardi as a coach. Now we're talking!

orange 'n green in the vein

Sam Shields would make on heck of a football forward. With those jets and that hard-nosed mentality he developed the last few years he'd have Altidore on the bench instantly.

Whoever said it a few blogs ago is right, US players are taught to be serviceable, all-around, position plugs in a sport we can't even get the name right of, the world-class talent left in the tourney are taught from an early age, how to develop themselves into virtuoso forwards, creative midfield generals, and shutdown on the ball and off the ball help defenders in the most important sport in the world to them by comparison. The US also doesn't have the passion level required yet across the breadth of the entire roster to win at a high level but intensity will only cover so much of a talent deficit for 90+ minutes.

But the primary reason the US went home after that round of 16 opener this year is because Richard Kingson played a great game in goal for Ghanna while Tim Howard came up just OK, in the NHL and FIFA championship tournaments you can only go as far as your goalie ultimately will raise his level of play to allow you to go. That's why picking winners of these two beforehand is such a crap shoot, there is simply no way to divine which goalie is going to be honed in for a month straight.


I wouldn't give Kingson as much credit as say that the American players are not great finishers. How many games in this tournament did we have great chances to score but weren't able to find a way to put the ball in the net. Also I put more of the blame on our defenders than I do on Howard for the goals scored against him. It's obviously debatable and he never should have been beaten to the near post on that 1st goal, but thats just my opinion.

In the Germany game today the 1st goal by Klosse was a prime example of someone who after running very hard and physical and winning the ball was able to one-touch it and put it in the net. The Americans might have won that ball but their placement probably would've gone straight to the keeper or wide of the net. We don't have the high class finisher yet but hopefully a young Altidore can improve.

I forget his name now but Frances goalie in'98 was a great example of a hot goalie taking his side to victory.


TJL is agreeing with what I'm saying in the fact that there are enough kids and people here in the US that play soccer that we should have a better damn team that doesn't get knocked out by Ghana, twice.

You drive anywhere and you see lots of kids in rec leagues playing Pee-Wee soccer .. then club sport soccer during the summer or off-season .. then high school soccer .. then college soccer - now, like I said, at that point, they're so into soccer that they know for a fact they can play overseas for a lot of money. To play soccer that long, they have to be pretty keen on the soccer world and know about all the clubs around the world. They all know what the Premier League is and other leagues around the world. They'll make probably just as much money, if not more, than what the minimum or average player makes in MLB, NFL, etc. in some of these leagues. And let's face it, soccer kids trying to play basketball to a level that they think they'll make it to the NBA is pretty ridiculous. What player who is in professional soccer anywhere around the world have you seen that would be tall enough or you think would be skilled enough to play NBA basketball, let alone upper level college basketball?

Dimensions of a FIFA soccer field - 110-120 yards long, 70-80 yards wide (goal 24 feet long, 8 feet high)

Dimensions of a football field - 100 yards long (without both 10 yard endzones), 53 1/3 yards wide

When I say they're not running like people always try and bring up, I'm saying that people think they're constantly running at a rapid pace the entire game - that is not true at all. Yes, they do have spurts of running at high speeds, starting, stopping - but the way people who love soccer talk, they try and make it out as if the players are just constantly going up and down the field like they're running the 120s that Cane football players do for conditioning. Just per the rules of the sport, am I wrong that some of the players can't advance to certain parts of the field, past the ball, if the ball or other players aren't in certain parts of the field? I don't know, I'm asking - b/c when I watched the match yesterday between US and Ghana, I noticed a hell of a lot of standing around and light jogging in place behind the action of where the ball was. Do you ever see all 10 players attacking the goal, all at once, 20 players total all in a mass in one part of the field?

2 Halves of 45 minutes each, correct? Of course these guys are in great condition, they're professional athletes - anyone that says they aren't is crazy, as well as anyone that uses the "I'd like to see you go do that" as an argument is crazy ... um, you give someone as long to train as these guys have their lives, and they could keep up cardiovascular wise - maybe not skill wise, but wind wise - yes. You give a person who is an average athlete, 7 months of training and they can keep up. I've been in advanced Spin classes before, where you go 60 minutes straight - and I'm talking you're still moving your legs even during the "cool down" type couple of minutes in between insane 2 to 3 minute bursts of going all out climbs while increasing the tension on the bike. You can't tell me that's not similar, if not harder, than some soccer matches you've seen for most players that aren't strikers. These guys aren't constantly attacking the goal, like in hockey, at full force - if you notice, there's a hell of a lot of passing going on back and forth or up and down that field - and if that ball is no where near you on that field, you're not exactly hauling ass to go get it .... who will really disagree with that?

SO which is it - is soccer not popular here like a few claim, to the point where kids who play it from Pee-Wee to college just all the sudden lose interest? Or, is it popular here, like many say it is, and the US just doesn't have the quality of athletes to compete in it with the world? If that's the case, then what's it going to take to get these players better at it? Is it just b/c it seriously isn't as accepted in our society as football, baseball and basketball is? The overwhelming majority of people don't accept it - yes or no. If they did, then wouldn't you hear about as soon as kids were born, they had a A) football B) baseball bat C) basketball & D) soccer ball, shoved into their hands? You hear about A-C but not D, sorry.

I see it like I see the Japanese and other Asian country baseball - they needed more instruction when it came to international play in order to win. How many times did you see or hear or read about former MLB managers going over to the Asian countries with other coaches, and teaching them how to play baseball a certain way .. teaching them certain techniques .. coaching clinics .. etc. Those teams now are completely fundamentally sound in their playing and it shows on the world stage. IS it gong to take coaches from other countries to come over here, take over the US soccer world and teach it how to play better? They'd probably have the most resources available to them in training, facilities, etc. Then again, you can go teach soccer on a barren field anywhere in any town

This is what I found funny, and it was a couple of weeks ago. My boy in the sports department called up the Tampa Bay Rowdies, wanted to do a story on one of their players. They said sure, come out and do what you need, but can you do it at the end of practice - they'll be practicing from 10am-12pm at USF. Ok. My boy heads out there, gets there at 11:15 am and the team is already packing their things, ready to leave - they said it was "too hot" out there to practice. Are you sh**tin me? These guys are out there in their soccer shorts, with the goalie wearing a vest and shorts - and they say it's too hot? You think any of these cats would survive 2 a days in football out in that heat? No. No they wouldn't.


Enuff of this soccer shytt already! U all just pissed cause the U.S. lost 2 an AFRICAN TEAM! If we lost to France or England u guys would be talkin Canes football like we sposed 2!


I'm not pissed that the US lost to Ghana, I could really care less ... I'm just wondering WHY the US would lose to someone like Ghana

Here's another thing, I'm going to try and find the ratings numbers for viewership of the World Cup in the United States during US matches, during matches that don't involve the US and now that the US is knocked out - what the ratings here will be


Thats BS^^^^ The losing to the AFRICAN TEAM part. Get a grip.


LA Times, June 17, 2010

Saturday's match between the U.S. and England on ABC and the Spanish-language network Univision scored an average of 14.5 million viewers, making it the most-watched first-round contest in the history of World Cup telecasts in America, according to the Nielsen Co. Through the first eight matches, the series averaged 3 million viewers on ESPN and ABC, for a hefty 75% rise over the 2006 games in Germany.

(By comparison, this month's NBA Finals on ABC have averaged 16.2 million viewers over five games)

Andrew C. Billings, a Clemson University professor who studies sports media, said that Americans have had to play catch-up with other countries' intense soccer cultures. Even World Cup ratings, he added, will likely be dependent on how the U.S. team ultimately fares.

"At least from a ratings standpoint, national sports events generally do better than international ones unless American athletes are major parts of the story," Billings said. "Tennis is a perfect example of a sport that used to have dynamic American players dominating the game and now has a relative dearth of American players excelling. The result has been lower ratings even when some of the best international rivalries of recent years" — such as Roger Federer versus Rafael Nadal, considered by some the greatest rivalry in tennis history —"should be quite compelling."

orange 'n green in the vein

DZ8, were the finishes that bad or were they just not good enough to get it by a keeper who has made some of the best and quickest closeout decisions when left in striker on keeper solo situations? Sure, if the forwards get any of those prime 2nd half chances up over Kingson and on net the US wins in regulation time, but when you've got a goaltender that comes up with two desperation slides that negate golden scoring opportunities in an overtime decided game, that goaltender is the reason the score ended up the way it did. For me the microcosm play of that game was when Howard joined the corner attack late in OT and ended up getting his head almost punched out of the box by Kingson on the ensuing clear of the volley. Kingson made the play for his team and got the better of Howard when it counted and his aggressive closures were the main reason why. Fabien Barthez is the name of the frog you're searching for BTW, I hate them.


Good points orange 'n green... the only time I rooted for Mexico was when they played France a week ago:)

Do you ever see all 10 players attacking the goal, all at once, 20 players total all in a mass in one part of the field?
from Six

Read o&g above about Howard down there for a set piece at the end of the game, pulling the keeper. You can all-out attack but it leaves you vulnerable to counter attack.

The reason USA isn't a world power is because we as a nation do not care. The priority sports in this country are not soccer. We will get better at it as we have better athletes playing it, which won't be for a while. We are making progress but it will take time. Then we can question whether we are developing the talent and need to bring in foreign coaches etc...

You shouldn't give up on soccer just yet. Watch a game with teams like, Spain, Brazil, Argentina, Holland, they are much more entertaining than the US right now unfortunately:)


Posted by: canefanatic777 | June 27, 2010 at 12:06 PM

Nick played for the freshman football team at Lake Brantley when Hagerty played their first game ever at the school. I drove all the way to Oviedo to watch him play and the drive from Maitland to Oviedo at 4pm is just horrible, lol!


DAMN...That's some good bloggin' up in here!

Well thought out points, well written comments even if it is only soccer. :-)


Actually soup being there live is more fun, as with hockey.

Posted by: canechic | June 27, 2010 at 10:58 AM

I LOVE hockey on TV but definitely MORE in person.

The difference between hockey and soccer are so immense I can't even begin to describe it.

One point I will make: Take soccer and put it on a field the size of a hockey rink and THAT would be exciting. The result: 20-30 shots on goal per game and about 5-7 goals per game.

And another: Eliminate the stupid off-sides penalties and let the offensive players get behind the defense. Shouldn't that be the object of the game? The offside penalty in hockey is much better at the blue line.

And another: Eliminate the fake falls in soccer. You fall and fake that dying routine and play stops and U HAVE to leave the game for a minimum of 10 minutes and play short handed or have a substitiute come in. That would stop that nonsense, no player wants to leave the game.

Now we are talkin!


Did we get a commitment or on the verge of getting a commitment from WR Daniels?


Chica...tell Nick, Nicole and Angry I said hey!


Clever acronym:


Non Athletic Sport Centered Around Rednecks

Driving fast in a circle might take a little skill, but it takes even LESS talent.

Posted by: Hurriphin 302-4-305 | June 27, 2010 at 11:47 AM

And that would make Juan Pablo Montoya ?


Did we get a commitment or on the verge of getting a commitment from WR Daniels?

Posted by: MDCane | June 27, 2010 at 03:52 PM

Nah, he went back to Baskin Robbins and is still deciding which of the 32 flavors he likes best.

Nothing to see here, move along, keep moving.


Posted by: SOUP | June 27, 2010 at 03:52 PM

not bad those ideas for making soccer more interesting.



soup, skool,



I'm jus sayin



the best part of Wipe Out excluding the best head busting ever recorded is the way the females on the show usually show more courage and tenacity than the males do.


The problem is we expect things to happen overnight. Life isn't like the movies or books. Things take longer than you would hope 90% of the time. Just like the rest of the world is catching us up in Basketball and baseball we are catching up in soccer. Over time we shall improve and become a leader in soccer.

Side note if you want a chance to see what I am talking about find video of the US vs Spain championship game from the last Olympics. Highest level of skill by both sides you will see in sports. Shame it came on at 2:00 am on the east coast.


Yes to the cheerleaders!!!


Judging from all the pre season magazines, websites and ESPN insiders it looks like Ohio State is going to be the REAL deal this year. Anyone else think that the trip to Ohio State might be a little overwhelming for the boys considering we will have a thrown together O line. Just do not see us winning 10 games this year with this current o line. Maybe 9 but def not 10. I want to be optimistic and confident going into the season but the o line is seriously starting to give my bad dreams. Somebody please tell me that I am wrong.


Your wrong.


C'mon elliott!! If you can't be optimistic on June 27th, in the middle of summer! When can you be an optimist?

Have faith brother. We'll have some challenges but I feel good about the Ohio St. game!


Out for awhile


And that would make Juan Pablo Montoya ?

Montoya is a real race car driver.

He can turn left or right at speed and he can be competitive in NASCAR CART or F1.

He isn't Mario Andretti or Al Unser as far as climbing into any type car and having a chance to win, but he is ahead of most NASCAR drivers that have spent their entire career in one type of machine turning left on bannked turns.

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