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July 08, 2010



someone who truly has a clue please tell me how we are going to fit Henderson in scholarship-wise.

I know 1 of our kids is def going to prep school but they other 3 still might end up here and I thought we didn't have room for any more...I'm confused.


So, our offensive line is gonna be pretty sick in a year. Randy is building a monster, can't wait for this season.


Nashville - you can do whatever you want brah, we're all Cane family here

You see what number LeBron is going to wear in Miami? Haha, I do like him for that though ... he's jockin me

You know he also wants to go out and buy a '97 Honda just like mine, where the transmission sounds like it's going to drop right out from under it each time it goes from 1st to 2nd

Old Skool


I'm not sure ESPN used LBJ. He approached them with the idea for the show and if his business people were smart, it was on a profit-sharing basis.

Lebron provided an hour's worth of programming guaranteed to generate high ratings and with pre-sold advertising -- assuming Lebron's sponsors wanted to get in on the action.

I guess there wasn't time for a bidding war, but ya think Fox Sports might have wanted in on the action?


I usually don't stray from Canes football, but I must briefly comment on Lebron. Ochocinco said it best in that if the jerk Cavs owner cuts Lebron "Jones" noone will talk about loyalty. Lebron leaves a crumbling team with no, vision, direction or talent to take LESS MONEY so that he can win a championship, his loyalty and heart are questioned by someone who was willing to pay him $130 million dollars less than 24 hours beforehand?

All I can say is welcome Lebron, Miami is now the favorite to win the NBA championship!

Speaking of future Championships in South Fla., Back to the Canes - welcome Seantrel Henderson - with Linder and the rest of our OL recruits, the Canes will have a stud offensive line for years to come. National Championships here we come!


I got 2 names for ppl that say clev owner and fans shuddnt be pissed... Nick Sabann & butch Davis...lol


Hurriphin.......the U


Nashville totally different situations. They were not free agents but I think Nick was way in over his head in the NFL and did the dolphins a favor. Butch would have been a fool to leave that kind of money on the table. He did a ton for the Canes and I would never dis him.


Here's hoping this number one high school kid at his position in the nation that we just had to have turns out to be the real thing.

How many really good high school power house high schools play in Minnesota?
About the same amount that play in Kansas?

He hasn't practiced a snap in 90 to 100 degree heat
he's never been involved with a head coach that informs him he is going out to get his replacement the next day.

Remember the never ending love fest over
Willie Williams , Arthur Brown?

Lets give SH a chance to prove he can play college football before we retire his number.


the mistake was the decision special. espn used the dude. he looks horrible after this while they soaked up the attention.

Posted by: Esteban | July 09, 2010 at 11:59 AM

That is a perfect explanation ofo what happened.


of ^^





I said the same thing to myself. But Miami has gotten a good player from Minnesota before..a QB remember?? But I for one believe this kid is the real deal. I dont like his father being "too much" in the kids life but once he comes to Miami he will be alright I suppose. If he wants to buy his parents a house and be better than Mt.Mikinney he should focus and keep Jacory and Teddy clean!


What about Marve and Lebron? He was GOD'S GIFT to the Planet Earth until he transfered. Suddenly he didn't want to compete, he didn't want to earn anything, he had a sense of entitlement, his father made him and is too involved etc..etc.. And this is a sophomore college QB, not one of the greatest athletes let alone basketball players of all times...and people shouldn't or don't have the right to be upset???? Its the same reaction on here (as Cleveland's towards Lebron) every time a kid transfers out of UM. I know the guy plays for you guys now and I'm happy for you, but you don't have to defend what he did last night. I respect those who just say f' how we got him...we got him..so what! All this Cleveland should chill stuff is unrealistic, we do and say the same stuff under much weaker and less consequential circumstances.

Arthur Brown and also suck now remember?? They don't have what it takes right???? Why can't a Cleveland fan say the same about Lebron James?

Six is right.



I think with his talent and Randy's discipline he could be outstanding.

He becomes a true Cane with bad intentions he will be a prize.

If he becomes a distraction or a prima donna he will be on the midnight train to Memphis by his jr year.

Every year there is some 5* can't miss player we just have to have or our season is a bust.
I'll take the hard working humble 3* players that get their hair cut on their own time.


Arthur Brown and his brother^^

Matt Patchan

Patrick Johnson (Petersen)

And what if Chickillo goes to UF???

U know what..

He'll be the same thing Lebron is to a Cleveland fan today..thats what.


haha... From LA's Twitter:

suckeye fans stop biting my swagg...and worry about how they gon stop us 4rm beatin they ass all game
about 2 hours ago via txt


2 Tennessee Players Charged After Bar Brawl

Published: July 9, 2010
Filed at 6:53 p.m. ET

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (AP) -- Two Tennessee players were charged during an early morning bar brawl that left an off-duty police officer who tried to break up the fight knocked unconscious, and more could be facing charges, police said Friday.

Incoming freshman receiver Da'Rick Rogers was charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest, Knoxville police said. Rising sophomore defensive back Darren Myles Jr. was charged with assault, resisting arrest and evading arrest, University of Tennessee police said.

Tennessee coach Derek Dooley dismissed Myles from the team Friday evening and indefinitely suspended sophomore linebacker Greg King and sophomore defensive tackle Marlon Walls, though it was not clear what their alleged roles were in the matter.

A campus police report said Myles tried to hide under a car and in some bushes as an officer tried to arrest him, then elbowed the officer in the face. It was the second offseason arrest for Myles, 19. He also was charged with public intoxication, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest on April 18 after a disturbance at a Knoxville restaurant and nightclub.

''It is a privilege, not a right, to be a member of the University of Tennessee football team,'' Dooley said in a statement.

''The most important responsibility of that privilege is to properly represent this institution and our supporters on and off the field,'' the statement added. ''I am disappointed and in many ways embarrassed by the poor judgment displayed on many fronts by several members of our football team last night.''

Three other players -- rising senior receiver Denarius Moore, junior college transfer defensive tackle John Brown and incoming freshman receiver Matt Milton -- were detained and questioned but had not been charged as of Friday afternoon. Another player, rising sophomore defensive tackle Montori Hughes, was present but has not been questioned by police.

Police said their investigation was ongoing.

Robert Capouellez, an off-duty Knoxville officer who was a patron at Bar Knoxville and tried to break up the fight, was being treated for a head injury after being knocked unconscious, Knoxville police spokesman Darrell DeBusk said.

Capouellez, 24, was in serious but stable condition at the University of Tennessee Medical Center on Friday afternoon. Police said he was hit in the head, knocked to the ground and then kicked several times.

Another patron at the 18-and-up bar, Gary Russell, 20, was treated at UT Medical Center and released.

The 6-foot-1, 190-pound Atlanta native who was part of Lane Kiffin's only recruiting class showed promise during spring practice. After the Vols' April 17 spring game, he was awarded the program's Fourth Quarter Award by coaches for dedication to the program.

The 18-year-old Rogers, a 6-foot-3, 205-pound native of Calhoun, Ga., was among Dooley's first signing class.

Both were released from the detention center Friday afternoon. It was not clear if either player had an attorney.

Several witnesses told police two patrons got into a fight inside Bar Knoxville around 1:50 a.m., and several others jumped into the melee. Employees pushed the brawl out onto the street.

Knoxville attorney Greg Isaacs, who represents Hughes, said that his client was ''the victim of an unprovoked assault'' and that he has no knowledge of anything that took place outside the bar. Isaacs said he did not expect Hughes to face charges.

Sandy Morton, who owns Bar Knoxville with her husband, told the Chattanooga Times Free Press they've never had any problems from Vols players. She said many of the players, who are treated as VIPs and don't pay a cover charge, are on a first-name basis with her husband.

''I don't know what happened, but several of the guys started beating up the other customer,'' she told the newspaper. ''I want to guess there was seven to 10 guys beating up this one gentleman.''

Dooley said he is working to change the culture at Tennessee, a program that has seen a number of player arrests in recent years under multiple coaches.

''As I have referenced on many occasions, a change in culture is achieved in time through a combination of education, discipline and support. We will aggressively continue to build on the many positive changes that have occurred over the last five months to ensure our program is represented with class and dignity,'' he said.


Just watched the 7 on 7 tourney with TB at the helm. The Canes got a truely great QB for years to come.

TB led the S. Fla. team back for a come from behind win against the Texas team. Life with Jacory will be great, and so will life after Jacory. The Canes have returned to their status of the perpetual elite


ESPN article on the Canes landing SH:


BTW, "Know Thy Enemy" will return soon to Canespace! Right now, though, there just isn't enough CFB action going around to post anything here on other teams that would be interesting.



Oh yeah... Not that it matters much, but according to that last article I posted the 2010 class moves up to #11 in the nation with the addition of SH.




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