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July 09, 2010



Hurri', the opponent was the Gators. Wouldn't have the empty seats for that one. Now against Wake Forest...


Welcome to the U Mister Henderson!!!!




[]____[] MY bad Fellas haha


The Nazguls-were presented as a possible nickname for the The Miami Heat's Big 3 by a blogger on ESPN.com

The Nazgul were the characters in "Lord of the Rings" that were former kings who turned into demons that were constantly chasing the ring. It completely consumed them and robbed them of their humanity. I think this sums up the situation in Miami.

Canesaw, there are some contradictions in Simmon's columns concerning his feeling about Boston's Big 3 and Miami's new Big 3, but other than that, his pieces the last 72 hours have on point in my opinion, and they're supported by MANY facts. I want everyone (who's interested) to decide for themselves. PLEAZZZEE read these columns when you get a chance.

Pre-Lebron announcement column:

Post-Lebron announcement column:


True Este,

I was just being a wise-guy.


Those seats won't be empty by the end of the season.


who cares what "Michael Jordan would of done"...MJ didnt have a chance like this lol..you think if the bulls suck azz couldnt do much about it..if there wasnt a pippen, grant, kerr, rodman etc etc..and he could play with barkley and say drexler..that he wouldnt? lol....Jame is not MJ, idk why people want to bring mj into it...idk..i guess its a pointless argument lol..GO CANES!!


Bill Simmons best contribution was including the link to the Hulk Hogan video when he turned into a bad guy announcing the NWO. I had forgot about that.


Thats like 5% of the point he was trying to make. Try to focus on the proofs he presented of Lebron having prior knowledge of where he was going, but making a spectacle of his "decision", starting a new website and twitter account and then using the Boys & Girl Club to mask this self-promotion.

My personal argument on this matter is that Cleveland sports fans were done wrong by the way Lebron went about the announcement and his behavior before & after. People were on here saying they should "just get over it" and that they didn't have a right to be infuriated. They said that Clevelanders should just "get a hobby", but isn't being a diehard fan and supporter of the Canes our hobby?


Cleveland sports fans should be angry at the Cavaliers organization, especially their owner Gilbert and their GM, for not doing what they had to do financially to put talent around Lebron. The Heat and several other teams did what they had to do; the Cavs simply didn't. Gilbert's classless tirade was meant to distract Clevelanders from realizing this sad truth, and unfortunately it worked.



Zakk...I thought I read that the "Desicion" show raised a lot of money for the boys 7 girls club and that was at least part of the reason.


i like the fact that folks have been generally low key about henderson coming.


According to LA's twitter, both he and TBW are persuading this 2011 Glenville player to come to The U:


GO CANES!!!!!!


It actually didn't work, Cleveland fans know that what Dan Gilbert said is low class and sour grapes, especially coming from a guy who is greatly responsible for spoiling Lebron and making him feel as if he was above the team and city in several ways. The comment about whether or not they surrounded him with enough talent can be debated...it isn't fact. They had the best record in the league the last 2 seasons and a superb record head to head with the best teams in the NBA, so that proves they could compete with the talent the organization provided. I personally thought they needed another player and that Antwan Jamison wasn't him. I would've exhausted all options to attain Amare Stoudamire if I were the GM, so I partly agree with you. I don't know if last seasons Cavs would have beat the Lakers but it would've been close (Game 7). I know for sure that the Cavs were good enough to beat the Celtics this though, if Lebron wouldn't have quit..that I do know.

Its well documented as to what Gilbert's roles was in losing Lebron and starts with him losing Lebron's respect. He built a 25 million dollar practice facility close to Lebron's home so he wouldn't have to drive into the city for practice, gave his under qualified friends jobs in the organization etc etc.. This all led to him firing Danny Ferry and Mike Brown, who both asked him to stop this special treatment (favoritism) over concerns for team morale and social chemistry. There were no boundaries and this treatment undermined the GM and handcuffed the coach at times.

The decision did raise money for the Boys and Girls Club, but was that the ultimate and initially goal or purpose? No.


Zakkee, The blame falls squarely on the media. All of the "LeBron" tracker crap that went on for more than a month is what fed this beast. I didn't see LeBron making a big deal of this whole FA process. The media was hungry for any bit of info on his "decision" and would put it all over TV and the internet, etc. There was no self-promotion on LeBron's part. I'm positive that "The Decision" was pitched to LeBron by ESPN and he only agreed to do it because it made money for the charity most dear to him. All of the holier-than-thou judgment being cast upon James is completely unjustified. Did he know where he was going much earlier than "D day". Maybe. But does that mean he has to disclose that information to the world the minute he does. No. Maybe he wasnt 100% in stone on the decision until the last day. Why show your hand until you have to? It was a smart move on his part no matter how you look at it. If anything him holding out like that is giving MIA the best chance to win by freeing up more cap space for the heat to work with. The NBA is a business and there is no such thing as unconditional loyalty in professional sports today. That is the reality of the business and he made a savvy business decision. Don't hate just accept the rain of fire that is about to descend on the NBA.


From what I've gathered, he and his team pitched the idea. "savvy business decision" please explain?

So the media build up left him no choice, but to oblige and give them the spectacle they wanted? And at the same time break the hearts of his hometown team. I understand this is a win for bandwagon, elitist, people who love domination and aren't fans of competitive sports. Congrats to all the followers.


Zakkee love you but it is over he left! He is not a demon or bad person for leaving. He did what was best for him period. Keeping it going just makes Cleveland and it's team look bad. C'est le vie! Never wish bad on others it will only come back to you....except for Timmy Tebow of course, LOL!


Cleveland lost Lebron when they traded for Jamison instead of Caron Butler, then begged Bosh to come for the max and he blew them off.

James knew this was a rebuilding year and saw undeliable proof NO good free agent was ever coming to the Cavs.


It is a savvy business decision for multiple reasons. 1. James is now even more marketable than before being in MIA vs the hole that is Cleveland. 2. Business is about money and all of the $ the no state income tax will save him will be tremendous (salary, endorsements, etc). 3. The Cavs are an in-conference opponent. Why give the enemy a heads up concerning your plans to give them notice and a better chance at re-structuring the team this off-season. It is one less team to worry about. Sports are about competition and if you gain an advantage by taking it, take it.

And I love how everyone that is now a heat fan is automatically a band wagoner. There are PLENTY of real heat fans down here in Miami. The sad part though is that the majority of those non-bandwagoners wont be able to afford tickets and attend the games in person.

And you don't love domination? Why are you a Canes fan? Apparently Zak is a fan of mediocrity. Now it makes sense, these have been the years the Canes have been an averagely competitive team. So do you band wagon for the U when they are mediocre and jump off when they return to their dominant ways this year. Guess we are going to be down one fan this year. Prepare for the campaign trail for the socialists.


Enough talking about LBJ.. This is CANE space not HEAT space!!! D-Wade's the man on the team anyways. D-Wade is the one we should be talking about for practically serving as the Heat GM in getting his team in a position to acquire Bosh and Lebron. His performance in this role was remarkable, especially since he met with so many other teams and reported all of his findings back to the Heat administration to give them an edge. There's definitely a future in basketball operations for D-Wade 20 years down the road.

But like I said, HOW BOUT THEM CANES!!!!

This the latest from LA's twitter, who has undeniably leapfrogged DVD as the Cane with the most entertaining twitter account:

my swagg soo ill...when i signed wit the []_[] they was like is you 4real!?...and i just said swagg is a must

@lokapa001 i hope it goes as planned we gotta get back to the top
about 1 hour ago via mobile web

@lokapa001 well the way i see it we got everything we need and more cmoning soo its bout that time start dominating everything!!!

GO CANES!!!!!!!!!!


What team won the NBA championship this season? Who is considered to be the best player in the NBA? Who has been getting talked about non-stop since mid June. This is a CANES football sports blog and "he" is being discussed here. They had a special on CNN just to discuss the "decision" and get the fans reaction. At the end of the day the NBA is getting free press and a slew of new fans.


Kukoc came to the Bulls after Jordan took time off

How many people even knew who Kukoc was in the US or what he could do? How did anyone know he wouldn't be a Darco Milicic? I'm sure a lot of people knew from Kukoc playing for the Jugoplastika Split and Treviso SPA for 6 years, that he'd turn out the way he did - right?

Rodman was traded to the Bulls in 1995 for Will Perdue. Think about that trade right there. Will Perdue? Try to comprehend what players who play now, would be a Rodman and Perdue - and why that trade even happened

It would be like trading Dwight Howard to rebound (without the ppg) for Serge Ibaka ... with Howard being Rodman, and Perdue being Ibaka

No idea why that trade even happened

Kukoc and Rodman didn't come to the Bulls until after Jordan had already won a 3-Peat - and after Jordan retired and came back

The point people are making between Jordan and LeBron is - and I already brought it up - Jordan took his licks for 7 years before he won his 1st Championship ... LeBron was in the same situation in Cleveland, for 7 years and then ditched them for Miami

LeBron with the Cavs actually were more successful than Jordan in that 7 year time span

The Cavs owner coddled LeBron like a spoiled child. Zakkee said it, I said it - the guy built a damn $20+ Million dollar practice facility as close to LeBron's house as possible so he wouldn't have to drive that far

We can all play Fantasy GM and say how we would've brought in this guy or that guy - but, that's not how it works. We don't know jacksh*t about how other teams wanted to work with or against the Cavs, in trading for a certain player. Anyone is trying to say that the Cavs owner just said f*ck it, I don't want to help LeBron by trying to bring other people in - are you serious? Ya, I'm sure that's exactly how the Cavs owner was thinking - esp. after doing everything for LeBron. I still can't believe he built that practice facility for LeBron that close, unreal. He brought in an All-Star in Antwan Jamison. I'm pretty sure he tried to do whatever he could to help the team he OWNS, out

So, the Cavs can have the best record in the NBA the past 2 years - so, why couldn't they win it all again?

And come on, is it really THAT significant in the so-called "paycut" that LeBron or other NBA players really take? I guess they don't get a lot of loot as well from all their other endorsement deals, like Nike, Gatorade, Powerade, Wheaties, Adidas, Reebok, Vitamin Water, Gillette, Tag Hauer, etc.? Not to mention, playing in the state of Florida and the benefits of it when it comes to your income

I'm pretty sure they'll be alright and go to sleep at night without worrying how they're going to pay their electric/water/mortgage/grocery/insurance at night

There really is no such thing as a "paycut" in the NBA - those guys are all paid ridiculous money as it is, more than any other sport


@lokapa001 well the way i see it we got everything we need and more cmoning soo its bout that time start dominating everything!!!

^^^^ Zakkee will have none of this.


Miami Northwestern won the Nike 7-on-7 National Tournament in Oregon

They beat Denton, TX for the Championship 44-42 in 3OT

They lost only 1 game, to Arlington, TX ... 29-28

Nike invited 8 Elite teams from around the nation:

Cleveland (OH), Gardena (CA), Orlando (FL), Denton (TX), Tampa (FL), Matthews (NC), Arlington (TX) and Miami (FL)

Miami Northwestern stomped Plant High from Tampa, 30-16


To be honest, if I were the Cavs owner, I think I'd go ape shart after the departure of a single player just devalued my product by $250 million. I just wouldn't make an asinine statement that the cavs will get their ship before james.


Any Canes fan in the 813/727, roll out to Jefferson High School tomorrow in Tampa, down near Westshore Mall (near TIA Airport) if you're bored


22 7-on-7 Teams representing 22 NFL cities are playing in a Tournament there .... Jefferson High School is there, repping the Bucs

I went out there today, am going out there again tomorrow

WR Andre Davis is out there with his team, the kid who likes the Canes

WR Chris Moore is also out there from Jefferson, talked to him before and he loves the Canes

Jefferson High is going to make some noise this year in the State Playoffs


Dan LeBatard redeems himself big time with this one




Im going to give it my best shot to catch that tommorrow


Not a very good week for the Georgia Bulldogs



I agree wit cha 100% , CFSIC, enuff of this Lebron crap, cause its a rap! We just landed a kid who many consider one of the top prospects this decade yet all u guys care about is hatin' on LBJ! Then when u do comment on BDC (Big Daddy Cane) its sumthin negative or down right stupid like he might not qualify and may end up at memphis. Its ok 2 stir the pot sometimes depending the topic. just sayin..


Six...U gots something for The Space from the 7-on-7 in Tampa from today and tomorrow?




So now that Aubrey Hill (hey coach!) has seen the videos from the Duper/Hankerson drills does he implement them for all UM receivers?

Does Hankerson take on a BOSS attitude and run all the other receivers through the same drills at Greentree?

If it worked for Hank it will work for all right??? Why are we not doing these drills for ALL of our WRs???


Soup what good would the coaching do if Hank wasn't willing to put in the extra work. Hard work beats talent if that talent doesn't work hard.


Yes coaching matters alot in every sport.

In the offseason its all about pride and hardwork

It also helps when you have guys that have made a name for themselves in the sport willing to help the younger athletes


I see you queers are still yappin about Labron.




Pitt vs. Cincy on ESPNU for those who care. I think LeBron James makes a guest apperance at long snapper, tight end, assistant coach, equipment manager, and Dave Wannstedt's mustache.


I posted this earlier on the other blog, I know there are knowledgeable people here who will know how this will work...so I'm re-posting:

someone who truly has a clue please tell me how we are going to fit Henderson in scholarship-wise.

I know 1 of our kids is def going to prep school but the other 3 still might end up here and I thought we didn't have room for any more...I'm confused.


looks like TB is trying to bring some of his 7 on 7 buddies to the Canes!

orange 'n green in the vein

I was going to post this last night but deleted and changed my mind, but now I'm going for the full 360 degree reversal, I hate to be THAT GUY, but this is more of an example of TRAINING not COACHING. Coaching is Aubrey Hill getting inside Hanks head when he drops something, anything, even something out of bounds that might have been overturned on replay if he had corraled it and telling him to his face, "Your daughter just had to go University of Felons instead of Miami as a legacy because you're costing yourself first round position money in next years draft by not making those catches when you have chances to," so that when he has to squeeze the last second catch in the Shoe, he comes up big with the TD catch instead of letting it hit the turf ala FSU last year in crunch time, or something to that effect. Off-season conditioning and training falls outside of the realm of NCAA coaching IMHO. But it was a great blog regardless of the nit picking here in LA and the Hank/Duper vids are going to explode virally in a few years as he does his Reggie Wayne (that's who I compare him to more than Johnson, Andre's got better speed) impersonation in the NFL.


yeah he is right. if Coach Hill is saying these things to that man is that gonna work? I read something somewhere cant remember if that was on canespace but it was about all of Miami's receivers working with Duper this offseason?

I love the pickup of Seantrel. This may be THEE best offensive line class ever. I believe that he will qualify and that we have a scholarship availible. Sad to say that if we are over and Miami may well be over the limit the kids that chose Miami and didnt come here cause of whatever reason. We need for him (Big Daddy Cane)..LOL. to come in shape and ready to train and workout..and i like this Anderson kid!! but now that we have Seantrel i dont believe that he will start. but when we play two tackles on one side i do believe he will be on the field either mop up duty or even the starter at Tackle since J.Johnson or M.Bunche didnt get the job done in spring practice. He will be a factor late in the year maybe earlier..

My cousin a big FSU fan kept saying USC wouldnt let him go. Then Monday when they did he said Miami wont get him. Now he is saysing he wont be a factor and that Jeff Luc will kill whoever he tackles this year..lol yeahhh right!


Posted by: orange 'n green in the vein | July 10, 2010 at 07:40 PM

Nice post. Makes me realize that Aubrey might want to work on his coaching ability, and not necessarily on his training ability. To my knowledge, the Canes WRs are phenomenally-talented and seem well-trained. If that didn't show last year, then it definitely showed during the spring game.

However, what we definitely saw last year, especially during the bowl game but also in a few other games, was the Canes WRs playing without desire or passion and not looking like their heads were in the game. Sure, there were games when we were down or when the weather was cold and/or rainy, but that's when *coaching* becomes important so that all the training that players put in throughout the year doesn't go to waste.

I think Aubrey is as awesome as butter played toast, but if I could improve one thing about him, it would be his in-game coaching ability so that our studs WRs could stay focused and intense throughout the adversity that comes with playing the hardcore schedule we play at The U.



I think Aubrey is as awesome as butter played toast, but if I could improve one thing about him, it would be his in-game coaching ability so that our studs WRs could stay focused and intense throughout the adversity that comes with playing the hardcore schedule we play at The U.


Could be said of the entire coaching staff, no?


Posted by: 404 | July 10, 2010 at 08:43 PM

Of course. But for some reason the WRs are the only unit that stands out to me.

Maybe I'm overreacting, but to this day I'm haunted by this harrowing image from the bowl game of the WRs "just chillin" nonchalantly on the sideline, laughing and smiling even, with their hands inside their sweaters, all while Wisconsin took it to us on the field. That shit ticked me off back then and still ticks me off now. I also remember seeing a duplicate of that image during some of the other games but can't quite remember which ones. They seemed to not care about what was happening, and that just isn't right and it isn't Canes football.

I don't think I can say this about all the other units. The RBs for example, I remember them always looking focused and determined and ready to go. This is how the WRs should look and act, especially in the pass-happy offense that Whipple runs.

GO CANES!!!!!!!

Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer

His hatred for the trio has been pure garbage because HIS CELTICS TEAM CREATED THE BLUEPRINT.. That this team followed, only this team is in their prime…

HMM but it was ok for the celtics.. He said the alpha dogs of Wade/Lebron could not work…

But didn’t mention similar talk of Garnett/Perice/Allen..

He said that Jordan would have never left his city to team with Wade..
1. He didn’t have to, he had Pippen/H.Grant/Kukok/Rodmen and GREAT ROLE PLAYERS
2. He then diminishes what his Celtics team did because Garnett should have stayed in Minnesota and toiled in obscurity. Allen should have kept his 3 point act in Seattle….

BUT Bill Simmons has loved watching his Celtics win and be a good team again.. And loved hating the Lakers..

Which brings me to another hyprcritical fact..

He mentions Kobe wouldn’t have wanted to play with Wade, he is a competitor Lebron has proven he is not
1. Where is his USUAL ANTI-Kobe bias, I mean he is stepping on bordeline insanity by saying. Kobe wanted to stay and stick it out as alpha dog
2. Kobe BEGGED, I mean demanded a trade if LA could not get great players
3. Kobe won with Shaq… Then without he was the quintessential first round playoff exit star. When he b*tched and moaned, and MEMPHIS handed L.A. an All=Star big man in Pau Gasol to the Lakers for free, in what Many including Bill Simmons considered an almost blasphemous trade. He stated D.Stern should reject the trade because it was unethical…
4. Kobe now with 2 more championships has had the MOST STACKED TEAM from 1-9 in the country.. Everybody knows this. BUT Kobe doesn’t need talent LMAO!!

Worst of all, Bill tried to compare this situation to the 97 Rockerts.. WTF Bill you lost all credibility and you were my favorite BIG TIME ESPN sports writer.


CSM, SPOT ON bro!!! haha Now you know why I call them all two-bit hack, media puppets. The words "big time" and sportswriter should never be used in the same sentence or thought in the same thought.

The Triumvirate is going to reshape the NBA, with the players being the power brokers, no longer the owners and agents. Jordan-Pippen-Rodman, Clyde-Hakeem- and someone I can't remember, then the Celtics Three Kings, and now the best and greatest of them all...The Triumvirate.

And watch how when next season rolls around and THE ENTIRE WORLD wants to watch Heat games, this same two-bit hack will be singing their praises. I wonder if he'll remember how stupid his own words sounded?? NEVER.

And I know I criticized Lebron for leaving, not because of loyalty to the city, which is a ridiculous concept really, but instead about the lack of Boss-mentailty it demonstrates. And I still stand by it.

However, I love the way these three players decided what they were going to do. No owners, no agents, just Ballers.

This is a marvelous new trend that I expect to continue.

Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer

Zakk, that's good background info on Lebron and the owner. Stupid decisions up and down. Oh well. You can bet none of that shyt's happening in MIA. haha


Unfortunately, Jeff Luc has to catch the player first. He's quick, but not fast. FSU has a bunch of missiles at LB (Nigel Carr & Bradham) too bad they aren't heat-seeking, they don't turn, everything is basically straight ahead. If you allow them to square up on you...you're dead. Our LB's have hips, IMO, we just have the wrong ones doing the wrong things and playing the wrong LB positions (according to their skill sets). I do believe the coaches know better than I do though.

Canechic, whats over? That the Heat have Lebron now? I agree and I'm fully aware of this fact. Are you referring to the conversation about him? If so, no its not, but it will be (on my end) when I don't read any posts that make me want to rebut or carry a conversation about. I have the right to respond to any topic discussed on here, which is what I did this morning: respond. You may not like my opinion or what I'm saying, but thats not grounds for me to believe "its over". If its over to you...cool...I respect that. Also, I never wished anything bad on Lebron.

BEericane, your posts aren't really the type I feel a dire need to respond to. I know the "devil's advocate" type and how to avoid them. The regulars no me on here, from even before this site was established. You could never question my "fandom" my friend.

I don't like domination in the sense that I enjoy not knowing whose going to win. I don't enjoy forgone conclusions, thats what I meant. I do love the underdog, an upset, watching a team overcome and rise up..I'm guilty of this. I enjoy adversity to a point. I wouldn't rejoice if Shannon & Hocutt scheduled Florida A&M caliber teams all season or when we beat them ala Tressel and OSU fans. Yes, I want the Canes to dominate, but I wouldn't want us to land the top 25 recruits off of Rivals Top 100 every recruiting class either. Between '03-'05 we got almost whomever we wanted and those guys did squat. I like us to hand pick our players from the nation and own South Florida. I enjoy parity in sports.

Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer

I think Aubrey is as awesome as butter played toast, but if I could improve one thing about him, it would be his in-game coaching ability so that our studs WRs could stay focused and intense throughout the adversity that comes with playing the hardcore schedule we play at The U.


Could be said of the entire coaching staff, no?

Posted by: 404 | July 10, 2010 at 08:43 PM


No. Considering you're working with new coordinators, true frosh all over the place and absolutely NO upper-class leadership, and that we still pulled out some big wins against programs with serious momentum and upperclassmen leadership, the point about Hill and the staff holds no water.

Unless you want to say that about 95% of the other teams and staffs in the country.

Besides even the great Hurricane teams lost focus every now and then. Did you blame that on the coaches?

No. So why is that the question now?

Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer

OGV, great clip about Shannon's staff from Maisel.

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