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July 02, 2010





#1 on #1 is special MD!

U know what to do.


A well deserving selection for #1

She is the Queen of tennis

Nobody was able to accomplish what she did at a given sport

Way to represent Chrissy!!!!!!!!

franics w

Just back for a week in St.Louis met my wife's niece ( 6'1" flaming red hair )who as a freshman was # 3 single player on the Boys tennis team. Thats when I began to think Chrissie was #1. She was greaT PLAYER JUST NOT A GREAT PICKER OF MEN.



Posted by: franics w | July 02, 2010 at 08:30 PM

U don't get the nickname "Ice Maiden" for nothing!


Just saw an interesting article from yesterday that Sentrel Henderson did not show up for class at USC and is now leaning towards going to Miami, even if he has to wait a year (Kiffin would have to grant his release for it to be this season). A little blurb, at the bottom.


Hurriphin 302-4-305

Pretty much the only other thing I know pertaining to Chris Everett.......


Glad to see that little jacka$$ get housed.

Old Skool

Ice Maiden is right. A friend of mine went out with her. When Chrissie got turned on, condensation would form on her upper lip.

Otherwise a very worthy selection. I would say she and Connors were responsible for tennis' resurgence in the 1970's

Hurriphin 302-4-305

Along with BYU's Lavell Edwards, Coryell turned the passing game from throwing a ball, to throwing art.
In fact, tell me you don't see a lot of "Air Coryell" in Coach Whipple. Go deep, and go often.

Que random sexual inuendo............


Ok fellow Canesters, need tickets to the gt game! How do i obtain these, considering i'm from crimson tide country?

Posted by: 4-Real | July 02, 2010 at 06:37 PM

Any UM season ticket holder or Hurricane Club member can order them for U. How many U need?


hurri that was hilarious!!


Those American stats outstrip every other nation in the Open era of the French championships. The sobering side of the stats is that 15 of those finalists were two women: Navratilova and her ultimate rival, Chris Evert.

But what Navratilova was to Wimbledon, Evert was to Roland Garros. She won the singles title a record seven times, three of them in three-set finals against Navratilova.

The last of them, in 1986, saw the 31-year-old Evert beat her to win her very last Grand Slam, 2–6, 6–3, 6–3. She is still the oldest woman to do so.

Add into the Evert mix two runners-up positions, the first against the mighty Margaret Court in 1973, and three semifinal finishes, and it is easy to be swamped by the numbers.

But Evert was one of those graceful and gracious players who went about her business with a calmness verging on cool. She was light on her feet, appeared never to be rushed, and had a smoothness of action that belied the weight and spin on her strong baseline shots.

Evert may have gloried in the name of the “Ice Maiden,” just as her effortless male counterpart did to the “Ice Borg,” but both commanded a respect and an affection from the crowds that reflected not just their supreme skills as tennis players, but their self-effacing and sporting conduct.

Great champions, both.


Solar...kudos to U and Six for this series.

The quality of the series and articles was just spectacular and what we needed during the S L O W period.

Much R E S P E C T!


Except for Skipper Chuck and Brian Piccolo
Cris Evert was the only big Star I met in person before anyone ever heard of them.

And skool you are correct,
We got chased off the Holiday Park Tennis Courts numerous times for attempting just what you suggested we were up to. lol!


thanks that means a lot.

I really enjoyed the comments and debates about the choices.

One final thanks to all you guys that read the articles and made it worthwhile.

I'm ready for some football!

Old Skool

University of Georgia athletic director Damon Evans repeatedly referred to his position at the school before his arrest on a drunken driving charge and asked the patrol officer if there was “anything you can do without arresting me,” according to a police report released Friday.

In the report, the officer noted he found a “red pair of lady’s panties between (Evans’) legs.” When he asked Evans, a 40-year-old married father of two children, what he was doing with the underwear, Evans said: “She took them off and I held them because I was just trying to get her home,” according to the report.

Hurriphin 302-4-305

If Jim Rome even said hello to me, I'd steal on him.

Tell yall what........

Real quick. If you could punch any three people in the face, no consequences, who would they be?

And no, SOUP isn't eligible............


And no, SOUP isn't eligible...

Posted by: Hurriphin 302-4-305 | July 02, 2010 at 09:50 PM

Ruins ALL the fun!


1. Lou Holtz on a ricochet off Mark Mays forehead

2. Anyone connected to Notre Dame

3. My older sister.



Those Yellow Jacket cops can be brutal


Ok wait

Lou Holtz,
and my older sister twice because she always got up after just one good punch.


I think my last post got kicked by typepad

Does the UGA AD look like he might have had a beer or twenty?


Old Skool

It's a pity UGA doesn't play Stanford this year. The Stanford band would create one memorable halftime show in honor of the AD.



They caught that walking piece of sh*t coward that murdered the 2 Tampa Police officers


Six, man you are QUICK!! that is great news!


I woke up to a nice message from my gaytor fan this morning, he said, "I f*****d a U fan hahaha".. good to see his distaste for the U doesnt go as far as woman


Soup, I'm good with canes gear. Just waiting for the season to start.

'87 Canes

ACC Champions in 2010.....Go CANES !!!!!


Does the UGA AD look like he might have had a beer or twenty?

Posted by: solarcane | July 02, 2010 at 10:20 PM



They caught that walking piece of sh*t coward that murdered the 2 Tampa Police officers

Posted by: Six | July 02, 2010 at 10:35 PM



I need @ least 4 tickets Soup


Nobody was able to accomplish what she did at a given sport

Posted by: Sebastian57 | July 02, 2010 at 08:07 PM

Except I would say Lance Armstrong, who won the world's most grueling event 7 straight years. All after recovering from cancer.

mcginns ale

soiler.................cant go with the chrissy thing.top ten ya tell cat5 hello see at the shoe bro,,,,,, chillin to eddie singin "give me some wATER ALWAYS READING


thanks for the news six.down in south florida i havent even seen one story on the news about the police officers being shot.They are worried more about a storm thats hitting 2,000 miles from here then something as major as that.so sad


Mc A ,
man you should be posting brudda good to hear from you !


Nice read and thanks for all the hard work. I loved reading all the articles!



What's your take on the new NCAA? J12 Power is rated higher than his accuracy?? Shouldn't they be flip flopped?

Anyway, the game looks a little more fluid than in years past. The new engine makes it more authentic.



For the gamers, I'll have the new NCAA 11 on Wednesday or Thursday. I'll give my impressions then.


In typical EA fashion they have the ratings jacked. Its always that way. They Aldarius as the fastest WR...WRONG he's probably the slowest! Next they have Shayon Green as the highest rated LB on the team....WRONG! LOL Just little things like that.


They have Aldarius as the fastest WR...WRONG he's probably the slowest!

Posted by: bg1906 | July 03, 2010 at 10:15 AM



All that foreplay and the climax is Chris Evert! All due respect, but she would not make the Men's Tennis team at Miami. Let alone dominate the game. (only the womens game)
Solar, your sister got your testosterone..lol Just kidding....good pick for number one. RIP Coach Coryell.



That guy should be glad he turned himself in. Do you remember what happened to the guy in Lakeland (Kathleen) that also shot some cops?

Found him in the woods alive, but brought him out dead with 18 bullet holes.

No human being has the right to take another human beings life, period! Especially ones that are just doing their jobs. Very sad for those families and friends. I'm just happy they can find closure now that they got him.


Brilliant selection. Chris Evert is still one of the classiest professional athletes and it is great that South Florida can call her our own.

On a personal note, really enjoyed the top 50. A lot of hard work and thought went into this and as a fan of Canespace, I appreciate the amazing job of gathering the stats and writing performed for all of selections.

Now on to Football!!! Go Canes! :)






Just think bout we'll all be stook and out of out minds two months from now bout our canes and the start of football season...and I can start to smell it in the air...btw I wuld have never guessed in a 10g yrs that the #1 wuld be who it is. Have a happy 4th ladies and gents


Wow, I put out a link to an article from Sentrel Henderson's hometown that he's leaning towards the Canes now (having essentially decommitted from USC)...we have an open scholarship to offer him...and no one cares.

We must be better than the 2001 team if we're not even going to care about the possibility of adding Henderson this year. Perhaps we should be charitable and encourage the poor guy to go to some lesser program like Ohio State, Texas, or Florida.


360Cane - Are you talking about the piece of garbage Angilo Freeland that had 68 bullets unloaded into him? It wasn't 18, if we're thinking of the same guy .. it was 68

2006, Freeland got pulled over for speeding in a rental car in Polk County. He'd been arrested in 1999 on charges of having a non-valid drivers license, reckless driving, aggravated fleeing, resisting arrested without violence, carrying a concealed weapon. He skipped bail and took off, no one could find him. An arrest warrant was issued, it sat there until 6 years later, and in 2005 the state attorney called it "stale". Pretty much just dropping it

You think about how they couldn't find this guy when he skipped bail, for 6 years, and the state attorney said the warrant went "stale". I say that b/c of what happened in 2006

When he was pulled over in 2006, the officer looked at the fake drivers license that Freeland gave him, the officer had a bad feeling about the license and the way Freeland was acting, he called for backup, backup arrived, it was a K-9 officer and his pooch

Freeland got squirrely, ran into the woods, hid behind some trees. The 2 officers went into the woods after him, the police dog sniffed him out and was heading toward him - Freeland shot the police dog and killed it. Freeland then starting shooting at the K-9 officer, hitting him in a bunch of places, and a bullet went into the officer's spine as well. Freeland then walked up, and shot the officer twice in the head

The other officer who was in the woods heard it, ran over toward the shots and was also shot at. He called for backup - then all hell descended upon those woods, K-9 units, a ton of officers, SWAT, etc.

Freeland dug himself into the woods pretty deep that night

Polk County Police went into the woods looking for him, found the body of the executed officer and his police dog, brought them out

So, just think about being a police officer or SWAT member and seeing the body of one of your fellow officers being brought out, all shot up like he was, including seeing the body of the police dog as well

That goes from making a bunch of police officers and SWAT members from being on the verge of snapping b/c of anger, to basically downright dangerous with no sense of mercy

Polk County sent SWAT into the woods, they found Freeland hiding, 9 of the SWAT team shot him - unloading 68 bullets out of 110 shot

Bye Bye Freeland

I remember the press conference afterward and this is why I like Sheriff Grady Judd from Polk County ...

Judd pretty much just summed it all up for everyone, he said "That's all the bullets we had, otherwise we would've shot him more"

Awesome. I love that. Some criminal coward executes a K-9 police officer, after killing his police dog right before, he shoots at the other officer who originally stopped him, hitting him as well ..... there should be no mercy at all upon him

Here's the best part and everyone knew it was coming. The Florida Civil Rights Association called out the Polk County Police for showing "disregard for human life" in unloading 68 shots into that piece of garbage .... the US Department of Justice got the FBI to look into it and investigate the Polk County Police. They did. They came to the conclusion that evidence didn't establish a prosecutable violation of the federal civil rights statues - haha. They cleared the Polk County Police of any wrong doing

Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer

Solar with the curve ball for #1!!! hahaha

Y'all know I love Chris Evert so I couldn't be happier with the selection.


Tony...calm down lol..thats old news and we have all spoke about it already. Im sure we would like to have him, but from what I have read we were already over our scholly limit before we lost a couple guys...so there may not be one for him. And besides..USC might not let him out of his LOI


Wow, I put out a link to an article from Sentrel Henderson's hometown that he's leaning towards the Canes now (having essentially decommitted from USC)...we have an open scholarship to offer him...and no one cares.

We must be better than the 2001 team if we're not even going to care about the possibility of adding Henderson this year. Perhaps we should be charitable and encourage the poor guy to go to some lesser program like Ohio State, Texas, or Florida.

Posted by: TonyCane | July 03, 2010 at 01:21 PM

Or maybe people on here finally realized that he will either come here... Or he wont. There's not a whole lot we can do about it unless you've got a hot daughter you want to throw at him a la Prior and OSU...

No offense, of course



You're just not part of the clique! j/k lol

I think it's pretty much talked to death. It was discussed a few blogs ago.

bg1906 even found some "smoke". Latwan Anderson put something on his Facebook about his new teammates, and how excited he is about coming here. Seantrel bit and commented on it. I don't remember word for word, but Seantrel basically said he's working on it.

It could get REAL ugly. Everybody knows he was waiting to see U$C's sanctions before he would sign. Obviously, Ed and Lane filled his head with B.S., and got him to sign anyway. They know they lied, and their trying to save their asses. They've only flown out to his house on private jet TWICE.

He wants to be released from his LOI, but U$C isn't letting it happen. There is no word on appeals or anything. It's a dumb rule anyway. Juniors and Seniors can leave without losing a year, but incoming freshmen have to appeal their LOI to the NCAA? Makes no sense.

I think this kids has always been a Cane, he's just had to many people in his ear and this and that. He just needs to understand only Seantrel knows what's best for Seantrel. Rap daddy needs to take a hike along with Lame and Co.

There is also word that he would have to go to prep school anyway. The good news is, we'll know by August! lol

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