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July 25, 2010





UMike...great article. I'm ALL in!

If the rafting trip did not convince U that there is more to life that UM football then this article SURELY will.

And if it doesn't...well then I feel very sad for U.


Mike great job!

The little man does a nice job out there.

Just put in my donation.

Keep up the good work!


francis w

UMike wish you well. I went through it with all 4 of mine, 2 boys 2 Girls. They all played some sport in Highschool. One soccer girl, one softball girl, one baseball and soccer boy and the youngest a football field goal kicker. Just keeping them in sports shoes sapped the budget. Plus all the other expenses but it was all worth it. No college scholarships for any of mine but they all made friends that remain till this day.
The activity is most helpful in taking up their extra time but make sure school is #1

87' canes

The "U"


CANEZ1...That's what I'm talkin' bout:

Soddy Daisy Middle School Football

$50.00 USD


Soup, good man!

I'm always here to help a fellow brother out!

Great job and a great cause.

Our pop warner was always well funded in my hometown so it is time to pay it forward.




Good stuff

email me at [email protected]

I'll be happy to make any fund raising signs for car washes, bake sales, convenience store cash donation jars, church raffles etc.

Heck I'll even make each player on your team a sign for his front yard with his name and team on it just like the Titans, the Friday Nite Lites teams or the White County Warriors right here where I live.

I'll make them and pay the shipping to your door.
Tell me what you need and how many of each.



I take back even more crap I say about you behind your back.


Is Soddy Daisey, Upsy Daisey's youger sister?


Is Soddy Daisey, Upsy Daisey's youger sister?

Posted by: solarcane | July 25, 2010 at 07:26 PM

DUH! How obviuos is that!



Solar LMAO!!!

I am sure whatever it was I deserved it!!

Great idea with the signs!


orange 'n green in the vein

SOUP, VT is nothing but an average team across the board. What have they ever really won? Nothing, due to the fact they are an average program and nothing special. I mean, when your coach is scar-face, the very definition of a good but not great practitioner of his profession and you revere him like he's one of the best ever, as just a step down from the likes of Paterno and Bowden, you're program is drowning in unwarented self-importance. Win something of value first then push the guy as a legend, Osborn had to, Bowden had to, Paterno had to. None of them punched a player because his team sucked and was getting blown out on national TV that I can remember either.

Of course the real overhand right knockout is coming this year from the guys wearing the home jerseys.


Good post and great cause!

DZ8, I do have Streeter on my mind, its just a hunch (that he'll play more), and attempt to get the blog jumpin. If my posts do anything...they get responses..mostly bad...lol.

I wasn't trying to say that opponents don't come out and hit us in the mouth or that they don't win if they do. I'm just saying that I notice, that in sports, when a team or individual comes in expecting to win easily, strikes first, admires their work (excessive celebrating, relaxes, or loses intensity) and then the underdog team regroups to fight back and show some resistance...the team (favorite) who had won the game in their heads already, usually folds to some extent. Thats all I was saying. Expect resistance and forget what the media says about us being favored or the underdog...we are gonna get everybody's best punch..every Saturday. No one is scared of us anymore.


Thank you guys for suppoting these kids..and thank you SOUP for letting me post that article. I just got home from a pool party, sorry I wasnt on earlier....Thank you so much for the people that have already made their donation..it is greatly appreciated...

solar...this is the last fundraise, I believe..we have done the car wash, pizza hut, stood outside wal-mart and all that. Were still selling coke-cola products for another week, then the season is almost here. They did get the sprinkler system in...now were trying to pay for the new helmets and lumber to redue the bleachers and stuff among other things. But I admit...thos signs for the front yard sound awesome lol


aight Umike
I'll send you a check then.
Plus i'll whip up a few things for the kids.


solar...thank you very very much...I was just telling a buddy of mine about you. He is a GT fan and he plans on taking me to the GT game for my birthday...I was telling him that we should stay at your place..I know were only 2 hours from ATL..but the idea of getting away into the counrty sounds nice lol



As of January 3rd, 2010, Frank Beamer is the second-winningest active coach (tied with Jim Tressel) behind Joe Paterno.


i was just looking to see how average Beamer has been lately

62 wins in his last 6 years, how many D1 coaches have averaged almost 11 wins a season over that same time span?

You don't have to like the man, but I think he is one of the best active college coaches.


Umike you are welcome to stay here for GT.

You already know how beautiful it is in the fall,it gets pretty amazing around our place.
I don't know what the record heat is going to do for the color change this year, we will have to wait and see.


solar...i think we will have to make plans..no sure if my wife will be making the trip, but me and my buddy from church definitly are..maybe we can make a weekend out of it..come up friday night...leave sunday morning..just relax a bit...that would be awsome!


UMike - the best part is at the very end when the little Welker unstraps his helmet, looks right at the camera and says "University of Miami" and then just tosses the helmet to the side and walks off, like WHAT NOW BEOTCH


six...yeah...hes definitly got some SWAG! lol


ACC Media Day group pic



Bosher and the Basher




"I didn't realize how big he was," said Ponder of Bailey's chiseled 6-foot-4, 285-pound frame. ..."

Bailey promises to leave a similar impact on the rest of the ACC's quarterbacks this season. Normally as quiet as he is large, Bailey said on Sunday that he is aiming to double his 2009 totals of seven sacks and 11 tackles for losses.

"I'm capable of double digits (in sacks),' Bailey said.



Heather Dinch at ESPN is picking the Canes to win the ACC.

Many national publications are high on the Canes this pre-season!


My favorite sports celebrity name right after Boomer Philbrick

Will Power
Australian born Indy car driver

(no not William just Will)



As of January 3rd, 2010, Frank Beamer is the second-winningest active coach (tied with Jim Tressel) behind Joe Paterno.

Posted by: solarcane | July 25, 2010 at 09:47 PM

Yeah, but I am almost SURE that he sucks, right?


and then just tosses the helmet to the side and walks off, like WHAT NOW BEOTCH

Posted by: Six | July 25, 2010 at 10:23 PM

That's what I'm sayin'...

orange 'n green in the vein

Scare-face has been grinding it out a lot longer than most others too. Tressel is almost a decade behind him though and has already caught him in active wins if you add his lower division wins as well is a news flash to me. Besides, the best coach not in Happy Valley these days is Petersen at Boise, if the turkey's ever dumped average scar-face for him we would have trouble on our hands.

But they won't just because he's a little better than Bill Dooley.

Cat 5 Cane

Here it is 4 in the morn... woke up, made some coffee and reading the Space as if it were the news paper. 3 years ago I was watching ESPN... LOL, times have changed!!!

Cat 5 Cane

UMike... Good stuff.

Bailey "The Beast" wasn't kidding when he laid down the challenge to take the ACC and NC during media day... Vows to double his QB sacks in 2010. ACC coaches stopped smiling as ESPN's eyebrows lift... Hummmmm

Streeter has said he's coming to play in 2010... AJ needs to get off his fat azz and get real or get passed up.

As much as I love Coop... Berry is the better back. If Coop is healthy, I say healthy... use him in the slot position to block or catch or take a hand off and alternate Berry with Lamar, MJ and Hill

Need a Tight End... Where's my TE... Hey Ford, get your azz up here!

Cat 5 Cane

Damn, things are looking good... here I am, thinking of the new bucks coming in and 2012


Heres how we have dominated average Beamer teams lately.
I guess we are lucky he isn't any good

95 L
96 L
97 L
98 L
99 L
00 W
02 W
03 L
04 L
05 W
06 L
07 L
08 W
09 L


Good job UMike!


Nice work Solar... don't know why o'ngitv is bashing Beamer so bad. He's NOT my favorite coach BY FAR, but he's hardly a hack.

Not real impressed with the "institutional control" of his players, and the Hokies seldom come through with the REALLY big wins... but they certainly have been spoilers as far as the Hurricanes are concerned.


We will lose to OSU and either FSU or VT.

I dont know how to vault anything, but you best vault that Soup

Ryan Braun gets a game winning hit to go along with a HR to lead the Brewers over the Nationals 4-3

.282 15 HRs and 60 RBIs
Now to get him over here in a Rays uniform

Posted by: Sebastian57 | July 25, 2010 at 12:51 AM

Why the Rays? The Marlins are a much better fit.

Closer to Coral Gables.
NL Team so he is familiar with the teams.
His salary of 1.2 million is in our range.

Cmon, he belongs with the Marlins, not the Devil Rays!


Posted by: WindyCane1 | July 25, 2010 at 05:24 PM

Good break down of the tiers of wide outs. Thats what Randy was talking about as far as getting the #s in and letting the cream rise to the top. Starting to do it at all positions now.


Beamer isn't a big game coach but he definitely isn't average. He's got a good program there, the ceiling being an ACC championship while we shoot for a NC. We haven't even hit their ceiling so I don't see why ogvd call him average.


That Elvis is real good outside, on the side,burns his opponents frequently... take that Ungar!

Posted by: DZ8 | July 25, 2010 at 01:15 PM

Ohhh! You cursed DZ8! Look what you've done! I'm melting! Melting! Oh, what a world! What a world! Who would have thought a bad little pun like that could destroy my wicked coolness! Ohhh! Look out! Look out! I'm going! Ohhhh – Ohhhhhhhhhh!

(You would think that a wicked witch would have said a few curse words on her way out.)


Streeter has said he's coming to play in 2010... AJ needs to get off his fat azz and get real or get passed up.

Posted by: Cat 5 Cane | July 26, 2010 at 05:35 AM

Now that was uncalled for.

87' canes




Florida tight end Nick O'Leary just got done showing off his elite receiving skills at the Gridiron Kings event in Orlando, where he won offensive MVP.

He's favoring in-state schools Florida State and Miami and considering Alabama and Georgia...but which will he choose?

The Hurricanes are putting together a solid wide receiver recruiting class to complement passer Teddy "Heisman" Bridgewater...but Florida State is putting muscle into its offensive recruiting after a dominant defensive year.

I'd put the battle between the Noles and Canes at 40/40, with Alabama holding a decent shot at scoring the upset.


"This is 64 of the best players in the country, all in one location," said Greg Biggins, ESPN RISE Director of Player Personnel. "This is huge. Typically, with the all-star games like Under Armour and the U.S. Army All-American Game, you have the top guys split up. All the talent is here this weekend. This is the best of best. There will be some amazing athletes out there."

The players will be coached by former NFL and CFL players Jeff Blake (QB), Stacie Bailey (WR), Terrence Mathis (WR), Lamar Thomas (WR), Natrone Means (RB), Adrian Murrell (RB), Chris Gizzi (LB), Lonnie Marts (LB), Hardy Nickerson (LB), Louis Oliver (DB), and Michael Fletcher (DB).

ESPNU 150 members
James Wilder, LB Plant -- Tampa, Fla. No. 8 Southeast
Tony Steward, LB Pedro Menendez -- St. Augustine, Fla. No. 10 Southeast
Quandre Diggs, S Angleton -- Angleton, Texas No. 17 Southwest
Karlos Williams, DB Ridge Community -- Davenport, Fla. No. 21 Southeast
Nick O'Leary, TE William T. Dwyer -- Palm Beach Gardens, Fla. No. 22 Southeast
Ha'Sean Clinton-Dix, ATH Dr. Phillips -- Orlando, Fla. No. 26 Southeast
Savon Huggins, RB St. Peter's Prep -- Jersey City, N.J. No. 31 Midwest
Devon Blackmon, WR Summit -- Fontana, Calif. No. 38 West
Curtis Grant, LB Hermitage -- Richmond, Va. No. 44 Midwest
Tacoi Sumler, WR Columbus -- Miami, Fla. No. 47 Southeast
DeAnthony Arnett, WR Saginaw -- Saginaw, Mich. No. 53 Midwest
Victor Blackwell, WR Marter Dei -- Santa Ana, Calif. No. 56 West
Nick Waisome, DB South Lake -- Groveland, Fla. No. 64 Southeast
Doran Grant, DB St.Vincents-St. Mary's -- Akron, Ohio No. 67 Midwest
Jarvis Landry, WR Lutcher -- Lutcher. La. No. 68 Southwest
Kasen Williams, WR Skyline -- Sammamish, Wash. No. 62 West
Josh Turner, CB Millwood -- Oklahoma City, Okla. No. 87 Southwest
Austin Seferian-Jenkins, TE Gig Harbor -- Gig Harbor, Wash. No. 88 West
Demetrious Nicholson, DB Bayside -- Virginia Beach, Va. No. 91 Midwest
Herschel Sims, RB Abilene  Abilene, Texas No. 100 Southwest
Clifton Richardson, RB Menchville -- Newport News, Va. No. 105 Midwest
Sheroid Evans, S Dulles -- Sugarland, Texas No. 120 Southwest
Rashad Greene, WR St. Thomas Aquinas -- Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. No. 123 Southeast
Christian Conley, WR North Paulding -- Dallas, Ga. No. 134 Southeast
Anthony Wallace, LB Dallas, Texas 141 Southwest

Sarasota 'cane



dz has is right in my opinion,
Beamer isn't a big game coach but he is way better than average.
He isn't my favorite coach but I think he is a lot like Randy in caring about his kids.

Think about the places he recruits and what a laughingstock the Hokies were before he got them turned around.


AJ needs to get off his fat azz and get real or get passed up.

or he could just quit like Arthur Brown


Put Beamer in place of Coker in 2001, and we win three titles and keep in the ACC hunt.

Look at it this way:

In terms of team weaknesses:

Are his teams unprepeared? No.
Are his teams caught off guard? No.
Are his teams wasting their talent? No.

In terms of team strengths:

Are other teams nervous to play them? Yes.
Does he hide his team weaknesses well? Yes.
Do teams have to make special plans that week? Yes.
Are his assistants loyal to him? Yes.

They guy has less talent to choose from than Miami pulls in, yet he can use a little cold rain to make matchup differences against us that lead to blowouts.
2009 lost by 10 to Alabama, by 5 to GT, and by 3 to UNC.
2008 surprise loss to ECU (who turned out to be pretty good) by 5, at BC by 5, at FSU by 10, and to Miami by 2. ACC Champs.
2007 blowout loss to #2 LSU 48-7, to BC by 4, and to Kansas by 3. ACC Champs.

1 blowout loss in thess years, against a BCS title caliber opponent.

2003 8
2004 10
2005 11
2006 10
2007 11
2008 10
2009 10

70 wins in 7 years with 3 star talent. 6 years straight of 10 win seasons. Miami has only done that once, with 8 years straight in 1985 to 1992. Who else has that long of a current 10 wins streak? Not Florida, LSU, Alabama, USC, or even Boise State. Texas has nine straight 10+ seasons preceeded by three straight 9 win seasons. That is rare air indeed.

Now I gotta go wash my eyes and fingers off, this praise of Beamer has made me feel dirty.


for Canez1

man robs bank in clown pants and fake breasts


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