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July 25, 2010



That's just wrong. His parents were probably high when they thought of his name.

"We'll call him Richard. It'll be our little inside joke." [puff] [puff] [pass]


He was also married, her name was also on their sign

Not sure about kids

If he did have kids I cant imagine the heck they had to deal with

Plenty of giggles had to be going on behind the wifes back


NOOOOOO! Too many puns available, brain is overloading.....



Your guest bedroom (BR) must get alot of action.

Is this your picture?


I better stop, we saw what happened to Kelly Green....


Went to junior high school with Buster Hyman (no joke), and never knew what the joke was until much later. I was always too polite to ask.....

Who names their kid Buster when your last name is Hyman?


Plenty of giggles had to be going on behind the wifes back

Posted by: Sebastian57 | July 27, 2010 at 11:50 AM

If she took his last name, she is getting plenty of giggles on her own.

"Hi I am here for the interview"
"Name please"
"Lucy Swallows"
"(snort) No, really, what is your name maam."

Good thing my last name is normal.

Of course, my daughter Abby isn't happy, but the rest of us are Normal.

VA Cane

Some birds talk too much... some guy walking around with orange and green in the vein....and I guess the syringe lodged in his brain....or mouth....brain is empty and mouth open being circled by flies due to the excess of dung coming out of it.

Let me tell you a thing or two about Coach Frank Beamer. I played for him in high school in the 70s after he graduated from VT. We won 33 in a row and 2 state titles in VA. He sent many players onto successful college football,academic and coaching careers.

I just came from a weekend memorial concert for former HS and college teammate David Dehart. He was a great linebacker 2 years ahead of me in HS and college football. We played for Coach in HS. David passed away from cancer in January. Coach was at the funeral. He also found time to speak of DD at this concert held to raise $ for a student from our HS to attend college. DD was a good man....and we all learned to be good solid community people from one Frank Beamer. Coach will always be Coach to me.

You must be a person of poor character and little intelligence to make fun of a man who has a physical scar from a tragic accident at a young age;you have offended me. Coach has taken a program that was average at best and reached new heights of success. No he has not won a NC, and no he is not God incarnate...then again, I doubt you are either friend. He is a man who cares for his players, and tries to teach them lessons that can be applied to life, not just sports. Several of the wise posters on hers noted his successes as a coach and against UM. Thank you for your knowledge and recognition of a successful coach. I have followed UM loyally since the mid 70s; they are my guys. That being said, I have a great respect for Coach Beamer. He taught me things I have used in 30 years of coaching at a consistently high level of success. I doubt it would have happened without him. So before you open your mouth to talk about a man you do not know, and insult him, you need to think about who might read it and take it personal. I hope the municipality you live in has empathy and compassion for the the human race and has permanently sterilized you so you cannot reproduce any more ignorant beings who speak before they think. I would watch my big mouth if I were you....so pick a better way of addressing this man besides Scarface....try Coach Beamer.


Christ Barnett is the TE


Chris Coghlan tears his meniscus in his left knee, by jumping up & trying to shove a shaving cream pie in Wes Helms face

I thought it was bad when one of the Flying Gramaticas tore his ACL after jumping up and celebrating a field goal

Or when Gus Ferrotte runs and head butts the wall in the endzone, after running for a TD, and jacking up his neck pretty bad

I also remember (former Marlin) Ryan Dempster with the Cubs, wanting to go celebrate with his team after a win, he tried to jump the railing of the dugout, his foot got caught, and he broke his toe - making him go onto the DL

And of course, everyone remembers when Ted Ginn Jr. ran back the opening kickoff of the national championship for a TD against the Crocs - and then had his foot twisted up in the celebration in the end zone

I think Ginn Jr. injures himself lifting his spoon of cereal in the morning to his mouth .... what a waste of a 1st Round pick


I think Ginn Jr. injures himself lifting his spoon of cereal in the morning to his mouth .... what a waste of a 1st Round pick

Posted by: Six | July 27, 2010 at 12:44 PM



Updated heights and weights on the true freshmen

Jermaine Barton: 6-7, 288

Jeffrey Brown: 6-3, 275

Malcolm Bunche: 6-7, 328

Eduardo Clements: 5-9, 190

Asante Cleveland: 6-5, 245

Tyrone Cornileus: 6-2, 195

Devont'a Davis: 6-1, 175

Johnathan Feliciano: 6-5, 330

Chase Ford: 6-6, 245

James Gaines: 6-3, 205

Maurice Hagens: 5-11, 232

Darion Hall: 5-11, 190

Allen Hurns: 6-3, 180

Brandon Linder: 6-6, 300

Shane McDermott: 6-3, 275

Lamar Miller: 5-11, 205

Stephen Morris: 6-2, 183

Kevin Nelson: 6-0, 213

Kion Payne: 5-10, 177

Kacy Rodgers: 6-2, 195

Andrew Tallman: 6-5, 245

Clive Walford: 6-5, 235

Travis Williams: 6-3, 202



The Marlins are on a nice little run

This injury was a killer

I was nervous as heck watching the Rays jump around after the Goatees no-no last night


Canez1, where is Henderson on that list?

Darion Hall: 5-11, 190

Allen Hurns: 6-3, 180

I am starting to wonder....


VA Cane, wishing sterilization on someone? Ouch.

I understand you are upset, but there are two things you don't mess with, and that is both of them. 8-)


All these no-nos, is it the umps, the pitchers, or the loss of steroids?

I gotta go with the umps. I saw a few bad calls go against the Marlins in their no-no, and I guess no ump wants to make that call that leads to the no-no getting broken up.

These pitchers are good, but so many no hitters in one season, it gets suspicious.

And the steroids are gone for both hitters and pitchers, so I doubt that is the cause.


Hagens is every bit of 232

At least the last time I saw him here in the 727/813


Im going with the hitters

Alot of hitters think they are power guys and swing at way to many bad pitches just looking for the long ball


But when you are facing a no-hitter, don't they swing for contact, just to get out of the 0 column?

VA Cane

Thanks Ungar,

I had written a very nasty reply, but I thought before I clicked send...you know ol Soup would have had to intervene..A mans opinion on a guy as a coach is fine, whether it is good or bad. Coach has done a great job, really put VT on the map. He is not Bear, JoPa, Switzer, Dr Tom, HS or JJ...but if you really follow the sport, it is amazing how well respected he is. He was great to play for in HS, taught me so much about winning...in all things. He is a good coach, a good man and there is no need to insult him by making fun of him like that. Thanks for the humor though...I'm over it now.
Miami Mike, I will be going to the website and give something...as an appraiser, my work is very slow, but starting my 32nd year coaching next week, I know how it is. I will contribute and try to get some of my guys to help a wonderful cause!! That young man of yours looks like a serious player, glad I'm not playing anymore, he would crush me!!! Good Luck my friend, will get some $ down there tonight!!


Speaking of Chris Coghlan, does him winning the ROY last year hurt Gaby Sanchez's chances?

He is the only NL rookie hitting over .300, has a .990 FP playing first, with 7 errors while playing first.

Heyward has a .276 BA, .972 FP, and 4 errors in right field.

But perhaps the voters won't want to give the Marlins two ROYs unless they stand out.


Not the hitters of today dont

Just look at how many hitters come to the plate after a pitcher has walked 2 straight hitters and then go hacking at the 1st pitch when they get to the plate

Or when a pitcher has thrown 2 or 3 pitches to get 2 outs and what does the 3rd batter do but cut away at the next pitch.

In todays game theres not many contact hitters



Shannon would not discuss newest recruit Seantrel Henderson, an offensive lineman and the nation's top-rated player, expected to report to fall camp.

Read more: http://www.miamiherald.com/2010/07/27/1747869/a-little-help-from-my-friends.html#ixzz0urLgu3xF
Posted by: zarokon | July 27, 2010 at 01:59 AM

This probably means SH still needs to get his LOI in. Coaches are not allowed to publicly talk about recruits until the LOI is in.



For anyone that needs the link again... www.centralvacuumplanet.com/sdms.htm hope im not being a pain in the azz but keep posting...but these kids really need help..thanks again for all who already donated.


Me and the wife will be sending something

It will be this evening


Cali- from what I understand, the LOI process ended April 1. SH can't sign a LOI even if he (and UM) wanted to. But, it doesn't mean he can't show up and won't get a scholarship. Technically it does mean he can go to school wherever he wants, but practically speaking, nobody else is recruiting him at this point. As for why Shannon isn't talking about him, maybe there's a rule that says he can't until he shows up for class? I don't know if that's the rule or not, but if it isn't, it's very strange.


Whats going to hurt Gabby is the hype that was/is around Heyward


Posted by: Cat 5 Cane | July 26, 2010 at 11:04 PM

Hang in there, I think he was joking with U.


UMike I put something in the mail today,you should have it by thrusday or friday.


Some sad news

The "Assassin" has passed away at age 61



I think the its a little combo of both, about 25/75, with it leaning more towards the pitchers just being better ... esp. since a lot of players don't think their high OBP is sexy

What's happening now in MLB hasn't happened in about 20 years. 23 MLB starting pitchers with at least 10 appearances have an ERA of 3.00 or lower ..... there were only 12 MLB starting pitchers in 1998 with that

The last time both the NL and AL had ERAs averaging below 3.00, was in the late 1960's

Strikeouts this year are on an insane pace. The HR totals are down

Also, think about the caliber of young pitchers out there right now. Stephen Strasburg, Ubaldo Jimenez, Josh Johnson, Clay Buchholz, Phil Hughes, Clayton Kershaw, Mat Latos, Mike Pelfrey, Mike Leake, Tim Lincecum, David Price, etc.

16 of those starting pitchers that have sub 3.00 ERA, are under the age of 30

If you watched the All-Star game this year, it had some of the filthiest pitchers that I can remember being out there during that game

There was the dead ball era. Then the live ball era, where players got bigger and the ball was wound differently, felt almost like a super ball you'd buy at Dollar General that could bounce 20 feet in the air - it also helped the hitters when teams were brought into MLB by expansion. You'd have a bunch of pitchers that shouldn't be starters out there

I think it's a better understanding of how to teach a pitcher from a younger age, both mentally and physically as well. There were techniques when I was in high school being taught to us that were revolutionary, and that was 20 years ago. I remember our coach having us throw hockey pucks, just to get our grip correct. You know how dangerous it is to have a bunch of wound up teenagers throwing hockey pucks at each other, one trying to throw harder than the other - and when that happens, the correct motion/grip usually goes out the door and the person standing next to you all the sudden is ducking for his life?

There's also more loot being spent in the minor leagues for training

And also don't forget just how much time some of these pitchers spend analyzing hitters through their team videos. You should see just how much tape the Rays have for their pitchers and also hitters to watch

In an instance between a pitcher and a hitter watching film, I'm taking the pitcher 99% of the time. Why? B/c the hitter still has to have the hand-eye coordination to first hit the ball wherever the pitcher throws it, and trying to put it in a spot where a defensive player ISN'T

Ya, you may know that a cutter from Mariano Rivera might be coming on a certain count - but even though everyone knows that, you still have to be able to hit it. Same with someone like Strasburg or Price ... you know they can bring the 98 mph heat, you still have to catch up to it - along with trying to determine on a certain count if he's going to drop a 90 mph slider or 88 mph change up on you as well


VA Cane you're a good guy but I think need to rethink your responses to the attacks on Beamer. OGV is a good guy but I challenged him when he called the VT program "average". Many reasons VT isn't average and it starts with Beamer. I posted some reasons a few days ago and asked you to add to it. #1 to me is Beamers loyalty to his assistants. He wouldn't sign his last extension until his assistants were compensated and signed theirs first. I thought that was awesome.

My main point is that this is a Hurricane website and a lot of Canes fans don't know anything about Beamer except that he beats us on a pretty consistent basis and has some facial scarring. Those attacks are throw away shots at the image he is, not the man he is. I don't think you should dignify those comments with a response because I think your a good poster who is well thought out and brings a lot to the blog. Someone calls Beamer a name so you call that someone a name? We really don't get anywhere.

Once again, I respect U and OGV. It's a free blog and country. Do what you want how you want.



Bottom line
Miami could very well close with an unbelievable class. The key will certainly be how the Hurricanes play this fall. There is plenty of talent on the roster, but the schedule is brutal, including a three-game stretch of road games at Ohio State, Pitt and Clemson. A good season and Miami will reap the benefits on the recruiting trail. An underwhelming season where Shannon gets placed back on the hot seat (considering he just signed an extension, it would take a total collapse for him to be fired) and all bets are off.


OGV is a knowledgeable guy and has posted some excellent articles on Canespace since day one.
He has the same sarcastic wit that it seems the majority of us display on here.
He speaks his mind and lets his opinion be known.
He can dish it out but he is also one of the few that can take it.

I replied to OGV's comment with quite a few statistics that confirmed coach Beamer is capable of beating the Miami Hurricanes more often than he losses to them.

VA Cane is also a knowledgeable guy and a well respected blogger here.
I admire that he stuck up for his high school coach imediatly.

Cat 5 has been a regular forever.
He posts a lot of great links and picks up a lot of good Cane info.
It's unfortunate he chose to leave.
I hope it it's just to chill for a few days.

The point is a lot of real good people gather here and from time to time people's toes are going to get stepped on.

Best advice I can give you is wear thick socks.


Best advice I can give you is wear thick socks.

Posted by: solarcane | July 27, 2010 at 03:11 PM

But it's REEEEAAAALLLLYYYY hot down here in the 305. Should I still go out and buy some wigwams?

: )



Posted by: Ungar | July 27, 2010 at 10:15 AM

Thanks for the link Ungar. Pretty good article. GO CANES!!!


"it also helped the hitters when teams were brought into MLB by expansion. You'd have a bunch of pitchers that shouldn't be starters out there."

Six, GREAT point that I honestly had forgotten. We have finally gotten over the hump of the "expansion generation". I know 97-98 seems like a long time ago, but in terms of player development, you had teams that had to start from scratch and others that lost 20% of their pitching staff to the four exansion teams. Career minor leaguers were suddenly starting for teams and hung around.

Or many this is just a one year blip, and next year the hitters will go back to being dominant....

Cat 5 Cane


Sorry,... I was so pissed that I didn't take the time to say, thank you properly... for the effort... That was really great of you to do.

When posting the note to you on Sunday, it never occurred to me that you would not read it and understand the need to switch our plans!!! and I guess that's my bad to have not followed up to make sure you did... ??? I don't know, but I'm very glad the effort wasn't waisted and 360 now gets the prize... Lucky guy!!! as Helene really wanted to see the game and I had every intention to make that happen for her.

OK, I said what needed to be said... Thanks.

before leaving the space, I want to clear the air...

Soup... Your support of always offering tickets to me was a very nice jester and I want to thank you... thank you straight-up and to say, it's a damn shame that I could attend most of those offerings...

That said... thanks anyway!

Nuf said...


Best advice I can give you is wear thick socks.

Posted by: solarcane | July 27, 2010 at 03:11 PM

Ha! I will see your thick socks and raise you some steel-toed boots!

"What do you think the teacher is gonna look like this year?"


Posted by: j.w. | July 27, 2010 at 02:08 PM

Good point JW... maybe there's a similar rule that says you can't talk about a player until he starts classes or something (similar to the LOI rule). Either way we'll know what the deal is in a week as SH is supposed to start classes on Aug 3rd or 4th.

BTW, check out the size of SH's hands!!!


This kid could probably pop a football with those hands without even straining himself!


VA Cane

Thanks for the support guys....I just have a lot of respect for coach, and he was in a tragic accident when young...but I get points well taken OGITV is a good poster....I just did not like the Scarface quipp.....do not have to like the man. I feel he has done really well with the program....they are very good, but not what I consider a player in the stakes for it all every year...and we are not anymore...but that is changing soon. Anyway, points well taken from a good buncha Canes...just bristled me a bit, and I am over it. Thanks guys!!


Sebastian and DZ8...thank you very much!...404...I think Miami is going to have a great recruiting class...there is a buzz about The U and kids are loving us again

VA Cane

Thanks Solar,

just put my socks on!!! LOL VA Cane!!


It was my pleasure to help you out with those tickets

Im sorry you guys arent able to make the game

I must of missed a few pages because when I went back and read the posts I did see it.

Family always comes 1st and I understand that

Go Rays and Go Canes


Its our first game really only 35 days away? This month is gonna go by soooo slow!


Speaking of SH, Ohio State is confessing it committed several recruiting violations during its pursuit of the massive lineman:




College football live just reported OSU informed the ncaa about violations they made while recruiting SH..something about Pryor texting him


OSU admits it committed several **minor** violations, like having former players recruit for OSU and having Pryor text SH.

I have no idea what if any penalty OSU will receive or self-impose. Nothing major, I presume.

I'm also worried about the rule barring former players from recruiting for their schools, especially considering SH decided to visit Miami the same weekend a record-number of our alumni were playing in the pro bowl in the same city.

We'll see what happens.



SH Drama do we need that?


We already got it, we might as well win it.


Theres WAY to many rules..its amazing Shannon and Co manage to keep it clean

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