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July 30, 2010





Posted by: UpNorthCane | July 30, 2010 at 08:20 AM

CONGRATS UpNorthCane!!! If it's a boy he'll be a class of 2029 commit! lol GO CANES!!!


Who's in for the Pitt game?

I have a feeling it's going to be a wild one!

I am probably going to buy tix this weekend. Anyone know where the Canez sections will be?

I want to wrap this up soon.

Holla at ya boy.



Congrats UpNorthCane!

Canez1, not sure yet but I'll be surprised if I DON'T go to that one. Let me know where your sitting and as we get closer we'll meet up. Then I can tell you all about that one time SOUP was changing my posts to make it sound like I'm a Mariah Carey fan!


Posted by: CanesFanStuckInCali | July 30, 2010 at 08:02 AM

J12, very good comments to see.


DZ LMAO!! Soups a crafty dude!

There a few great bars around town so we are going to get there early and I think there is a ferry that takes you over to the stadium.

Should be a great time.

Did you get your tix yet?



Not yet. It's like a five hour drive for me. So the tentative plans are to drive up, watch the game, sleep, drive back the next day. I know Esteban and bg1906 were talking about it, and also PhillyCane?

Like I said I cant finalize it right now but should be soon, within a week. Let me know where you get seats.


Sounds good bro!

I think we are going to do the same thing. Juts bust out on Friday.

Gonna be a good one!



Let's hope it's only CANES hitting Broward County... (this looks like it could be one VERY ACTIVE hurricane season.)

I'm going to be in NYC for the U vs. Ohio State game. I was hoping to watch the game at the ESPN Zone in Time's Square on a 3-D big screen. BUT, I hear they've CLOSED.

What a bummer. I guess I have some major researching to do. Anyone know of anything up there, let me know...

Anyway, it'll be nice to start getting PRACTICE reports from Greentree soon.


Posted by: roachcane77 | July 30, 2010 at 10:00 AM

I hear Brother Jimmy's is the place to be in NYC for Canes football:

Brother Jimmy's
181 Lexington Ave, corner of 31st and Lexington Ave
New York, NY


francis w

Jimmy's in NY

BTW their phone # is 212-779-7424


Brother Jimmy's is a zoo!

I would not recommend that place to anyone.

Went once and will never go back.



Yup... definitely Brother Jimmy's!


I'll be in Minnesota for the game. :/ Not sure what I'm gonna do about the game, but I'll figure something out.

GO CANES!!!!!!


Cmon, they have televisions in Minnesota. It's not like they are Alaska or something like that....


I am still stunned that Storm Johnson is last in the poll. I understand Berry on top, but I would put Johnson ahead of Miller, Cooper, and maybe even with James.


He's going to redshirt unless there are injuries.


Who's in for the Pitt game?

I have a feeling it's going to be a wild one!

I am probably going to buy tix this weekend. Anyone know where the Canez sections will be?

I want to wrap this up soon.

Holla at ya boy.



Let me know what you find out. I am thinking about trying to get into the Pitt game also. Check back later!



Feldman reporting via twitter NCAA visiting Clemson.


Knox I will keep you updated.

You gotta make that trip. Gonna be a wild one!!



Feldman reporting via twitter NCAA visiting Clemson.

Posted by: ftmcane | July 30, 2010 at 12:14 PM

There are a couple of incidents and recruiting situations that have caused me to raise an eyebrow w/respect to Clemson. Not accusing them of anything, and this may be totally unrelated, but just some curious issues.


Roach, def don't want to go to brother jimmy's to watch the game if your serious about watching it. I used to live in NYC and went there a couple times and can tell you that Canes section of the bar has seating for alumni and NYC Canes club memebers only and no sound.



Hotel for 9/2 game? I know a while back you had 2 options for hotels, please post info again! Thanks!!!

carolina cane

It looks like The "U" once again is going to miss out on alot of top players in the state. Reading about the Gridiron Kings camp on Rivals and their recruitng thoughts, it looks like Steward, O'leary, Lyons, Waisome, Benjamin, Newberry and Jernigan, Magget, plus Wilder don't have to much interest in Miami. Most have all talked of Fla, and FSU as being there most likely destination. I realize we have limited schollies this year but we need to be 4 star loaded this year, with it being a small class. I know Shannon is a good recruiter but it seems he's starting to get Like Coker and scanning the globe for players and forgetting the livestock we have here in-state. Anyone have any insight on what we may or may not get?



I grabbed the tix today. Thanks again!



carolina cane

To put it simply, don't worry about it. Wilder we probablly won't even offer. With only so many schollies, we'll get the people we want and need but there are only so many spots. Of course, the remainder have to go somewhere, don't they.

And not that it means anything now, but preliminary reviews of our current projected class has it ranked very highly. Don't know what else you would want.


So far we have six commits, 2 are from Miami NW and 1 is from St. Thomas Aquina... the other two are from Fla. and the one (Mass) out-of-state is a stud who bleeds orange and green and has since he was a kid.

Question gameday plans, clock mgt. etc... about Randy, but recruiting? Randy's got this;)

Aces & Canes

So who's making the trip to clemson this year?
Don't have to go far myself since I live here.


Stanley chooses Florida St.

By Joe Schad

Having been released from his letter of intent by USC this week, linebacker Glen Stanley announced Friday that he will head to Florida State.

"My heart is at Florida State," Stanley said. "I have a great connection with all the coaches. It was tough to leave USC because I liked the coaching staff but I want to play for a championship and play in a bowl game."

Stanley said he also considered Miami, South Florida, Kansas State, Texas Tech and Baylor.

Stanley is 6-foot-2, 245 pounds and played last season at Eastern Arizona Junior College. He has two seasons of eligibility left including this season.

Joe Schad covers college football for ESPN.


Stanley is obviously talented, but isn't this the third D1A school he has either attended or committed to? Strange. I think his leaving might be a blessing in discuigse to USC.
Carolina- I am far from an insider, but those who are really like how our 2011 recruting class is shaping up. And that includes a lot who were disappointed with this past class.


Michael Irvin interviews Randy Shannon:



DZ8..I got your check today..thank you very very much and for the kind letter and movie suggestions..will definitly check those out and relay them to my church family as well.

if anyone else still wishes to donate a lil somethin something to my sons football team, they can still use the help. I have to turn in all the donations next week. Follow the linkw below and you can donate with your credit card, 100% safe and only takes a couple mins..Thers $5 options and up..so you dont have to give a lot.

Yesterday was the first day in full pads, and from speak to a kid I know from my church who is a grade higher than my son, my son "did good out there..and can take a hit" lol

Thanks again for all that have already donated, it helps A LOT!



Not really a blessing...

"With Stanley's departure, the Trojans will have only one incoming player at the linebacker spot, Crenshaw High School product Hayes Pullard.

Pullard could redshirt, which would leave USC with seven scholarship players -- and only five lettermen -- for the three spots, an unusually low amount."

Looks like they are going to be a little thin at LB.


He's going to redshirt unless there are injuries.

Posted by: DZ8 | July 30, 2010 at 11:15 AM

Understood. But my point is, that if Berry goes down early, I can see Storm Johnson getting more yards than Miller and Cooper and James. It was a minor point, I voted for Berry, but figured he didn't belong in last place. No biggie.



Not including incoming players I think we only have 7 scholarship LBs as well, and our depth is on the way up!

1. CMac
2. KRob
3. Spence
4. Futch
5. Cookie
6. Holton
7. Shayon Green
The rest are incoming freshmen. Puts some perspective of were our depth was just recently.


I hear you Ungar. We have a few RBs who might not play much, or might break out for over 1000 yards. Depth is there at RB spot.


My pleasure UMike. Keep us posted on how your son does (and #8).


Updated Roster with new #'s

No.; Name; Position; Ht./Wt.; Yr.

1; Harris, Brandon; Defensive Back; 5-11/195; JR

2; Cooper, Graig; Running Back; 6-0/205; SR

3; Benjamin, Travis; Wide Receiver; 5-10/176; JR

4; Johnson, Aldarius; Wide Receiver; 6-3/200; JR

5; James, Mike; Running Back; 5-11/217; SO

6; Miller, Lamar; Running Back; 5-11/210; RS FR

7; Telemaque, Vaughn; Defensive Back; 6-2/207; SO

8; Van Dyke, DeMarcus; Defensive Back; 6-1/185; SR

9; Ford, Chase; Tight End; 6-6/245; JR

11; Highsmith, Alonzo; Quarterback; 6-0/195; SO

12; Harris, Jacory; Quarterback; 6-4/200; JR

13; Hill, Ryan; Defensive Back; 6-0/205; SR

15; Reid, Jamal; Defensive Back; 6-1/190; RS FR

16; Whipple, Spencer; Quarterback; 6-2/210; JR

17; Morris, Stephen; Quarterback; 6-2/183; FR

18; Davis, Devont'a; Defensive Back; 6-1/175; FR

19; Hall, Darion; Running Back; 5-11/190; FR

20; Berry, Damien; Running Back; 6-0/215; SR

21; McGee, Brandon; Defensive Back; 6-0/180; SO

22; Rodgers, Kacy; Defensive Back; 6-2/195; FR

23; Clements, Eduardo; Running Back; 5-9/190; FR

24; Johnson, Storm; Running Back; 6-0/218; FR

25; Bosher, Matt; Placekicker/Punter; 6-0/205; SR

26; Armstrong, Ray-Ray; Defensive Back; 6-4/220; SO

27; Payne, Keion; Defensive Back; 5-10/177; FR

28; Collier, Thearon; Wide Receiver; 5-9/191; JR

29; Nicolas, JoJo; Defensive Back; 6-1/205; JR

30; Hill, Patrick; Fullback; 5-9/255; SR

31; Spence, Sean; Linebacker; 6-0/220; JR

32; Chambers, Lee; Running Back; 5-10/195; JR

33; Hagens, Maurice; Running Back; 5-11/232; FR

34; Holton, C.J.; Linebacker; 6-1/230; SO

35; Vernon, Olivier; Defensive Line; 6-4/250; SO

36; Robinson, Kylan; Linebacker; 6-1/235; SR

37; Campbell, Jared; Defensive Back; 6-0/205; SR

38; Nelms, Cory; Defensive Back; 6-0/195; SR

39; Cornileus, Tyrone; Linebacker; 6-2/195; FR

40; Wieclaw, Jake; Kicker; 6-2/200; SO

41; Williams, Travis; Linebacker; 6-3/202; FR

43; Calhoun, John; Fullback; 6-3/255; JR

44; McCarthy, Colin; Linebacker; 6-2/240; SR

45; Buchanan, Ramon; Linebacker; 6-1/220; JR

46; Walford, Clive; Tight End; 6-4/235; FR

47; Byrd, LaRon; Wide Receiver; 6-4/215; JR

48; Smith, Andrew; Defensive Line; 6-3/245; JR

49; Dye, Dyron; Defensive Line; 6-5/255; RS FR

51; Green, Shayon; Linebacker; 6-3/230; RS FR

52; Nelson, Kevin; Gainesville, Fla.; 6-0/213; FR

53; Paalua, Levi; Defensive Line; 6-2/225; SO

54; Regis, Micanor; Defensive Line; 6-3/305; JR

55; Jones, Ben; Offensive Line; 6-5/300; SO

56; Robinson, Marcus; Defensive Line; 6-1/240; JR

57; Bailey, Allen; Defensive Line; 6-4/285; SR

58; Futch, Jordan; Linebacker; 6-3/240; JR

59; Gaines, James; Linebacker; 6-3/205; FR

60; Ivory, Chris; Long Snapper; 6-2/228; JR

61; Figueroa, Joel; Offensive Line; 6-6/323; SR

62; McDermott, Shane; Offensive Line; 6-4/280; FR

63; Horn, Tyler; Offensive Line; 6-4/295; JR

65; Linder, Brandon; Offensive Line; 6-6/300; FR

66; Gunn, Harland; Offensive Line; 6-2/315; JR

69; Goldstein, Sean; Linebacker; 6-0/225; SO

70; Feliciano, Jonathan; Offensive Line; 6-5/330; FR

71; White, Cory; Offensive Line; 6-6/270; RS FR

72; Washington, Brandon; Offensive Line; 6-4/330; SO

73; Barton, Jermaine; Offensive Line; 6-7/283; FR

74; Franklin, Orlando; Offensive Line; 6-7/312; SR

75; Wheeler, Jared; Offensive Line; 6-5/315; RS FR

77; Plein, Stephen; Offensive Line; 6-6/260; RS FR

78; Johnson, Jermaine; Offensive Line; 6-6/330; RS FR

79; Bunche, Malcolm; Offensive Line; 6-7/328; FR

80; Hurns, Allen; Wide Receiver; 6-3/180; FR

81; Johnson, Davon; Wide Receiver; 6-0/185; SO

82; Cleveland, Asante; Tight End; 6-5/245; FR

83; Thompkins, Kendal; Wide Receiver; 5-10/182; SO

84; Gordon, Richard; Tight End; 6-4/265; SR

85; Hankerson, Leonard; Wide Receiver; 6-3/205; SR

86; Streeter, Tommy; Wide Receiver; 6-5/210; SO

87; Tallman, Andrew; Tight End; 6-5/245; FR

88; Sanders, Billy; Tight End; 6-4/248; RS FR

90; Wesley, Steven; Defensive Line; 6-2/250; SR

91; Brown, Jeffrey; Defensive Line; 6-3/275; FR

92; Holmes, Josh; Defensive Line; 6-0/280; SR

93; Robinson, Luther; Defensive Line; 6-3/295; RS FR

95; Hardin, Gavin; Defensive Line; 6-4/245; SO

96; Porter, Curtis; Defensive Line; 6-1/315; SO

97; Ojomo, Adewale; Defensive Line; 6-4/260; JR

98; Lewis, Jeremy; Defensive Line; 6-4/310; JR

99; Forston, Marcus; Defensive Line; 6-3/305; SO


Lichter, Erik; Linebacker; 5-11/205; SO; Coconut Grove, Fla./Gulliver Prep

Lopez, Eduardo; Offensive Line; 6-0/315; FR; Miami, Fla./Southwest Miami

Gholston, Nathan; Defensive Back; 5-7/180; SO; Westland, Mich./Plymouth

Bruneau, Ben; Wide Reciever; 6-2/210; SO; Opa-Locka, Fla./Monsignor Pace

Thompson, David; Fullback; 5-10/250; RS FR; Miami, Fla./Coral Reef



DZ8..email me sometime at mike@centralvacuumplanet.com would like to share some things with you


So who's making the trip to clemson this year?
Don't have to go far myself since I live here.

Posted by: Aces & Canes


What up Aces? I was born in Greenwood and grew up in Anderson. Graduated Westside High School when Shaun Ellis was a beast there. I bleed Orange and Green but if like to see any other team win, it's tha Tigers. I've been to a few games, especially the early Bowden Bowls back in the day.




I was more looking toward their future. They only have one coming in this year, and who knows about the next few years with the troubles they're going through right now.

And we know how our LB play was during the season...cover the TE please!


C1 your doing some serious recruiting for the pitt game, i likey. Keep me posted on where the canes section is at. Love the idea of taking the ferry over to the stadium.

DZ8 im def going.

Hershey my man, you better come now that your in PA.. if you want we can meet up and follow eachother down.


I love it...

The Boss says, but not word for word...

"One day in the weight room or outside, I'll see J12 with the OL."

"2 days later I'll see J12 with the DL."

"2 days after that, I'll see J12 kicking field goals with Bosher."

"He's that type of guy that wants to always be with his teammates."

Just lead the way J12. We'll be following.



I was at Brother Jimmys last year for the Clemson game and did not enjoy it. Yes its all canes fans, but like C1 said its a zoo. Would not go back. And it had nothing to do with them losing. Id rather watch in a home or apt or less crowded sports bar. I mean u literally couldnt move



I was commenting on the article you quoted... "which would leave USC with seven scholarship players -- and only five lettermen -- for the three spots, an unusually low amount."

We keep on taking safeties and making them linebackers... I'm sure part of the reason they're not safeties is coverage ability but c'mon now... COVER THE TE!


C1 your doing some serious recruiting for the pitt game, i likey. Keep me posted on where the canes section is at. Love the idea of taking the ferry over to the stadium.

DZ8 im def going.

Hershey my man, you better come now that your in PA.. if you want we can meet up and follow eachother down.

Posted by: PhillyCane


Unless you got some serious plans after the game, why not one of us drive and save on gas?

You already got your ticket? I would like to buy mine along with someone else.



Hmm... thanks for all of the info on NYC...

I'm thinking I might just find a Best Buy or some other electronics store and ask the salesman to show me their best 3D TVs... and tell him I need about a 3 hour "trial period" to know if I really like it or not.

Of course the "trial period" needs to start at say... 3:40pm on 9/11.


Hershey... Good idea, I can come pick u up and we can save on the gas. Im just riding with my girlfriend. I got my tix back in february, but I may sell mine to sit in the canes section, dont know if i can deal with anyone else besides our kin.



I grabbed the tix today. Thanks again!


Posted by: 360Cane | July 30, 2010 at 01:44 PM

No problem

Enjoy it

Im on my way to the game tonight

Go Rays!!!!


Philly no doubt.

We will tear it up over at station square then bust over to the game on the ferry.


I'm not foolin with parking and tailgating like that in a strange place. Not worth all the hassle.

I have learned my lesson.

I will be driving from CT about 7 hrs so I will definitely have a car or truck.

That station square joint has a ton of restaurants and bars right there so it's a perfect spot.

I am going to grab a room at the Sheraton right there so there will be no driving.



Roach LMAO!!!


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