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July 30, 2010



David Perry update
didn't report early because he was in Jamaica but is all set and will be reporting Aug. 4 per his coach



Cmon, they have televisions in Minnesota. It's not like they are Alaska or something like that....
Posted by: Ungar | July 30, 2010 at 11:09 AM

That might be true but for a game of this magnitude I was hoping to be around Canes fans. I wonder if there's a Minneapolis or Minnesota Canes Alumni group or something? Hmmm....


Posted by: carolina cane | July 30, 2010 at 01:43 PM

It's still very early in the process. We have a great year (2 losses or less) and some of those guys switch over to The U.



Posted by: CanesFanStuckInCali | Jul 30, 2010 6:21:25 PM

And even if they don't, we'll still have a great class. Like DZ8 said, Randy's got this!!!




It's all good just let me know, wifey staying home so it will be just me. Yeah, I would love to snatch some tickets in the CANE section!!

What can we do to get some tickets in the CANE section? You could easily sell your other tickets.




Recruiting info, sign up.


RoachCane - Brother Jimmy's sounds like it's a bad place. I had read that it was okay but if CaneSpacers are saying it sucks, then it must be true. (BTW someone should really tell Jonathan Vilma that his restaurant is getting bashed by his biggest fans!)

I wouldn't worry though. You might not be able to watch it in 3D, but you won't have any trouble finding a great sports bar in NYC to enjoy the game.



I wonder if Best Buy will let me bring in a 6-pack for my "preview" of their best 3D systems?

(Gotta experience it under real world conditions you know... )


Then I can tell you all about that one time SOUP was making fun of me because I'm such a HUGE Mariah Carey fan!

Posted by: DZ8 | July 30, 2010 at 09:36 AM

Really DZ8? REALLY?


There are a couple of incidents and recruiting situations that have caused me to raise an eyebrow w/respect to Clemson. Not accusing them of anything, and this may be totally unrelated, but just some curious issues.

Posted by: CanesCanesCanes | July 30, 2010 at 12:35 PM

Uh, Huh. ;-)


So who's making the trip to clemson this year?
Don't have to go far myself since I live here.

Posted by: Aces & Canes | July 30, 2010 at 01:53 PM

Aces...me, Solar, Ocala and Old Skool are going. U need tickets? U wanna go white water rafting?



I found 3 tickets at Section 106, Row F, Seats 8-10. $140 Each. It's not visitors section but it's close. What do you think?

Are you planning on staying overnight?

Here is the seating:


Hotel for 9/2 game? I know a while back you had 2 options for hotels, please post info again! Thanks!!!

Posted by: 404 | July 30, 2010 at 01:16 PM

Hampton Inn $89. Canespace Review: THE original Canespace hotel. Awesome rooms, great pool/patio area; if taking the wife very upscale and within walking distance to Broward Mall; free hotel van transpo to several nearby restaurants. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!


La Quinta Inn $69.

Canespace Review: 1/4 mile from Hampton with walking access to several restaurants like Chilis, Smokey Bones and Sports Bar. Nice large clean rooms; spacious lobby with free breakfast, great pool, jacuzzi, patio. I have stayed here before several times on business. RECOMMENDED!

La Quinta Inn & Suites
Ft. Lauderdale Plantation
8101 Peters Rd.
Plantation, FL 33324
Phone: 1-954-476-6047

La Quinta Inn $59. Literally next door to The Hampton. Never stayed here. But if U are on a budget and on your own, it's worth a shot at least once to check it out. U are on your own here.

La Quinta Inn & Suites
Plantation at SW 6th St
7901 Southwest 6th Street
Plantation, FL 33324
Phone: 1-954-473-8257


How funny is that? I can watch the FAMU game on ESPN3 (If they air it) @ 1080P, but all football games on any other channel are 720P or 1080i. For those of you that have a 1080P HDTV and doin't realize it, the only time you see your HDTV @ 1080P is PS3, Xbox360 and some on demand. There is not a single provider that broadcast @ 1080P yet....



Posted by: 86Cane | July 30, 2010 at 07:18 PM

Gotcha thanks! And I've saved it this time.


Canez1: finally got our tix for OSU, lower end zone, really expensive, they better show up like we are!!!
Go Canes!


looking forward to meeting you at the Clemson game.
If you want to go whitewater rafting on Sunday Oct 3 after the game let me know.

I need to have everybody accounted for and paid in by Sept 3


Amazing how good the Canes looked from 83 to 2002 on regular color television.

Who knew you had to watch them on a billboard size screen in high definition or they just wasn't worth watching?

Even more amazing was how many great players were recruited from the 80s without the recruiters ever hearing of Rivals.



Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Delusions Of Grandeur: Miami Hurricanes Fans Expecting to Rout Our Ohio State Buckeyes?

As laughable as that sentiment seems, at least to most astute college football fans, it is apparently true....

Hotnuke and Sanford Lazarf are the most outspoken UM flag-bearers with that opinion thus far, but I'm sure there are plenty others of their ilk just waiting to jump on the Miami "in a rout" bandwagon.

Don't be surprised when they disappear and jump back off that same bandwagon sometime around 7PM on September 11.

I guess they forgot where all the talk and chest-thumping got them back in 2002....

Well, here's a friendly reminder for them. No need to thank me Canes fans!

But let's consider something a bit more current for some true perspective here.

The 2010 Buckeyes and the 2010 Hurricanes won't be all that much different than each were a year ago.

The then-No. 8 Buckeyes went 11-2 and dominated then-No. 7 Oregon in the Rose Bowl.

The then-No. 14 Canes ended up at 9-4 after losing to then-No.25 Wisconsin. The final score of 20-14 was much closer than the actual game.

Miami could not stop Badger running back John Clay all day as he rushed for over 100 yards and two scores.

Miami, trailing 20-7, scored a garbage-time touchdown with 1:22 left in the game to indicate a much closer game than was actually played.

Ohio State beat that same Badger team 31-13, while holding John Clay to only 59 yards on 20 carries and no touchdowns.

All that being said, the 2009 season doesn't guarantee what will happen in 2010, but on paper, "the U" sure looks to be a heavy underdog on September 11 in The Shoe, so I'm not sure why Miami fans are talking so much smack, but they are.


Posted by: 86Cane | July 30, 2010 at 07:18 PM

Gotcha thanks! And I've saved it this time.

Posted by: 404 | July 30, 2010 at 07:24 PM

We are a FULL service blog.

Even if we stay at different hotels we can hook up and carpool or do the convoy. All of the hotels are close together and have access to bars and restaurants.

Twenty minutes to the stadium door to door.


UM recruit Eli Rogers, unplugged:

HSN: We are hearing that Teddy Bridgewater is doing his best to recruit for the canes. What are some of the things you’ve seen him talk about with other players.?

Eli Rogers: We basically talk to the same players at the same time. Teddy and I tell them that University of Miami is a huge family and not just a college to play football at. The people we talk to always talk about the “Swag” of Miami and how much they like it.

HSN: In the 7 on 7’s you’ve played with some of the best players across the nation. Who has impressed you from all the talent you’ve seen over the past few months.

Eli Rogers: Demetrius Hart, He was very explosive when he touched touched the ball. Teddy and I talked to him a lot when we were in Oregon for the 7 on 7 tournament. Demetrius, told us that he was leaning towards Alabama.

HSN: Phillip Dorsett just recently committed to the Canes. He is the second receiver in this class besides yourself. Have you gotten a chance to speak with him yet?

Eli Rogers: Yeah me and Phil are really good friends. We always talk about football and life in general. He is excited to come to Miami.

HSN: Tell us the fans something that we may not know about Eli Rodgers? What would surprise people about you?

Eli Rogers: I love being the go to guy in a critical moment in games. I love when the ball is in my hands, I can do so many things with my speed and athleticism. I live for those big moments.


On another not my fellow canes members I have great news on January 21st give or take a few days me and my fiancée will welcome a young cane into the family

Posted by: UpNorthCane | July 30, 2010 at 08:20 AM


Be smart, be wise, let it be a surprise!



Suspensions coming, and ineligibility. Players also may be get kicked off of the team.

Stay Tuned...can't drop names but your going to be surprised the start of the season.


SoilerPants...WE need to get our plans together for the Clemson game on 10/2 and rafting on 10/3.

I am ALL in and I think Ocala is also locked and loaded. I'll check on tickets on Monday. I have 4 or 8, not sure yet.

But we need to get the others organized and paid up.

I'm gonna check with Manny Navarro, he said he and his wife might be in also.


Ok you guide on this river everyday...

Everyday you come to this same rapid with the same giant boulder in the same place its been for millions of years,

Everyday six people that met you for the very first time this morning wish you were dead.

These are some classic yard sale ejections


Old Skool

Manny tonight
Rumors began spreading this afternoon on University of Miami fan internet message boards that receiver Thearon Collier and defensive end Steven Wesley have been dismissed from the team for academic reasons.

Read more: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/umiami/2010/07/are-thearon-collier-steven-wesley-off-the-team.html#ixzz0vDlDp1WS


soup sounds good,
email me what I need to send you for 2 of the Clem tix.

I'm going to be up in Clayton next week I'll run by the outpost and see if Adam is around. I'll tell him we are back the 10/3 and want him and Russel as our guides.

If he isn't there I'll leave the wet your pants tour package with a note in it to make certain hes in one of solarcane's rafts.


Word on the street is:

Collier, Wesley and Futch.


soup sounds good,
email me what I need to send you for 2 of the Clem tix.

Posted by: solarcane | July 30, 2010 at 09:56 PM

We got THIS!


321, I know you bring the real stuff.

It is nearly impossible for a team to go unscathed by the NCAA this year.

It is also nearly impossible for a Canes team to make it though the opening game with out Randy sitting somebody.

We are deep at every position, unless all the running backs get kicked off the team and Jacory gets the tradisional opening game suspension we will be fine.


Thearon posted a status update on his Facebook today saying he's "leaving Miami. What school should I transfer to?". He took it down just a minute Oreo later. So anything is possible at this point I guess

Posted by: Adam | July 30, 2010 at 09:08 PM

Man, I like Thearon, I hope he gets himself together either here or somewhere.


Solar, Ocala check email...


read it soup.

no big deal at all.


the sky is falling crew will be checking in in a few minutes.


I dont like the sound of this at all. Collier, Wesley and Futch? anyone know any more info? Collier is obviously a huge loss if hes gone.


Collier and Wesley could transfer.

Futch out for two games.


Now we are just talking rumors still, but #58 would be the biggest loss by far. WR were stacked. DE, well #90 is strong against the run but still fine.

LB?, especially one's that aren't undersized well that is another story.

no chicken litte here, but #58 is the one I really think could hurt this team (and he seems like a hot head, who could be prone to a mental mistake)

Also if true about #28 I feel bad as the young man has been growing through some things.


Soup where you get this from or is it just "them"


If you go through a lot of blogs you will see a whole lot of teams have this or that guy sitting for academic problems for their opening game.

Unless it's a bunch criminal offenses I wouldn't shytcan our entire season just yet. I think we have plenty of athletes capable of playing.


Soup where you get this from or is it just "them"

Posted by: shwarma | July 30, 2010 at 10:21 PM

Email from the SOURCE.


Solar, who's shhytcanning the season? All I said is #58 it an important cog. Listen injuries happen, suspensions happen etc. I just want a full deck to start the battle.


15 minutes Ohio State blogs will have Jacory suspended, Highsmith transferring and Shannon going to the Cowboys


15 minutes Ohio State blogs will have Jacory suspended, Highsmith transferring and Shannon going to the Cowboys

Posted by: solarcane | July 30, 2010 at 10:28 PM

ALL of those things have already happened.



shwarma ,
I didn't say YOU shouldn't shytcan the season, thats up to you. I said: " I wouldn't shytcan the season "

I'm not worried in the least.
Randy has rules and those players know the rules.
I think we should let the facts come out before we project what is going to happen.


I'm not at all either. This if true would be a small speed bump thats all. I am in TOTAL agreeance with you


WTF. Do we have any details, since when does academically ineligible mean kicked off the team. Spill it those who know.



I hear you.
Like you suggested,we are going to get guys nicked up and out for a game or two which will probably be more harmful than a couple guys missing FAMU and Ohio State neither of which are conference games.


Remember a few weeks ago when we were all saying how the heck do we have a scholarship for Seantrel, how will Randy pull this off?


Solar very good point about ACC games too. Though, we all know the Ohio State game has the special significance


sometimes things work out like that solar, but we both know that is jsut coincidence

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