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July 23, 2010



Six game losing streak could mean that the 14 out of 15 match ups is just against all our opponents, not just Pitt.
REMEMBER, we think that is just using the spread and not the actual outcomes of the games. For entertainment purposes only.


The University of Miami and the University of Notre Dame have officially come to an agreement on the dates and sites of a future three-game football series between the schools.

The series will open with a neutral site game at Soldier Field in Chicago on Saturday, Oct. 6, 2012. Game two of the series is scheduled for four years later, with the Hurricanes traveling to South Bend, Ind. to face the Fighting Irish on Saturday, Oct. 8, 2016 at Notre Dame Stadium. The final game of the contract will be played at Sun Life Stadium in Miami Gardens, Fla. on Saturday, Nov. 25, 2017.

"I am excited to announce that the University of Miami has renewed its historic football rivalry with the University of Notre Dame," University of Miami Director of Athletics Kirby Hocutt said. "Not only is it an outstanding opportunity for both programs, but it is great for the sport of college football."

The last time the two teams met in Miami, the Hurricanes cruised to a 27-10 win over Notre Dame at the Orange Bowl in 1989. Three of Miami's wins over Notre Dame came during the regular season of the Hurricanes' 1983, 1987 and 1989 national championship years. Notre Dame leads the all-time series between the two schools, 15-7-1.


Bill Cowhers wife, Kaye, dies from skin cancer at 54... R I P.



Whitey Herzog gets his due.


nice q & a with manny.

question for solar . . . how did "peace" become passé?

that log-off fit you.


Don't tase me bro:


Cat 5 Cane

Ya I'm FREEEEE!... Free Fall'n...

Man, Don't taz me Bro...

I'm smiling and crying at the same time!

Ohhh Man! That must hurt!!!


ARcane I got my tix for that game back in March on stubhub or one of those websites.. I believe 2nd level 45 yard line row 1.. SO PUMPED FOR THOSE SEATS!!!- Pretty Cheap too I believe 130$ a seat.

If Peterson accepted 60 k to go to LSU, that pisses me off. We could really use him across from B Harris.. that in my opinion would make us a NC contender for sure.

And if ITU knew, why wouldnt this be reported?? And your right, we dont need him if he would accept that kind of money, but in the end, if LSU never offered we woulda had him so it really f'in pisses me the f off. I dont like snitches as much as the next guy BUT SOMEONE REPORT THIS!!


When PJ was asked why he picked Lester Miles and LSU over the Canes, if I recall correctly, he said LSU was just showing him more love.

I guess that's how much "love" costs at today's rates.


Cant buy me love...


But you CAN rent it!


Patrick Peterson going to LSU was also fueled by his father's credit card debt being paid off. Also his dad was given a job at a high school in Baton Rouge.

LSU is very clever in handling the NCAA; they stay in good standing by always having a sacrificial lamb on staff. They always seem to be in the headlines for firing someone on staff for tampering with players.


That'd be a good job to have.
Just sit there and wait to be fired.





A few thoughts:

–Telemaque said he and Ray Ray Armstrong will play both safety spots.

–Telemaque played some cornerback in the spring. He said the biggest benefit was speaking with former `Canes standout Ed Reed, who said he would become a complete player by learning other positions in the secondary.

–Senior Damien Berry, normally quotable, wasn’t as talkative. Lots of short answers. Berry will enter camp as the starting running back, but he isn’t looking at it that way. He’s expecting strong competition from Mike James, Lamar Miller and Storm Johnson.

–Junior LaRon Byrd’s strongest message was how youth played a factor in last year’s disappointing finish. After starting 3-1, the Hurricanes were on the cusp of being on the top of college football again. They went 6-3 the remainder, ending with a surprising loss to Wisconsin the Champs Sports Bowl.

“It’s like with anything,” Byrd said. “When you get a lot of accolades, of course, it’s going to get to your head. We’re all teenagers, and we’re all humans at the end of the day … Last year we looked at the first four games (as) our hardest games. We went 3-1 and we thought we were going to the national championship and that kind of hurt us.”


I said Mike James on that pole. He is gonna be a surprise. He can run between the tackles and from you you guys are saying he will start off in camp and hopefully keep the starting job. With Berry coming in the second half like last years role..he could have 1,000 this year but Mike James is my favorite back!


If anybody is interested in staying in the Keys and going on a charter fishing trip before the FSU game I need to know by Monday night. Post here or Email me at:


The dates are arrive Thursday 10/7, fishing on Friday 10/8 and check out on 10/9 to go to the FSU game.

Staying at The Ocean View Hotel ($89/night)owned and operated by former UM great Gary Dunn.


Zar...U live in Seattle? I voted for Mike James also! He's from Ridge HS in Davenport, FL 30 minuted from where I live in Winter Haven.


Yeah...sucks being in seattle. im from chicag though. been here about 2 years. sucky weather and football teams..basketball..everything in sports really


I went with Berry, He will carry the ball when hes in there because he can't block or catch passes, but he dam sure can run.

Mike James can block and can catch passes, which I think will subtract from his rushing total.


thanks I appreciate that.

A while back I had a long conversation with my mentor who is a Sister of Mercy, and also a conversation with my hero, my mom in law. After talking with them I came to this conclusion.

I was becoming a hypocrite and not honest with myself when I would argue with folks about unimportant and trivial things , and then end the reply with "peace."

I have tried to steer myself back to where I know I should be, and when I'm confident I'm there I'll sign off with peace again.

People on here like Umike, Zakee, Mr troutman, and Ocalacane can probably make sense of what I'm trying to say, although I can't really explain it in words.




^In regards to the poll


that's smooth with the article titles, well played friend

Mr Troutman

All I know it is great having a herd of running backs...seems like 1999 all over again except we have more horses(rbs) to carry the load this year. The cupboard is full and will be even tighter next year when the numbers are stock with athletes. It took Shannon 4 years to create this STORM we are about to unleash on the COllege football world.. U see it was detected by many of us ( CALVIN, CANES 1, MYSELF ETC..) ... That once SHANNON took over that the transformation Of Miami has begun. He was to bring back that fire that was missing.....He took his lumps along the road while doing so. Many criticised IMO unfairly KNOWING this was his first HEAD coaching job 2. He inherited a JV team that had to be strip from the core in order to compete with the BIG BOYS, 3. He didn't have stability at asst. coaches at first,,,, 4 He basically had nothing to work with ( a less talented team)when he started unlike Alabama, Florida and other schools that had gotten new coaches over the years. Now he has players that want to win and that is what we are going to see from now on.. Getting stump like that last year against Wisconsin WOKE UP AN ANGRY AND SLEEPING GIANT....



I went with Berry, He will carry the ball when hes in there because he can't block or catch passes, but he dam sure can run.

Mike James can block and can catch passes, which I think will subtract from his rushing total.

Posted by: solarcane | July 24, 2010 at 08:10 PM

If a Berry can run but not catch or block in Whipple's pro-style offense, his playing time will get cut because UM opponents will be able to predict what plays UM will run offensively when Berry is in there. If Berry hasn't learned how to block and catch better than he did last year, Mike James will get more playing time.

Mike James showed this spring that he is not afraid to cut back, run between the tackles, break a tackle and get to the second level. Arm tackles will not bring James down.

As a true freshman, Smiley showed that he is tough, strong, smart and capable of playing like a real man at the college level when he stepped in and started at FB. If James continues to improve, it will be hard to keep him off the field in 2010-11.


The Bodogs still love Miami

2010 College Football Outlook: Miami Hurricanes
by Allen James | July 23rd, 2010

Miami appears poised to take another big step forward in 2010.

The Miami Hurricanes have yet to even win a bowl game under fourth-year coach Randy Shannon, but there’s no question this team is on the rise following last year’s 9-4 record, UM’s most wins since 2005. And if things bounce right, the Canes could not only be ACC contenders but also national title contenders this season. UM is the 3/2 favorite on Bodog’s college football odds to win the ACC Coastal Division, 5/2 to win the ACC title and 18/1 to win the national championship.

UM climbed into the Top 10 last year after impressive wins over FSU, Oklahoma and Georgia Tech, but the team showed its youth by fading a bit and not looking great in the Champs Sports Bowl against Wisconsin. Still, all those excellent Shannon recruiting classes should start to really show up this year. Miami’s offense is led by quarterback Jacory Harris, who started very strong last year but struggled at the end due to an injured thumb. He missed spring practice following thumb surgery but guarantees he will be 100 percent by the opener against Florida A&M. Harris completed 242 of 406 passes last season for 3,352 yards and 24 touchdowns, the third-most in the ACC. But he also threw 17 interceptions, second-most in Division I-A. Projected starting running back Graig Cooper also missed spring ball after he blew out his knee in the bowl game last season. It’s not clear if he will play this season, but UM now has the most depth at that position it has had since the early 2000s. And at receiver, the top three pass catchers from last year are back, and they are all game-breakers. Three starters do have to be replaced on the line, but UM got a late commitment from the nation’s top OL recruit in Seantrel Henderson, who could start right away. Six starters are back overall on this unit.

On defense, seven starters are back, led by end Allen Bailey, a likely Top 15 NFL draft pick in 2011. The defensive line has stellar depth and should be a strength. The linebackers should be very good if Sean Spence can return to his freshman form and stay healthy. And the secondary could potentially be excellent, led by cornerback Brandon Harris. The defense needs to get to the quarterback better in 2010 and force more turnovers.

Sept. 2 Florida A&M
Sept. 11 at Ohio State
Sept. 23 at Pittsburgh
Oct. 2 at Clemson
Oct. 9 Florida State
Oct. 16 at Duke
Oct. 23 North Carolina
Oct. 30 at Virginia
Nov. 6 Maryland
Nov. 13 at Georgia Tech
Nov. 20 Virginia Tech
Nov. 27 South Florida


Here is the link to watch the ACC Kickoff Live.

Bailey and Bosher's interview will be well into the program with Miami going next to last.

Monday you can watch the ACC coaches


go to the site and hit

"click here to watch live beginning at 3 pm"


2010 ACC Preseason Poll

The 2010 ACC Football Preseason Poll will be announced early afternoon on Monday, July 26. The complete poll will be available on theACC.com after it is announced by the Atlantic Coast Sports Media Association (ACSMA).

2010 Preseason All-ACC Team

The 2010 ACC Football Preseason All-ACC Team, as selected by the Atlantic Coast Sports Media Association (ACSMA), will be announced on Wednesday, July 28 on theACC.com.


UM is the 3/2 favorite on Bodog’s college football odds to win the ACC Coastal Division, 5/2 to win the ACC title and 18/1 to win the national championship.

Posted by: solarcane | July 24, 2010 at 09:40 PM

Smart money is on the Canes in 2010-11!


after thinking of a few games last year and i know most of you will say "hey it was the DL's fault for not getting any pressure" but outside of brandon harris the Cornerback positon is a toss up. Wayy to many games where the QB's of the ACC had their way...any thoughts on that?


Zar...UNC and Clemson should NEVER have beaten us last year with the QBs they had.

This year, that all changes. We SMOKE both of those teams and finish 10-2.


We will lose to OSU and either FSU or VT.



Introspection is good for the soul and it suits you. I think I know where you're coming from. Finding perspective is not easy and something I generally fail miserably at.

orange 'n green in the vein

"We will lose to OSU and either FSU or VT.

Posted by: SOUP | July 24, 2010 at 10:28 PM"

LMAO! Maybe, maybe, if we play F$U twice we split two with them and OSU is going to be the toughest game of the season so it's a 50/50 game either way. You overestimate the turkeys and scar-face.


why do you think that Miami will lose to Ohio St?


"after thinking of a few games last year and I know most of you will say "hey it was the DL's fault for not getting any pressure" but outside of Brandon Harris the Cornerback position is a tossup. Wayy to many games where the QB's of the ACC had their way...any thoughts on that?"
Posted by zarokon July 24, 2010 at 10:01 PM

It was the DL's fault for not getting any pressure, why else would Miami dial up Cover 0 and bring 6,7, and sometimes 8 guys. The two teams that were burning Miami in Cover 0 were NC,WF,and I think VT also. Although Miami didn't use Cover O that much, it was a little too much than I could stand. That's one thing about the great Miami teams, those front 4s created pressure and held their own with little help from the LBs. Hopefully with the addition of Petri, Miami won't have to resort to blitzing like that just to get pressure...


• UM people said these June freshmen arrivals have impressed in on-field work: Brandon Linder (will push junior center Tyler Horn); cornerback Devont'a Davis (Vaughn Telemaque expects him to play in 2010); tight ends Clive Walford, 6-4, and Asante Cleveland, 6-5 (``they know how to use height to their advantage'' as receivers, Telemaque said); and running back Eduardo Clements (``shifty, quick dude,'' Damien Berry said).

• One competition UM people are eager to see is Thearon Collier against Kendal Thompkins for playing time as the primary slot receiver. ``Thompkins has a knack [to get to] the end zone,'' Telemaque said.

LaRon Byrd said UM players ``have been there to support'' Collier, who disclosed on Facebook in May that his son passed away. Collier's family has endured incredible pain -- his father was murdered before Collier was born. ``It's a tragedy losing a newborn, and it shows how strong he is that he's been out here'' practicing, Byrd said.

Read more: http://www.miamiherald.com/2010/07/25/v-fullstory/1745618/fins-davis-smith-say-they-have.html#ixzz0ufFobfxe


We faded last yr because of injuries. If we can stay healthy and develop these new ballers we will not lose a game. We are in the position now to be able to play our game and not try to finesse success. The o needs to dictate to the d.
Our d ends need to step it up and get the rush we are used to seeing the yrs we had great teams.
But next yr we will be the team to beat in college football.


We will lose to OSU and either FSU or VT.

I dont know how to vault anything, but you best vault that Soup

Ryan Braun gets a game winning hit to go along with a HR to lead the Brewers over the Nationals 4-3

.282 15 HRs and 60 RBIs
Now to get him over here in a Rays uniform


K.Thompkins is my boy ... I've been jocking him for a few years now. It .. is .. written .. in the Canespace log

The kid kind of reminds me of how Dante Hall, "The X Factor", of the Chiefs used to be when he'd return punts


How about the Rays FINALLY winning a game in Cleveland for the first time since Sept.2005?

That game was 1-0, with Seth McClung getting the win for the Rays and future Cy Young Winner Cliff Lee, taking the loss for the Indians

Seth McClung - that's pretty much all you need to know why the Rays were bad for a long long time in their short existence ... when you have the big red head as a starter, you've got problems

Rays won though tonight, going up against one of their better arms they used to have in their system - Mitch Talbot

Talbot has some filth on the mound, the way he has progressed on throwing his change up is beyond impressive. He already had better stuff than James Shields when he was in the Rays farm system - the only difference was the control of his change up .... he's obviously worked that out, b/c you can't even tell a difference in his arm motion/speed when he throws it & there's about a 9-10 mph difference from his fastball to his change up

I'm sure everyone is completely enthralled with that baseball talk right there ... for most, it's better than a bottle of crushed Ambien pills mixed with Nyquil


It was nice seeing Price settle in, then Zorilla go yard

A much needed win tonight

Yanks lost and the Sox lost so it worked out real nice


ALSO ...

Was out at USF today for a few hours, taking in the USF 7-on-7 Sling & Shoot Tourney

Whole lot of teams out there - a lot of local teams: Jefferson, Plant, Chamberlain, Blake, Palm Harbor, Eastlake, Tarpon Springs, Clearwater Countryside, Lakeland Kathleen, George Jenkins Lakeland, Dunedin, Land O'Lakes, Lake Weir, Hollywood Hills, Venice, Sebring, Sarasota Riverview, Plant City, North Marion

Jefferson's O-Coordinator saw me, came up & talked with me ... real cool cat ... when I was talking with him, Andre Davis rolled up on us, said whats up

I like the kid, has good hands, seems to go up & get the ball when he wants - but for some reason, I dunno, just didn't seem too much like he was doing anything too great in running his routes ... almost just going through the motions - dunno what that's about. Maybe just the OCoordinator trying to get his other kids some work - hell, he has 3 damn good WRs, so, have to throw the other kids a bone as well while they can, to get them ready possibly for the season if needed

Here's some pics from the USF site of Andre out there today - all of the USF coaches were out there talking to the kids, Skip Holtz was out there for a long time, going from game to game, watching & talking to coaches and kids

Andre Davis

Andre Davis 2

Andre Davis 3


Sebastian or any other Cane who will be bored tomorrow in the 813 or 727 .... the playoffs and championship for the USF 7-on-7 Sling & Shoot is tomorrow

Today was just the preliminaries & seedings to set up tomorrow

They're on the big open fields on Fowler Avenue, right across the street from MOSI, about 2 blocks away from CDBs Pizza


Price was amped up tonight - kid was throwing upper 90's for more than just a few innings .. he was hitting 97, 98, 99 consistently

Definite huge win for the Rays

What's crazy is just how good the Rays are on the road - best road record in all of MLB ... 32-18 ... but they suck at home

How about Zorilla hitting a home run, off the guy who he came to the Rays with in a trade? Talbot & Zorilla both came from Houston to the Rays in the same trade


Andre "Hawk" Dawson

In our Fab 50 Floridians

Going to be inducted into Cooperstown, tomorrow

Congrats & deserved

Cat 5 Cane


Great questions by Judy Erwin interviewing Andre Dawson. Starts slow but well thought out direct questions...

Found his response to current players to be refreshing and honest... brutally honest. It's all about the money on both sides of the ball

Read more: http://www.miamiherald.com/508/index.html?media_id=16545593&genre_id=4248#ixzz0ugv2wYrP

Cat 5 Cane

Love Thompkins in the slot, but at 180/185, I think he's still too small and needs more bulk to return Kicks/Punts... not that he is not good but getting hurt is the point, like TB last year.

For me, I'm like"n Lamar Miller... my choice to house the rock in 2010 with MJ or Coop leading the charge.... and run to what ever side Futch is on... My Man Futch!!!

Cat 5 Cane

Hey Sab...

My daughter threw in a monkey wrench for next weekends escape. Saying Dad, can you help me move? Yeah I just found a nice place to move into on the beach and could you help,...PLEASE, PRETTY PLEASE!...*!@&%$#

Ahhh OK..... Damn!

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