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July 11, 2010



It's all about the U.


Bingo from the 615


Aw he'll nemo ain't been here in 4eva and cums thru with a 1st...lol...

27 Avecane

Almost had a shirt.....


oh so close...

Sarasota 'cane

The pieces are all coming together.....


This "Thing" has legs!!!!!!!!

Go 'canes!

Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer

And to have personal beef with another player is understandable, but to accuse said player of paying for sex when he is married is crossing the line IMO. Especially when you are married, and get caught up in legal troubles for your infidelity. It would be similar to Tiger Woods ratting our Phil Mickelson during his cheating scandal.

Posted by: moneycane | July 11, 2010 at 04:52 PM


True, true...


Nemo...nice work there! U know what to do.

Several shirts being mailed tomorrow.

I know, I know! Better late than never?

Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer

If coach Sol calls Cassano a "great" RB coach, that's all I need to hear. And we've already heard from an anonymous member of the DL that Petri is light years ahead of Hurtt. So the pieces have really fallen into place and the stars are alignin. haha


Toledo and 27th ave...don't give up hope. There is always another day and another chance to win here on Canespace!


nice write up soup

Cat 5 Cane

Good article Soup and lots of information... Thanks.

If coaching accounts for 30/35/40 percent... How does anyone explain the years of 06 and 07.

First off, Please understand that I'm looking at this from earlier years, from about 04/05 and how we got to 06 and 07 and who was recruiting and who was coaching and the decline of quality play from many 3/4/5 star players... Was it them or the coaches who taught them. I personally think that the lack of player development and the decline of Miami ball as we knew it, belongs squarely on the shoulders of the coaching STAFF and not just the HC either... but that was then.

Past history teaches us that you must have continuity within the coaching ranks... to be successful.

Jumping forward...
Good move... replacing Hurtt with Hill as recruiting coordinator.

I also think Good move... with Petri taking over the DL... his past history is strong and I'm really liking this Lovett guy allot as DC. As for Whipple... Yeah! Now, if these guys can just stick around for a while, maybe we'll find out how good they are!


nice writeup...got here this morning via Randy Shannon FACEBOOK....someone else must have like the article too


Good read first thing in the morning.....


Morning all, great write up Soup.



Looks like T Glenn is headed to Milford. Should be here for January.



Thanks for the props!

I like Hill as coordinator although Hurtt knows "The Secret" about the UM recruiting strategy and will do some damage at Louisville with Strong as coach and their more flexible (READ: low) admission standards.

You will hear some whining over the next few years about how Miami "lost" some 305ers to Louisville but in reality it will be because some of these players could not make it into UM.

Hill is smart and smooth. I think he and Shannon make a good combination.


IMO Hurtt will not bother us one bit in recruiting.

We are no longer the 5-7 team that kids think twice about.

It's a whole different ball game and Louisville is nowhere near our league.

Not worried a bit.

Louisville will continue to be a mediocre team with Strong at the wheel.

They will get the scraps that can't get in or are not recruited by the big three.

Petrino was the best thing to ever happen to that program.



As far as coaching the DL I think the consensus among those in the know is that Petri is a significant upgrade over Hurtt in terms of experience, technique and style.

Getting more sacks in 2010 is a PRIORITY for the Hurricanes who had a paltry 24 in 2009 and only 9 INTs.

More QB pressure will result in more INTs and QB sacks are drive killers. if the UM defense can get off the field more quickly and more ofetn that only means MORE points for UM's potent offense.

Sebastian57 has already PROMISED us that UM will have 48 sacks in 2010 to lead the NCAA!


don't drink too much water boys ...

learn to love the humidity .

3 weeks


UM rushed for 2226 yards in 2009 for an average of 138 yards/game and 3.9 yards/carry.

With the awesome stable of RBs now at Miami the competition will be fierce for PT and that will show on the field.

Cassano coming ova from FIU must be celebrating his early Christmas with all the stallions he has to work with.

Damien Berry running right ova people.

Mike James catching the ball outta the backfield and picking up the blitz.

Lamar Miller running right by people.

Storm Johnson doing all of the above?

Tough job for Cassano, right??? LOL


Funny...not a SINGLE person here mentioned that Spain won the World Cup yesterday?


It was a horrible soccer match and the ref was the star. They really need to fix the ref issue before they get us to completely buy in.
World cup came in like a Lion and out like a lamb. That game was just down right boring and I was really wanted it to be better!


Not to mention the theatrics, I think some of the guys could win an Oscar!


Absolutely right. We learned more about the ref from England than any of the 22 players on the field. It was disappointing for sure.


Funny...not a SINGLE person here mentioned that Spain won the World Cup yesterday?

Posted by: SOUP | July 12, 2010 at 09:10 AM

it's 3:24 pm in Espana ... Viva Sangria

conjo este loca


It was a horrible soccer match and the ref was the star. They really need to fix the ref issue before they get us to completely buy in.

>>Reminds me of the NBA finals.


Spain won the world cup.lol....

No really I actually enjoyed the game myself and thought that it was more of a defensive battle and for the most part that should be expected. They both were dropping midfielders back to help defend and then defensive players forward. It was a real interesting chess match and my boy Iniesta came up with the big goal. Really enjoyed watching the World Cup and now U know why US soccer will never be like Brazil, Spain, Argentina, Germany and Italy. Because how many kids here in the US actually watched the World Cup? Theres your answer...


Oh my Elliot glad you enjoyed because the whole family sat down to watch and we were all completely bored. When Spain scored it was like finally can we go do something else now? We did have a ball making fun of the players as they fell to their death by not even being touched, however!


Spain winning the World Cup is like
Robin washing the Batmobile
Everyone is aware somebody does it, but no one cares as long as it's not them.


That game could have cured the world's worst case of insomnia.



The Tar Heels are everyone else's dark horse pick to win the ACC, but not here. The problem with them is that their side of the conference features games at Miami and Florida State, and against Virginia Tech, Clemson, and the 2009 ACC champs in Georgia Tech. So forget about that.

Florida State is on the other side of the league, which means no games against Virginia Tech or Georgia Tech. Christian Ponder is a legitimate first round pick at quarterback. He might possibly be the most technically sound signal caller in the land.

The Atlantic Division is a different beast, and figures to be a two horse race between Florida State and Clemson. If FSU wins that late season showdown in Tallahassee, they should have a berth in the league title game.

This is Jimbo Fisher's team officially now, but it has really been his squad for some time. With no issues regarding who is in control now, look for the Seminoles to start to regain their old form.

Old Skool

Solar LOL


By Corey Long
ESPN Recruiting

BEAVERTON, Ore -- After two days of 7-on-7 competition, there was little doubt that Northwestern (Miami, FL) and Guyer (Denton, Texas) were the best two teams at the event.

Miami commit Teddy Bridgewater connected on six scoring passes to lead Northwestern to the Nike 7On title.Finding out who was number one took a little longer. When the dust settled, it was Northwestern which had successfully defended its Nike 7On title with a 44-42 victory over Guyer in double overtime.

Trailing 42-36 in the second overtime, Northwestern quarterback Teddy Bridgewater hit backup quarterback E.J. Hilliard for a game-tying touchdown and running back Jerrill Jenkins for the winning two-point conversion.

Hilliard was forced to play receiver as a result of injuries to Northwestern's starting receivers.

"We just had to fight through it," Bridgewater said. "Sometimes I had to play receiver and sometimes E.J. did because we were down a few men. But you do what you have to in order to win."

The game was intense from the very beginning as Guyer took a 7-0 lead on a touchdown pass from J.W. Walsh to Quint Gardner. A second touchdown from Walsh to Cameron Hunter gave Guyer a 15-6 lead with less than two minutes in the half.

That's when Bridgewater the receiver took over. The 6-foot-3, 190-pound Miami commit caught two passes for 50 yards and set up his own touchdown pass to Dominique Rhymes as the half expired, pulling Northwestern to within 15-14.



So what do you think the punishment would be?


More trouble in Rocky Top:

Here is an interview with the bar owner.

Old Skool

If this happened more often, soccer goals would be a lot more interesting


Old Skool

The punishment: Immediate suspension from all football related activities until fall practice begins.

That'll show him.


That'll show him.

Posted by: Old Skool | July 12, 2010 at 11:13 AM

Ya think? First game: LSU

Will Butch suspend him for that game?


Quan will NOT be suspended for the first game against LSU. Butch knows he has to discipline but suspending a guy because he got caught with a bag of hippie lettuce is highly unlikely. Look I know he has to be held accountable for his actions but the fact is different coaches analyze citations and "charges" different ways and hold stipulations only for so called "harsh" crimes or offenses. Getting caught with weed is not one of them. Even though it is illegal to posses mary jane in America (except those with medicinal marijuana licenses of course) this is going to be thrown under the rug he will pay a fine and be ready in time for Fall practice. Butch knows that if Quan would of got a real charge then he would be off the team for good. But this does not classify as a instant dismissal type of offense. Maybe the type of offense where U bring him into your office and say DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN AGAIN! And be done with it, look the guy is not going to face any charges especially for a first time offender with no record. Also getting into the World Cup topic does anybody on here know how much cordination in your feet U must have to dribble a soccer ball around a field for 90 minutes. Not to mention keeping it under control while 10 other players try to take out your shins!!!As someone who has played soccer since they were 3 trust me it takes a lot.....I love soccer and the truth is had it not been for a terrible mistake I made in High School, who knows I might be playing for the US right now....If not I def would of got a full ride to some div 1 college.....But U live and u learn......


Spain did what in what?

I'm already dis-interested

Watching the raccoons outside of my work eating a half opened bag of Funyons with their little grubby hands is more interesting

Those little hairy bandit looking f*ers are smart


I just saw a little fox run across my lawn.




Butch will probably tell him to hide it better next time - give him some technique on making a half ounce of sticky icky, go Area 51 when a cop comes up to him

If Butch even makes this kid miss more than just one snap, or even a harsher punishment in some coaches eyes that are hell bent on winning at all costs - missing one series - then I'd be very surprised

If this was UiF, Urbie might punish his player for not having more than half an ounce of weed. He'd tell the player to step it up


I'll be shocked if he gets more than a quarter suspension for the LSU game.

By the way, he should be suspended for sheer stupidity. Apparently he was blazing in the parking lot of a fast food joint. Those are cop magnets. The only thing worse would have doing it in a Krispy Kreme parking lot.


You know how much skill you have to have to learn how to juggle 3 baseballs like a circus pimp during summer league baseball in the dugout - during games while you're supposed to be keeping pitch counts in the book or doing the score card?

Looking into the stands for hot moms or player's sisters keeps your attention for only so long, and certain players would always have a bad attitude when you'd ask them if you could come hang out at their house after the game to try and get up on their sister. Some guys don't have a sense of humor - too high strung

It's also hard to blow a big bubble, pinch it and then place it on the top of a guys batting helmet so he doesn't know, before he goes into the on-deck circle in between innings .. or put some shaving cream on his helmet while you have some of the other guys talking to him to distract him

Those were the days


Lmfao, too funny Six.



In regards to the world cup, I learned one thing. Most of those players can give Tom Hanks a run for his money in winning the Oscar.


no way watching raccoons is more interesting then watching the world cup....


Interesting comment from another blog:

"Xavier Nixon, last year's #1 rated tackle who chose Florida, stepped in to the starting role about week 8 and made a HUGE difference. The Gators gave up like 26 sacks up to that point. Only 5 in the last 6 games with Nixon in there, and none were on him. Seantrel is the same type of player."

The stats this commenter cites "check out," at least according to Wikipedia:

"Since Nixon moved into the starting lineup, quarterback Tim Tebow has been sacked four times in three games. He was sacked 21 times in the previous nine games."

FWIW, Seantrel was rated higher than Nixon on ESPN and Rivals, and had the same rating on Scout. That's a GOOD thing IMO.

On the other hand, Nixon arrived on UF's campus the last week of June, so he had one more month of college-level workouts and unofficial team practices than what Seantrel will have once the season starts. Nixon is also leaner than SH and hails from a much warmer climate (NC) than SH (Minnesota). This may or may not be a meaningful difference; I'm just throwing it out there.

To sum things up, I'm not sure what will happen, but I really hope SH is able to have the same type of impact for the Canes this year that Nixon had for the Gaytors last year. As the Canes fan in the spring game video put it, "if we block, we will win!"

Can't wait till SH gets here so we can start getting this guy ready to live up to his hype!



With the awesome stable of RBs now at Miami the competition will be fierce for PT and that will show on the field.

Posted by: SOUP | July 12, 2010 at 08:58 AM

Let's not forget that the OL HAS TO improve, right? That alone should help the RBs get loose more often.

And one thing I forgot about my last post, SH is supposedly a better run blocker than pass blocker. I've seen his vids and can't quite discern a dramatic difference, but maybe the Canespace scouts will opine?



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