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August 01, 2010





I pray for that family

Dustin Graves

Our thoughts and prayers go out to all family and friends! Such a tragedy.


My prayers are with them.

Virtually an entire family gone in an instant. Truly difficult to comprehend.

It certainly puts into perspective the important things in life.


A recent update on a former Cane trying to make it in the NFL...

From Patriots.com:

"On a positive note, wide receiver Darnell Jenkins was in full pads for the first time this summer. He’d been present for the previous five practices, but only took part in rehab-type activities."

Go Canes!


My prayers are with them too.


What a tragic story. May they rest in peace.

Posted by: Six | August 01, 2010 at 10:32 PM
Not sure what Mark ever did to you, hes just a baseball player whos worked his butt off his entire life to earn every penny hes been paid, i understand you hate the Yankees, but i assure you Mark is a class act. I have know idea how you can call him a douche, bc im sure you have never met the man. This blog has always been great, i dont post as often as some but i do read every article and almost every comment, and i am truly grateful for the wonderful content and everyone who is a part of this community. This is however the first time ive come across something personally distasteful and appalling. I am good friends with Marks cousin and he is in fact "truly family", i do not appreciate your uncalled for comment. If mark is a douche bc hes an incredible baseball player that, according to the free market, is worth millions of dollars, than what does that make you?

8th Man in the Box

My prayers go out to the family and loved ones.....RIP


Very sad story. Thoughts and prayers to his family and his friends.

27 Avecane

My thoughts and prayers go out to the family.


Only on the 'space...

Drove home from Rays game. Turned left on 22nd Ave from MLK, and we (Mrs. 360 and I) noticed news vans at our local Circle K. We saw the gas station sign was gone replaced with a vase of flowers street side. We don't usually watch the news so I was going to look it up to see what happened. Low and behold here on the 'space...

The U family is saddened by this tragic event. Ladies and gentlemen. No matter what. Get a cab if you drink. It's not that hard. God bless everyone closely involved. RIParadise.


We covered this story, like the other news stations in town ... very sad. Thoughts, prayers.


canefanatic777 -

The fact that you're taking it so personal is interesting to me and kind of comedic

Being a sports fan, I'd think you'd have developed a sense of how being a fan works as well

You cannot possibly tell me that you've never seen a player in any sport: NFL Football, MLB Baseball, NBA Basketball, NHL Hockey, NCAA Football, NCAA Basketball, etc. watched their demeanor on the field, how they play - as in this case in particular, Teixeria's demeanor in the batter's box - esp. after he hits a home run and pimps it .... and not had it rub not only you, but an entire fanbase of your team and also other fanbases of other teams, the wrong way

You're a blatant liar if you say that you never have said anything about any player in the sports that I mentioned - only difference is, you might not have come across someone that might know him personally. Even if a person does know a certain athlete, they should be objective enough to realize what many many many other fans are talking about

Hey, hate to hurt your feelings, but, I'm only saying what a lot of fans think

I never questioned Teixeira's playing ability or desire to prepare to play. The guy is no doubt a worker. I brought up his playing demeanor and comical "God" talk about whether he should join the Yankees

I mentioned AJ Pierzynski having a certain prickish way in his demeanor .. Jorge Posada is another one, his overly dramatic crybaby sense of playing ball at times with the perfect example being in the 2001 World Series when the Diamondbacks beat them and the cameras caught Jorge yelling some pretty obscene things and gestures toward the celebrating Diamondbacks, in which he looked like a spoiled brat "entitled" child - ooops, camera caught ya Jorge .. Joba Chamberlain is another with his finger pointing ... Johnathan Papelbon and Franciso Rodriguez as well

I could also bring up Tim Tebow - couldn't I. I'll be surprised if you've never said anything bad about him - esp. if you're a Cane fan. And if you have, then what was it and the reason for it? If you haven't ever, then props & mad respect to you, b/c I can admit I have & I've seen some things about him up close/personal that I didn't like (neither did some of his teammates ... Brandon Spikes for example)

If this is the first time you've ever come across something on Canespace that is personally distasteful and appalling - then I wonder just how many comments you've actually read over some time. I've seen distasteful blatant jokes against Jewish people .. I've seen people disrespecting a deceased person hours after his passing, just b/c they disagreed with what political party he was affiliated with .. I've seen people stick up for a person who went on his own television show and blatantly made fun of another person with a severe case of Parkinson's, saying the only reason he was "flopping around all over and over-acting" was only b/c of the cameras being on and trying to help a politician ... but yet, a fan such as I, speaking for many many fans out there from many teams about a certain player is what gets to you?

The reason that I say that Teixeira is a douche - is b/c of how he handled his free agency by playing the religious card, and also as I've said many times his demeanor in the batter's box. Don't say something such as your wife and you prayed and talked to God over if New York was the right place to go - when the Angels, Red Sox, hometown Orioles and Nationals also were trying to land you as well - after you and your wife received the Yankees offer. The difference is, the Yankees offered $180 Million and basically the easiest route to a World Series ring and you jumped on it without any hesitation. So ya, as I said before, I guess it's easy to say that God said you should go to New York when they're offering you the most amount of money of any team out there

Don't ask me either, wouldn't you go to the team that paid you the most? No. No I wouldn't, b/c I'm a different cat. What in the hell is the real difference between $150 Million and $180 Million? In a fantasy world, I would've played for the Royals for the league minimum .... I would play for the Rays for league minimum. In real life, I'd be happy making $40,000 a year for the rest of my life until I retire

Oh, and not to forget, the fact that he did sign for what he did (along with some others) only drives up the market for everyone else out there and makes the MLB Union look like a bunch of jackholes in negotiations, when the average salary now is $3 Million - ya, looks real good to go on strike with that on your side

I'm old school in baseball thinking. When Teixeira or anyone else pimps it in the batters box to show up the pitcher, after hitting a home run - I think they should get drilled in the ribs the next time up. I don't care if it's Ryan Braun. Remember that term "act like you've been there"? Ya, Teixeira has hit plenty of home runs - correct? Then f*ckin act like it. That's a douche move

Also, you're asking "If mark is a douche bc hes an incredible baseball player that, according to the free market, is worth millions of dollars, than what does that make you?" ... it makes me, me. A normal person/fan that doesn't try and place a monetary value on a human that plays a kids game and say that he must be better than someone else simply b/c he's getting insanely overpaid ..... b/c that would be you

There are teachers out there that I know who think the same way about Teixeria as I do, what's that make them?

There are police officers that risk their lives everyday that I know who think the same way about Teixeria, what's that make them?

There are soldiers who have come back from Iraq that I know who think the same way about Teixeria, what's that make them?

What exactly are you implying? OH, you're assigning a specific amount of money to a person & saying it makes them better than me or others - right? And since I, or the teachers that I know, or the police officers that I know, or the military who have come back without all their body parts attached - don't make the millions that Teixeria is "worth" according to the baseball free market .... then we are the ones that are below being a douche? Oh, I get it

Who has the jacked up priorities in how they value a human - when there are others in this world who do a hell of lot more good than hitting a baseball or throwing a baseball, and get paid 800 times less

And this is coming from me - a damn die hard baseball fan who doesn't think any of these guys should make more than $5 Million maximum. It's a damn game

Tell you what, I'll fly you on my dime to an Orioles game .. a Red Sox game .. an Angels game .. and I'll someway get you into the PA booth so during a break in between innings, you can get on the mic and address everyone that boos & yells things at Teixeria - and ask them what that makes them if they don't like Teixeria b/c they're booing or saying bad things about him

You make it sound like he's your dad ... ease up


After watching Six and Canefanatic disagree what I really want to know is why do we say Douche? Wouldn't "Toilet Paper" or even "Tampon" be a better insult?




60% Talent / 40% Coaching


70% Talent / 30% Coaching


100% Talent / Coaching is way over-rated


80% Talent / 20% Coaching


90% Talent / 10% Coaching



Soup, thank you, this is very nice.

All I can think about is this poor woman who gets a knock on the door and gets this news.

I know so many people who get behind the wheel after having a few drinks, please think of this family next time you do.


Sad . . . very sad.


Soup, thank you, this is very nice.

Posted by: canechic | August 02, 2010 at 08:09 AM

It was the right thing, the only thing, to do.

francis w

We will add them and their remaining family to our prayer list. As I get older I remember those I have promiced to pray for almost every night. I hope they forgive me when I forget.
Fran & Jean W


This is a very sad story. Drunk driving. Yet another reason why I cant and will never pick up a glass of anything..Prayers are with their familys though..I know they are going through a very hard time.


RIP Kelly McConnell.

I hope the remaining family gets justice on this murderer. An entire family and their future generations wiped out by one drunk driver. The older sons had children of their own, and so this means those children are without a father.

The drunk's dad says "I'm sorry for y'all pain, man. I'm sorry for the hurt that my son have caused y'all man. If there's something I can do to help y'all man, just let me know," said Homer Jordan, the suspect's father."

How about a retroactive vasectomy about 22 years in the past. Good lives would be saved if you do that for us.

Next time a Gator (or any other team) player is caught DUI, please don't say "no big deal", the fact that this guy wasn't caught by the cops in time led to four deaths. Not blaming the cops, just showing that when a player is caught DUI, it's not overzealous cops it is life-saving cops.

Six, can you use your media contacts to make sure this story doesn't die?


Pointless. My best to the family and friends. Sounds like a great guy and a wonderful family.


Wow is all I have to say.

Can't even imagine......




Not sure when we will be rolling in.

I have to check with my boy to see what time we are heading out.

I would like to get in a few good pregame hours then head over to the stadium.

I'll let you know.



Ungar...your article will post tonight at 7 PM. I separated it into two parts: 1-5 and 6-10.


Yoooo for everyone making it out to Columbus All Canes booked the top floor of this Buffalo Wild Wings for a Canez bash Friday night.

2151 North High Street
Columbus, OH 43201-1118

Should be a great time!!



Jeremy Davis update

His mom says still touch and go and they’ll know this week if he’s going prep school route or arriving at UM, but she’s optimistic as of right now that he can get through for this year. Says regardless he’ll be at UM in January.



Posted by: Canez1 | August 02, 2010 at 10:03 AM

I'll see you there!

email in case you missed it the other day:

[email protected]

Aces & Canes

Thoughts and prayers to the family, friends, and Loved ones.


404 I did get your email addy.

I will hit you up on it so we can coordinate.



Here is mine just in case.

[email protected]


Aces & Canes


I will stay in touch as the game gets closer. Sorry, not in on the rafting.

Let's go CANES !!


[email protected]

With UM football practice beginning Thursday, intriguing position battles loom. Stacking them up:

• Defensive line: UM still has good depth even after Saturday's confirmation that Steven Wesley is off the team for academic reasons. ``We can't be selfish,'' Adewale Ojomo said. ``Each of us has to wait our turn.''

The starting spot opposite Allen Bailey is up for grabs; many believe Ojomo has the most upside of the contenders, but Marcus Robinson, Andrew Smith (a first-teamer for most of the spring) and Olivier Vernon will challenge.

Ojomo, sidelined in 2009 by a broken jaw from a walk-on's punch, had three sacks in '08 and is skilled against the run. ``This job is open because Ojomo hasn't played in a year,'' WQAM-560 UM analyst Don Bailey Jr. said.

Robinson had four sacks in 2008 and '09, but his tackles fell from 35 to 17. ``I wasn't myself because of hamstring injuries. It was totally not what I expected.''

Smith didn't have a sack in '09, but coaches like how he sets the edge on running plays, and his pass rushing improved a lot in the spring. Vernon, who had seven tackles for loss as a freshman, has too much talent to keep off the field, a UM official said.

How many defensive ends can play? ``Four for sure and maybe more,'' defensive line coach Rick Petri said. That probably doesn't leave much time for Dyron Dye, barring injuries.

Read more: http://www.miamiherald.com/2010/07/31/1755769/position-battles-are-taking-shape.html?utm_source=bleacherreport.com#ixzz0vSebZJG1


Captain O...guess no Lombardi for Dye this year, huh? I know U said by the time he's done at Miami, so there is still plenty of time time and "next year".



An article with more details about the family and about the guy with seven citations in the past two years that was still on the road.

He should never have been behind the wheel to begin with. His "friend" is just as guilty, even as a passenger, based on this guy's history.


Thanks for posting this. Puts sports in the proper perspective...thoughts and prayers to the family....really tragic!


Man, what a tragedy, this don't make no damn sense at all. The way I look at it, the person/people who gave this kid alcohol are just as reponsible for these deaths as the kid behind the wheel. They need to prosecute this type of crime the same way that they proscute the 10/20/Life gun laws...


CaneRock he will most likely be in Jail the rest of his life. The person who gave him the alcohol can be charged as well but you have to prove that first.


Soup - ******** You have mail ********


canechic.. u think he will get life? im thinking somewhere between 15-30


Philly...with 4 counts of DUI/VMS? Life unless he pleads and gets at least 30-40 years.


anyone hear anything on collier & futch


Running back: Expected starter Damien Berry gained 13 pounds (to 220) to handle a bigger workload. Lamar Miller and Mike James will get regular work, but one UM official said it's a conundrum about how to incorporate Graig Cooper, if healthy. UM prefers to redshirt Storm Johnson, but that isn't definite. Shannon warned not to overlook Lee Chambers.

Read more: http://www.miamiherald.com/2010/07/31/1755769/position-battles-are-taking-shape.html?utm_source=bleacherreport.com#ixzz0vT3V4d7B


Found this piece...
Not sure if it's been posted before but I'm just saying....

By; Scott Sizemore

New York–It seems like it was only yesterday when the Alabama Crimson Tide defeated the Texas Longhorns for the College Football National Championship. That fond memory may very well have to serve SEC fans for the foreseeable future. Especially when you factor in Alabama’s victory was watered down by an injury and first quarter loss of Longhorns Heisman trophy candidate quarterback, Colt McCoy.

The SEC Championship game proved that there’s Alabama, and then the rest. Alabama’s dismantling of the Florida Gators, a team that was overhyped the whole season, if not the last several seasons and benefitted greatly from a historically weak schedule, proved that the SEC is not nearly what many in the media have cranked it up to be. Let’s face it, there’s only so many cupcakes that Florida can schedule. But, based on the lack of team strength in the SEC, Florida’s history of refusing to play tough opponents will continue.

Consider perennial punching bags; Kentucky, South Carolina, Arkansas, Vanderbilt, Mississippi, Mississippi State and as of late Auburn and Tennessee. These teams don’t exactly strike fear in the hearts of college football teams from around the country. Yet, they make up over 65% of the SEC, the very same SEC that many stump for as the be all–end all conference of college football.

For years the SEC has pointed to their self described brutal conference schedules as the reason they shyed away from playing out of conference opponents. That flimsy excuse has worn thin with college football aficionados and some in the SEC has gotten the message, such as Alabama and Georgia who have scheduled tough non-conference foes in recent years. True to form, the lone holdout is Florida who continues to refuse to play highly thought of non-conference opponents, other than…cupcakes!

Many will remember it was Florida who over 25 years ago quit their series with the Miami Hurricanes, an in state, non-conference rival. Since that time the only excuse Florida hasn’t used to not renew the Miami Series is the dog ate their homework.

Making matters even worse is the NCAA investigations into suspected wrongdoing by Florida, Alabama and Georgia. The NCAA has adopted a no nonsense policy and will work through those programs with a fine tooth comb. While Alabama and Georgia should be worrying, Florida’s situation is dire when you factor in the enormous amount of arrests the program has suffered over the last several years with no discernable disciplinary actions taken against the offending players. Many believe there will be sanctions handed down to all three programs, but in Florida’s case, based on the ever growing investigation, they could mirror USC’s…if not even worse!

With the realignment of conferences throughout the country already in full swing, the SEC is in serious trouble and at the very least their self proclaimed title as college football’s best conference rings hollow today.

The bottom line? The SEC has become a one trick pony, with Alabama being their only real power as the others are simply pretenders relying on the SEC’s past reputation for their credibility.


Thanks for the offer for the Pitt game. I'm gonna try and work something out. Finally talked my wife into going and might pull out something last minute. If not, I think we are going to the Virginia game also. Still might go to the Pitt game but funds are low from the big move right now, plus we got two little girls to find a babysitter for with no family around. That takes time.



Today is "D-Day" for my son..finds out if he made the team. so excited!!..Is it really only a month away from canes football?


New Manny:



Manny interviews MNWHS WR and UM commit Eli Rogers:



Manny interviews MNWHS QB Teddy Bridgewater:



UMike - good luck


Hershey I understand, the move must of made a big dent in the wallet. Let me know what you decide to do when you so if need be, we can figure something out for a car pool. I hope you can make it

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