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August 15, 2010



So my boy Udonis Hasleem gets pulled over for dark tint and then police proceed to search his vehicle not once, or twice but three times before finally finding marijuana. Also police found less than 20 grams on him, wow..Whoopdie freakin doo, our taxes at work ladies and gentlemen. Udonis is so dangerous that he would have raided the 711 later that night in effort to buy out all the Doritos and Snicker bars.. Please again if anyone knows there rights they will tell U that if a officer conducts a search with a K-9 and the dog does not find anything the first time around, there is no plausible explanation for the cops to continue to harass him if the dog failed to pick up a scent the first time. What a waste of money.... Also a sign of racial profiling..... Dark tint, nice car, rims = black/hispanic decent and possible drug dealer...That is what they believe....

Posted by: elliott | August 16, 2010 at 09:51 PM
This gives new meaning to the phrase....your working like a dog... budda bing.


Does this explain it?

Haslem then attended the University of Florida, majoring in leisure service management. A starting center for four years, he was part of the Billy Donovan recruiting class that put Florida Gators basketball on the map, coming in with another NBA player, Mike Miller.


hey all its been a while but i read everyday or try to aleast. can anyone tell if Jeremy Davis is going to prep school or what his situation is ?


Just 1 hour to go and the following Miami players have still yet to sign:

Christian Yellich
Nick Castellanos
Yordy Cabrera
Chris Hernandez

Yasmani Grandall signed w/ the Reds for a Big League deal worth $2.99mm. Thats the first Big League contract of the draft. Congrats to Yasmani!

Also hearing that the deal for Chris Hernandez was premature to the Red Sox. Hearing that some things are going to have to change for him to sign tonight. Could he be back next year? I would be shocked if Hernandez is anchoring the Miami rotation come February.


Wow Soup, that was a low blow, don't you know that this is a field of academic instruction? I copied the following from a university on line.

Leisure Services Management begins by presenting a firm foundation of competency-based management theory. Students will learn what management is, what the manager’s role is, and how their work affects their agency and their customers. They will also explore specific management areas such as marketing, financial management, human resources, employee development, communication, and evaluation. Throughout the text students will be encouraged to apply their own experiences to the concepts being discussed to deepen their understanding of the profession.

It takes alot of study for a manager to tell folks, go play and let me know if you need a key for anything, LOL.

Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer

^^^^Preseason Giants vs Jets^^^^^^^^^^

Eli got nailed and cut on forehead.

Posted by: HersheyCane | August 16, 2010 at 09:17 PM

Capt he was hit so hard by a Jet defender, that his head hit the helmet of another Jet defender and a huge gash ensued causing lots of blood. Right there on live TV and it is just preseason.

Posted by: canechic | August 16, 2010 at 09:29 PM



Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer

hey all its been a while but i read everyday or try to aleast. can anyone tell if Jeremy Davis is going to prep school or what his situation is ?

Posted by: countrycane | August 16, 2010 at 11:02 PM


Yes, he's going prep. I think Milford but don't quote me.


Yordy Cabrera signed w/ Oakland for a signing bonus of $1.25mm. And then there were 3...Yelich, Castallanos and Hernandez.


Ne word if Kyle Parker signed today since it was last day for that?


Umike.. u ever see my post about my nephew in his first yr of football?


Ne word if Kyle Parker signed today since it was last day for that?

Posted by: PhillyCane | August 16, 2010 at 11:36 PM

Kyle Parker has still not signed. He is one of 13 first rd draft picks, including #1 pick Bryce Harper, who have not signed. Crazy number left w/ only 15 minutes left until the deadline.


I don't think it matters for us. Any deal for Parker had a stipulation that he could play college football in 2010. The current offer was 2.5 million which he has turned down. Only if the Rockies offered like 5 million and no football would this matter. But Parker loves football. We will have to see how this shakes out but I don't see it happening.


I'm surprised no one mentioned Antrel Rolle's INT early in the game. It looked like he scored but they spotted poorly. The U representing tonight.


And then there were none. All players that were going to Miami have signed MLB contracts. Going to be a rough year next year.

And for what its worth, Kyle Parker signed w/ the Rockies for $1.4mm. Not sure if they will let him play football or not.


thanks captain


And how screwed is LSU. They lost out on Zach Lee, a 4 star QB who was supposed to be their next big QB, and he said before the draft he was going to honor his scholarship to LSU and not sign. Well the Dodgers signed him for $5mm. Money talks baby!



I meant to tell you I have really enjoyed your insight on a lot of your recent football posts, good fair evaluations you have been bringing.


From the Rockies blog

As originally reported by Jim Callis of Baseball America, the Rockies have come to terms with their first overall selection of the MLB draft, signing Kyle Parker to a $1.4 million dollar contract near Monday night's deadline. Troy Renck tweets that the deal does allow Parker to continue to play football and the Rockies may have to let him try to juggle both sports for a season or two.

Earlier in the afternoon, it was also announced that the Rockies signed supplemental first round pick Peter Tago for $985,000.


It looks like the Rockies will let Parker play football after all. Talk about a sweet deal for that kid, play football for another season and then head to spring training all the while this is going on, while he is in college, he gets to know he is $1.4mm richer. I wonder how many chicks the guy can get w/ that going on? And you would think that would violate some sort of NCAA laws or something.


hey solar isnt that against ncaa rules if kyle parker signs and still plays football


hey solar isnt that against ncaa rules if kyle parker signs and still plays football

Posted by: countrycane | August 17, 2010 at 12:40 AM

No, as long as he does not take a dime until he leaves college he is fine. Seems a little fishy but thats how it is.


i c said the blind cat.


Tar Hell about to boil over

UNC hires former NCAA attorney to advise on investigation

Questions still loom for Heels football program

The University of North Carolina has hired a lawyer who used to work for the NCAA to advise the school while the NCAA investigates the Tar Heels football program.

Rick Evrard, a lawyer with Bond, Schoeneck & King in Overland Park, Kan., spent seven years on the NCAA staff, first as an enforcement representative and later as director of legislative services.

UNC athletic director Dick Baddour said Friday the school is using Evrard as a consultant. NCAA investigators have been to campus twice in the past six weeks in a probe of possible improprieties between football players and sports agents.

Kevin Best, the spokesman for UNC's football team, said Evrard was first contacted June 24 and is being paid out of the UNC-Chapel Hill Foundation Fund, which is set aside to assist the school's office of legal counsel when it needs outside support. Best said that to this point, the bill for Evrard's services has been less than $1,000.

Baddour said he still has complete faith in assistant athletic director for compliance Amy Herman and university legal counsel Leslie Strohm.

"This is just something that we felt like, 'Let's don't leave any stone unturned,'" Baddour. "Let's don't look back on this and wish we had done something in a different way. (Evrard is) somebody who has experience going through this who can bring knowledge about what other schools have done, what's been helpful in the past, what's not been helpful, and help us know what to expect at each turn."

Evrard sometimes helps schools conduct their own independent investigations - Connecticut and Kansas are among the schools Evrard has advised - but Baddour said he won't do that for North Carolina. Although Evrard has visited Chapel Hill during this process, he won't conduct any interviews, Baddour said.

"Leslie Strohm and I talked about it for some time, and we thought that would be a good thing for us to do," Baddour said. "We felt like it could be helpful. Other schools who had used similar kind of counsel have commented that it was helpful to them."

Information provided Friday by UNC in response to a public records request also revealed that the NCAA asked at least one party who's being investigated to provide printouts of all text messages for the past year. The NCAA also asked for bank records, including check images, deposit slips, counter deposit records, and wire transfer records for checking and savings accounts for the past year.

Also, an interview schedule for the NCAA investigators' second trip to Chapel Hill earlier this month showed that investigators spent three days conducting interviews at the school. The names of those who were interviewed were redacted from the documents, and it was not possible to determine how many persons were interviewed.

The NCAA conducted initial interviews on campus on July 12 and 13 and returned to campus for those three days last week.

Although it's unclear how many players have talked to the NCAA during the probe, senior wide receiver Greg Little's father has said Little was interviewed. Sources also have told The News & Observer that senior defensive tackle Marvin Austin also was interviewed.

Earlier in the week, former North Carolina defensive tackle Cam Thomas said that former Tar Heels teammate Kentwan Balmer paid for Thomas and Austin to travel to California to train in summer 2009 at the Proactive Sports Performance facility in Westlake Village, Calif.

Balmer is now with the San Francisco 49ers but has been absent from training camp since Monday because of publicly undisclosed personal reasons.

If the NCAA rules that Balmer provided impermissible benefits to Austin and Thomas, there's a chance the players would have been ineligible when they played in 2009, and the NCAA could force the Tar Heels to erase the results of the season from their record books.


Virginia Tech Hokies Football Preview 2010
Aug 13, 2010 Jon Matsune

The Virginia Tech Hokies haven't experienced a losing football season since 1992, and there's little reason to believe that will change this year.

The bigger question appears to be how much the Hokies will win. They've made 17 consecutive bowl appearances, recorded six consecutive 10-win seasons and managed double-digit victories in 11 of the past 15 years.

Virginia Tech seems primed to reel off more victories in 2010, which will mark Frank Beamer's 24th season as head coach. Ryan Williams returns to the backfield after rushing for a school-record 1,655 yards and scoring an Atlantic Coast Conference-record 21 touchdowns last season.

And one can't forget Darren Evans. He ran for 1,265 yards and 11 TDs as a freshman in 2008, but missed all of last season with a torn ACL. Evans is healthy again, and he and Williams should form one of the nation's most potent running back tandems.

Ads by Google
College Drinkware Leading supplier of licensed Collegiate Beer Mugs www.collegedrinkware.comHow To Get Recruited Reach over 22,000 College Coaches Sign Up Now ! Get Recruited. www.recruitmenow.orgThe Hokies also return Tyrod Taylor for his fourth season at quarterback, and boast experience at wide receiver and on the offensive line. So the Tech offense should be at least as effective as last season, when it averaged 31.85 points per game. But the Hokies lost eight starters from a magnificent 2009 defense, which allowed only 15.6 points per contest.

It remains to be seen whether Tech can improve on last year's 10-3 campaign. reclaim the ACC championships or perhaps even contend for a national title. It could all depend on how quickly coordinator Bud Foster rebuilds the defense.

There's not a lot of time for indecision. Tech, which is ranked No. 6 in the USA Today preseason coaches' poll, opens its season Sept. 6 vs. No. 5 Boise State at Landover, Md.

The Virginia Tech Schedule
The Labor Day showdown vs. Boise State just might be the most difficult test Virginia Tech faces all season. Despite its status as a "mid-major," Boise went undefeated in 2009 and took down strong teams from Oregon and TCU.

Read on
Virginia Tech vs. Georgia Tech Football 2009
College Football Roundup Week 4: Upsets Continue
NCAA Football Week 4 Preview
But there'll be plenty of other tough tests on a slate that includes seven bowl teams from 2009. The non-conference slate also includes Central Michigan (12-2 last year) and East Carolina (9-4). Among those on the ACC schedule are Boston College (8-5), defending champ Georgia Tech (11-3), North Carolina (8-5) and Miami (9-4).

Other opponents will be NCAA Football Championship Subdivision member James Madison (6-5), Wake North Carolina State (5-7), Wake Forest (5-7), Duke (5-7) and Virginia (3-9).

The Virginia Tech Offense
One dilemma facing Beamer is how to distribute carries between the 5-foot-10, 210-pound Williams and the 6-0, 225-pound Evans. Plus, the 6-1, 215-pound Taylor can scoot pretty well, too. He ran for 370 yards and five touchdowns last season.

Taylor, though, is emerging into quite the passer. In 2009, he threw for 2,311 yards and 13 TDs with five interceptions. His average of 16.99 yards per completion ranked among the nation's best. And Taylor has his top three targets back in Jarrett Boykin, Danny Coale and Dyrell Roberts. Boykin had 40 catches, for 835 yards and five touchdowns last season, and Coale also averaged more than 20 yards per catch.

Tech lost a pair of good linemen in Ed Wang in Sergio Render, but starters Beau Warren, Jaymes Brooks and Blake DeChristopher return, as does 6-5, 270-pound tight end Andre Smith. Other key players looking to make an impact include receiver Marcus Davis, fullbacks Kenny Younger and Josh Oglesby, and linemen Nick Becton and Greg Nosal.

And then there's quarterback Logan Thomas — the athletic 6-6, 240-pound redshirt freshman who was the prize of the Hokies' 2009 recruiting class. If he doesn't get on to the field as a QB, he could do so as a receiver. Coming out of high school, he was projected as a five-star tight end by Scout.com.

The Virginia Tech Defense
Foster will have to replace several standouts, including safety Kam Chancellor, whip linebacker Cody Grimm, and defensive ends Jason Worilds and Nekos Brown. To make matters more difficult, linebacker Barquell Rivers — the team's top returning tackler — suffered a ruptured quadriceps in March and might not be ready for the season opener.

Permanently gone is Jake Johnson, who started eight games as an inside linebacker last season. Beaten out for his starting spot, Johnson had planned a move to defensive end. He instead opted to transfer to South Alabama.

But Lyndell Gibson is back, and he'll be joined at linebacker by the likes of Jeron Gouveia-Winslow, Bruce Taylor and Alonzo Tweedy. Cornerback Rashad Carmichael, coming off a six-interception season, will lead a group of DBs that also includes Jayron Hosley, Davon Morgan, Eddie Whitley, Cris HIll, Antoine Exum and freshman Theron Norman.

Competition will be fierce for playing time on the line, where tackle John Graves is the only returning starter. Antoine Hopkins and Kwamain Battle could step in alongside him, while Steven Friday, James Gayloe, J.R. Collins and Chris Drager are candidates at defensive end. Tech's too-rated 2010 defensive recruit, Zack McCray, is also a possibility if he doesn't redshirt.

The Virginia Tech Special Teams
The Hokies lost a pair of all-ACC performers in punter Brett Bowden and placekicker Matt Waldron. Brian Saunders is the heavy favorite to replace Bowden. The battle for Waldron's job has been far less decisive. Those in the running include senior Chris Hazley, junior Justin Myer and redshirt freshman Cody Journell. Myer handled kickoff duties in 2009.

The return game should be in fine hands with Roberts and Hosley., Roberts ranked fourth nationally in kickoff returns with a 31.9 yard average. Hosley was 23rd in punt returns, averaging 11.2 yards. Another factor could be sophomore running back David Wilson, who managed a 19.1 average on 17 kickoff runbacks.


Clemson Sports Radio practice report

Clemson Monday practice report
by Phil Kornblut on August 16, 2010

in Clemson Tigers,college football

Clemson will hold two practices on Monday, the last two-a-day practice schedule of the preseason. Dabo Swinney’s team worked for two hours and 15 minutes in the morning in full gear and is scheduled to work for two hours this evening in helmets and shorts.

Monday will be an active day for Clemson quarterback Kyle Parker. Monday at midnight is the deadline for Parker to sign a contract with the Colorado Rockies. Parker was a first-round selection of the Rockies back in June. The deadline for all college players to sign with a Major League team is Monday night.

Parker completed the morning practice, then left to be with his family in Augusta, GA to work out the contract with the Rockies. Parker will miss Monday night’s practice and Tuesday morning’s scrimmage with Swinney’s permission. “This is a very important decision for Kyle and he has a lot of things to work out, so he has the rest of today and Tuesday off,” said Swinney. “I told him he could take all of Monday off, but he wanted to be here for this morning practice.

“He has done a great job focusing on football since he came back to school. He had a great scrimmage on Saturday. I know he is looking forward to getting this contract settled. We won’t have practice Wednesday because it is the first day of school so we will see him Thursday.”

Continue for post practice audo

Swinney was asked about the kicking situation on Monday after the morning practice. “I would say the kicking situation is cloudy at the moment. If we played today the kicker would be Chandler Cantanzaro, a red-shirt freshman from Greenville, SC. He has made 94 percent of his field goal attempts inside the 40 so far in the preseason, the best of our three kickers.”

Starting defensive end Da’Quan Bowers was not at Monday morning’s practice, but is scheduled to return to practice for the Monday evening practice. Bowers has missed the last week due to the sudden death of his father, Dennis Bowers, a week ago Sunday.

Five players were in yellow jerseys on Monday due to injury. Those players were DeAndre Hopkins (shoulder), Rennie Moore (thigh), D.J. Howard (ankle), Ben Ramsey (ankle) and Xavier Brewer (hamstring). Freshman linebacker Justin Parker missed will miss both practices on Monday as he returned home to be with his mother, who is ill.

Swinney also announced to the team after practice that two walk-ons would be granted scholarships for this fall. Those players are running back Daniel Barnes, a native of Charleston, West Virginia, who already has his undergraduate degree and will begin graduate school in the fall, and Brock Henderson, a senior linebacker from Grenville, SC and Wade Hampton High School.


Do these kids even have an English class from Kindergarten through High School?

From the JaJuan Story article:

Story, 18, texted Edward Aschoff of the Gainesville Sun on Monday that he was trying to break up a fight that involved the mother of his brother's child and three other women.

"When I turned around, her and a woman and her two daughters was about to fight," Story said in a text message. "So I came over because there was knives and I took a box cutter from my brother's (girlfriend), but one of the other girls had two knives. I tried to tell her to leave but she wasn't listening."

He sounds like a damn 5 year old little hillbilly

- "Her and a woman and her two daughters was about to fight"

- "So I came over because there was knives"

Don't tell me you can't read those 2 sentences without having the voice of Jethro Clampett saying them in your head

I'd actually like to see the text that JuJuan sent Edward Aschoff and how it looked

What would be the over/under on misspellings of the following:

- Daughters (dahters)
- Because (becuz .. or .. bekawz)
- Knives (nives)
- Box cutter (box kutter)
- Listening (lisning)

It's also not a racial thing, so no one better even think of going there











^^^^^^Sorry rented fingers^^^^^



New U


Stupid Gator alum tricks-


rise n shine

it's 5 am somewhere ?



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