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August 31, 2010







nope lol


UMike...so close, yet so far! Are U in or are U out for Clemson???


How can I get a Canespace T-shirt? I would love to wear it proudly in Death Valley later this year!! Go Canes!!!

Posted by: Bad Bart | August 31, 2010 at 02:37 PM

Write a UM vs OSU preview for the blog for next week and I will hook U up. ;-)



Streeter score his first TD

Two or more non-offensive TD's

Ray-Ray with a 500 mega-ton bomb of a hit

No. Big. Hits. On. Jacory. (Or none at all)

At least 50 pts. from us, and no more than 13 from them.


#6 ESPN 3 isnt slow as shit...

I know special teams has been working hard on blocking punts this year, lets get a block!

conch salad

A dozen or so pancake blocks for our OL is on my wish list...

conch salad

And at least 1 TD on D and 1 on special teams

Sarasota 'cane

What time is everyone headed over to hotel for the pool party? Should I bring fire extinguishers for my grand entrance? Will there be some chicks there?



At least 40k in the stands.

No d!ck-head FAMU guys throwing up the U when they make their little plays

No cartoons cut into J12's hair (shows he's all biz')


1. Lamar Miller kickoff return for a TD.

2. DVD man up and get a pick six.

3. No sacks by the OL and no INTs by J12.

4. Jacory and the Jets play one half, score 35, and then let Berry and James bust 'em up in the middle in the second half behind an impressive showing by the OL with AJ Highsmith and Miracle Whip Jr. at the helm.

5. Seantrel play two series late in the second half and bury a FAMU DL into the dirt infield at Sun Life.


My short list:

1 - At least 1 defensive TD. Preferably from an INT, as we need to start the year out quick with some INT's.

2 - Big hits/plays from safties Ray Ray and Telemaque.


4 - NO INJURIES!!!!!

5 - 50+ points for us, to 10 or less from FAMU


OL! He needs to fight his inner Rex Grossman

Posted by: CGNC | August 31, 2010 at 12:42 PM

LOL No doubt sista!!

Solar I am hoping the 360 feed holds up when all the freaks jump on to watch the game on Thursday.

My fingers are crossed.

Something will get smashed if they haven't straightened their shyte out.



At least 40k in the stands.

Posted by: Hurri' | August 31, 2010 at 03:35 PM

They will be there, but as is typical in Miami, especially for a Thursday night game, they will be LATE showing up.

Ask Canechic, she'll tell U all about it! LOL


UMIke...nice work on the article! Hope the minor tweaks are cool?

the "U" is America's team

A few long bombs from Jascory to show that the thumb is fine.


SOUP..i need the minor tweaks..I usually rush to write the article to fit it into my crazy schedule lol


Date: Thurs, Sept. 2, 2010
Location: Sun Life Stadium (Natural Grass), (74,916) in Miami Gardens, Fla.
Kickoff: 7:30 p.m. (ET)
Webcast: ESPN3.COM
Tape Delay Telecast: CSS
Local Radio: 560 WQAM, 1450 ESPN Deportes
560 WQAM
Joe Zagacki (play-by-play)
Don Bailey Jr. (color analyst)
Josh Darrow (sideline)
Fans can also listen online at www.wqam.com

1450 ESPN Deportes En Español
Joe Pujala (play-by-play)
Joe Martinez (color analyst)

Miami (www.hurricanesports.com)
Florida A&M (www.famurattlersports.com)

- Miami leads the all-time series with Florida A&M, 7-1.
- The Hurricanes defeated the Rattlers, 48-16, last season and have combined to out-score FAMU, 355-to-49, dating back to 1980.
- This will be the ninth overall meeting and second meeting between the two schools at Sun Life Stadium. The first meeting between UM and FAMU came in 1979 in Tallahassee before the next six were played at the Orange Bowl from 1980 to 2006.

- Give Randy Shannon a 4-0 record in season-openers as a head coach.
- Give Miami its 14th straight home win against a non-conference opponent.
- Give Miami its 12th win in its last 13 home openers dating back to 1998.


A-freaken-men! Love to see all of those things happen, especially sitting the starters for a half.


"Coaches who can outline plays on a blackboard are a dime a dozen. The ones who win get inside their players and motivate." -- Vince Lombardi
Food for thought


1. 7 sacks
2. over 200 rushing
3. cause at least 3 turnovers
4. A chance to see Lamar in the open field



- Miami is 12-3 all-time in Sun Life Stadium, going 3-0 in bowl games, 4-2 in 2008 and 5-1 last season.

- The `Canes won the 1996 Carquest Bowl over Virginia, the 1998 Micron PC Bowl over NC State and the 2003 Orange Bowl over FSU before beating Charleston Southern, UCF, Wake Forest and Virginia Tech in the team's inaugural season at its new stadium in 2008.

- Last year, the `Canes knocked off a pair of nationally-ranked teams in No. 14 Georgia Tech and No. 8 Oklahoma before beating FAMU, losing in overtime to Clemson and eventually cruising past Virginia and Duke to close out the home slate.


UM student newspaper view:



"Solar I am hoping the 360 feed holds up when all the freaks jump on to watch the game on Thursday"

Me too Canez1

I'm thinking half the Miami fans don't get
ESPN3 so that drops that number down to the bars that are broadcasting it.

Half the people that do get ESPN3 will probably be watching something else or not at all. Maybe dropping the number even more.

Rusty98UM will have all the high lites up in HD by midnight anyway lol!



Didn't Berry have a 50 yard run against these same FAMUs last time?

He ended up with like 160+ yds as the 4th string running back.

1. The Rattlers don't score first this time

2. The Rattlers don't run for 3 TDs all longer than 20yds this time.

3. We convert better than 4-13 3ed downs this time

4. The two Rattler receivers don't average 18.00 yds per catch this time.

5. Nobody on either team gets injured.


I see you can share ESPN3 on your Facebook page.
I don't have a Facebook page.

Does that mean you click the Facebook icon and somehow sream the game on your Facebook page to everyone?
I got no idea,
I'm just getting the hang of email for cripzake


solar..he may have..but i do not remember a long 50+ td run from anyone. The last one that comes to mind was Cooper against Texas A&M, and idk if that was even 50 yards. I meant..I want to see a rb get to into the second phase of the D and hit that extra gear where noone can catch him


It's almost here people....Is it soooo baaaaddddd that I am blinded by the Orange and Green? I LOVE THE U!

By the way, since living up here in Hershey PA, I've noticed that the PSU cult following really has a lot of respect for our program now!

Thank you RANDY!




orange on one side, green on the other side..orange on one side, green on the other side..orange on one side, green on the other side....


Playing these guys first game I think we see a couple real long runs.
Whipple might keep it vanilla and the running backs just dominate the game.


"PSU cult following really has a lot of respect for our program now!"

I know what you are saying, when I moved here I was amazed at how many U of Georgia fans respect the U


solar..I agree...nothing fancy this game..no way whipple shows his hand to OSU..pound, pound with berry and james and Mille and Storm break off long runs. A couple bombs maybe..but very vanilla


Ask Canechic, she'll tell U all about it! LOL

Posted by: SOUP | August 31, 2010 at 03:47 PM

Ouch...thats going to leave a mark.



Did you vault my blocked punt scoop for a TD this year?

Still no one has answered the last time we did it...

I just find it funny that I posted this a few blogs ago then I find this:

PUNT BLOCKS A FOCUS: Special teams Jedi master Matt Bosher said one thing the Canes have focused intently on during this fall has been blocking punts. 

"It's been a big focus by the coaching staff," Bosher said. "They want to make sure we get more punt blocks as a team. We're trying to change the game, flip the field around and if we can block a punt and give our offense great field position or even scoop and score, it's a great game changer. We really have a lot of the athletes to get it taken care of. The schemes are really coming along and giving us a chance to go out there and go after the ball."


Leaving the 727 Thursday at 11am to scoop the RV for FAMU! Holy moley! Are we really this close to kickoff? My skeleton wants to jump out my skin I'm so dang excited.


This team is loaded ... what can i say?... i want to see the fire works.. hear the cannon go off all game long... see the acrobatic catches .. check out the U dancers... hear ... we are going to rock you all game long..


Twist the cap & let the tailgate begin!!
Go Canes


Depth Chart Released…


Don’t make a big deal out of this depth chart. Its ALWAYS subject to change.


what i want to see.
1.at least 5 rum and cokes before 7 pm
2.bbq wings and penn dutch fresh sausage
3.famu tailgaters do at least 4 electric slides in the parking lot
4.cant wait to see the clay infield on your football field.smh....

orange 'n green in the vein

"I know what you are saying, when I moved here I was amazed at how many U of Georgia fans respect the U

Posted by: solarcane | August 31, 2010 at 05:11 PM"

The enemy of my enemy . . .

francis w


Joe Paquette Jr. walked 400 miles from his home in Michigan's Upper Peninsula to Detroit for one reason. He is a die-hard fan of the Detroit Lions. And he wanted the team to know it.

Paquette arrived at team headquarters Wednesday and was greeted by coach Jim Schwartz, quarterback Matthew Stafford and other players.
Paquette, 63, said he started his trek from Munising Aug. 8. He walked as much as 32 miles a day during the two-week journey he hopes inspires the team
Read more: http://www.post-gazette.com/


….Shannon said this is the best vibe he’s had coming out of fall practice in his four seasons. “It’s a different team,” Shannon said. “We’re a bigger team, a faster team and we’re so much more competitive now because we have so much [depth]. It’s almost like my first two years (2001-02) as a coordinator – have fun, no distractions, just coach. That’s what it’s like now.”


Depth chart:


Boss Man says yoUr Canes are gonna' have a bery, bery special season. Then, yoUr H Urricanes are going to have a bery, bery sensational season. EnoUgh said!


Leaving the 727 Thursday at 11am to scoop the RV for FAMU! Holy moley! Are we really this close to kickoff? My skeleton wants to jump out my skin I'm so dang excited.

Posted by: 360Cane | August 31, 2010 at 05:32 PM

See U there!


I figUres Coach Shannon is the type of personality that likes to keep his ' cards ' close to his chest.

So, when he exUdes mega confidence aboUt the forth coming season, U'all Cane rowdies can, now, sleep comfortably. LOL

11-1 regular campaign, and a A.C.C. championhsip, then off to the Grand Canyon state.


Only question I have is: Cooper #1 at returning punts???


3.famu tailgaters do at least 4 electric slides in the parking lot

Posted by: canezilla | August 31, 2010 at 06:10 PM

Best part of all. Except for the band at halftime. Yeah that's #1.


When is the tape delay telecast?


@BFeldmanESPN RT @sgorten: Seantrel Henderson, nation's No. 1 recruit, 3rd team RT behind starter Joel Figueroa & Jermaine Johnson on UM depth chart. 9 minutes ago

@schadjoe RT @sgorten: Seantrel Henderson, nation's No. 1 recruit, 3rd team RT 12 minutes ago


Man these ESPN guys are more obsessed with SH than we are!!

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