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August 19, 2010







I'll post the list from the Spring in a minute...anyone who picked Wesley or The Hamburglar can make new picks.


Chase Ford offense

Umike's kid defense

"If these picks actually play out, the blogger who picked them look like absolute geniuses."

You see Volunteer and Titan scouts hanging around Soddy Daisy in a lil while you remember who brought you Henry Hogshead.


You see Volunteer and Titan scouts hanging around Soddy Daisy in a lil while you remember who brought you Henry Hogshead.

Posted by: solarcane | August 19, 2010 at 07:02 PM



Lamar Miller (Miami Killian Cougar)

Vaughn Telemaque (baseball fan)


Just back from the 941, home of my 2009 LOF pick Sam "Lambeau Leap" Shields.

Long week. BTW when I was in Fort Myers on Wednesday I saw on the news that Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU) wants to go D-I and start a football program.

I went to see UM play them in baseball this year over in Fort Myers. I'll dig it up.

Posted by: 86Cane | August 19, 2010 at 05:25 PM

CGNC...look what I found (Solar do NOT click on theis link!):


Posted by: 86Cane | August 19, 2010 at 05:37 PM

C-Mac looking like a hunk while hanging out with mini-CGNC (For DZ8):


Posted by: 86Cane | August 19, 2010 at 05:39 PM


Offense - AJ

Defense - Ray Ray


Just on time Emory pokes his head out to be counted? I like it!


Of course when I write this thing, the new blog gets put up:

Dang! All you guys had nice stories. Ok, my turn!!!

It was 1985, and my dad walks in my room at 6am to wake me up for a photo shoot for the local paper. I was like, "WTH?" I walk downstairs and see Dave Wannstedt sitting in our living room (as the story really goes...they say he actually slept in his car in our driveway to make sure he signed my brother). My dad says, "Your brother has decided to join the University of Miami."

The reason he chose the Canes is because my dad was stationed at Wright Paterson Airforce Base in Dayton, OH. My brother, 6'7", played DE, and was going to HS at Wayne in Huber Heights, OH (where Braxton Miller is currently playing). Both my folks are originally from Polk County (Moms went to Bartow HS and Pops went to Ft. Meade HS), and my dad was about to retire that summer after 22 years in the Army. We moved back to Florida, and my brother wanted to be close enough for us to come see him play.

A side note: We actually watched the 1985 Super Bowl (Da Bears!) with Howard Schnellenberger while we were at Louisville for a recruiting trip. I am not sure if JJ or HS tipped each other off about my brother. This was before Rivals, Scout, internet, etc. Just in case for you youngins.

My brother roomed with Mike Sullivan and The C.H.U.D. (Rob Chudzinski). Russell Maryland use to come to their room all the time. Practically lived there from what my brother tells me.

He only gave it one year though, and transferred to USF to play rugby where he met his wife (she played on the women's rugby team). Football to rugby, go figure! As of today, I know he doesn't regret it, but I bet he sure as heck wish he had that ring they got the next year and in '89.

My most memorable moment as a Cane is hard to say. I have tons!

Here is a funny one. I was only 10 years old when we flew out to the Fiesta Bowl. I think we were at some luncheon or something. My dad was talking to Jim Kelly. He went to introduce me, and said this is the guy we were watching on TV the other night. I went and hid. I was a little shy then. LOL

P.S. If you watch The U documentary, and see when they show the shot of the 1986 team, my brother is first row, two or three dudes to the right of Vinny wearing #60. Yup, he's a part of the fatigues!


Posted by: 360Cane | August 19, 2010 at 07:27 PM


Milford prep just released their roster and although Jeremy Davis is listed, Tavadis Glenn is not. Any ideas if he still plans to enroll?


It was also interesting to note that Oscar Diaz the kicker from BTW is on the roster as well. Do you think there is any chance that he enrolls at the U next year?

Does anyone know if David Perry officially made it in? I can't seem to find him on any posted roster.


No news on Perry or Glenn. I'll ask Manny.


I have no idea if ive already selected for the legends this year so if not here we go

Defense: Dyron Dye
Offense: Orlando Franklin




...and in this corner is the REIGNING and DEFENDING LOF CHAMPION CANESPACE..lol


Give me...the offensive line and Ojomo.
Can I do that Soup?


lol...damn I forgot the "OF"...OF CANESPACE

dj moonbat

Chase Ford


Contact has been made with "The New Guy".

He is a GOOD guy.

Stay tuned...


offense-me slammin back the captain morgans at the tailgate
defense-my wife driving us home after the game


offense-me slammin back the captain morgans at the tailgate
defense-my wife driving us home after the game

Posted by: canezilla | August 19, 2010 at 08:25 PM



Offence: D. Berry
Defence: K. Robinson

Philly...im not sure honestly...I just work with him, work with him and work with him...I tell him I love him and im only hard on him because I know he can be good. He is the smallest on his team, so i tell him he has to outwork the other guys every day. I think confidence will come the more he plays, the more he gets involved the better his confidence will be. Just always have praise for him..even after you give him an ear full lol


Offense - Benjamin


Meet our new MLB...

Olivier Vernon is "so athletic" and "so explosive" that he could play a lot of positions, including linebacker and his current defensive end. Shannon said he sometimes takes chances that likely get coaches nervous, but often work out because he's such a good athlete.

Read more: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/umiami/2010/08/randy-shannon-talks-about-scrimmage-no-2.html


Offense - Thearon Collier
Defense - Steven Wesley

Oh, wait.

Offense - Pat Hill (he just deserves a shout out)
Defense - Vaughn Telemaque (he had the worst shades and outfit for an announcement ever and has to make up for that noise on the field)


BEER...good move!


My son played tonight...he got smashed lol..I got a video clip..but he got right back up lol


Heres my son blocking a little on the OLB...he is #19, the tiny slot WR



Here is another video..#19..same slot wr position...but when ge goes to make the block the FB actually smashes him..then the whole pile ends up on top of him lol..but he shook it off,,,



Hopefully no one shines but the whole team gets us to ACC title game, then I will be happy :)!!!!!!

GO CANES! Nuff talking let's play ball!



Offense: Hankerson
Defense: C-Mac


Legends of the fall:

SIX - a.k.a miller time - b.k.a take it to da HOUSE!!!



The guys he listed as missing (there might have been more; don’t know) the scrimmage were offensive tackle Joel Figueroa, WR LaRon Byrd, DT Curtis Porter, LB Tyrone Cornelius, CB Brandon McGee, LB Kelvin Cain, CB Ryan Hill. “All of them have nicks. But everybody thinks, ‘Well, they put them in a boot and they’re done.’ You know and I know when you put guys in boots you’re just trying to heal them quicker.”

*LaRon Byrd was walking around last night with a brace and Shannon said the injured guys walked around the Traz Powell Stadium track for a couple miles. Traz Powell was the scrimmage site. He said the next scrimmage will be late in the day instead of night.

* The safety position and second-team linebackers are the areas he’s still looking at extra closely, trying to solidify the exact lineup

* Olivier Vernon is “so athletic” and “so explosive” that he could play a lot of positions, including linebacker and his current defensive end. Shannon said he sometimes takes chances that likely get coaches nervous, but often work out because he’s such a good athlete.

* Fr WR Allen Hurns, who hurt his right hamstring around Scrimmage No. 1 (that info is from me, not Shannon), is a guy Shannon would like to get back into the mix sometime soon.

* WR Tommy Streeter needs to improve his consistency. One play will be a great one; the next not-so-great.

* His young running backs are fast!! But we knew that already.

* DE Andrew Smith, who, according to UM sports information office, had 10 tackles, three sacks and two qb hurries, “is in unbelievable shape.” He said, “This guy is making plays for us.”

* Offensive line is still a battle. He didn’t say why RT Fig sat out last night (Jermaine Johnson played tackle). He didn’t say the line looked bad, he just said it’s important to have a lot of backups who can play.

* He said Jacory is doing well on the field and being more talkative and assertive.

* Bosher still seems to be the guy who will do the kickoffs, at least for now.

* Kickoff coverage and punt coverage teams — Shannon said UM has about 15 guys he feels confident about who are “fast guys, physical guys” and can “make plays in open space.” He said they’re better than last year, and about eight of those guys who weren’t part of those 15 last season because of injuries or they weren’t around.”


your son looks like a kid that played at Miami named Jonathan Harris.

He was real small with a big heart.

He would go to block and get crumpled, but he would come back and catch a tough ball on a crossing route right over the middle 2 plays later.


(there is no way harris was 5'-9")


what did Heather D and Randy talk about today?


Hey Solar:

Remember getting tickets from Burger King for free to go to Canes' games in the '70s? Nothing like the early to mid 70s and the way the OB rocked when the U was facing the likes of Utah State...not. All the years of suffering made the '83 season the best, like the first time.....well, you know the rest.

I loved meeting Jim Kelly for the first time in line at a movie theater. We chatted for a bit and he let my date and me stick with him in the line, or else we probably wouldn't have made it in given the huge line. I think it was to see ET...go figure. He was a pretty down to earth guy, although I have no idea how much he might have changed since @30 yrs. ago. His teams were the beginning of the turnaround, as beating a top 25 team back then was unimaginable and they beat the likes of U Houston, which was big then, before that great win over then #1 Penn State.

Ah, nothing like the feel of college football in the air.


yea it was weird how many free Hurricane tickets you could score in the 70's

There was a grocery store on Sunrise Blvd called Piggly Wiggly, it closed and a record store called Peaches bought the building. This was into the mid 70's.
I bought some albums and got free Cane tickets which I would immediately try and swap 4 for 1 to the current Sportatorium concert lol!


Offense: Benjamin
Defense: Ojomo

The "U" is America's team

my LOF

Offense: B. Washington
Defense: M. Robinson


Offense: A. Johnson
Defense: Ray Ray


Offense: Richard Gordon
Defense: Luther Robinson


Since we are strolling down memory lane a bit, I have been a Canes fan for a long time. I think it all started when I first watched the Mad Stork, Ted Hendricks, dominate a game. I don't remember the opponent, I was probably about 10 or 11 at the time, but I remember Hendricks and I remember the Orange Bowl crowd going wild. That was my first taste of college football, and I have seen alot of great players on defense for the Canes for many years but I am not sure I have ever seen anyone dominate like he did.

Growing up, we were a football family. My brother was a quarterback in Junior High School and High School in Fort Lauderdale. He had this team mate that was a good player, and we all marveled at him. He was a bad dude, nobody messed with him. His name was Rubin Carter. Rubin was recruited by everyone and he chose to stay at home and play for the Canes. Unfortunately, he played for Hurricane teams that were not very good. I was still a fan of Rubin but the Canes weren't a good team.

After Rubin left, well, there just wasn't much hope for the Canes. The schedule was brutal and the coaching suspect at best. Then Miami hired Saban, but he was gone after two years.

What made me a Hurricane fan was the choice of Howard Schnellenberger as coach. He announces this crazy five year plan to win a national championship for a school that had like one winning record in the past decade. He hires Earl Morrall to coach the quarterbacks and unveils the Miami Dolphin offense to college football. He is confident, professional, and he has this wonderful charm about him on tv. He inherits a talented team from Saban (6 NFL players), and then recruits guys like Kosar, Testeverde, Richt, Rodrigue. He had Eddie Brown on his team.

But he did something else that was really needed. Like the Canes, the City of Miami had fallen on hard times. in 1980, the Liberty City riots exposed the friction in the community. The city needed something it could rally around. Howard really begged the community to rally around the Canes. They practically gave away tickets. You could buy a ticket for like 8 dollars, enter through the west end zone and sit in any unused seat in the stadium. And in those days, there were alot of good seats. I usually sat near the students though.

Howard did the boxing commercial with Bowden to hype up the 1980 game, which I think ended 10-9 Miami when Jim Burt deflected a pass at the goal line to seal the win. Miami went on to its first bowl game in like 15 years at the Peach Bowl and won the game. The Canes were ranked in the top twenty. We started to believe in them. The 1981 team was really good, Eddie Brown was awesome that year. Freddie Marion and Ronnie Lippett anchored an excellent defense.

From that point on, I knew I would never love another college team the way I loved my Canes. Its been a helluva ride since. Even though these last few years were tough I consider the previous twenty before it to have been well worth it.

High point was obviously the 1983 Championship, because Howard's dream, and the City of Miami's dream for him, came true. He could have been elected Mayor for life after that game.

Low point was definitely the 1984 season. FSU kicked our butt in the Orange Bowl (38-3), Maryland overcame the 31 point deficit behind Frank Reich, the Flutie game and the loss in the bowl game against UCLA was almost too much too handle. I'll admit that if Canespace existed back then I would have been typing that Jimmy Johnson had to go. Shows you how little I know, lol.


I feel like I'm around the camp fire with you guys. lol


OL and DL are my picks! In order for us to get back to the promise land we have to start kicking azzes with the big uglies on both sides of the ball!


UMike - ah man, I just started laughing first off b/c of what you named the clip on your YouTube

"Dominick #19 Getting Smashed By LB & FB"

That FB just trucked him, didn't even try to move around him. He looked like he just wanted to run into Dominick

What's going on with that little #3 WR? He just kind of jogged out there as soon as the ball was snapped, looked like he didn't even want to go block that defensive player

Your son probably just got more physical in that one play than that little #3 looks like he'll get the entire season


im picking Forston for offense i dont know Glue Hands or Smiley?


O - Storm
D _ Ray Ray


that didnt make sense -#99 and either #5 or #4 for D


UMike, coach your son up on stepping to the inside with that left foot to protect that inside gap first, it's basically a hinge block. To be honest with you, your son shouldn't have even been blocking the OLB on that play, he should've been assigned the safety. Being that that particular play was a half-back counter, the RT should've been blocking the ILB on that side, and the LG should've been pulling and trapped the OLB that your son was assigned to block...


LOF's this year are...

Offense - Tommy Streeter
Defense - Vaughn Telemaque

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