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August 19, 2010




Lot's of coffee this morning ;) LOF I'm stayin with my spring picks
OcalaCane: Berry / Ray Ray or Umike's boy / My son Russell

UMIKE will have some news on my boys football program soon. Lot's of Canes on the MYCFL Cowboys this year including one coach...

I guess a 5.3 second 40 yard dash and hands like Spider man has earned him a spot at starting wide out. at 12 years old he is really improving quickly. This will be a breakout year for him.

Last night he took a kickoff 70 yards to the house in full contact scrimmage.

I feel your pride for your son.


LOF Picks:
Offense: O. Franklin
Defense: M. Regis

I chose to pick the big guys in the trenches because they are the key to the success of the team yet they get very little credit. These are potential high NFL picks some day if they continue to improve the way they have over the spring and summer. The DL is loaded with very talented players, with Ojomo and Vernon being stars in the making.

Colin will move to MLB and start. Cookie will have a great year and he will not only solve the TE coverage issue for the Canes, he will be a star. Nelson will also play, but Futch may have to return to action very slowly from his injury.

At DB, Telemaque is good and Ray Ray will eventually emerge as a star if he starts putting in the work.

My picks last year, Smiley and DVD, will have good years and Smiley may start or split reps with Berry. Spring and fall camp often help build depth, but you never know who is really good until you see them in play in person.

One thing is for certain: The Canes will be more talented across-the-board than any team they face this year. Although I could say the same thing last year, this year the team has more experience, leadership and stability on the coaching staff. The Canes are poised for a BCS run this season.


Posted by: VACane | August 20, 2010 at 10:47 PM

Great story. I hate it when former athletes are too good to sign. F him.


What up spacers. long time no speak. Not sure if this has been posted before but something toget you hyped.


My legends are
offense: Hankerson
defense: Reid


Here is another 2010 hype video posted 2 days ago. Pretty Good stuff.





I felt the same. Here I was, 42 years old, and on the sideline to see my Hurricanes play, watching them warm up, etc...and this guy wont sign....for KIDS!!! He was so pissed off, but I had to give him some grief!!! Those kids all laughed and booed him.

I have seen every UM-VT game at Bburg from the sideline. My dad and had some great ones. I lloked through some pics I took in 1999 when Kenny Kelly was QB, and Mike Vick. I have some more great stories involving Gino, Lamar T. (he was funny) Horace Copeland,...and of course Big Warren Sapp, a quick but nice talk with Ray Ray Lewis....and a disappointing one with Barrow. Will post some more down the road. Thanks for all the great people on here, you all are really great. No matter how my day or life is, I find a great comfor zone here.


White out please!!! I meant my dad and I had some great ones...and looked through pics. College degree and appraisers license and cannot type....damn lefthander!!!


im pretty sure somebody said this. but i knew it was only a matter of time that R.Buchanon started at OLB and Colin Moved to middle...


Thanks jimmy, its good to see you posting and what a way to come back. I literally shed tears watching that video, when ST returned that INT vs. FSU...i lost it (I miss him like I knew him).

That IS without question THE best Cane vid ever! The audio addition of the actual play by play of those moments, put this video over the top for me!

Glad my girl is out of town, she's a licensed therapist and she'd probably be admitting me if she had witnessed my reaction. I'm pumped...I knew I shouldn't have clicked on it, now I have to call this lady (going against my instincts) who's a friend of a friend and says she has a hook up for OSU (she's an alumnus) vs. UM tickets for $90 that includes admission to their "Miami Bash" tailgate party (great price). The catch is that: she needs my credit card # to order the tickets(??), I called the OSU alumni association and ticket office and neither have any idea about this ticket packages existence, AND she can't even tell me where I'll be sitting...WTF!!! I'm thirsty as hell for those tickets, but damn..thats 3 strikes right there! My girl's dad works with the lady and he says she's official. He's a NO nonsense guy, she knows this, and she has to see him everyday if things don't work out (she can't run). I'm torn. I'll get my money back (from her dad himself..he'll feel bad because its his connect or he'll get it from her) if things don't work out. But I'm worried about her needing the card # and not knowing about seating???


Give her your card with the least amount of credit available... worst case scenario.

Ramon "Cookie" Buchanon cause urbanmeyer to break his cell phone when he DE-comited from The Dam gator and RE-comited to us.

Cookie caused urban to break his cell phone...
Cookie caused urban to break his cell phone...

Never get tired of saying that. Just like I'll always be an Orson Charles? fan even if he plays for Georgia cause he "accidentally" broke their nat'l championship trophy on a recruting visit. I was sure he was going to be a Cane... dam that high school coach in Tampa, Plant?


VACane don't ever apologize for typos... or else we all have to start doing it. We don't want a caste system on the Space!


good idea DZ8.


I'm gonna leave only $200 on my debit card and give her that # for 2 tickets.


Good article on the DL by HD of ESPN. The Canes big, fast, deep and talented DL should make it easy for the LBs and DBs to swarm, make tackles and force turnovers on a very stingy D. It all starts in the trenches.



I think I'll stay the same as my Spring LOF picks too.

Berry on O,
Holmes on D. (Longshot, I know... but we NEED Josh to lead strong on the D-line.)

Let's Go Canes!


New picks from the Mandingo:

MNavarro@miamiherald.com writes:

Didn't see that message.

Put me down for Aldarius Johnson / Adewale Ojomo


Oh yeah soup, i'm waiting patiently on the Lacee post. LMAO.

Posted by: The "U" is America's team | August 21, 2010 at 06:53 AM

I haven't forgotten about it, I'm working on it. I have a few pics from the last two years. The old email addy I had for her was at UM but she graduated. Not sure how to make contact again?

Email me at:


If you have the contact info?


Senior placekicker and punter Matt Bosher has been named to the 2010 preseason watch list for the Lou Groza Award, given annually to the nation's top kicker by the Palm Beach County Sports Commission.

Bosher earned first team All-ACC honors as a kicker and second team All-ACC honors as a punter in 2009. He connected on 14-of-16 field goals and ended the season making 12 in a row, which is the second-best streak in school history in a career and in a single-season. He also has made 90 consecutive extra-point attempts, which also is the third-best streak in a career at Miami. He was a semifinalist for the Groza Award as a sophomore in 2008 after going 18-of-20 in field goals and earning second team All-ACC honors.

Bosher has a career success percentage of 88.9 percent in field goals. He enters the 2010 season as the most accurate returning kicker in the nation having made 32-of-36 field goals attempts.

Kickers on the Lou Groza Award Watch List were chosen based on statistics from the 2009 season and 2010 pre-season expectations.

The ACC and SEC have landed 5 kickers each on the list. The Groza Committee will be watching all FBS kickers during the season, and releasing a weekly "Stars of the Week" feature on www.lougrozaaward.com.



Break Time

After a tough, physical practice Saturday morning, the `Canes will grab some lunch and then head to meetings at 2 p.m. before returning to Greentree for another two-hour session in the late afternoon hours. Head coach Randy Shannon said this afternoon's practice will be lighter than the morning session, with more passing drills emphasized.

Offensive Highlights

- Chase Ford caught two long catches of 30-35 yards during 7-on-7 action.

- Jacory Harris connected with Leonard Hankerson on three passing plays resulting in a combined 80-85 yards. Harris also connected with Travis Benjamin on a deep pass late in team drills at the end of the session.

- Damien Berry broke off a number of first down runs, including one up the middle during inside run drills.

- Spencer Whipple's recent success continued Saturday morning, with the junior connecting with Ben Bruneau on a 60-yard touchdown and Aldarius Johnson on a 30-yard play down the left sideline.

- Lamar Miller and Storm Johnson each had a number of receptions out of the backfield, including a screen to Miller that went for about 25 yards.

Defensive Highlights
- Ramon Buchanan had a fumble recovery during inside run drills and later added a tackle for a loss in team work.

- Kacy Rodgers recorded a tackle for a loss and a pass break-up in blitz drills.

- Jeremy Lewis and Olivier Vernon stood out among the defensive linemen. Lewis got into the backfield on a number of occasions and recorded a tackle for a loss while Vernon had a tackle for a loss and a QB pressure.

- Dyron Dye recovered a fumble late in the team session.

- Sean Spence had three tackles and a QB pressure.

- Keion Payne had a pass defended and a tackle.


Allen Bailey hasn't exactly been dominating in practice (from the info we receive). I wonder whose been playing opposite him at RT? Jermaine Johnson? Or could Seantrel possibly be stoning him in practice? If true, this is more good news to me, than bad. O-line needs to step up, but if this was the case, I'm sure we would've heard all about it by now.


Who was that Irvin speech made to?


Ray Ray
Lamar "Cougar" Miller (was TB, but I'm changing it)


Soup thanks for the e mail about the shirt, I am pumped.

Posted by: VACane | August 20, 2010 at 09:59 PM

VACane you are lucky i never got mine from SOUP.


The new reporter Steve Gorten is doing a good job covering the canes so far for the SS. He doesn't sound like a gator even if he graduated from UF.


Cav, OSU vs. USC from last season in the Shoe is on ESPN Classic right now. Lets analyze these pricks.

First observation (and I've said it before): OSU's plays are simple and very predictable. We should take chances and trust are instincts like Chris Galippo just did. He easily read Pryor's eyes, but the important thing was that he trusted what he saw and his feet moved into position quickly, led by his eyes. Our LB's can't just sit flat-footed...let your feet follow your eyes. All they do is quick hitches and slants....jump the route.


2nd observation: Pryor doesn't go thru progressions. Every pass play has an intended target (based on the opposing teams alignment/scheme), based on the defenses formation, a good QB should have an idea of who'll be open before the snap. If Pryor's intended target (almost always Posey, but all other times Sanzenbacher) is taken away or covered, he'll do one of two things: 1) throw it anyway or 2) RUN


Posted by: SOUP | August 20, 2010 at 07:52 PM

Posted by: Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer | August 20, 2010 at 08:33 PM

Thanks a lot... space... i think our best and most consistent connects were when Erickson brought in the spread. We had more receivers with the two yrd separation. And we didnt drop the ball.

I am encouraged when i read about the scrimmages as to how many long runs and pass connections we have. It tells me we are fast. I expect us to be a threat like this in games... teams will probably play two safety zone on us and keep us from scoring on a long ball. I think we still have the speed to get to the open lane and ride it to the end-zone.


He rarely looks for his 2nd WR and never looks for the 3rd.


Soup, you got e mail from me....a great pic for the blog, I'm just saying...and a request about the Clemson game...hit me back when you can...Damn you people are great...wonder why? IT'S A CANE THANG!!!
I love the info you folks provide and contribute.

A tip o da hat to Aqua for the Rohan Marley article..man, it was fantastic. I remember reading it, and after my comment last night, 86 posted it again...I saved it...again...he is my favorite Cane of All time....great job friend!!!

orange 'n green in the vein

Pryor's 3rd receiving option is the tuck and run. They'd rather keep the ball in his hands on the ground than take the risk of maybe completing a pass to the 3rd option in a route to a guy who isn't going to be as dangerous in the open field.

Chris C.


Offense: Harland Gunn
Defense: Josh Holmes


A husband and wife go shopping. The husband puts a 24 pack of Bud Light in the cart. The wife ask, "what are you doing", he said "their on sale of $10"..she says, "we cant afford it put it back". A few isles over the wife put a $20 bottle of face cream in the cart, so the husband says "what are you doing", the wife says "ifs my face cream, it makes me beautiful", so the husband says "so does the bud light, and its half the price" lol....sure you guys heard it before, thought I would share anyway


The Florida A&M University Football Team has been predicted to finish second in the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference, while placing eight on the Preseason All-Conference Team voted on by the Conference Sports Information Directors and Head Coaches, announced today by the MEAC at the annual Football Kickoff Luncheon.

FAMU received 268 points and two first place votes, while defending conference champion South Carolina State was predicted to finish first as they tallied 315 points and 15 first place votes.


Who was the MEAC Player of the Year last year?


Was it the FAMU return guy? lol



if you get in his face,he has no option!!! Bailey and Ojomo got to force the situation...thats what I coach...make a guy do what he really is not good at, or is uncomfortable with!!! By the way, I spoke to Scarface via e mail, told him he had a big fan in Miami!!! LOL we are cool bro....


The new reporter Steve Gorten is doing a good job covering the canes so far for the SS. He doesn't sound like a gator even if he graduated from UF.

Posted by: Montreal-Cane | August 21, 2010 at 04:10 PM

I told him that and invited him over for a chat soon. He said to let him get more comfortable with the team and he would do it. Told him he is blowing Shandel out of the water! Shandel is a good guy but his heart just wasn't in it.


VACane you are lucky i never got mine from SOUP.

Posted by: Montreal-Cane | August 21, 2010 at 04:06 PM

Monty...my bad. Resend your mailing addy and shirt size to:


And I will hook U up!

I am mailing out 8 shirts on Monday (I know, I know, late again) to everyone I emailed Friday. If I owe U a shirt and U did NOT get an email then email me at the addy above with your size and a mailing addy.


Was it the FAMU return guy? lol

Posted by: UMike | August 21, 2010 at 05:22 PM



A tip o da hat to Aqua for the Rohan Marley article...man, it was fantastic. Great job friend!!!

Posted by: VACane | August 21, 2010 at 04:51 PM

Aqua should be poking his head in here any time now. I saw Keoki squeeze through the gates a few days ago so it must be time.


Like the SEC, the Big Ten teams usually play cupcakes OOC. They never get penalized for it so they keep doing it.

Posted by: SJMPARMAN | August 20, 2010 at 10:43 PM

Other than the ' financial windfall,' no wonder why that Herbie CornSUXker football program is going Big Ten.

Because when it comes to playing a ' mighty ' non-conference slate, ala the Miami Hurricanes, that Herbie Cornhusker program rolls with the best of the Big Ten conference members.

For instance, for U'all Cane football rowdies whom respect Nebraska football. Here's their TYPICAL non-conference slate for 2010. A ' monster ' preseason schedule if there ever was one! LOL

WESTERN KENTUCKY, SOUTH DAKOTA ST., IDAHO ST. and recent years WEAK PAC-10 bottom-feeder Washington in scenic Seattle.

By the way, U.S.C. recently played a home-and-away with that Herbie Cornhusker football program, and BYTCHED slapped them around by double digits!

Now, U'all Cane fans Understand why Nebraska perenially plays ' stalwart ' non-conference opponents. LMAO

Moi's LOF nominee's: Forston and Berry.


Is it an ex-Cane? Shawnbrey McNeal?


Florida A&M University senior quarterback Curtis Pulley was announced Wednesday as the 2009 Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference (MEAC) Offensive Player of the Year as voted on by the MEAC head football coaches and sports information directors.

Pulley headed an eight-man contingent of Rattlers named to the 2009 MEAC All-Star Football squad, a contingent which featured four first-team selections and four-second team picks.

The Rattler quarterback led the MEAC in total offense with 2,705 yards and ranked third in rushing and passing. He completed 60-percent of his passes (137-of-226) with 1,824 yards and 12 touchdowns.

He led the Rattlers (8-3, 6-2 in MEAC) to its’ first NCAA FCS Top 25 national ranking since 2001, while leading the teanm in rushing with 881 yards on 122 carries with six touchdowns.

The other FAMU first-team selections included senior All-America kick return specialist LeRoy Vann (Tampa, Fla.), who returned five punts for touchdowns in 2009 and finished his career as the fifth player in NCAA FCS history to record over 1,000 yards on both kickoff and punt returns; senior All-America tackle Robert Okeafor (Jacksonville, Fla.), a repeat first-team selection, who played also played guard this season; and sophomore placekicker Trevor Scott (Jacksonville, Fla.), who scored a team-high 74 points (38 of 39 PATs, 12 of 22 field goals).


Moi's LOF nominee's: Forston and Berry.

Posted by: macjones | August 21, 2010 at 05:41 PM

MAC! We missed U brother. We needed your services the other day for something but U were nowhere to be found.


Where is everyone staying in Columbus, whether you have tickets or just the Pre-Game Package etc. with big screen tv's? I have no idea and need a hotel for Saturday night?
Canez1 and 411 Canes never got back with me. Just two or three weeks to go. Can't wait, but those damn Buckeyes scare me, rated number 2.




MaryLou, Canez1 and 411...please check email and reply.


If you sent me anything I never got it. Just replied to email with info on hotels.



orange 'n green in the vein

"By the way, I spoke to Scarface via e mail, told him he had a big fan in Miami!!! LOL we are cool bro....

Posted by: VACane | August 21, 2010 at 05:24 PM "

LMAO! He just got another four year extension to be a little better than Bill Dooley and to try and reel in Paterno to less than 200 in the all time active coaching wins list. Not even failing to pull an upset in week one will get the guy's seat hot, it's like the graft is made of biological asbestos! I always wondered why Bill Foster wasn't chosen over Bob Stoops for UF's DC in 1996? Has there ever been a 20 year man at a school with no significant, "coaching genetic tree," to show for it and no #1 finishes? Don Neelan blew it in '94 to the 2nd best team in Florida and logged 20 years as well while never taking home a championship but shut it down 6 years after coming up short, Beamer is resting on a decade of getting blown out by F$U yet he's still staring at the empty trophy case and he's got a HEAVY BEATDOWN coming in The Teal Box this year assuming he doesn't go Blount on somebody in the 4th in the waning seconds of his loss in D.C. to start the year again FOR THE THIRD YEAR IN A ROW! He's got like a perfect fall guy in Stinespring as his OC just waiting for the ax to fall to deflect any heat generated on him by not living up to the division title pick by the media and if he does play for the ACC title only to lose again, there's the OC! The school does a better job of stopping murderous rampages than they do of Frank robbing them blind in between the state governor holding the ACC hostage for the good of Beamer's paycheck signer's bottom line. He's the college football equivalent of Norman Osborn, the original Green Goblin from Spiderman. When some /b/tard shops him into the, "How Do I National Championship?" for the lulz they will win the internet.

Of course, the answer to, "How Do I National Championship?" (For the Hokies with the empty case reading this): ¯\(°_o)/¯

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