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August 19, 2010



Offense: easy..Damien Berry
Defense: Olivier Vernon

Vaughn Telemaque will break out as well..All-American going into next season.








We know this thing!

LOF-Pat Hill



Media loves a good Storm story!


OS- Nick O'Leary


2008 Legend of The Fall picks:

MDCane: Benjamin and Phillips
Solar: Collier and C-Mac
Roach: Byrd and Spence
ReggaeBob: JJ and C-Mac
TimCanes: JJ and C-Mac
Orange: J-Mac and Jojo Nicholas
NYCanes: Cooper and Forston
360: Cooper and DVD Cooper
Mrs. 360: Marve and Brown
Canechic: C-Mac and Bon Jovi
KLCaneFan: Sam Shields and Bruce Johnson
djmoonbat: Sam Shields and Jojo Nicholas
Zakkee: Fox and Ojomo
386: JJ and Spence
86: AJ and Spence
Loco: Benjamin and Moncur.
Cat5: Marve and Brown.
1982: Marve and Marve
UMike: Cooper and C-Mac
DZ8: JJ and C-Mac
Hollywood: McNeal and Brandon Harris
Ocala: Marve and C-Mac
Dude: Cooper and C-Mac
Monty: Cooper and C-Mac
Money: JJ and Phillips
Pre83: Marve and Moncur
TLuv: Pamela Anderson and Heather Locklear
pb: Fox and Youngblood
Manny: JJ and Phillips
Seoul: H2
AVA: #5 and #6
CVS: Franklin and C-Mac
OGV: Marve and Forston
dlu: Marve and Bailey
Ricky Bobby: Coop and DVD
Slim32: Franklin and Dix
WMD: Coop and C-Mac
Cav: Shields and Johnson
CGNC: JJ and Grant
MM01: Benjamin and Sharpton
Midwest: Hill and DVD
Shwarma: Hankerson and Grant
Minnesota: Marve and Forston
Angry: Byrd and Telemaque
Busy: Marve and Phillips
Chris: Marve and Cook
Keoki: JJ and Moncur
RCCF: ???
Este: Fox and Moncur
1906: Cooper and Phillips
USAF: Franklin and Sharpton
Calvin: Xavier Shannon and Micanor Regis


2009 Legends of the Fall picks:

Six: Thompkins / Ojomo
Bham: Byrd / Brandon Harris
Texas: Fox / Moncur
Cold: Jacory / Brandon Harris
Navy: Jacory / Forston
Daytona: Cooper / Forston
OMFG: Jacory / Spence
Tortuga: Bosher / McCarthy
Esteban: Cooper / Vernon
djmoonbat: Byrd / MRob
Notsosane: Streeter / Telemaque
8thMan: Byrd / Spence
MD: Benjamin / Phillips
TLuv: JJ / CMac
Alex: Jacory / DVD
DFW: AJ / Telemaque
Seoul: AJ / Brandon Harris
Canezitis: Byrd / Ojomo
PhillyScott: Byrd / RayRay
CGNC: Bosher / Shields
DZ8: JJ / CMac
JC: Streeter / Telemaque
Warrior: Jacory / Forston
Century: Thompkins / DVD
Sebastian: Benjamin / Bailey
Solar: Collier / Spence
Hassan: Byrd / Jacory
Latin: AJ / Forston
DAT: Byrd / Telemaque
Sniper: Benjamin / Ojomo
Ocala: Benjamin / Forston
Super: Miller / Ojomo
Iraqi: Streeter / Spence
Chicago: Jacory / MRob
IN: Jacory / Spence
Ocean: Graham Cracker TE / RayRay
Truth: #12 / #26
True: MJames / Streeter
Loco: Benjamin / Moncur
MacJones: Jacory / Telemaque
Conch: Jacory / Bailey
OGV: Jacory / Bailey
UMike: Byrd / Spence
305: JJ / Sharpton
Dan Durkee: JJ / McCarthy
bg1906: JJ / Telemaque
Luver: Franklin / Forston
tjl: RayRay / JoJo
Cavaleer: Byrd / Vernon
KL: Byrd / MRob
Shwarma: JJ / Bailey
Sarasota: Jacory / Shileds
Canechic: Jacory / RayRay
MWD: Byrd / MRob
Hurriphin: AJ / McCarthy
Cat5: MJames / Brown
LB#1Fan: Byrd / Spence
Houston: Byrd / McCarthy
Brian: Streeter / Buchanon
JCane: Byrd / RayRay
Roach: Byrd / Spence
Windy1: MJames / DVD
Native: JJ / Shields
jw: Byrd / Bailey
Reggae: JJ / DVD
Elliot: Byrd / Spence
pb(CSROH09): Jacory / MRob
SFCane: Byrd / Spence
Canesagent: Cooper / Moncur
86: Mike James / Shields
Pre83: Jacory / Moncur
Teflon: Bailey / Hankerson
Aqua: Cooper / Spence
Lyquid: Benjamin / Telemaque
Sleazavitch: Baby J / Sharpton
Calvin: Hankerson / Brown
ChiCane: Jacory / RayRay
KillerBeez: Ojomo / J.Fox
Fran: McGee/ Robinson
Sling: Byrd / McCarthy
DisU: Jacory / Spence
Busy: Jacory / Spence
California: Benjamin / Telemaque
Tim: Benjamin / McCarthy
Dude: Franklin / Forston
Canestruck: Byrd / Telemaque
Brownsub: Mike James / McGee
CVS: Collier / Forston
Money: JJ / Phillips
Monty: Benjamin / Spence
Zilla: Benjamin / Spence
Sunshyyne: Benjamin / Ray Ray
CoCane: Graham / Shields
Dayton: AJ / MRob
J: Jacory / Telemaque
UpNorth: AJ / Bailey
Carlos: Jacory / Spence
USAF: Byrd / MRob
Aces: Cooper / McCarthy
Canefan777: Harris / Spence
CGNC: Bosher / Shields
RandyCane: Graham / McCarthy
360: Hankerson / Telemaque
Swamper: Collier / Buchanan
Fran: Streeter / Robinson
Jersey: Benjamin / McCarthy
MM01: Byrd / Telelmaque
4Life: Byrd / McCarthy
323: Chambers / Shields
Force: Byrd / Telemaque
Rashad: Hankerson / Spence
RCCF: Harris / Shields
Splarfy: Shields / Streeter
BerriCane: Streeter / Bailey
Trout: JJ / DVD
Slim32: Gordon / Brandon Harris
Zakkee: Epps / Buchanan
Mrs. 360: Jacory / Spence
Nashville: Cooper / Brandon Harris
SyCane: Chambers / Graham

Guest Bloggers:

Jon Beason: Harris / Sharpton
Sam Shields Sr.: Byrd / Shields
AllCanes: Jacory / Moncur
Don Bailey Jr.: Byrd / McCarthy
Steve Walsh: Cooper / Spence
Lamar Thomas: Hankerson / Phillips
Manny Navarro: Thompkins / Telemaque
Shandel Richardson: Cooper / Telemaque
Gary Ferman: Thompins / Ojomo


Dont let em fool you, when Miami had a shot at upsetting Nebraska in OB 1/1/84 almost every football fan in the state of Florida was pulling for the Canes.
We just wanted and needed a winner.
My boss at the time said Ill take all bets cause Cornshuckers are gonna crush Miami.
I bet him $100.
Canes won and I told him it looked like Canes would be #1, him being a highly intelligent Ohio native said "No son, AP and UPI will give to Oklahoma"

I bet him double or nothing.

I collected my bet but was layed off the next week.



After that episode I Was Cane Crazy and will be til death do us part!

Go Canes!!!


Classic Native!

Good coaching advice CaneRock.


Great stories about the olden-times Canes.




whoops... meant Berry & CMac


im picking Forston for offense i dont know Glue Hands or Smiley?

Posted by: zarokon | August 20, 2010 at 12:38 AM

Go with Teddy Bear (Forston) and Smiley (James).


Twenty Things U Didn’t Know About The U:


1. The 1983 Miami Hurricanes were the first national championship team without a single player making an All-America first team voted by AP, UPI, the Football Writers Association or the College Football Coaches Association.

2. The 1987 Hurricanes beat 5 top 10 teams over an eleven game span: #10 Arkansas, #4 FSU, #10 Notre Dame, #8 South Carolina, # 1 Oklahoma and # 20 UF just for fun.

3. The 1991 Hurricanes gave up just 8.3 points per game in 12 games, led by middle linebacker Michael Barrow.

4. The 2001 Miami Hurricanes won their games by an average of 32 points a game over their opponent.

5. The 2001 Hurricanes beat two top 15 ranked teams back to back by a combined score of 124 -7. The worst back to back whippings of ranked teams in NCAA history. First #14 Syracuse went down 59-0 and then #12 Washington was walloped 65-7.

6. The 2001 Hurricane defense scored eight touchdowns and led the nation in pass defense, scoring defense and turnover margin.

7. An astonishing seven 2001 Hurricanes were first team All Americans.

8. Canes WR "Downtown" Eddie Brown had 220 yards receiving vs Boston College 1984.

9. Miami was Champion or co-champion of The Big East 9 out of the 12 years they belonged to the conference.

10. The Florida Gators are the only team to ever jump in “Flippers Pool” in the Orange Bowl after beating the Hurricanes.

11. The usually calm Howard Schnellenberger tacked on a late field goal against the Gators, after fans bombarded his players with peaches in 1980.

12. The University of Miami is one of four universities and the only private school in the nation to raise 1.4 billion dollars in fund raising between 2003-2008.

13. The 1966 Schedule would be a handful today. Colorado, FSU, LSU, UGA, Ind, USC, Tulane, Pitt, Iowa, UF, VTech.

14. All American Brett Romberg Center, 6-3, 297 was born in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. A little about Romberg during his time at UM...Did not allow a quarterback sack in his 46-game career. Never graded lower than 88 percent for a game. Started his last 33 games at center. Miami had a 32-1 record with Romberg as the center. Earned Offensive MVP honors by the coaching staff six times in his Miami career.

15. January 2001 -- The Miami Hurricanes suffered a 15-yard penalty during their Sugar Bowl game against Florida when Sebastian the Ibis runs onto the field and taunts the Gators after a Miami touchdown.

16. The Hillel Jewish Student Center hosted a bar mitzvah celebration for Sebastian the Ibis, an event usually reserved for 13-year-old Jewish males. Although no one was sure if Sebastian was Jewish, they were sure he was enjoying the celebration.

17. Gino Torretta hit Horace Copeland for a 99 yard td against Arkansas for the Canes longest passing TD.

18. Last year when Miami played FSU 132 players from the state of Florida were on the combined rosters.

19. In 1966 Ray Bellamy, University of Miami receiver became the first black scholarship player on a major college team in the deep south.

20. The 1988 Hurricanes were the first Florida collegiate team of any type to be invited to the White House by then President Ronald Reagan.


SJM nice stuff I enjoyed that.

I remember Rubin Carter being the best athelete to come out of Stranahan.
He and Russel Smith, Canes/ San Diego Chargers were Dragon legends way back, then Andre King a while later.

These stories of how folks old or young became Canes fans are marvelous.


You forgot my whole team pick, lol :)


Good News at LB…

At start of drills Colin McCarthy in middle with the 1 defense, Kylan with the 2 defense in middle. OLBs with first group were Ramon Buchanan and Sean Spence.

Another change: Jamal Reid worked as the first team safety opposite Vaughn Telemaque to start drills.

LaRon Byrd was walking gingerly coming off bone bruise to knee. Joel Figueroa also held out and working with trainers for apparent upper extremity injury. Brandon McGee and Ryan Hill were suited up but in green no-contact jerseys. Jared Campbell didn’t participate and was walking on the sidelines gingerly. Curtis Porter also was held out.

Graig Cooper showed a great burst on a route up the seam that went incomplete. Got a lot of separation. Damien Berry took first group reps at start of drills with Cooper with the second team.


My LOF...

Offense: #20
Defense: #97


LOF...Spence and COOOOP!!!





Offense.. K. Thompkins
Defense.. Ojomo



Offense -- Cyclops Orlando Franklin
Defense -- Ray Ray



DallasTX Cane

Thanks for the walks down Memory Lane. Its a nice way to start a Friday.

Solar - I didn't realize that Peaches was a Piggly Wiggly. I always knew that space as Peaches and nothing else. Great record store. I went to St Anthony's & we drove past the Peaches every morning.


I did this already but (I think)

Offense - Pat Hill
Defense - Ojomo


i hope they put ramon at strong and put sean back at weak, this most will improve our defense alot, glad ramon stepped up, hope he keeps it up


Offense - Miller
Defense - DVD

Seoul Cane

Offense - Thompkins
Defense - Ojomo


My intro to the Miami hurricanes came in 1973 when I was 10 years old.

My Dad worked as a Manager at UM in the facilities maintenance department. My mother also worked at UM at the Medical Campus in the Dermatology department as a medical transcriber.

The only way I could afford to go to school at UM was on something they called "Tuition Remission" which basically was for family members of employees and was like only 25% of the real cost of going to school at UM.

Anywho my Dad would get free tickets or employee discount tickets and take me and my younger brother to sit in the upper deck at the OB. I remember a lot of night games with about 20-25K people in the stands and the lights of downtown that U could see through the East end zone.

I remember seeing Chuck Foreman, Otis Anderson and later Fred Marion who would all go on the play in the NFLU.

When I was on campus attending classes and later working at UM myself from 1981-1989 I had a blast. While going to school I delivered supplies around campus to make some extra money. There was a a large warehouse on Levante Ave and Red Road near the baseball stadium and several other storage areas for supplies around campus.

After AM classes I used to drive all over campus all day long. I knew areas of campus that most students never saw. I was there for one REAL Hurricane running food and water all over campus for the workers that stayed to maintain the U during the storm. The Engineering Bldg flooded in spite of hundreds of sand bags.

One storage area for housekeeping supplies was in Eaton Hall across the street from the now INFAMOUS Bldg. 36 where all of the football players were housed.

The players were supposedly not allowed to bring girls into their apartments but as U can imagine we saw a lot of them going in and out all the time. It was a wild time on campus with all the success after 1983 and through and the players were like Gods on campus.

One day I believe it was DE Kevin Fagan and a couple other players were in the parking lot at bldg. 36 and they were making a lot of noise yelling up at one of the windows of the apartments.

One of the players (I forget which one) had an old, ugly junky car and Fagan and his boys had turned the car upside down on its roof and were calling the player out. A big fight ensued when the player came down and challenged Fagan.

Eventually they turned the car back right side up with only minimal damage. Those were the days...


Offense DB
Defense Jo Jo


Offense: Mike "Smiley" James
Defense: Vaughn Telemaque


I was first introduced to the "U" at 14 years old back in 1981. My father took me to watch Miami play the University of South Alabama (in Mobile), in a game of baseball. Watching a Ron Frasier coached team is a highlight of which I'll never forget.
Unfortunately, my first experience with the football team was in 1994. I bought season tickets and drove down every other weekend to watch them play. I missed the first game 'cause I had to work, so I sent my wife down to watch them break the home winning streek. Two weeks later I finally get to see them play in person and they lose to the Huskies.
Of couse a couple of weeks later I caught the FSU game that noone (think Craig James) thought they could win and they dominated. I'll never forget the Carlos Jones int.



Yea I spent way too much money in that Peaches.

Remember the softball field at St Anthony's with the big tree in left field?

I batted left handed and always had to run my azz off to get doubles.
The right handed guys would just stroke a shot into that tree for a ground rule double, or home run.

Remember Hot Dog Heaven right down the street? lol!


Baby J in game 2 for the Colts last night

8 carries 29 yards
1 catch 5 yards


Hey fellow Canenites, anybody got word on what the deal is with Tavadis Glenn?


His total stats

12 carries 46 yards

3 catches 7 yards


UM recruit Glenn headed to prep school
Defensive tackle Tavadis Glenn will be playing at Milford Prep this fall, not Miami

July 19, 2010|By Shandel Richardson, Sun Sentinel

Defensive tackle Tavadis Glenn, who signed with the Miami Hurricanes in February, will not enroll in school this fall.

His coach at Jacksonville Terry Parker, Deran Wiley, said Glenn will attend Milford Prep in New York for a semester before joining UM next spring.

"There were some things with the NCAA Clearinghouse," Wiley said. "This is for the best. He'll be playing football in the fall, and that's all that matters."

The 6-foot-5, 260-pound Glenn was rated the state's No. 43 player by Rivals.com. He will follow a similar path to UM as current players Graig Cooper, Malcolm Bunche and Richard Gordon. All originally signed with the Hurricanes out of high school before playing one season at Milford.

"He's in the same situation," Wiley said. "I don't want to say I'm disappointed, but I was so excited for him. I can't wait to see him in a Miami uniform."


From www.hurricanesports.com:

Final Two-a-Day Looming

Saturday will mark the team's final two-a-day of fall camp, with the team practicing at 8 a.m. and 3:15 p.m. on Greentree. Sunday will then be another short walkthrough session before the team holds its final scrimmage of camp on Monday.

Offensive Highlights

- Spencer Whipple had the best day among the quarterbacks, completing long passes to Tommy Streeter, Billy Sanders, Ben Bruneau and Kendal Thompkins. His pass to Streeeter went for a 60-yard touchdown.

- Leonard Hankerson had the best day among the receivers, catching three balls for gains of 15-25 yards.

- Damien Berry and Lamar Miller stood out in the running game. Berry had a handful of strong runs while Miller had a 60-yard TD dash up the middle of the field.

- Jacory Harris connected with Travis Benjamin on a deep ball up the middle.

Defensive Highlights
- Ramon Buchanan was the star of the defense Friday, making a couple big hits during inside run drills before adding an interception and two quarterback hurries in 11-on-11 action.

- Micanor Regis had another strong practice, getting in the backfield for a sack and a QB hurry.

- Brandon Harris and DeMarcus Van Dyke shut down the outside of the field today, with each recording a few pass break ups.

- Ray-Ray Armstrong (four tackles) and Jamal Reid (three tackles, one pass break-up) stood out among the safeties.

- Luther Robinson and Jeremy Lewis each had two quarterback hurries.


Sharpton sure had a nice game for the Texans last week

A very nice way to start things out



Ramon showing out lately


Did we already pick LOF for 2010? I thought I did but please let me know if we should submit them now.
My original cane memory- watching Jim Kelly beat up Penn State on tv. But the moment that sealed it for me was Miami vs. ND on the day after Thanksfgiving in 1981. I loved the way that team played, and knew that I wanted out of frozen NH when I saw the Orange Bowl.


Offense - Storm Johnson
Defense - Lee Chambers


Offense: Leonard Hankerson
Defense: Brandon Harris

DallasTX Cane

Posted by: solarcane | August 20, 2010 at 12:34 PM

wow, thats serious "good ole days" talk right there. That "field" was an asphalt lot - every kid had scabbed elbows and knees. Gotta love the adults back then..."just let the kids play in the street or in a parking lot - they'll bruise and take skin off to the bone, but whatever...they'll heal". We played a lot of kickball on that asphalt.

I spent the summer after my 8th grade year working manual labor at that school...helping put in the playground and side walks, etc.

There used to be a 7-11 down the block from the school. We'd sneak over there during lunch for a 25cent Snickers bar. My bud & I bought our very 1st 6-pack (Bud) from that 7-11 and got drunk sitting on the sidewalk.


Talk about going down memory lane! Made me yearn for the old days. I remember Ted Hendricks like it was yesterday. And I also remember not ever having a winning season. Getting on the bus for every home game; cheering like crazy and doing that for 4 years. But I wouldn't change a thing (except for winning games of course). Four years at the Orange Bowl was priceless.
1966 to 1970
Now, bring on Ohio State for some good old fashioned revenge!


Offense - Lamar Miller
Defense - Ray Ray Armstrong


I e-mailed Canez1 and 411Canes regarding Ohio State lodging etc. and they both immediately said no such e-mails. Got anything else for them????
My e-mail is mdaner01@comcast.net if they have any lodging info for me.


THANKS 86Cane for the info on Glenn.

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