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August 21, 2010



I still think you'll lose but I'm more worried about Clemson than Pittsburgh and maybe even Ohio State.


gville...decent points..but I dont think any 2 backs an replace what spiller brought to the table..and J12 is THAt good, when healthy. But I really hope Parker plays baseball lol..glad to have a Clemson point of view around here..post often man



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Governor White's daughter and son-in-law were among the colonists on the voyage and his grand-daughter, Virginia Dare, was born a month after their adf arrival. She was the first English child to be born on American soil. A week after she was born, White left his family and most of the rest of the Colonists and went back to England for more supplies.

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Yoyo's response to Dan is another example of her shallow understanding of life and our inter-relatedness to each other. For example, she dismisses Dan's factually informed opinions as "lies". I hate to break it you, honey, but your worldview is based entirely on your willingness to believe lies. It follows logically that you cannot distinguish truth from lies and you are therefore unqualified to make such accusations. Your assertions simply do not resonate with the sober-minded visitors to this website.

Your attempt at apologetics on behalf of Charles Darwin completely misses the point of Selwyn's article by conflating slavery with eugenics. You do this with the childish ignorance ofaff the facts that there were many white slaves (perhaps more so than blacks) and that there were many black slave-holders (I'll bet you did not read that in your little red history book).

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