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August 21, 2010



86 just got it this am. Sorry I was out of pocket for a little bit.

I saw that J returned it.

MaryLou let me know if there is anything else you need. Pmenga38@hotmail.com is the email addy.

Julian and I are both in the same hotel.



bg...we should do an interview with U about the radio show and post it as a front page article for next week. Email me!


Canez1...it all good. She is a good friend and needs some escorts in Columbus. U and Julian will do nicely.


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Thank U!!!


Memphis, Toledo, Cincinnati and I'll give you Nebraska as a worthy opponent because of tradition.
from solar

Shoot solar I'd like to schedule the NFL also but WE CAN'T...

When schedules are made they are agreed to and worked out years in advance.

The last couple of years Cincinnati has been one of the winningest teams in CFB. While negotiations are under way whose to know that Brian Kelly will walk to Notre Dame. Whose to know who our coaches will be at the time. Who else in that area can we schedule to get recruiting inroads? Ohio State? Check, we're playing 'em this year.

Memphis is a program that is trying to get on the map. They are using Cannon Smiths daddys $s in order to upgrade their facilities etc... They are shooting to be a Big Boy team. Who else can we schedule to get into that area of the country recruiting? Tennessee? Good luck with that, they're trying to drop UNC from their future schedule.

Toledo I got no excuse for and Nebraska doesn't need to be defended.

If someone was bragging about our "tough schedule" in 2015 I could see why you would call them out on it. But your comment was unsolicited. Sometimes I think you try and prove your bona fides as a "rational" human being by taking unwarranted shots at the Canes (not that it was a damning shot). My question to you is WHY would you want to be rational, on a CANES BLOG?!

haha... I've done my piece and defended my Canes schedule-making overlords. Except for Toledo, I can't explain that one... someones got video on Kirby.

(and make sure you look at the expression on my face while I'm typing all this... not being entirely serious;)


Mary: BTW-
We are going to be at the AllCanes party Friday night. Info and RSVP at their website: www.allcanes.com


Sweet Lou has announced that todays game will be his final game as a manager

Im going to miss seeing Lou in the dugout. I hope to see him around the 813/727 from time to time

Good luck in retirement Sweet Lou

Next step will be the Hall of Fame


I like Sam Shields as well. Hope for the best for him... and Packers fans keep us updated (but warn Canez1 before U do!;)


On September 2nd, 2009, #11 Miami defeated Florida A&M 48-16 at Sun Life Stadium in Miami. The Rattlers struck first as kicker Trevor Scott booted a 32 yard field goal, but it was all Hurricanes after that.

Miami scored 31 unanswered points as Leonard Hankerson and Jimmy Graham each caught touchdown passes from Jacory Harris. Mike James and Lee Chambers also had short touchdown runs. Miami would predominantly feature backup players in the second half, and that led to the Rattlers having some success offensively.

However, it was unwittingly a strategy that might have seen the Hurricanes find their featured tailback for the upcoming season in then seldom-used Damien Berry. Berry ran for 162 yards on just 14 carries and played his way into becoming part of a three-back rotation for UM for the rest of the season.


Except for Toledo, I can't explain that one... someones got video on Kirby.

Posted by: DZ8 | August 22, 2010 at 12:28 PM

Ya think? LOL


Toledo 3-9 in `08 5-7 in `09

By the time we face them they will be the BCS busters of college football........or not

Gaunlet again!


DZ8...a little detective work and here U go on Hocutt and Toledo: It is a Kansas State connection.

The Toledo AD gave Kirby his first job at K-State!

This from the UM web site:

Hocutt began his career in sports administration as the assistant director of marketing and promotions at Kansas State University.

Hocutt was a four-year letterman at linebacker at KSU, leading the Big 8 Conference in tackles and earning All-Big 8 Conference team honors as a junior. In 1993, The Sporting News selected him as one of the top 20 underrated players in the nation. Hocutt also served as a team captain his senior season.

He earned his bachelor's degree from Kansas State University in 1995.

Now on Toledo's AD Mike O'Brien from The Rockets web site:

Among O'Brien's other accomplishments are adding Ohio State, Colorado, Purdue, Arizona, Missouri, Navy, Fresno State, Boise State and Wyoming to the home football schedule.

Previous to his appointment at UT, O'Brien had 15 years of experience in athletics administration at four universities, including Kansas State (associate A.D., 1997-2001).





Toledo use to be on our schedule occassionally in the early 80's. They actually almost beat UM one year.


Canez1 you marry that pretty school teacher yet?


I hope Mike O'Brien gets the AD job at Florida next.


From www.hurricanesports.com:

The University of Miami football team rose early on Sunday morning to complete a 45-minute walkthrough in preparation for the final scrimmage and day of training camp.

The short session featured skeleton, special teams and two-minute drill. The individual highlight came on the first two snaps when Lou Groza Award candidate Matt Bosher boomed consecutive back-to-back 50 yard punts.

RB Damion Berry and TE Chase Ford also deserve kudos for each reeling in tough catches over the middle and getting first downs during the two-minute drill.


Shannon video from today:



Hurriphin..........the U.


Vince not yet bro! It's comin..... sooner or later.

We celebrated her 26th last night with some friends.

$800 later my wallet hurts more than my liver!!

I saw you were in for the Pitt game. NICE! We are going to hit station square hard before and after the game. I am planning on getting in around 2 or 3pm. Staying at the Sheraton right there so no driving necessary.

Whats your plan for gameday?



So Mrs. 360 comes back from Miami also after visiting AllCanes. She hands me the new talk smack shirt. It says,

front: Ohio stole the crown in '02

back: Miami steals the King in 2010
You know what they say about payback!

Wonder what they'll say after 9/11.


Give Steve Gorten some time just like most Crocs you think are alright - there will be certain moments that will make them revert back to being part of that fanbase you hate

One of my friends up at work is a die-hard Croc alum, insane fan of Tebow, thought he was the greatest player ever to come and go in college football

He has a love/hate relationship with the Crocs .. when they win, he thought they would all along ... when they are losing or have lost a game, he thinks there is no way they'll come back or he thinks they flat out suck

I think that type of thinking is bred into him b/c he was brought up a Cubs fan, so that transfers over to his other teams - the Crocs, the Rays, the Bucs

Hell, I'm the one that has to set him straight about how the Crocs will do during a game, or are going to do during a game. Then at the end, when they do win, he usually says that I was right

He's a pretty level headed Croc fan when it comes to their success and also he's a pretty tough judge on their future success - he'll try and convince me that Rocky Top, UGA, Miss State or South Carolina could be potential losses ... I then ask him to put $100 on each game that he thinks they'll lose and he then comes back to reality of just how weak those teams will be, esp. with the recent history of Ws and Ls in their matchups

He respects the hell out of the Canes, not only in the college football world but the NFL as well

Here's where it usually turns though, and like I said with Gorten, just give it some time ... when during a game, if the Crocs are losing to someone they shouldn't be, such as: Miss State, Vandy, South Carolina, etc. and I ask him "Why in the hell are you guys losing to (fill in the blank) with all that talent you have on the team? Isn't that why Tebow, Spikes, everyone else came back? To blow teams out like this and win a NChampionship?" ..... then that's what draws it out

It then goes to: "Miami couldn't beat these guys, so why are you asking why the Gators aren't beating them"

And, the switch is turned back on to the hated Croc fan

It always reverts back ... always. Another example - you ask a Croc fan while they're playing nice with you about all the arrests under Meyer - they might just joke about it and say that ya, it does look kind of bad. Get them just a tad riled up about it and it then reverts back to, well, the Crocs aren't as bad as Thug "U" ever was

Just warn Steve that he's treading amongst a huge school of orange & green blooded piranha in here


Shannon video from today:


Posted by: SOUP | August 22, 2010 at 01:38 PM

Hurriphin..........the U.

Posted by: Hurri' | August 22, 2010 at 01:47 PM

boss shannon so much more relaxed these days ehhh? he sees it coming.


My hero.




From The Vault:

This team will be undefeated, the only way we don't play for the national championship this year is if the bc mess somehow bullshats again and not let us in if there are 3 undefeated teams.

Posted by: Calvin | June 01, 2007 at 11:40

86, I've been saying this stuff all year, but I've never received my confirmation number from you until now. Please add that we'll lose 2 games next year (VT & bowl game) and we'll go undefeated next season '08 with Marve at the helm.

Posted by: Zakkee | June 04, 2007 at 12:28



Posted by: Canez1 | August 22, 2010 at 02:36 PM

What, no HOA? LOL



Steve Gorten from the Sun-Sentinel has made his 2010 LOF picks:

Chase Ford and Ramon Buchanon

NAVARRO: Aldarius Johnson and Adawale Ojomo

FERMAN: Kendal Thompkins and Ramon Buchanon


Just warn Steve that he's treading amongst a huge school of orange & green blooded piranha in here.

Posted by: Six | August 22, 2010 at 02:26 PM

He knows that, I have warned him already.

He may not bleed orange and green (YET!) but at least U have to admit that he's doing a MUCH better job than the "other guy" who used to be there, right?

Six, did U see this?


the "U" is America's team

Its official, Soup truly walks on water!!!!! I am sending the info now.


86 - Yelich & Cabrera were the 2 kids I really wanted as Canes

Kind of like back in the day when I wanted Chipper Jones (1990) & also A-Rod (1993) to go ahead and sign with the Canes instead of going to MLB ... then again, when you're picked #1 overall like Chipper & A-Rod were in '90 & '93, I can kind of see why they didn't sign with the Canes

Can't blame Yelich & Cabrera though for the money they'll be getting

I'm still sticking with my original LOFers that I picked last year: Thompkins & Ojomo

And I'll stick with them until they both graduate or one of them leaves early

Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer

i see now that the pre
Randy pre era Schedules have been just about consumed
Randy has some real powerhouse out of conference teams lined up in 2015 during his watch.
No way he picked these nobodies, this had to be Kirby's idea


Posted by: solarcane | August 21, 2010 at 07:12 PM


One word.....recruiting. Notice all those games with Ohio schools, including OSU. And we all know those SEC punks don't want any, esp. not TN, so we take Memphis and let the kids see the goods.

Nebraska's marquee, as DZ8 said. They'll probably beat OSU and takeover the Big Ten, so beating them would be great for any national conversation.

And you can add Buffalo to that list I believe.

I'm just wondering when we take the show West.




An interesting article on Ohio State's scrimmage. Maybe they aren't so good... How do you have 140 plays and only score 1 TD. And how do you as a defense not make turnover enough in that many plays? Food for thought anyway.

Posted by: SJMPARMAN | August 22, 2010 at 01:49 AM

I give Tressel's SUXeye squad the benefit of the doUbt. No.

U'all Cane fans don't know IF Tressel and his staff kept everything ' bland and simple' on offense.

From the tone of the article it soUnds like the ' first-teamers ' were going against each in other. That coUld accoUnt for the lack of O lighting Up the scoreboard.

J Ust a gUess mind U.


3 Canes are on Kiper's top 30 prospects for the NFL. That number will grow as the Canes start to rack up victories.

How long has it been since the Canes had this many NFL prospects? The Canes now have more NFL scouts attending their practices ("I'm talking about practice," A.I.) than attended the UM pro day over the last 3 years.

No doubting the fact that the talent is back in Coral Gables.

Posted by: WindyCane1 | August 22, 2010 at 10:38 AM

I dig and have beacoup respect for Mel. Always have and always. This cool cat has always had ' respect ' for the Miami program, and he's pragmatic in his approach to major college player ratings, and doesn't hold any type of negative bias towards the Hurricanes, ala some of his college football media-nexus bretheren.

Herbie is another level-minded media personality whom does an excellant job of keeping any sort of bias from interfering with his analyst dUties.


Canes preseason prediction: The Canes can beat OSU,but its a coin flip. The Canes will easily beat VT at home.

13-1 or 14-0, with an ACC Championship win and BCS bowl win.

Posted by: WindyCane1 | August 22, 2010 at 06:13 AM

WindyCane1, that's why I concUr with your take regarding 9/11.

I see Team Shannon ' escaping ' with a well-earned 17-14 road victory.

Simply becaUse I have my ' doUbts ' with the O-line. A U Contraire to Cavy's ' exUberance ' of Cane football matters. LOL

Nonetheless, everything related to Shannon and Stoutland's biggins' will be answered after 9/11. No.


Zakkee: great stuff on Bernard Clark. He was a machine that game.

Soup: didn't realize Hank was ineligible;

Offense = Berry
Defense = C-Mac

C-Mac can stay healthy if they keep him offf punt return; most of his shoulder injuries have been to those vicious crack-backs he delivers.

Solar: thanks for Ghetto names video; called wife in on that one..had a good laugh.

Soup: looking back over the last couple years, wonder how many people would've picked Bosher for their LOF. Arguably the teams MVP the last couple of years.

Wonder what results would be if you did an all-time favorite LOF, not based on performance, just favorite players...?


Let me get this straight,
We play Toledo and Memphis because of recruiting???

So the Canes are on TV for say 3 or 4 national and 6 regional games this year, maybe 8 next year and 8 the year after.

But 20 3* or lower kids from 3A schools in Memphis will want come here because they saw Teddy Bridgewater wipe the floor with them?
You actually believe UT recruits are gonna give a shyt who Memphis is playing and truck over to their games huh?

Why would Memphis kids turn on the TV and watch the Canes 6 times when you can go watch them once and make a logical decision.
That thinking is beyond me, sorry.

When guys like me, OGV, Six, alph point out something that isn't oozing with Randy or Cane love it doesn't mean we are taking unwarranted shots.
It means we are looking at the complete picture, good stuff and questionable stuff.

We have an entire branch of Canespace dedicated to patting our own backs and minimising anything a player or coach on another team does, I just don't belong to it.

I believe you can be a true fan, and ask questions, and not have to accept everything as being the right decision.

DZ I know you aren't a real spin doctor, and you know whats up.
I'm never going to be the guy that makes excuses for everything the Canes do or fail to do. Take it or leave it.

Bottom line is Toledo and Cincinnati aren't Ohio State
Memphis isn't UT or Louisville

I thought we were always playing the tough out of conference schedule?
I'm wrong for pointing out I see we aren't going to in the future.


Rohan Marley


Wonder what results would be if you did an all-time favorite LOF, not based on performance, just favorite players...?

Rohan Marley

Ottis Anderson


see ^^ we do agree on some things lol!


Craig James is a douchebag... (not ranking the Canes... ), no wonder his kid is a spoiled brat.


Throw out Toledo and Nebraska... then we are looking at just two.

Cincinnati has been a VERY good team since Kelly took over in 2006. For you to say they are a lightweight, chump change, sisters of the blind team is a joke.

Memphis is NOT good now. But they are an ambitious program and might be bettter five years from now.

It was actually Six who said that maybe we were playing Toledo for recruting reasons.

My point about you was that this was entirely unsolicited. Nobody brought it up, you did. Is this just for the year 2015 or did you combine a few different seasons in there?


Ottis Anderson is one of my favorites after seeing the highlight clip U put up of him. Much respect for the guys who balled out when it wasn't special going to Miami.

Thats why I'll have a ton of respect for the recruits that came to Miami to rebuild, and not as much for the ones who came to coast.


Pryor Still Not a Pretty Passer, but Ohio State QB Is Having a Sturdy Preseason
Good article on Pryor:

Posted Aug 22nd 2010 3:01PM by Tom Krasovic
The success of Ohio State's offense begins with Pryor's feet, even if they don't set course for downfield. The threat they pose opens the chessboard. Ohio State's receivers, running backs and blockers are pretty good but not great. Pryor's passing, while improved, is nothing special. Nor is offensive design typically a strength at Ohio State.

Read the entire article here:



Just caught this part:

Memphis isn't UT or Louisville


are U kidding me... if it was Louisville you'd be saying the exact same thing.


I thought we were always playing the tough out of conference schedule?
I'm wrong for pointing out I see we aren't going to in the future.

Posted by: solarcane | August 22, 2010 at 04:37 PM

This isn't a trend. Do U ever listen to Randy? All he talks about is tough schedules and how we want them.


I've agreed with you when we've gone back and looked at our schedules from the '80s. We were NOT playing #1 ranked teams every week. I disagreed with you when you say that takes away from our, anyone, anytime, anywhere motto. In CFB you can't play the tope teams every week. Schedules are set up too far in advance.


"My point about you was that this was entirely unsolicited. Nobody brought it up, you did."

I forgot the rule where we have to ask if we can point something out.

Anybody on here has the authority to bring something up.
If that puts a crimp in your parasol, it's gonna be a long haul for you on here.

I brought it up DZ because it was only a week or so ago we were discussing how many ranked teams we are going to play this year.
Those teams WERE NOT PICKED BY RANDY SHANNON < read that again.

Memphis is unranked
Cincinatti (" a very good team," yea unranked in the top 25 in both polls, outstanding.




9-17 Ohio State
9-24 Kansas State
10-1 Bethune-Cookman
11-26 @ South Florida

9-8 @ Kansas State
10-6 Notre Dame @Chicago, IL
10-13 Bethune-Cookman
11-24 South Florida


9-7 Florida
11-30 @ South Florida

9-13 Memphis
9-20 @ Nebraska


9-19 Nebraska
9-26 @ Memphis
10-3 Cincinnati

10-8 @ Notre Dame


11-25 Notre Dame

TBA @ Rutgers


TBA Rutgers


All right... you win. It looks pretty crappy even without Toledo in there.

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